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Welcome to IS480: IS Application Project

These are current projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the course manager. Past Teams


More information on user testing are available on this link.

Getting Started

More information on IS480 are available at IS480 website, and Facebook. You need to decide a team name and send that name to the course coordinator. We will update the IS480 main page with your team name. This team name is used as the root of your wiki page. To contribute to this wiki, please login (click upper right corner) using your SMU or given username and password. Select the appropriate domain SMUSTU/SMUSTF/local. You can refer to other team's wiki (dashboard, team roles, project overview, project management with minutes, documents) or the following: Sample midterm finals. For help, click here, please refer to the wiki POLICY. IS480 is now an SMU-X course! Check out the SMU-X webpage.

2017/2018 Term 2

Schedule. Inform course coordinator by 9 Oct (no teams will be added after that date), please submit your 2 page proposal by 23 Oct.


  • Please schedule acceptance, midterm & final. Time slots are inclusive of Q&A.
  • Please refer to grading, video & guide.
  • The entire team must be at the presentation. Course coordinator must be at Acceptance {sponsor is necessary}. Reviewers must be at Midterm. Supervisor & first reviewer must be at the Finals. The team should invite the sponsor for finals.

Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
Benjamin GAN Tan Hwee Xian & Patrick THNG

Chop Chop

Trustsphere - Sales Portal & Mobile Application Recognizing the importance of managing and maintaining healthy relationships with clients, TrustSphere aims to improve the effectiveness of their sales force, through the implementation of a sales portal and mobile application, embedded with sales analytics. Our team will build the analytics model which analyses the communication of the sales team – internally within employees of the company, and externally with their clients as well. Through the model, we strive to provide accurate and insightful preliminary information to the sales manager – flagging potential issues and risks i.e. the lack of internal communication within the departments about a deal. As such, TrustSphere’s sales manager can quickly absorb insights about the relationships between his team and the clients through deep and thorough analysis of their communication, translating into viable actions to be taken.

  1. POH Boon Keat
  2. TAN Xin Ying
  3. YEO Si Yun
  4. ENG Xian Ying
  5. LING Yi Da
  6. Jazreel SIEW Xue Qian
Gauri Bhatnagar Trustsphere, SIS Alumni EcoCo
Benjamin GAN Tan Hwee Xian & Rafael J. BARROS


Our project aims is to develop an interactive web application that would help digitize the on-boarding process at COTY by leveraging on gamification instilled in the application so that the newcomer can not only gain a better understanding of the organization and team structure, but have fun and enjoy the process. The application should also be well-designed platform that allows the newcomer to complete the on-boarding process effectively and would be used by more than 30 new interns, employees in Singapore as well as across South East Asian regions.

  1. POH Wei Kiat
  2. LI Yingqi
  3. TONG Jinrou
  4. YIN Yue
  5. TAN Wei Ling
  6. LEE Kyusang
Desiree Tan, HR Business Partner, Dubois Jerome, GM of South East Asia COTY, Abigail, HR Associate., Coty Consumer Beauty Southeast Asia & Distributor markets
Benjamin GAN Tan Hwee Xian & Youngki LEE

Royal Flush

Team Royal Flush will be developing a Crew Assessment and Resource System (CARS) in forms of iOS and Web Applications, to streamline the training and assessment process conducted by the Flight Operations department, specifically pilots . With the large number of pilot assessments and pilot candidates set to increase with the recent merger of Scoot and TigerAir, this project aims to improve the current slow and manual process of practical based tests (PBT) for flight crew and provide data-driven analytics to better allocate and plan flight crew resources for flights scheduling. The iOS Application will host all PBT and assessment related tasks, such as testing, scheduling and digital signature, with offline and online support. The Web Application will have review and ranking modules, functioning to help the Flight Operations department to have an overall picture of the their pilot’s performance. Additionally, the application will feature an analytics module that aims to track pilots’ passing and failure rates, project future performances based on grading scales of A to F, and perform cluster analysis of pilot performance based on skills set.

  1. Jonathan CHEW Yee Long
  2. Yvette KOU Lixia
  3. Terence TAN Kai Xiang
  4. POON Swee Heng
  5. HE Huili
  6. Victoria KOH Wei Ting
Amir Bin Sulaiman - Manager, Kristine Capili – System Analyst, Corporate Applications Delivery, Scoot Tiger Pte Ltd.
Benjamin GAN Tan Hwee Xian & Patrick THNG


2017 Term 1

Liberté - Shopify website + mobile app WWe are building an e-commerce website for Liberté and Lilacpop, which sell clothing and make-up brands not available in Singapore respectively. Our e-commerce website differentiates itself from other e-commerce platforms, as it enables customers to “try out” clothing and make-up through head-to-toe visualisations and building upon that, product recommendations customized for said customer’s figure, skintone, and even image-recognition of their preferred clothing styles.

  1. NGUYEN Dang Thanh Ha
  2. Shilpa SURESH
  3. Wildy CHENG
  4. Chantal NEO
  5. Stephen Joshua Sy NGO
Hui Ting Chiam. SIS Alumni & Catherine Loy, Liberté Founder
Paul GRIFFIN  Tan Hwee Xian & Rafael J. BARROS

All Stack

We are building a contract management system (CtMS) to upload contracts where it will be able to identify the types of contracts and each key-clauses in it. CtMS will also tag the contracts accordingly and proceed to store their data for visualization purposes. In addition, version control is implemented to keep track of the changes in the contracts. With the data collected, we will build a dashboard to help users to visualize an overview of the contracts details. Thus, this helps to identify insights such as lack of talent signings at certain months and regions and calculate the value of each contract based on business logic.

  1. Cory TAM Fang Yan
  2. PEH Jing Yuan
  3. Joleen MOK Qiu Ting
  4. CHEW Bang Geng
  5. Iris THIA Wei Lin
Vincent Ha - Co-Founder and CEO of Gushcloud
Paul GRIFFIN  Tan Hwee Xian & Rafael J. BARROS


Currently, Heinrich Food Pte Ltd provides a range of food products ranging from various meats, seafood, dairy products. Its services include supplying chilled and frozen food to the B2B market covering hotels, clubs, restaurants, cafeterias, learning institutions and food courts. However, no order taking occurs on the company’s website. It’s current practice of taking order is limited as the company must manually take down each order instead of it being processed by an order form. Also, it is hard to keep track of each customer’s orders. Therefore, our team plans to build an e-commerce website allowing customers to choose the exact product(s) they wish to order through the online portal. To obtain a wider customer reach, Heinrich Food Pte Ltd is venturing into the B2C market. Therefore, this e-commerce website aims to provide a platform for the public to easily make an order through the portal as well. This would allow people to order their groceries and submit payment through the website as well. The success of this new portal will be measured by having at least 20 potential customers to sign up at the site. Having a portal to take note of each order would be good for the company as based on the items that the different customers order, Heinrich Food Pte Ltd can estimate the relevant stock that they should order to cater to the market with the analytics dashboard available to them. With this sales management system in place, Heinrich Food Pte Ltd would reap more profits in the end.

  1. Paesson SOH
  2. Nurulhuda Binti Mohd NASSIR
  3. Paul SEOW Xiang Loong
  4. Haseena Banu Binte GHULAM Mohamed
  5. Darren LEE Zhi Jian
Self proposed, Mentor Edward Lay Yong Shun, Lazada, SIS Alumni IS480 Heinrich Food Pte Ltd, Cindy Hein/Paesson Soh – Owner and Founder
Rafael J. BARROS Tan Hwee Xian & Youngki LEE

Bare Code

KYAW Htet Soe & YA Min Nyi Nyi (quit)

Ngee Ann Poly - Mobile Service Learning (mSL) We are creating a service learning project-based mobile application for Ngee Ann students to ease learning on the go. Our application: 1. Incorporates small bursts of content to facilitate microlearning (the future of learning) which caters to the average human attention span and offers an offline/caching feature that is perfect for overseas community service projects and traveling uses, especially to less developed countries with less reliable internet connections. 2. Simplifies and enhance user experience by putting focus on the four main tools used for every project - quizzes, surveys, reflections and weekly resources. We are building a web application for Ngee Ann lecturers and administrators to: 1. Oversee enrolment and ensure effective deployment of students to service learning projects based on their skillsets 2. Continually assess and monitor the learning progress of students by identifying students’ opportunities for enhancement

  1. CHEAU Nor Ailin
  2. Cheryl LEE Sze Min
  3. LEE Pei Jia
  4. Grace FOO Huan Ting
Andrew Tan | Senior Lecturer | School of InfoComm Technology& Joyce TANG-WONG, Head of the Office of Service-Learning in NP.
Rafael J. BARROS Tan Hwee Xian & Youngki LEE


Co-founded by siblings Nichol and Nicholas Ng in 2012, The Food Bank Singapore is a registered charity that strives to provide food to the needy and reduce food wastage. This is done by collecting and reallocating surplus food donated by their network of donors to 205 beneficiaries. In 2017, The Food Bank Singapore have a total of only 8 employees and have requested help to improve both the collection and allocation process so that they may reach out to more of the less privileged. Our team will build an intelligent food management inventory system and devise a proprietary algorithm to better assist Food Bank with their resource allocation process by generating a priority score for every beneficiary based on a combination of variables, such as the (i) beneficiary’s last request date and (ii) the number of needy families supported. The above-mentioned list is non-exhaustive and we will work closely with Food Bank to design the optimal algorithm that best suit their needs.

  1. Bryan LAU Peng Liang
  2. NG Shirong
  3. Jaren LIM Jian Quan
  4. TAM Kei Wen
  5. Louis LIM Ying Wei
  6. YEO Wei Siong
Jessie Tan & Margarita Seah – Management Associate, Nichol Ng & Nicholas Ng – Co-founder, The Food Bank Singapore
Rafael J. BARROS Benjamin GAN


Abundant Accounting Firm - Abundant Management System (AMS) will help automate and increase the efficiency of the current business process which involve manual documentation and the usage of excel as a database. The team will develop a system which uses MySQL as database and combine all the processes for automation. The website will also be remodelled to provide a better UI experience. With AMS, the team aims to provide efficiency, security, and ease of access to all users.

  1. YE Min Oo
  2. Bernita TOH Wen Ying
  3. LIN Yu Mai
  4. Jagdish Parmar SINGH
  5. AN Jae Hyeong
Mrs Ong Bee Lian (Director of Abundant Accounting) http://www.abaccounting.com.sg/#about
Rafael J. BARROS Tan Hwee Xian & Benjamin GAN


SMU CEC – PoWeR Grammar We are building a mobile web game application for the students of SMU taking the Programme in Writing and Reading (PWR) module, for them to learn grammar in a fun and interactive way outside the classroom environment. We are also building a web application which allows the instructors to bootstrap and dump data, and to view the analysis of the students’ results. Our X-Factor will be the percentage of students who completed the tasks assigned to them on the mobile web game application.

  1. FOO Ru Jia
  2. Jolene FOO Zu Er
  3. Nur Amalina Binti Ahmad SUHAIRI
  4. Felicia Anto CHRISTY
  5. M Has NILOFAR
  6. KOH Wei Jing
Sumathi Krishna, Lara Pugh, Alvin Tan, Centre for English Communication (CEC)
Tan Hwee Xian Paul GRIFFIN  & Youngki LEE


Term 1

The purpose of the project is to develop a web application for Davy Hoong Organisation to manage its staff and increase sales leads. Staff can plan their goals for viewing and approval by the team leader, forecast their sales for the year, and manage their customer interactions. On the Manager’s side, they will have a better view of their employee’s performance and be able to differentiate the weaker-performing ones from the stronger ones.

  1. Clifton NGEOW Shu-jin
  2. Cristabel LAU Yuit Theng
  3. Timothy YEO Guan Keng
  4. Timothy TAN Joon Howe
  5. CHOW Chun Kit
  6. Mohamed Zulhilmi Bin SABARIMAN
Seah Joel, finance services manager, Davy Hoong Organisation represented by AXA
Tan Hwee Xian Youngki LEE (Rafael J. BARROS ) & Benjamin GAN


Firstly, AlphaHealth aims to digitalize International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS), Visual-Aided Uroflowmetry Survey (VAUS) and uroflowmetry paper results through an iPad solution. IPSS consists of 8 questions which can be used to track, screen and diagnose Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) while VAUS is a scoring system to determine the severity of the symptoms faced by patients with BPH. The nurses will pass the iPads containing the digitalized IPSS and VAUS to the patients for them to fill in. AlphaHealth will also correlate IPSS, VAUS and uroflowmetry data to perform predictive analysis, providing timely advice regarding patients’ current urological condition. The second aim is to consolidate historical urology records across Singapore Hospitals and Polyclinics into a platform for doctors. This comprehensive and integrated platform aims to allow for seamless sharing, analysis and evaluations of patients’ urological condition, primarily older - age male (55-80), in which urinary symptoms are prone to surface.

  1. CHAI Hui Yee
  2. Aloysius LIM Wai Liang
  3. KOH Hong Ye
  4. TAN Jun Ming
  5. Jeremy TAY Wee Han
  6. Carine NG Hui Li
TAN Hwee Pink, iCity lab, Singapore General Hospital, Dr Henry Ho Sun Sien - Head of Urology Department, SGH
Tan Hwee Xian Rafael J. BARROS & Paul GRIFFIN 


Our team will be developing a website for Groomerslab, a car detailing company with a plethora of automotive services. Examples of these services are car washes, car coatings and vinyl wraps. The website will include all of its products and services. Our website will include a calendar booking system which strives for seamless appointment bookings of Groomerslab’s services. Additionally we aim to implement an online payment service where customers of Groomerslab are given the option to prepay for services during appointment booking or choose to pay later, after delivery of service. Also, we will be having an e-commerce section where clients can purchase Groomerlab’s products. Lastly, forecast analysis of Groomerslab’s products will also be incorporated into our site to assist the company in understanding which are the most profitable or popular products

  1. Vivien TAN Jing Wen
  2. Gabriel TAN Lee Yuan
  3. Marc XU Xinhan
  4. Mohammad Hazmie Bin JAAFAR
  5. HENG Wei Liang
  6. Wilson HE Yongsheng
Rendall Chee - Managing Director, GroomersLab Pte Ltd
Tan Hwee Xian Rafael J. BARROS & Youngki LEE


Conversational banking. In collaboration with SMU Teaching Bank (“SMU tBank”), a multi-year programme focused on Financial Services Education, our team propose to develop an application that encompasses a voice and text-based messenger service, tBuddy. This chatbot is programmed to perform banking requests in a conversational language. It provides a two-way interaction, where users can use voice messaging to make a request, and quickly receive replies for a more intuitive user experience. tBuddy also serves as an educational means to demonstrate IT architecture and conversational banking concepts through fun and interaction. This serves as a classroom tool for students in this field to experience and keep up with emerging technologies.

  1. Jamie CHEW Jia Ying
  2. YEO Yi Xiang
  3. Gerald TAN Rui Rong
  4. TOH Yi An
  5. Bertran QUECK Kiian Leong
SMU Teaching Bank, Alan MEGARGEL
Tan Hwee Xian Youngki LEE (Rafael J. BARROS ) & Rafael J. BARROS

Toffee Mint

SMU - SMU tBank : The tBank Trade Finance application is meant to simulate an actual international banking environment for interactive learning purpose. This project aims to replace the existing tBank Trade Finance application with a new Trade Finance system that runs primarily on a blockchain architecture. We will be implementing a host of trade financial instruments, on an Ethereum blockchain system, relating to international trade such as; Letter of Credit, Trust Receipt, Bill of Lading, Bank Guarantee, Documentary Collection, Shipping Guarantee, and Insurance, on a distributed network to improve systems tractability, network resilience, and corporate accountability. We will also be implementing an in-class quiz module to test the students’ understanding of the concepts of trade finance, and their understanding of how it is facilitated through the blockchain.

  1. Sean Koh
  2. Timothy GOH Jia Yi
  3. MA Xing
  4. HOW Sye Wai
  5. TAN Jian Hua
  6. TAN Ming Sheng
Alan MEGARGEL, SMU, tbank
Tan Hwee Xian Paul GRIFFIN  & Youngki LEE

Two Cube

RoboStudio - Robot App development for restaurant robot Remote RoboLab is an online web platform that aims to promote python learning with robotics without the need of a physical robot on the users’ end. Remote RoboLab aims to make learning a fun and interactive experience for the users through the gamification approach, where there is a main goal and users control the movement of the robots to accomplish that goal. Remote RoboLabs does this by providing a code editor for the users which guides them on what code to enter. Upon entering the correct code into the code editor, users will be able to see the movements of robots via a live camera. The users will be charged by half hour blocks for the usage of these remote robots.

  1. Jack NEW Wei Lin
  2. Ahmad Saifullah Bin MUSTAFFA
  3. Vera LOW Yun
  4. Abdul Haqqim Bin ABDUL HASIM
  5. Deborah SIM Hsien Minn
  6. CHOO Kok Wee
Ben Li, Master of Innovation, SMU (Founder)
Tan Hwee Xian Youngki LEE (Rafael J. BARROS ) & Rafael J. BARROS


A low-cost community monitoring system using smartphones and beacon devices, to monitor the travel movements and/or patterns of the elderly as they move around the estate. The use of the elderly’s smartphone will enable us to identify the elderly’s location, by discovering beacons (Bluetooth radio transmitters) that are placed at various locations in the neighborhood. This will allow the elderly to travel around safely while enabling caregivers to be aware of the elderly’s well-being at the same time.

  1. GOH Jin Qiang
  2. Celestine KHO Yi Ling
  3. Derrick LEE Ming Yang
  4. Sherman KOA Rui Xiang
  5. Sushil Siwraj MORE
Prof Tan Hwee Pink, SMU-TCS iCity Lab
Tan Hwee Xian Rafael J. BARROS & Paul GRIFFIN 


The team will develop a gamified learning platform, Medsense, for NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. The learning platform will be a web application that simulates interaction with “patients”, facilitate peer learning via a discussion board, and track the performance of students anonymously.

  1. Amelia LEE Jing Hua
  2. CHEW Chin Rui
  3. Ervin CHONG Sheng Loong
  4. HUANG Mingrui
  5. Ricky Putra FRANSLAY
  6. WANG Qimin
SMU-TCS iCity Lab, Tan Hwee Pink & Ng Boon Thai; NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Tay Sook Muay Associate Dean & Kee Xiang Lee Jamie Senior-Teach-Junior initiative committee member
Youngki LEE (Rafael J. BARROS ) Tan Hwee Xian & Benjamin GAN


Our project is about building an IOS mobile application to provide a platform which allows sender and deliverer to match each other and get delivery jobs done on our platform. Each user can carry both the roles of the sender and deliverer to either request for a deliverer to handle delivery jobs or be the one doing the delivery jobs. Our X-factor includes: i)Bring down the cost of courier services by at least 20% relatively as compared to market players such as GOGOVan and LALAMove. ii) Reaches 200 delivery jobs per day in 3-month time after product launch. iii) Have at least 20 thousand registered users within 6 months after product launch. Matches of jobs and deliverer recommendations will be prompted to both deliverers and senders based on their locations, the specification of jobs, job handling capability individual ratings. Transportation charges will also be generated based on our algorithms. Taking motorbike as the example, the base charge is $8.00 and every additional kilometer incurs a $0.30 charge. Senders can also choose to add tips on top of the charges to make the delivery job more attractive to deliverers. One big selling point of our project is that other than the typical means of transportations like motorbike, car, van and lorries, we also accept sender conduct delivery through the use of public transportation system. Due to the lower cost of public transportation means, our pricing models will be more competitive in terms of price. The profitable model of our app is through in app advertising service for companies. They would be charged base on the number of clicks from our app users. However, this advertisement model will only be introduced after our app gain popularity. In terms of service quality and dispute control, we provide a “Request for mediation” function in our app to allow the management time step in and settle possible disputes between senders and deliverers.

  1. LIU Jiameng
  2. ZHANG Xiaoyu
  3. GAO Hailong
  4. Zhang Yu Zhe
  5. Gary QUEK Jian Zhang
Mr William Kong Ong Sing, Managing Director, SelCyber Builders Pte Ltd
Youngki LEE (Tan Hwee Xian ) Benjamin GAN & Tan Hwee Xian


We are building a Price Comparison Website, which allows consumers to compare earpieces, printers and wearable tech sold by 3 different global eCommerce sites, such as Amazon, Taobao and Lazada. The prices shown to consumers will be in Singapore currency, and include the price of the product, shipping prices as well as taxes. Consumers will enjoy greater convenience, lower prices and greater variety with this comprehensive Price Comparison Website. It will also enable them to purchase products from retailers that they may otherwise not consider. The project involves 4 main challenges: 1. (Crawling) 2. (Matching). 3. (Indexing & querying). 4. (Application) Note: Crawling data for Amazon and Taobao will be provided by the sponsor.

  1. Joshua LAU Geng Zhan
  2. Clare YIP Kit Yan
  3. CHONG Shihui
  4. Jonathan TEH
  5. Cheryl LIM Wei Lin
  6. Jeffrey PAN Zhenhe
Hady Wirawan LAUW
Youngki LEE (Rafael J. BARROS ) Tan Hwee Xian & Benjamin GAN


The aim of this project is to build an Inventory Management System IMS that will help the owner to automate the process of tracking his inventory more efficiently. Besides that, the benefit of having IMS in place, is to minimise the owner’s need of manual processing which helps to reduce human errors and ensuring the accuracy of the data. The inventory management system will also generate financial information and using data analytics to produce accurate forecast demands for different months.

  1. Jacquelyn SEE Lay Ling
  2. XIAO Weikun
  3. Clarey LIOW Ji Xian
  4. Brendo AUSTIN
Tan Qing Yang – Owner, The92shop
Youngki LEE (Rafael J. BARROS ) Tan Hwee Xian & Rafael J. BARROS


Hayer Engineering - Planning and Quality Assurance Web Portal. The team aims to build a user-friendly cloud based web application with the implementation of OCR engine for Hayer’s Planning and Quality Assurance teams to easily and accurately generate Dimension Reports and Bubble Drawings. Creating the Dimension Report and the Bubble Drawing are currently both manual and time consuming (11.5 hours of manpower spent each day) processes which lead to frequent human error. The solution will optimistically reduce time spent creating both documents by 60% and achieve minimum 75% of OCR accuracy.

  1. JIA Yuhan
  2. WANG Li
  3. FU Yu
  4. ZHENG Bing Bing
Jeffery Lee – Sales & Marketing Manager & Brandon Loo – General Manager, Hayer Engineering Pte Ltd. Website : www.hayer.com. Via TAI Khang Wei Maxco

2018/2019 Term 1

Schedule. Inform course coordinator by 20 May (no teams will be added after that date), please submit your 2 page proposal by 20 Jun.


  • Please schedule acceptance , midterm & final . Time slots are inclusive of Q&A.
  • Please refer to grading, video & guide.
  • The entire team must be at the presentation. Supervisors and course coordinator must be at Acceptance. Reviewers must be at Midterm. Supervisor & first reviewer must be at the Finals. The team should invite the sponsor for finals

Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
Patrick THNG Benjamin GAN & Tan Hwee Xian


Profs Fujii and Ho: Mobile-Assisted Survey System Our goal is to build a CAPI survey solution that consists of a web application and a mobile end application which share the same cloud database. The web application allows administrator create question pool, create survey from question pool. As all data is stored on cloud database, on the field, with the android app, interviewers will be able to download surveys to their tablet and conduct survey even without internet connection. The android app will allow interviewers to upload responses to cloud database when there is network. Then administrator will be able to view the result and export reports or raw data from the web application.

  1. ZOU Kelin
  2. KANG Yansun
  3. ZHANG Jiaxiang
  4. JI Xinyi
  5. Yang Fengfeng
  6. Chen Kaili
Prof Fujii and Prof Ho, SMU, SoE
 ???  ??? & ???

The Bros Code

Runkicker - The next generation Health and Fitness Evolution! Coupled with back end analytics (separate project) that utilises this behavioural research to become the Industry Benchmark in improved health metrics within the ‘sedentary 80%’ of users who require personalised motivation, intervention and retention techniques based on a behavioral science, AI platform. The team will build a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to test the motivational, intervention and retention hypothesis in a selected market.

  1. GOH Chun Ming
  2. LOH Yu Bin
  3. Sean HOON Cai Yu
  4. TAN Guan Ze
Shaun & Glenn, Runkicker
 ???  ??? & ???

Team Meraki

Corsiva Lab – Gathering Planning App In a generation where review blogs are aplenty and many articles sporting viral headlines such as “5 unique matcha desserts in Singapore to get your green tea fix” and “13 Things to Do Near Jurong That Prove Singapore's West Side is the Best Side” litter the web, it is surprising that there is no one app to curate them all. A one-stop app for planning any gathering!

  1. YONG Fu Xiang
  2. Amos LEE Chun Ing
  3. SIM Li Jin
  4. Eugene CHOY Wen Jia
  5. Winston HO Min Kit
  6. HO Wei Hong
Lim Guo Hong, Corsiva Lab
 ???  ??? & ???


Case Management System with an embedded interactive Analytics Dashboard for Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics

  1. Brittany GOH Mi Shan
  2. CHAN Huang Suan
  3. YONG Yong Qing
  4. LIM Jia Sheng
  5. HOW Zhiteng
  6. TAN Keng Yew
Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics
Rafael J. BARROS  ??? & ???

Five Stones

S-Cube Pte Ltd – Business Analytics System The project aims to create a business analytic system that will provide our clients with meaningful reports. This project would also work hand in hand with S-Cube’s ERP systems. This would provide the selected team for an opportunity to work with real-life client data and project management. Our collaboration would also be smoother as we are an IT-based company. Our company will provide the deployment server, database server and SMTP server

  1. LEE Zhi Tao
  2. Dion ANG Wei Xuan
  3. XUE Xinyi
  4. LIN Zhen Dan
  5. YEO Hong Yuan
Leo Tan via Marcus TAN Sin Yik, SIS
 ???  ??? & ???


Lim Kee Food Manufacturing – Dim Sum ordering system Develop a easy to use app/digital platform to allow their retail partners to submit orders for pau and dim sum. Given Lim Kee’s JIT philosophy, all delivery orders are manually taken via phone by our admin sales officers. However, challenges relating to ability to get timely orders, directly reaching to the ordering personnels etc, have led to some delays in the entire supply chain. Hence, Lim Kee is keen to build a simple app/ digital interface where our ordering partners are able to log-in and submit their orders real-time.

  1. LOW Zi Xuan
  2. ANG Xin Yi
  3. LEE Pei Zhen
  4. YANG Miaozi
Ang Khim Wee, Lim Kee Food Manufacturing
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. Shreyas PARBAT
  2. Shiv UPPAL
  3. Avery CHONG Yow Kit
  4. Amanda OH Ri Ying
 ???  ??? & ???

The Exception

{PENDING} A talent pipeline web portal whereby interested applicants for Haste can send in applications and go through the application process seamlessly. For Haste, they are able to have a unified portal to take care of the application process from the mundane tasks of sending emails and scheduling interviews, to the necessities of conducting online technical tests and editing CV, to even higher applicants analysis such as emotional analysis during video interviews

  1. LE Thanh An
  2. YEO Qi Xun
  3. Nicholas TAN Jun Hao
  4. Desiree CHONG Jia Hui
  5. Nicole TAN Xinyi
 ???  ??? & ???


SnapCoin – Point-of-Sales (POS) system The project aims to create a Point-of-Sales (POS) system for our merchants to be able to receive "coins" and "credits" from our existing user accounts. Users will be able to use a mixture of these payment methods to purchase either the promotion or the payment in entirety. This project will integrate with our existing platform for data communication and synchronization. This would provide the selected team for an opportunity to work with real-life client data and project management. Our collaboration would also be smoother as we are an IT-based company. Our company will provide the deployment server, database server and POS hardware.

  1. Anmol Dhanesh CHUGANI
  2. Moses YONG
  3. TAY Yu Xuan
  4. Agnes LIM Jia Hui
  5. Sharon PURBOWO
Joshua Tan Director SnapCoin Pte Ltd via Marcus TAN Sin Yik <marcus.tan.2014@sis.smu.edu.sg>
 ???  ??? & ???


The Black Sun - Annual Report System Annual Reports (ARs) are produced each year by SGX listed companies for stakeholders (shareholders, analysts, bankers, funds, regulators and other interested parties). The Black Sun and IIRC Best Practices Reporting Databases reviews and publishes ARs that meet best practices criteria (http://bestpractice.blacksunplc.com/corporate/database/home and *http://examples.integratedreporting.org/getting_started) In order to raise the bar for the Singapore capital market, the ARs of all listed companies should be reviewed and curated. With this, sub-par ARs will be encouraged to improve.

  1. Randall HENG Cho Yew
  2. Gabriel CHUAN Zhan Hong
  3. TAN Peng Chong
  4. Bernice NG Kai Ling
  5. Shubham PERIWAL
  6. Vikram SANGHI
 ???  ??? & ???


Looking for more team members! If you are looking for team, please contact this team

  1. MAI Thanh Van
  2. Clement ONG Kang Rong
  3. CHAW Khin Nyein
Benjamin GAN  ??? & ???


We are building a Telegram bot, "Ken", who is able to handle preorders, manage customer details and provide business information to customers. We are also developing a preorder database which would be bridged with the existing POS. Additionally, we are providing a web-based business insight dashboard displaying descriptive and predictive analytics.

  1. Cheryl CHIAM
  2. Daryln TOO Wei Jian
  3. Debbie LEE Shan Ying
  4. TAN Kim Chye
  5. TAN Wei Sheng
Ong Jun Hao, Co-Founder, KENBORU
 ???  ??? & ???


Homepilot is an application designed to improve processes in real estate by raising the transparency between the landlords and tenants, by having a common platform for tenants to look for contractors to help maintain the house. This will remove possibility of disputes stemming from disagreement regarding contractors. For example, the invoice is kept and shared between the landlords and tenants to prevent the issues regarding double jobs and hiding of the true cost of the maintenance.

  1. KOH Zhi Rong
  2. WOO Wai Leng
  3. NG Jia Jia
  4. LI Yiyao
  5. Jerry TOHVAN
  6. Gabriel ONG Xie En
MBA students in SMU
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. LEONG Yong Sheng
  2. Clarence NEO
  3. LIM Yue Feng
  4. Jordy Nelson SAMUEL
  5. Dion GOH Chin Bin
  6. FU Chuanyi
tBank, Alan MEGARGEL
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. Devin TAN Wei Jie
  2. Kenneth TAN Puay Yong
  3. Ayesha Aziz ALKAFF
  4. TAN Choon Seng
  5. CHEN Bihuang
 ???  ??? & ???

The White Collar



  1. Rachael LOW Hwee Min
  2. Alan GOH Zhi Qiang
  4. Nurul Suhailah Binte SAPNAN
  5. OON Yi Jing
  6. YEO Xiu Wen
 ???  ??? & ???


To address the business issues and needs, we will be developing a website with a series of functionalities helpful for a salon, such as appointment booking system, client information dashboard and e-store functionalities. With our web solution deliverables, we aim to help Monsoon streamline their business operations and to help them create an online presence that will not only promote brand visibility but also increase engagement between the brand and its clients.

  1. Kimberly GWEE Qiao Lin
  2. TAY Wei Xuan
  3. Josh Gautam DORAI
  4. Jacky YONG Wei Jie
  5. WONG Jiaan
  6. Chantalle NG
Monsoon Hair Group, Addy Lee - Founder and CEO, Jason - Marketing Director
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. HOU Dianbang
  2. TANG Yuanbo
  3. WANG Sheng
  4. ZHANG Zehao
  5. ZHAO Guangyu
  6. ZHENG Yulong
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. Melvin NG Jia Le
  2. NG Jun Xiang
  3. Randy LAI Yonghao
  4. LIM Pei Xuan
  5. GOH Jia Xian
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. TAN Xinyi
  2. Amanda LEE Si Hui
  3. YUEN Chui Shan
  4. Cleave CHING Wen Qi
  5. Gordon WONG Kuan Wai
  6. Keith SIEW Guo Dong
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. LI Yigang
  2. GUI Yuqi
  3. WANG Zhuowei
  4. YANG Mingqi
  5. LUO Hao Nan
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. Solomon TEO Kok How
  2. ONG Chin Hao
  3. HONG Yang
  4. Larry THNG Bo Xuan
  5. David CHUA Wee Song
  6. Jeryl SOH Yen Cheng
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. ONG Li Ting
  2. Brandon LIM Qi Hui
  3. CHOY Kar Sen
  4. Jaclyn LAM Hui Yun
  5. YIP Jian Ming
 ???  ??? & ???


SMU SIS Rafael-Cloud Learning Environment Create a Cloud Learning Environment for students to appreciate the complexity of a production environment and test security, performance, scalability of a Deployed Enterprise Solution.

  1. Rizudin Bin JALAR
  2. Bernadine LYE Su Hui
  3. Martin TEO Xiangquan
  4. Joel TAY Da Yuan
  5. Al Faried Yusri Bin YUSOFF
Rafael J. Barros, SIS
 ???  ??? & ???


JungleElement-CardPerks CardPerks aim to be the centralised curator for the benefits that one owns, be it UOB’s card benefits or SMU Alumni’s card benefits – One will be able to see the benefits that they are entitled to because they have the card in their wallet. Upon turning the app on, based on the location of the user or whatever they typed into the app, CardPerks will show them the benefits that is given to them. There are 2 offerings that the company wish to entail – 1. A product offering based on SaaS app launch and 2. A service offering for central data consolidation.

  1. FOO Chi Jao
  2. GOH Ming Xuan
  3. Amanda YEONG See Mun
  4. TOH Zi Jie
  5. LI Kangrui
Nigel Giam, jungleelement.com
 ???  ??? & ???