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Welcome to IS480: IS Application Project

These are current projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the course manager. Past Teams


More information on user testing are available on this link.

Getting Started

More information on IS480 are available at IS480 website, and Facebook. You need to decide a team name and send that name to the course coordinator. We will update the IS480 main page with your team name. This team name is used as the root of your wiki page. To contribute to this wiki, please login (click upper right corner) using your SMU or given username and password. Select the appropriate domain SMUSTU/SMUSTF/local. You can refer to other team's wiki (dashboard, team roles, project overview, project management with minutes, documents) or the following: midterm finals. For help, click here, please refer to the wiki POLICY. IS480 is now an SMU-X course! Check out the SMU-X webpage.

2016/2017 Term 1

Schedule. Inform course coordinator by 15 May (no teams will be added after that date), please submit your 2 page proposal by 15 Jun.


  • Please schedule acceptance, midterm & final. Time slots are inclusive of Q&A.
  • Please refer to grading, video pitch & guide.
  • The entire team must be at the presentation. Supervisors and course coordinator must be at Acceptance. Reviewers must be at Midterm. Supervisor & first reviewer must be at the Finals. The team should invite the sponsor.

Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
Benjamin GAN Qian TANG & Chris Boesch


Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 black mist (brown cover) S/N: RF1D82AXZEP IMEI: 357800/05/989195/4 [Dawn Tan Sze Hui] Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1

SMU Mindfulness Initiative – ReFokus Meditation App 2 Extending work from Vulcan from project SMU Mindfulness Initiative – ReFokus Meditation App.
ReFokus 2.0 aims to benefit researchers and people interested in mindfulness meditation. By providing dynamic feedback and a robust web portal, we solve the problems of little active users and inflexible functions. Currently, meditation apps are commercialised and NOT targeted towards researchers to aid them in their research. Our X-factor is have 2 studies created by 2 researchers with 10 users in total by Mid Terms.

  1. Dawn TAN Sze Hui
  2. TAN Lay Ting
  3. TAN Yi Ru
  4. Marilyn CHOO Jia Chen
  5. CHUA Sin Kin
Assistant Professor Will Tov and Associate Professor Jochen Reb
Benjamin GAN Qian TANG & Chris Boesch


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1
MidTerm 1

We are working with our user, St Hilda's Community Services Centre and our sponsor, SMU iCity Lab to assess the feasibility of an IoT solution to the problem of elderly fall-risk clients who try to stand without supervision, by placing a sensor on their chairs to alert their caregivers earlier, we call this fall management system, Nowtify.

  1. Josie KIEW Mi Xian
  2. Mohamed Afiq Bin MOHAMED Ismail
  3. Shawn LAU Wai Hung
  4. Dennis ANG Guorong
TAN Hwee Pink, SMU-TCS iCity Lab and IHPC, A*STAR & St. Hilda's Community Services Centre, Maureen - Centre Manager
Benjamin GAN David LO & Qian TANG


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1 2 3 4 5
Brian TAN Le Meau (Drop on week 5)

Planning an event is difficult with services scattered all over the web. With Eventually, you can source for all the services you need for your event all in one place. So, plan it now, plan it well, plan is fast, with Eventually!

  1. Pearline Manoranjitha VIJAYAKUMAR
  2. Louis LEW Yee Chen
  3. Jacinta TAN Yan Ling
  4. Mavis LAI Li Jun
Self proposed. Mentor, Benjamin Gan
Benjamin GAN Prakash Chandra SUKHWAL & Chris Boesch


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1 2 3 4
MidTerm 1 2 3 4 5

Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA) - Crowd-Sourcing Wheelchair Accessibility Information
WheelRoutes is a project that crowd-sources data from wheelchair users using IoT devices, and processes these data into wheelchair accessibility information for the public. This information includes tried-and-tested routes and route quality (i.e. bumpiness, gradient of slope and users’ feedback), which will be displayed on Google Maps.

Original project: AllGoEasy - Crowd Sourcing Wheelchair Accessibility Information

  1. TAN Kah Sheng
  2. TANG Shing Hei
  3. AU Wai Loong
  4. CHIA Chek Wei
  5. Lewis POH Yu Gui
  6. Louis TAN Kai Huang
SIS prof TAN Hwee Pink,
Mr M.Murugeswaran, Senior Occupational Therapist, Handicaps Welfare Association
Benjamin GAN Prakash Chandra SUKHWAL & Chris Boesch


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1
MidTerm 1

North Point Global – Order Management System for Exchange Listed Financial Products
Firestone is an automated Stock trading platform that does complex stock trading. it will be used by stock traders at North Point Global for their need to automate some of their tedious and complex processes and we aim to have at least half of their users be using this system by the end of our project.

  2. CHEE Hong Kun
  3. LIM Zi Hui
  4. TAY Hua Swee
  5. Marcus TAN Sin Yik
Augustine Wu, Elvin WEE, Director, North Point Global. Jonathan Tay, Trader (SIS alum) Zircon
Benjamin GAN Steven HOI & Chris Boesch


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1
MidTerm 1

HookCoffee Giveback Coffee - e-Commerce speciality grade coffee
With KopiKaki, our sponsors at HookCoffee can use our targeted marketing system and intuitive dashboard to understand customer trends at a glance and take precise action to improve their business. We hope to process 1888 orders on our system by poster day, and have 10 targeted marketing campaigns sent to different consumer groups by mid terms.

  1. Keefe TAN Zhi Yang
  2. KOH Chu Qian
  3. Jeremy ONG Tee Seng
  4. CHAUNG Xiu Hui Amber
  5. Kester YEO Jia Jun
  6. WONG Wai Tuck
Faye Victoria Sit & Ernest Ting, Hook Coffee
Benjamin GAN Steven HOI & Chris Boesch


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1

TranSwap - P2P Platform
Transwap is a web platform that allow businesses to make international monetary transactions at the mid market exchange rate. Team potato is helping them acheive this by developing a matching algorithm that helps them to eliminate the time consuming and costly process of handling the transactions. Our x factor is to launch our system before mid term presentation so as to compare our system with theirs side by side to show that ours is more efficient.

  1. ONG Fu En
  2. NAM Hyunsuk
  3. SIM Kai Long
  4. Ananphumtriphop TURIAN
  5. Kirby AU Loong Zer
TranSwap, Lawrence Tan, CTO & CoFounder. Benjamin Wong Chan Send, CEO & Co-founder. Joshua Ong COO & Co founder. Lim Kien Leong. CLO & Co founder (via cynthiasam IIE)
Benjamin GAN David LO & Chris Boesch


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1 2 3

OCBC Bank - Corporate Account Opening on both HTML5 and iOs
Are you tired of filling up lengthy amount of paperwork? In order to eliminate manual paperwork, we have created a corporate account opening application using iOS for OCBC that will guide Relationship Managers and we aim to achieve 15 active users and 50 corporate registrations after launch.

  1. Siti Nordiyana Bte FUAD
  2. Chinkita CHUGH
  3. Michelle LEW Fang Ting
  4. Aliyah Binte JAMIL
  5. SUSAN Bo Bo
  6. CHAW Su Hlaing
Gerald Seah Joo Hui - Business Analyst, Technology Solutions, Shang Lim Business Solutions Manager, Technology Solutions (left on week 5)– Corporate, OCBC
Benjamin GAN Steven HOI & Qian TANG

Vatican Cameos

Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1

OCBC Bank - Corporate Internet Banking (Android)
We are working on a Proof of Concept feature for OCBC called T tracker. That will allow OCBC’s corporate clients to see predictive balances using data analytics to better manage their finances. We aim to convince OCBC’s management to allocate resources to further develop this feature so it can be eventually implemented by them.

  1. Jovin NG Chen Hoe
  2. ZHOU Ziyu
  3. Archit JUND
  4. YU Kwan Ho
  5. CHAN Siang Yong
Gerald Seah Joo Hui - Business Analyst, Technology Solutions, Shang Lim Business Solutions Manager, Technology Solutions (left on week 5)– Corporate, OCBC
Chris Boesch David LO & Prakash Chandra SUKHWAL


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1 2 3

Samsung Note 2 GT-N7105 white (yellow cover) S/N: RF1D228EZVY IMEI: 354792/05/343912/5 [Michelle TEO] XiaoMi 4 16GB (White) S/N: 785320430108 IMEI: 864895025210095 [Michelle TEO]

Flying Chalks – One-stop platform for Overseas Exchange
The Flying Chalks mobile and web app aims to help exchange students prepare for their exchange by seeking advice from seniors who have returned, connect with students heading to the same destination as well as give them access to consolidated university guides. Our X-Factor is to have 100 downloads on Google Play Store and 20 sign-ups for buddy programme.

  1. WANG Xueran
  2. Chloe CHAN Li Lin
  3. LIM Shu Mei
  4. Michelle TEO
  5. LYU Bingjie
  6. Ronald SIM Guo Rong
Flying Chalks, Melvin Lee Hong Wee SMU Business. Sara CHAN Yi Rui The Ikan Bilis
Chris Boesch David LO & Benjamin GAN

Charlies Angels

Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1
MidTerm 1 2 3 4 5

Charlie Soh – StockBook: A Stock Portfolio Management Application Software
The StockBook application is a stock investment portfolio management application targeted at the average Singaporean. The application like any other application allows users to manage their portfolio effectively. On top of this, there is a unique RoboAdvisor feature in our application. However, what makes this application really special is that it infuses “SG” variables such as CPF and Housing Loan calculations to better advise the user on how to improve his/her portfolio to reach their retirement goals by better managing their portfolio.

  1. Eustace ZHENG Xiangwen
  2. TAY Jing Ying
  3. Alex TIANG Zhang Yong
  4. Jared SIM Mong Khim
  5. TAN Chong Yong
  6. TAN Wei Jie
Charlie Soh is Director of Equity Sales (Asia), UOB Kay Hian
Chris Boesch Benjamin GAN & Steven HOI


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1 2 3

Fixir – Car Workshop Web App
Fixir Web Application is designed for car workshops to use as a platform to manage and reply to drivers’ quotation request with the most competitive prices in the shortest amount of time. X-Factor: Processed and completed 7 or more requests weekly through the application.

  1. Melvin LEE Rong Hui
  2. Joanne ONG Shi Ying
  3. Desmond NEO Jia Wei
  4. Joshua HUANG Weijie
  5. John KOH Wei De
Glen Ong, Ryan Chew, Hiroshi, Jerome Fixir (via Kellie CHAN Si Hui Bottom3
Chris Boesch Prakash Chandra SUKHWAL & David LO


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1
MidTerm 1 2 3 4

NEC-SMU sLab - Smart Town Project A (Web)
Team Graphene aims to collaborate with NEC to work on the Smart Town Project. The goal is to develop a Web Application that complements the Mobile App that is currently in development (by 2359) and include some distinct functions that will only be available on the Web. The goal of this project is to foster community cohesiveness and promote citizen engagement amongst Singapore residents.

  1. Timothy LOH Shian Han
  2. Eric YEO Pu Zhong
  3. Ryan CHIA Cheng Yu
  4. Manisha GOYAL
  5. TENG Jia Xin
  6. TAN Yu Xuan
Hosanna Petra, slab & Fuji Foo, Sales Director, NEC
Chris Boesch Prakash Chandra SUKHWAL & Benjamin GAN


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1
Thomas Joseph THIO Kit Sun & ONG Wanting withdrawn

Exceptions – Subscription Surprise Box Service
ARTISAN is a game subscription surprise box service that exposes console gamers to new games on a monthly basis at an affordable price of just $8.30. Our X-Factor is to get 50 registrations and 20 subscriptions.

  1. NG Jia Jun
  2. ONG Hong An
  3. WAN Mei Ying
  4. Andrea MAI Ruen-ting
Exception. Leong Wen Qing, Serene To, The Artisan SG, (via Marilyn CHOO Jia Chen)
Chris Boesch Benjamin GAN & Steven HOI


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1 2 3

Fundnel – Investment screening (“blackbox”) system
Team MegaMind aims to deliver a blackbox solution to seamlessly integrate both stakeholders, the investors and investment projects. With automation and evaluating capabilities, the solution aims to reduce the process cycle time by up to 30%. This reduction in time translates to a 30% increase in profits, which currently stands at 125,000.

  1. Jesper LIM Jun Hao
  2. LIM Chun Yong
  3. LEE Yang
  4. Mavis Benedict ONG Min Li
  5. PNG Kian Kwok
  6. YAN Han
Fundnel, Justin Chow, Low Wen Chun, Benjamin Twoon SMU Alumni (via Prof Michelle Chong), Jessica Koh, Hean Luen Leong
Chris Boesch Benjamin GAN & Steven HOI


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1

With the lack of trust in consumer to consumers transactions, Maimai is an online platform that builds trust among users in the consumer to consumer market, by giving them a platform independent online identity that they can use when transacting and making payments through the platform. Furthermore, MaiMai provides users with assurance by handling any dispute that might possibly arise during the course of a transaction.

  1. LEE Qixian
  2. LEE Chian Yee
  3. LIN Qian Pin
  4. RAJI Hemanth Kumar
  5. Darren TAY Kuang Yong
  6. PHUA Xue Yong
Self proposed project. Mr Chak, Stream Global
Chris Boesch Steven HOI & Benjamin GAN


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1
Ernest from NoName1

Project aims to nurture students through peer interactions by connecting help to them in real time. We will be creating an enabling platform to produce better coders, a friendlier culture and increased efficiency through our system.

  1. Geraldine ANG Bi Xia
  2. HO Kar Enn
  3. TEO Peck Yong
  4. Hansel LEE Wei Wen
  5. Donovan TAN Jia Hao
  6. Ernest CHE Jie Ming
Self proposed project, Mentor, Rosie CHING Ju Mae, Senior Lecturer of Statistics, SoE, SMU
David LO Chris Boesch & Prakash Chandra SUKHWAL


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1 2 3

Kenneth WONG Xiong Kai removed

IS480 Fiona/Benjamin - IS480 system
Byteme is creating an is480 management system for sponsors, students and is480 course coordinators. With the purpose of automating and streamline the overall is480 process. Starting from next semester, this solution will be used for by all sis students for many years to come.
Past project Lightning Strike & IS480 II done by 6Sigma

  1. ONG Ming Hao
  2. TAN Kun Sheng
  3. LI Yingnan
  4. CHIA Hui Min
  5. WEE Chong Wei
SMU, SIS, Benjamin Gan or Fiona Lee
David LO Chris Boesch & Benjamin GAN


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1 2 3 4
MidTerm 1 2 3 4

YBCO - Crowdfunding_platform
YBCO is a crowdfunding platform for millenials that allows users to create projects in various milestones. Project creators and project backers are able to keep track and be up to date with the project's progress, solving a problem that we commonly face today with other crowdfunding platforms.

  1. Edwin PETER
  2. Luqman Nur Hakim B TAJUDDIN
  3. Chanel CHIANG
  4. Brendon KOH Keng Siong
  5. CHEW Zhi Xuan
YBCO, Sean Low (founder), Uttam Chopra (CTO) and Qianhwee Yong Shopaholic
David LO Benjamin GAN & Qian TANG


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1
MidTerm 1 2 3

Our project is to deliver an e-commerce website and android application for the customers and an order and content management system and analytics for the sponsor's staff. Our e-commerce site targets both B2B and B2C users. Our x-factor is 100 users and 25 transactions.

  1. Kevin CHONG Zhi Hao
  2. TOH Ling Jing
  3. PHANG Shi Jia
  4. Andy AW Kuan Wei
  5. LIEW Jie Ying
  6. WONG Yong Jun
Laser Packaging Manufacturing Mfg Pte Ltd, Jonathan Chia– Business Development and Project Executive & Simon Chua – Managing Director�
David LO Qian TANG & Benjamin GAN


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1
MidTerm 1

ClassMentors.com - Help make live classes more fun and efficient =
Classmentors will enable an instructor to provide engagement and interaction with 40 students as effectively as he would with 5 students through feature like peer mentoring and the system will help 4 sections of AA classes to learn more effectively this semester. Our proposed X-factor is to be able to have SMU SIS students utilise our portal in our sponsor’s class, as well as having over 100 users from secondary institutions who are participating in events conducted by our sponsor.

  1. LIM Shi Quan
  2. Gideon Raj So SELVANAYAGAM
  3. LEE Kuan Yong
  4. TOH Xin Ning
  5. Amos TAN Wei Jie
Prof Chris Boesch, SIS SMU
Prakash Chandra SUKHWAL Benjamin GAN & Chris Boesch


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1

Tocco Studios - Virtual TC App with NLP
Airvolution's goal is to create a travel application that is catered to Millennials and aims to shorten the process of booking a flight by leveraging on speech-to-text technology together with a recommendation system which continuously learn the preferences of our users.

  1. Remy NG Zheng Yao
  2. Andrew TAY Ren Ann
  3. ONG Sue Cern
  4. Russell YAP Song Chen
  5. TAY Wei Rong
  6. Benedict WEE Yu Rui
Vincent Lai, toccostudios.com (SIS Alumni) & Joshua - Tech Liason
Prakash Chandra SUKHWAL Chris Boesch & Steven HOI


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1
MidTerm 1 2 3 4

Edmund Foo - Smart Hawker iOS iOS version of Strike Details
SmartHawker iOS mobile application aims to help hawkers in Singapore have access to a free and easy-to-use financial planning tool, so that they can better monitor their business finances, without having to use over-complicated software systems. Our x-factor will be (1) at least 20 sign ups, and (2) 10 consistent a month users.

  1. Wendy GOH Gui Xiang
  2. KAY Zong Wei
  3. CHUA Weilun
  4. GAO Min
  5. CHENG Ching Yi
Edmund Foo, Culinary/F&B Consultant and an Associate Lecturer (F&B Management) at Republic Polytechnic

Via Marcus Lee IS480 Team Sageby & Tan Boon Teck

Prakash Chandra SUKHWAL Chris Boesch & Benjamin GAN


iPad(3rd gen) Wi-Fi Cellular 16GB Black S/N: DMPK4kPQf18P IMEI: 990002891314674 [Jonathan LEE] Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1

INSIGHT is a deal flow management system tailored to the needs of DBS Venture Growth Partners (VGP). It seeks to address the day-to-day inefficiencies in coordinating a debt financing deal. With the growing demand of debt financing, our intuitive dashboard and automatic notification packs insightful information to keep the DBS VGP team informed and updated on the go. By the end of this project timeline, 10 businesses will use INSIGHT to facilitate their debt financing deal.

  1. Jonathan LEE Bing Quan
  2. KONG Song Wei
  3. ONG Wee Tiong
  4. LI Fusen
  5. Joleen LEE Han Lin
Dr. Jeremy Loh, Senior Vice President & Martin Tan VP, of DBS Venture Growth Partners
Prakash Chandra SUKHWAL Chris Boesch & Benjamin GAN


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1

Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) - Relationships Management System
Bahamas: Benefactors and Helpers Management System. An integrated online application that would serve as a centralized portal for information for volunteers and stakeholders of TWC2. My team, Zuêrst, aims to minimize paper based and manual processes that our client is currently adopting.

  1. Marcus ONG Jiong Kai
  2. Huxley GOH Koon Yeow
  3. Darryl MOK Siow Hwee
  4. TAN Si Hao
  5. NGUYEN Phuong Thao
TWC2, Alex Au Waipang – Vice President, Dr. Pat Meyer – Project Sponsor, Ms. Robin Ann Rheum, Mr. Miguel Pina
Qian TANG Chris Boesch & David LO


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1
MidTerm 1 2 3 4 5
Xiye from Alpha Star

IS103 Computational Thinking - Project Submission Platform
Team Folium working on the IS103 computational thinking platform, to enhance it with new features and enable greater flexibility and usability to our 200 stakeholders comprising of students and teaching faculty. This project will be going live on the school’s domain and we hope our work will be appreciated and utilised by our fellow juniors and sponsors aka professors.

  1. HUI Bo
  2. ZHU Ruijie
  3. Nicholas TEO Pei Sheng
  4. DONG Ruiyan
  5. ZHANG Qian
  6. ZHENG Xiye
SMU, SIS, Mok Heng Ngee or Hady Lauw
Qian TANG Benjamin GAN & Prakash Chandra SUKHWAL


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1 2 3

Our project aims to implement an integrated system that assist in data sharing across multiple departments, scheduling management and automation of certain business processes. Our X factor is to have 10 accounts 50 leads 10 sales by 23rd sept.

  1. NGO Yu Sheng
  2. LOO Xue Ning
  3. Pamela SEAH Jia Yi
  4. Khairul Anwar Bin JOHARI
  5. KUAH Qing Wan
Vimbox Pte Ltd, Hakim Zaini – Managing Director / Operations, Wayne Lee Hong Zhao – Managing Director / Founder
Qian TANG Benjamin GAN & Chris Boesch


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1
MidTerm 1 2 3 4

ORT Solutions – Sensor Monitoring & Management Tool
It is critical for ORT Solutions to maintain the health of their Raspberry Pi, as their business relies on the collection of sensor data. Our solution, MITOS, is a sensor monitoring dashboard that gives the user real time information about the status of deployed sensors. Our X-Factor is to deploy the web application by 15 September and track up to 20 deployed sensors.

  1. YEO Wen Da
  2. Ian CHOW Li Ren
  3. Marcus LIM Yuan Jin
  4. TAN Yong Jin
  5. Sarah TAY Su-lyn
ORT Solutions, Cecilia Sim, Thomas Wong (via past intern LEE Chiang Fong, SIS)
Qian TANG Benjamin GAN & David LO


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1 2 3 4 5

Our project, Loop, is a mobile cycling application that helps our client collect anonymous cyclist data, which will help them better plan for cycling infrastructure in Singapore. We aim to achieve 50 active users by our Midterm presentation.

  1. Annabelle Victoria ONG
  2. LEONG Wei Kong
  3. Nicholas TAN Joo Sin
  4. TEO Teck Jin
  5. YEAM Wee Kian
TAN Peng Ting and TAN Seow Hou, Urban Redevelopment Authority, Koh Lian Chee, SIS
Steven HOI Chris Boesch & Benjamin GAN


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1
MidTerm 1

KTPH Self-Management Application for tracking of Chronic Conditions: (Phase 2 - Mobile (IOS) Application)
ConQr is an integrated healthcare application that helps patients with chronic diseases track their health statistics. Patients no longer need multiple health application for different diseases and can now use ConQr for all their healthcare needs.
This application will also be submitted for Health Innovation Technology (HIT) Challenge 2016, where the team has already qualified for the Semi-Finals due on 18 August.
Extension of work developed by team GrandFider which developed an Android application for the same purpose

  1. Muhammad Nickman Bin ROSLI
  2. TAN Kang Wei
  3. LOKE Kit Chun
  4. JAW Kien Ann
  5. ANG Chin Boon
Dr. Nikam Milind, Garrick Li Yong Ning, Renal Care Department, Koh Lian Chee, SMU-Alexandra Health T-Lab,
Steven HOI Chris Boesch & Benjamin GAN


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1

Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) Fitness Mobile Application.
FitNexx6 is developing a mobile application for Ngee Ann Polytechnic to encourage students to be more active through incentives, progress tracking and gamification. By the end of our project, we aim to achieve 150 active users, a million steps taken with our app and 300 game missions completed.

  1. Mervyn LEE Weng Ho
  2. Jeremy SEOW Shih Chieh
  3. Jinming TAN
  4. HO Wei Jie
  5. Tan Zhi Hui
  6. GOH Jian Zhi
Andrew TAN & Wilson Ang, Ngee Ann Poly
Steven HOI Qian TANG & David LO


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1 2 3 4

Codevantage.org - Change the World With Javascript
Codevantage is an open source educational web based platform. Codevantage allows educators to transform their teaching content into an interactive learning experience for their students, everything deployed within five minutes. For our X factor we aim to have 200 users with a retention rate of at least fifty percent.

  1. Jeremy PEK Caimao
  2. Jason KOH Xue Quan
  3. WU Jianhua
  4. Bryan LIAN Junquan
  5. TEE Shi Hui
SIS Prof Chris Boesch
Steven HOI Benjamin GAN & Qian TANG


Team's Pitch 1, 2
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1 2 3 4
WANG Miaowing Withdraw (going exchange)

Sixhands.sg – WEGET
WEGET is a android mobile application with two user demographics. First, our our busy requester who are able to submit any request that they want to be fulfilled. Secondly we have our fulfillers who would fulfill these request for requesters in exchange for monetary benefits. A user is able to be both a requester and a fulfiller. Our X factor is 20 sign ups, 40 requests made, 25 transactions fulfilled and a total of $250 worth of total transactions.

  1. Xi HE
  2. Claudie ANG
  3. TIAN Dewang
  4. FU Yan
  6. Abdul Shafiq Bin Mohd YUSSAINI
Simon Ang/NOT responding, co-founder of Sixhands.sg. Via GONG Tuo Tinkers

2016/2017 Term 2

Schedule. Inform course coordinator by 2 Oct (no teams will be added after that date), please submit your 2 page proposal by 17 Oct.


  • Please schedule acceptance, midterm & final . Time slots are inclusive of Q&A.
  • Please refer to grading, video & guide.
  • The entire team must be at the presentation. Supervisors and course coordinator must be at Acceptance. Reviewers must be at Midterm. Supervisor & first reviewer must be at the Finals. The team should invite the sponsor for finals.

Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor


Acceptance 1 2

Epitrain - E-book Reader Platform The application allows Epitrain to publish ebooks on a platform from which students and subscribers (or paid users) can download. Using this application, they can easily access and download their study materials, read the materials on their devices, and use various learning aid tools (taking notes, calculating) to help their studies. Epitrain may also approve other publishers to publish on the same platform. The application will allow administrators to manage users’ and publishers’ accounts, Epitrain’s materials and approve publishers’ materials. Protection to Epitrain’s copyrighted materials while also be provided by CP-ABE encryption.

  1. NGO Hoan Vu
  2. GAO Shuang
  3. Asril LEE Kavan
  4. WANG Ziteng
  5. LE Anh Tu
  6. LEE En Xin
Gerard Tong, MITB adjunct/CEO & Vanessa Soh, Operations, Epitrain


1 2 3
Zam Unition

Due to the lack exposure to English listening and speaking, teachers in Myanmar are not fully equipped to teach English. Therefore, our team will develop a mobile application to enable English teachers in Myanmar to practice their English reading and oral skills using syllabus based on the current national curriculum let by Myanmar Department of Education (MDE).

  1. ZAM Sian Nem
  2. Diana Binte EDDIE
  3. Nurul Sofia Atikah Bte SABAN
  4. YANG Jiangang
  5. Keith LEOW Ewing
Mr Adrian Siew, Philanthropist
Benjamin GAN Benjamin GAN


Samantha NG Bao Xian dropped out

ByteMe IS480 Showcase project, as the name suggest, aims at building an application to enhance the showcase effort provided by the IS480 Team. By digitalizing the poster and booklet creation process and making project information readily available through search functions, the application aims to increase the efficient of showcasing the projects

  1. TAN Ai Xin
  2. Clinton ANG Leong Hong
  3. LIM Zi Ling
  4. Joanna TAN Wei Lin
SMU, SIS, Benjamin Gan, Fiona Lee or Hosanna
Benjamin GAN Alan MEGARGEL & Steven HOI

Grizzly Badgers

1 2 3

Ang Mo Kio – Thye Hua Kwan Hospital (AMKTHKH) currently possesses a legacy system developed for Visitor Logging known as the “Triage System” which is not currently in use due system incompatibility. The hospital wants to replace this system with one which is more robust and keeps manual recording to a minimum. The Triage System is deployed during states of medical emergency such as the outbreak of a highly contagious disease, to provide a contact list of people who have come in contact with infectious visitors or patients.

  1. Abdul Shahid Bin RAHMAT
  2. Friedemann ANG Zhuang Kai
  3. Christopher TEO Ming Jian
  4. Aloysius LAM Zhao Yin
  5. Jason WU Jiawei
  6. YU Zheng Yuan
Damien Tong Chee Kin, HR Director, Edy Chandra, System Analyst, Dr Jocelyn Koh/Ms Sarah Lim, Infection Control Team http://www.amkh.com.sg Ang Mo Kio-Thye Hua Kwan Hospital]


1 2 3
Adrien Pied Piper

Our online marketplace is a niche online e-platform dedicated to providing college art students a place to sell their works and to offer middle class customers and institutional clients an option of buying or renting relatively affordable unique art pieces. Our platform helps emerging art students to make some money through listing and selling their original works and it serves also as an acknowledgement and encouragement for them to continue their art journey. It also offers middle class buyers or institution clients an affordable solution which is roughly 80% cheaper for equally great and unique art pieces.

  1. Adrien Marie Alain REY HERME
  2. LIU Peiang
  3. WANG Yechun
  4. WU Wei
Mentor, JIANG Lingxiao
LEE Youngki Paul GRIFFIN & Steven HOI


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Suet Fang Friendchise

Accenture - Smart Restaurant using ACNAPI Team Chompers will be building a mobile application that allows customers to browse dishes available from popular hawker stalls, as well as the estimated waiting time. They are also able to place an order for the food through the application upon which they are entered into a digital queue. Our X factor will be to achieve 3 hawker stalls partnering with us, 25 active users and 50 downloads (by midterm) as well as 4 hawker stalls, 60 active users and 100 downloads (by finals).

  1. CHOO Sheng Jia
  2. LAM Wan Ting
  3. Rex TAN Ming Han
  4. LIM Suet Fang
  5. CHIA Chong Cher
Andre Chan, Analyst; Chew Tze Eng, Senior Manager, Digital Business Integration, Accenture via Damian & Shyan Ann SIS alumni
LEE Youngki Benjamin GAN & Paul GRIFFIN


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Sandeep INBAVANAN withdraw

We are building an android-based app that facilitates meetups (casual networking/dating) between singles through hitching a car-ride. In order to do so, we are creating a location-based (GPS) system that allows for profile recommendations based on parameters like gender, age and nearby distance. This app differentiates from Uber and Tinder in its providing of profile functions for passengers and car-drivers for meetups

  1. LEE Zhi Hui
  2. GAN Ke Ting
  3. LI Yifei
  4. ZHANG Qianruxue
Julieanne Tay & Brandon Ong, Love En Route Pte Ltd. Zubaidah Bte Osman (Communications Advisor) & Daniel Kung (Legal Advisor)
LEE Youngki Steven HOI & Benjamin GAN


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Writeup The project aims to create a tool to customise notifications for caregivers of the elderly when events of interest occurs, empowering them with intervention opportunities. The tool transforms data collected from sensors at the elderly’s home and presents abnormalities as events of interest. Based on the rules chosen on this web-based platform, notifications are delivered via SMS to select recipients based on severity and time of day to provide a targeted response. The caregivers can respond to the incident and notify other caregivers based on escalation policies.

  1. Avinash DASH
  2. Muhammad Irshad Bin Mohamed SALLEH
  3. Elliotz Kamarulzaman THIARA
  4. TAN Wei Liang
  5. Samantha NG Bao Xian
  6. WHEY Zhen Hui
TAN Hwee Pink/Andus Lim, SMU-TCS iCity Lab; Dr Lillian, Research Fellow (Client), Geriatric Education and Research Institute, GERI
Paul GRIFFIN Steven HOI & LEE Youngki


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Simha Innovation Pte Ltd - Business Model Planner Tool Students do not have much opportunity to evaluate how innovative their ideas are. As such, the BSC(Information Systems) curriculum have been revamped to include the introduction to the use of methods of selecting and evaluating innovative ideas. We will build a platform for prospective IS101 students to have an experience on assessing their ideas by themselves, or together with their peers through the use of 3 innovation methods - Quick and Dirty Innovation Method (QaDIM), a revised Business Model Canvas for comparing existing idea to existing businesses and a revised Blue Ocean Strategy to take into consideration both Products and Services.

  1. LEE Jiao Hui
  2. Gary WONG Hong Chieh
  3. Karen LOW Chay Seok
  4. Tedric TAN Yong Da
  5. NG Jun Hui
  6. AW Jie Shi
Professor Desai Arcot Narashimhalu, SMI & Simha Innovations Pte Ltd


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Brian Hatch’Id

Allied World Healthcare (AWH) MediConnect is a web-based application that aims to support clinicians in emerging markets (e.g. The Philippines) by providing them with information, education and training material, and tutorial videos to empower them in their daily working routine through relevant medical knowledge. MediConnect also helps these clinicians to refresh their knowledge on core themes with the vast content provided. Through the various communication channels available on MediConnect, clinicians will also be able to seek professional advice from the network of certified clinicians.

  1. Jennifer YAP Swee Lian
  2. Brian TAN Le Meau
  3. MAK Kar Kit
  4. Vereen LAI Xinyi
Wilson Chew, Manager, Communications and Partnerships, Asia-Pacific, Allied World Healthcare
Paul GRIFFIN LEE Youngki & Steven HOI

Optimus Prime

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Optimax Global Pte Ltd. - Online Bidding System
Optimax Global Pte. Ltd. is a telecommunications contract negotiation and expense management specialist for businesses. They help businesses eliminate the extensive time and manpower resources wasted on negotiating contracts with telcos and sorting out telecom expense records. In order for Optimax Global Pte.Ltd to deliver top quality service to their clients, they themselves strive to reduce time and manpower resources wastage that is occurring currently from their heavily manual processes like manual liaising with telco representatives and manually importing data from telco-generated excel sheets. Apart from that, their as-is analytics report generation mechanism is also highly unrepeatable despite this being one of their crucial tasks in the process. Therefore, we are building an online contract bidding platform for Optimax Global to automate their as-is manual processes, as well as generating a repeatable and scalable analytics report generation mechanism that will be incorporated into the platform.

  1. Eunice LAU Yan Ting
  2. Clifford TIANG Zhang Hui
  3. PENG Shensong
  4. Gabriel TAN Guan Wei
  5. TAN Jin Quan
  6. Alvin TAN Yong Ming
Lim Chee Yong - Software Architect, Ernie Ong - Lead Consultant, Johnny Lin – Lead Analyst, Optimax Global Pte Ltd
Steven HOI LEE Youngki & Paul GRIFFIN


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Kenneth ByteMe

SMU IITS - Teaching Load Management System The new Teaching Load Management System (TLMS) will simplify the current allocation process through an integrated avenue for planning and it will provide a single web-based platform for 6 different schools to simplify and enhance the processes of updating course and faculty information and teaching load allocation for different programs offered by the schools. The key stakeholders which include schools’ administrative staff, Area Coordinators, Program Directors, Assistant and Associate Deans, the PGPP Office and the Provost’s Office will be able to collaborate better through automated e-mail notifications and more centralized system, minimizing miscommunications and allowing user to take corrective actions promptly which will improve the transparency and productivity of current allocation processes.

  1. Daniel Laurence SEETEKBENG
  2. Kenneth WONG Xiong Kai
  3. PHYO Min Khine
  4. Shraddha RAMESH
  5. TEO Wen Jie
  6. Thomas Joseph THIO Kit Sun
NG Teck Siong, SMU IITS, Sunita Chatta, Office of Provost
Steven HOI Alan MEGARGEL & LEE Youngki


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Ulink Assist – Automating personalised follow-ups to capture lifetime patient value We propose to build a web-based Clinic Management System that allows simple coordination and integration of clinic activities to manage patient records and daily tasks.  The new system will also provide analysis of data, which is useful for Ulink to make decisions and recommend suitable screenings to patients. There are 9 users of the system consisting of 4 user roles; administrator, account team, visa team and medical team. This application will be use on a daily basis.

  1. CHIEN Shu Yan
  2. Nabilah Banu Binte Mohamed Nasir KHAN
  3. Nicole GOH
  4. Sean KWOK Yihui
  5. TEH Kaixin
Linda Siow, Ulink Assist Pte Ltd
Steven HOI Benjamin GAN & LEE Youngki


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Quek, Low & Kim from Adventure Time

The team will be building the Hairstylist Management System (HMS) for renowned hairstylist, Mr. Noel Ng. Previously representing Singapore in ASEAN’s Skills Competition and the Medallion of Excellence recipient at the international WorldSkills London 2011, Mr. Ng would like to apply an IT system to address the staff management issues that he has observed from his past experiences working with various hair salons to improve staff management in his own hair salon. The team will be assisting in his quest to allow Mr. Ng to track his employee schedules, progress and payroll. The HMS system also strives to empower Hart’s employees to manage their customer appointments responsibly via the customer management functionalities to allow the employees take down the respective dates and timings of their appointments in the system.

  1. QUEK Qiao Hui
  2. LOW Kang Li
  3. KIM Na Kyung
  4. Haja Reethwan Bin MOHAMED Sultan Arif
Mr. Noel Ng & Ms. Shu Xin Yoong, Harts Salon Pte. Ltd.

2017/2018 Term 1

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Team 404

Term 2


  1. Isha SAGAR
  2. Meher GULATI
  3. Aditya SINGH
  4. Sound VANI
  5. LEE Teck Hui
 ???  ??? & ???


A digital platform with intuitive dashboard to understand user trends, events and activities so as to improve the engagement based on the statistics gathered. Thus, able to enhance current initiatives to better engage alumni and the members of the SMU community.

  1. Jackson KWA Jian Hui
Edwin, SMUAA