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Vendor Web Testing

---17 - 21 March 2014---

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Initially we wanted to target a large number of vendors so as to prove the business value for our application.

However due to certain reconsiderations and advise from our mentor and supervisor, we have identified our participants according to the demographics as shown above.

As our target audience are Singapore Management University students, we wanted to secure vendors in close proximity to the school so that it would thereby provide a meeting place for students which is the focus of our application.

We managed to secure 4 vendors over a period of 2 weeks and conducted web testing for the following goals:

  1. Understanding the requirements of business vendors
  2. Evaluate the suitability of our web application for corporate usage
  3. Test the usability of our web portal

Responses collected are analysed further and discussed within the team with regard to features and changes suggested by vendors

After allowing vendors to test out our application, a questionnaire was then required to be filled by the participants

View our online questionaire here

Currently, we are in the process of finalising changes to be made.

You can check out our photos by clicking on the "Photos" tab above!