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Welcome to IS480: IS Application Project

These are current projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the course manager. Past Teams


More information on user testing are available on this link.

Getting Started

More information on IS480 are available at IS480 website, videos and Facebook. You need to decide a team name and send that name to the course coordinator. We will update the IS480 main page with your team name. This team name is used as the root of your wiki page. To contribute to this wiki, please login (click upper right corner) using your SMU or given username and password. Select the appropriate domain SMUSTU/SMUSTF/local. You can refer to other team's wiki (dashboard, team roles, project overview, project management with minutes, documents) or the following: midterm finals. For help, click here, please refer to the wiki POLICY.

2015/2016 Term 1

Schedule. Inform course coordinator by 17 May (no teams will be added after that date), please submit your 2 page proposal by 17 June.


  • Please schedule acceptance, midterm & final . Time slots are inclusive of Q&A.
  • Please refer to grading, video & guide.
  • The entire team must be at the presentation. Course coordinator must be at Acceptance. Reviewers must be at Midterm. Supervisor & first reviewer must be at the Finals. The team should invite the sponsor.

Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
Benjamin Gan Chris BOESCH & CHEOK Lai Tee


Acceptance 1
Team's Pitch Pitch

Ngee Ann Poly SICT - Visually impaired transport planning iOS App We aim to develop a mobile application on the iOS that serves as a public bus travel assistant that would enable the visually impaired greater convenience and confidence in using the public bus as their choice of transportation. The application would be designed to be friendly to the visually impaired, through simple, plain but striking visual designs and excessive use of audio functionality, while bringing the functionalities of a bus companion application to them.

  1. NG Boon Thai
  2. CHAN Si Hui
  3. CHENG Fu Mei
  4. CUI Linting
  5. Kenny NGO Yizhi
Andrew Tan, Lecturer, Mr Henry Thet, Project client/ research engineer, Ms Vera, Design Officer, School of InfoComm Technology
Benjamin Gan JIANG Lingxiao & CHEOK Lai Tee


Part 1
Team's Pitch Pitch

The project focuses on the production of an online financial analysis platform, Stock Parser. Clients of Arundel Capital, such as corporate investment analysts and retail investors, would use Stock Parser to automate and visualize financial data. Stock Parser seeks to automate the retrieval, conducting and visualization of critical financial data by replacing menial and time consuming tasks like number-crunching and data validation. This visualized data will also be available to other analysts for review, thus significantly increasing analysts’ productivity. In the initial stages, Stock Parser will be tested by the Sponsor and clients of Arundel Capital to garner feedback.

  1. HOO Yuan Yang
  2. Shaun TEH Chi Thong
  3. Ryan Elyas LOO Qi Xuan
  4. TAN Jie Sheng
  5. NG Kai Xuan
Arundel Capital Department

Guy WEYNS– Managing Director. SMU SoA professor, Director of APEI

Benjamin Gan Benjamin Gan


Acceptance Part 1 Part 2

SMU PPLog 2.0 for IS203 – Software Engineering (http://violet.smu.edu.sg/pplog) Our project aims to re-engineer and extend upon the current Pair Programming Log (PPLog) used by SMU School of Information Systems (SIS), for IS 203 - Software Engineering. Specifically, the areas that we are looking to work on are: ● Improving the user interface to provide users with an improved user experience ● Enable real-time collaboration on creating and maintaining the project schedule ● Integration with Git version control management ● Implementation of push deployment of students’ application to SMU SIS’s server using Linux Containers (LXC) for environment isolation

  1. Andre NG Hao Yuan (CMU Fast track)
  2. LAM Kee Wei (CMU Fast track)
Lee Yeow Leong, SIS
Benjamin Gan CHEOK Lai Tee & JIANG Lingxiao


Acceptance 1

Team's Pitch Pitch

NEC Business Model Canvas Web Application. CANVAS is a web application designed for NEC that serves as a platform for their employees to brainstorm ideas during the Business Model Generation stage. CANVAS will allow NEC employees to work collaboratively on canvas models, with changes reflected in real time, while efficiently facilitating interdepartmental model idea generation. In addition, CANVAS offers a version control feature which allows employees to track and revert to previously saved versions should the need arise.

Business Model Canvas generation value-adds to teams by allowing them to visualize, plot, and systematically synthesize their business ideas. Thus, increasing the chances of converting business ideas to reality through the consideration of potential trade-offs. The brainstorming process is traditionally done on hard copy business canvases, which are difficult to archive and manage. The hard copy canvas also makes it extremely difficult to share across company departments which may be separated by geographical locations. Hence, our team has devised a web-based canvas that will allow NEC to address the issues as stated above.

  1. Edison LIM Jun Hao
  2. Charlie CHONG Yick Soon
  3. HOE Ying Mei
  4. LER Ze Chen
  5. Tiffany GUNAWAN
  6. POH Lin Fang
Christopher LAM, Research Director, Yusuke TAKAHASHI & Yuki KAMIYA, Senior Researchers and Clinston Tan, Solutions Engineer, NEC
Benjamin Gan Benjamin Gan

Team Vantage

LIM Xin Yi (Quit) Finals MidTerm 1 From Term2

We will develop an e-service web portal for Leco to help them serve the customers better and at a faster rate. Through this portal, customers can use services such as compare car products, set up a video meeting for consultation and ask for quotation. In addition, customers will get referral rate if any of the transactions that they recommended lands in an actual transaction. Sales personnel will be notified if a customer sets up a video call or a physical meeting.

  1. George NG Xuan Long
  2. CHAN Han Zong
  3. Aye Aye SOE
  4. Christina SOH Baoyi
Self proposed project.

Mentor: Aaron Kek, Sales Manager, Leco Pte Ltd

CHEOK Lai Tee JIANG Lingxiao & Steven HOI

Big Hero 5

Acceptance 1

Team's Pitch Pitch

DingGo – Deals a Ding away Our team aims to create a web application with user interfaces for restaurant owners, customers, and company administrators. The restaurant owners can use the app to push deals, such as food discount, to customers when they have empty seats and to view the status of the deals. The recommender system in the app will decide which customer the deal should be pushed to, based on customers’ location, preferences and past deals history. Customers can update their profiles, accept deals and share deals to others. Company administrators can generate reports of the usage of DingGo services.

  1. XIA Xueying
  2. CAO Xinge
  3. GAO Yiming
  4. WANG Yiyi
  5. ZHANG Jiahang
Jeff Chin, CEO, Hayden Leow, CTO, SMU Master of Innovation team
CHEOK Lai Tee Benjamin Gan & Steven HOI


Acceptance 1 Team's Pitch Pitch

XiaoMi 4 16GB (White) S/N: 785320430108 IMEI: 864895025210095 iPad(3rd gen) Wi-Fi Cellular 16GB Black S/N: DMPK4kPQf18P IMEI: 990002891314674 [Eric Ong Soon Heng]

Clockwork aims to disrupt the recruitment industry by providing a more efficient channel for matching employee to employers. It is an integrated human capital solution committed to solving the increasing labour crunch for short-time helpers and employees through an uber-like on-demand business model. Through our market research, we discovered that the current business climate does not offer any reliable nor viable way for small business owners to look for and hire short-term help. Coupled with the tightened foreign labour hiring regulations, this issue has becomes even more prevalent as businesses find it more difficult and expensive to hire. Clockwork provides a supply of short-term jobs for job seekers to earn a quick buck, and for business owners the time to focus on their core businesses while we handle their human resource matters.

  1. KOH Bi Fang
  2. Eric ONG Soon Heng
  3. TAN Jia Bao
  4. LEONG Hoi Chuen
  5. SOH Seng Chian
  6. Gerald LIM Zhen Yang
Self Proposed, Mentors: Mr Victor Ng and Miss Yeo Wan Ling. Industry advisor: Mr Manson Tay from The Cheese Steak shop
CHEOK Lai Tee JIANG Lingxiao & Benjamin Gan


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Team's Pitch Pitch

RiskClipper Internal Audit Module (RC-IAM) is a .NET-based web application that automates the current internal audit process at Maximus International LLC (the Company). RC-IAM, based on object-oriented application design principle, allows the Company to achieve centralized internal audit management through functions like auditor profile function, audit planning function, auditing & reporting function and audit follow-up function. With the implementation of RC-IAM, our project aims to streamline the current Microsoft Excel based internal audit process at the Company.

  1. WANG Zihao
  2. KANG Jia Tong
  3. YI Kailin
  4. DU Xue
  5. Eugene SNG Jing Feng
YOU Cheng Hwee, Founder, Jayanthi Dharmalingam, In-house Developer Maximus International LLC
CHEOK Lai Tee Steven HOI & Benjamin GAN Kok Siew


Part 1

Team's Pitch Pitch

GraphPaper - Maternity Tool Kit Babyplanner.sg is a web application that aims to help mothers-to-be and fathers-to-be in learning and planning the mother’s childbearing journey. Content is customized according to user’s generated content so that all the information is targeted and personalized. Fathers-to-be are better involved in the pregnancy as his customized homepage guides, articles and products are recommended based on his spouse’s pregnancy information.

  1. FU Jiacheng
  2. Joshua CHAN Qing Huan
  3. Joshua CHENG Bing Hao
  4. Samuel LAM
  5. TAN Jia Jing
  6. Derrick GOH Jun Han
Max XU MengXiang, Director of Technology, GraphPaper Pte Ltd
CHEOK Lai Tee Steven HOI & JIANG Lingxiao


Team's Pitch Pitch

Zoey & Wei Yang from Term 2

Harmony Trainer - Learn and Practice Singing Harmony. Harmony Trainer is an educational iOS mobile application for music, enabling users to listen to an instrumental and vocal track, as well as a supporting vocal track. Users can record their own singing alongside the track, then compare their track against the given tracks to assess their singing. Educators will be able to create groups and invite students, sharing tracks and allowing their students to contribute, giving them a platform to quickly assess their progress.

  1. Shane GOH Ghee Gin
  2. Darren LIM Fei Hong
  3. WONG Qi Wen
  4. Zoey LEE Siew Jie
  5. LIM Wei Yang
Shannon and Christian Boesch, Harmony Trainer. Way Past Curfew band
CHEOK Lai Tee Benjamin GAN Kok Siew & Chris BOESCH


Team's Pitch Pitch

Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 black mist (brown cover) S/N: RF1D82AXZEP IMEI: 357800/05/989195/4 Samsung Note 2 GT-N7105 white (yellow cover) S/N: RF1D228EZVY IMEI: 354792/05/343912/5 XiaoMi 4 16GB (White) S/N: 785320428986 IMEI: 864895025194380 [Low Wei Ting: Samsung Note 2 returned 24/8/2015]

SMU Mindfulness Initiative – ReFokus Meditation App. Android application, ReFokus, which introduces various guided meditation exercises to improve one’s well-being while doubling up as a research assessment tool for the SMU Mindfulness Initiative. The X-factor consists of the integration of a smart watch and the use of its sensor to collect health vitals such as heart rate, ambient temperature, etc. This allows both the participants and researchers to accurately assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the various meditation exercises.

  1. Benjamin Peter CHIA Sim Sen
  2. LOW Wei Ting
  3. YEO Cheng Fu
  4. HENG Kok Chin
  5. CHAN Jing Vin
  6. Gareth Shaun NG Wei Long
Assistant Professor Will Tov and Associate Professor Jochen Reb, SMU
Chris BOESCH CHEOK Lai Tee & Steven HOI


Team's Pitch Pitch

SOZOCO - DIY nail polish kit smartphone app The aim of the project would be to build a smartphone app that serves as a smart digital recipe book for concocting any nail polish color

  1. Sanjay NELAGADDE
  2. CHUA Feng Ru
  3. LIM Ting Zhi
  4. NG Kiat Keng
  5. FOO Yee Cheng
  6. Bendexter LIM Yu Xiang
Daryl Chew & JJ Wong, co-founders SoZoCo
Chris BOESCH Steven HOI & CHEOK Lai Tee


Acceptance 1

Team's Pitch Pitch

Term2 LOH Chung Kit & POON Chor Yi (removed) TONG Nhat Duong from Snapback

CloudMakerLab Pte Ltd - Mummyapp. Our application aims to foster a community of parents so that parents are able to seek answers and share their knowledge about childcare and have an exchange of their baby items through our social e-commerce platform. Currently, there are websites, online forums and Facebook groups and pages that host such activities. However, they are scattered all over the Internet and as such, this application aims to consolidate these mediums into a single application and facilitate an ease of formation of communities.

  1. NGUYEN Thanh Binh
  2. TONG Nhat Duong
  3. NGUYEN Viet Huy
  4. TANG Kim Thanh
Bryanmaguire Chia, SIS alum, CloudMakerLab Pte Ltd
JIANG Lingxiao Chris BOESCH & CHEOK Lai Tee


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Team's Pitch Pitch

Clearvision Eye Clinic and LASIK Centre ‐ Clinic Appointment Scheduler. To develop a mobile friendly appointment-­‐ booking system that is packed with marketing and analytics features, to be used by the clinic staff.

  1. Amabel LAU Si Ting
  2. Sherman YONG Chin Wei
  3. HU Qunqun
  4. Leon LIM Junyang
Anthony Sugiarto anthony@clearvision.com.sg, SIS Class 2013 SPECTACLES
JIANG Lingxiao Benjamin GAN Kok Siew & Steven HOI


Team's Pitch Pitch

SMU Library - BYOD Library Tour Project Project BesTeam will be constructing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) application for our client, the SMU Library. The application aims to facilitate the library tour for incoming SMU undergraduates, who will utilise the application to navigate their way through 5 strategic locations of the library. This is done so via the Indoor Positioning System (IPS) and Augmented Reality technology (AR). Library users can also use the app to receive the latest notifications of the availability of library resources and quiz incentives.

  1. Elvin Prananta
  2. ONG Si Ying
  3. Nur Amirah Bte Mohd NOOR
  4. LOU Shixun
  5. WEI Wenjin
Low Jia Xin, Research Librarian, LER Wee Hiong, Librarian, Vincent ONG, Access Services Team Leader and XIA Wei, SMU Library
JIANG Lingxiao Steven HOI & CHEOK Lai Tee


Acceptance 1

Team's Pitch Pitch

Integral Design - Mobile Herbidex Herbidex Mobile is an E-commerce Mobile Application which allows users to purchase natural health products from their personal Android Device. The goal of this project is to provide users with a seamless mobile shopping experience featuring functions such as barcode scanning for product information and attractive incentive schemes through the use of loyalty points. It will also serve as a platform for trusted affiliates of Herbidex to reach out to customers and showcase their products. Our target consumer base will be working adults in their mid-twenties to the middle-aged who want to maintain their overall wellness despite their hectic schedules.

  1. Michelle HOUNG Yin Li
  2. Joshua CHEONG Sheng Jie
  3. Gwendoline TAN Wan Xin
  4. Kenneth LEE Bozheng
  5. LIM Kim Yong
Jonathan Pang, SIS graduate, Hayden & Delfina, Integral Design
JIANG Lingxiao CHEOK Lai Tee & Chris BOESCH


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Team's Pitch Pitch

Li Xiang from Term 2

Through our IS480 Project, we seek to develop a dynamic, yet easy-to-use web system for the ADVISER framework so it may be used by both expert and novice algorithm designers. The ADVISER framework integrates ideas from algorithm configuration, algorithm selection and portfolio generation. It was developed by researchers at SIS but currently does not offer a user interface. Algorithm designers who want to make use of the Adviser framework have to supply their algorithms and data set manually to the back end server. This limits the use of the framework only to expert users.

  1. Salomo Agus TAMBUNAN
  2. LI Xiang
  3. Ishita PARBAT
  4. Devika AGARWAL
Prof Lau Hoong Chuin, SMU LARC
Steven HOI CHEOK Lai Tee & JIANG Lingxiao


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Team's Pitch Pitch

SMU - SMU tBank The team will develop a Trade Finance application and integrate it into the existing SMU tBank architecture. This application will be a self-service channel for “corporate customers” (students) to implement a number of financial instruments related to international trade, such as; Letter of Credit, Bill of Exchange, Bill of Lading, Bank Guarantee, Documentary Collection, Open Account, Export Factoring. Another deliverable will be an end-to-end trade simulator that can be used in the classroom to illustrate the movement of goods and trade documents across the relevant parties, eg; Importer, Exporter, Freight Forwarder, Issuing Bank, Advising Bank.

  1. Yashraj Abhiraj Jalota
  2. Akshita Dhandhania
  3. Aayush Garg
  4. Aditya Jain
  5. Akshat AGARWAL
  6. Pooja TULSYAN
Alan Megargel, SMU-tBank
Steven HOI JIANG Lingxiao & CHEOK Lai Tee


Team's Pitch Pitch

A new feedback system will be created for KTPH to assist them in keeping track of internal feedback data from staff that is both web and mobile-web responsive incorporated with technologies such as QR code and interactive analytics. This feedback system allows KTPH to respond and maintain the feedback in an organized and real time basis as well as to help value-add to the hospital improvements through analytics.

  1. Charlyn CHOO Su-lin
  2. LEONG Pui Yi
  3. Yadanar TIN
  4. NG Shi Hao
  5. NG Ci Qing
  6. Benjamin LOW Yun Yuan
KTPH Quality Service Management Department, Ong Poh Suan & Teresa Elizabeth Koh, IT Department, Benjamin Lim & Jase Lum
Steven HOI CHEOK Lai Tee & JIANG Lingxiao


Acceptance 1

Team's Pitch Pitch

The main objective of this project is to develop a client-server web-responsive and interactive dashboard application to capture, stratify and visually present screening results. This allows the KTPH Population Health Team to identify targeted high-risk groups and assign intervention programmes to screened residents as a follow-up.

The application includes a function to measure the effectiveness of intervention programmes. It can also provide the KTPH Population Health Team a way to view individual progress of each screened resident through event sequence view. In addition, the application allows the team to view the distribution of all screened residents and to identify areas with high-risk groups, which displayed in an interactive geographical map.

  1. CHEW Jing Kai
  2. ZHANG Jie
  3. SOK Pu Rum
  4. WAN Huay Mun
  5. XIE Meng Yun
Bastari Irwan, Director of Transformation, Eric Tan Pok Loon, Ken Tham Runjie, Justin Tan Lien Zhen,

Population Health Team, Alexandra Health T-Lab

Steven HOI CHEOK Lai Tee & Benjamin GAN Kok Siew


Team's Pitch Pitch

From Term 2 Felis & Term 1 Bada-Bing-Bada-Boom

Charlie Soh ‐ Credit Worthiness Apps. Our project is to develop a mobile and web application tool that allows users to understand his credit worthiness and financial health. The credit score is a number that denotes the credit-worthiness of a user. The higher the credit scores the higher the credit worthiness of a user and vice versa. The credit-worthiness application provides a Credit Scores (CS) based on a set of variables that have been validated by published research journal paper , internet resources and domain knowledge of our sponsor. Using the generated credit score, the user will have a better insight of his credit-worthiness and allow him to work towards improving on his credit score. The application will assess and provide informative feedback to the user by reporting the variables that they are lacking and “flag” areas for improvement. This will allow the user to work towards improving his overall financial health as well.

  1. PEH Zu Cheng
  2. Siranjeeviyan So GOPAL
  3. CHEN Shiqi
  4. Muhammad Izzuddin Bin YUSHUFF
  5. AUNG Swe Mon
  6. Winnie LIEW Yu Huan
Mr. Charlie Soh, working in UOB

2015/2016 Term 2

Schedule. Inform course coordinator by 4 Oct (no teams will be added after that date), please submit your 2 page proposal by 19 Oct.


  • Please schedule acceptance , midterm & final . Time slots are inclusive of Q&A.
  • Please refer to grading, video & guide.
  • The entire team must be at the presentation. Supervisors and course coordinator must be at Acceptance. Reviewers must be at Midterm. Supervisor & first reviewer must be at the Finals. The team should invite the sponsor.

Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
Benjamin Gan  ??? & ???


Term 1 Dina from Pied Piper

A mobile application that allows people to queue smartly and simultaneously enhances a restaurant’s operations more efficiently. We aim to revolutionize the queuing experience for restaurants through the introduction of a smart queueing system. Customers using our SmartQ can enjoy maximum freedom when queueing at restaurants with their mobile devices. For the restaurant owners, SmartQ empowers them in providing the best customer service as it helps restaurants solve their queueing congestions. In addition, our SmartQ has an additional ordering function that enables customers to place their orders in advance speeding up the ordering process and shortening the waiting time for their food. With this, it helps restaurant owners to collect and analyze daily specific customers’ transactions allowing them to use their analysis for future marketing and promotional purposes.

  1. VONG Randy
  2. Mark LEE Jia Hong
  3. Sheryl TAY Shee Theng
  4. PHI Tien Dung
  5. Dina HENG Li Gwek
Self Proposed project.
Benjamin Gan  ??? & ???


StaffOnDemand - StaffOnDemand Mobile Application The project scope is to build a native mobile application that essentially complements the existing features offered on the web application for existing jobseekers using StaffOnDemand. The application will be used to cater for jobseekers’ increasing propensity to rely on mobile to conduct their job search, and to reduce hiring cycle time further with the added convenience of proximitybased job applications.

  1. Matthew LUO Weisheng
  2. Ivan NG Yu Kai
  3. NGUYEN Ba Kieu Oanh
  4. Jeremy Brandon KWEK Jia Ming
  5. Ian CHEAH Shen-yang
Jagdish Udeykumar Chandiramani, SIS alumni, Christine Liu, staffondemand.sg
Chris BOESCH  ??? & ???

Chosen Six

SingHealth withdraw project Term 1

Social Crowd Sourcing Platform. Aims to build a social crowdsourcing application that bridges the gap between Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs) and volunteers.

The project requires two final deliverables: • a web application management portal for the VWOs to post information of the voluntary opportunities • a mobile application for volunteers to be able to search and sign up for voluntary activities in their area.

  1. Jonathan LOW Jianhao
  2. YONG Lee Jia
  3. Shangeri SIVALINGAM
  4. Clara ANG Jia En
  5. CHIANG Ling Yi
  6. CHANG Hua Peng
Eyung LIM, IDA
Chris BOESCH  ??? & ???


Term 1

Learning Analytics System

Tribe Studios Pte. Ltd. is a serious games company whose core business is to provide visualizations and learning games for complex technical systems or process, such as the setup of military vehicles and emergency evacuation procedure on board ships and in tall buildings.

Tribe Studios is keen to provide additional value to their existing Training Facilities Management System (TFMS) for their end-users. Through the project, our team aims to build a web application to help users of the TFMS discover meaningful patterns in the data recorded. Here are the key areas that Tribe Studios would like to look into:

1. Improvement on the workflow process for Tribe Studio’s customers 2. New features and enhanced user experience to value-add to the TFMS 3. Modular so that this web application can be integrated into their existing TFMS easily in the future

The Learning Analytics System will be designed as a stand-alone so that it will be judged on its own merits.

  1. Alex ONG Yan Zhi
  2. Daniel GOH Kah Hoe
  3. Ang Kai Jie
  4. Khoo Pei Sin
  5. Ng Shi Min
  6. Soon Zhengxiang
Mr. Chor Kunxin, Proj Manager from Tribe Studios
Steven HOI  ??? & ???


Term 1

Focus on engaging user’s experience and forgo any troubles in infrastructure, database design, our SymplCMS takes care of everything to maintain your application’s optimal performance. Not only experienced users can take advantage of our REST API to manage apps’ resource, even non-programming users can rely on our interactive UI for resource manipulations. Easily monitor and gain visibility on app’s performance in real time as soon as data/request is being sent to our system which in turn helps our clients to analyse any data point in real time.

  1. PHAN Vuong Ngoc Huyen
  2. DO Nguyen Thai Binh
  3. VO Minh Khoi
  4. LE Phuong Viet
  5. PHAM Minh Khoa
Viatick Pte.Ltd, Mr Edmund
Steven HOI  ??? & ???



GFA - Web-based Platform for GFA The main purpose of this project is to build a web application that can collect, verify and analyze data. The application would be developed for three different users, namely the companies who are applying for or renewing the Green Freight Label certification, assessment partners, as well as Green Freight Asia (GFA). Thus an important aspect of the application would be the implementation of data security for users to exercise different access rights when viewing the data. For instance, GFA is only able to view the aggregated data that are anonymized, while the assessment partners are able to view all information from the applicants.

  1. Jocelyn LOE Wan Ning
  2. WANG Sijia
  3. CHIN Yan Xiu
  4. CHEN Xueye
  5. WANG Jingxuan
Mr. Stephan Schablinski, GFA (DHL DSC) Green Freight Asia Network Ltd
 ??? & ???


Term 1

A website that allows users to search through the database of childcare centers in Singapore. Ranking functionalities such as ratings and geolocation will be available. The site will also allow users to read, write reviews for the different childcare centers, and highlight reviews by family/friends to boost the center’s trustworthiness.

  1. LIM Jian Xian
  2. CHEN Chun Xiao
  3. Daniel YEONG Weng Wen
  4. LIN Qian Pin
  5. CHAUNG Xiu Hui Amber
  6. LEE Teck Hui
Mr Daniel Lim - COO, Mr Hiroaki Shoji - CEO, Mr Kenichi Morita - CMO, Bitshamon Pte Ltd
 ???  ??? & ???


  1. Karen LIM Wen Yan
  2. GOH Yi Xuan
  3. Claudia FOONG Pui Shuen
  4. Diana Binte EDDIE
  5. Eva TAN Guan Hua
Sypher Labs Pte Ltd, Shamir Rahim
 ???  ??? & ???


Sterling Engineering is seeking to leverage heavily on the recently announced SkillsFuture initiative and intends to set up a training hub. They require a management system to keep track of the courses’ information and students’ particulars. We aim to implement a management system that is intuitive to use for both the administrative staff and potential customers. A successful implementation of the student management system will facilitate in the planning of courses, allocation of facilities and keeping track of the students’ and trainers’ information. Manpower needed to schedule the courses will be greatly reduced and users of the system will have a pleasant experience.

  1. Cassandra THAI Jia Ying
  2. NGUYEN Nhat Minh
  3. Matthew YEE Guan Feng
  4. Stella WONG Hui Min
Mr Marc Sim, Sterling Engineering
 ???  ??? & ???


Arnold from Pied Piper

Koh Bus - Project 2 Meal Order App An app to consolidate the order from a company’s staff and place order with respective food stall hawker from a particular canteen or food court, the driver will collect the meal packed.

  1. Angelia Sari Dewi
  2. Arnold LEE Wai Tong
  3. Chris Cheng Xin Jie
  4. Koh Boon Hui
  5. Koh Lang Xin
  6. Tan Si Ning
Koh Edmund, kohbus.sg
 ???  ??? & ???


Our project aims to help Project Management save time by visualizing the overall ability of development resources using a forecast and recommendation system based on manpower constraints such as the number of projects a developer is currently handling, their availability (public holidays and off days), etc. Together with business analytics, the forecast and recommendation system generates actionable insights taking into account developers’ strengths, mastery, preference for task-type, seniority, etc.

  1. TAN Kai Wen
  2. KHIEW Kian Lam
  3. Kesmeen TAN Jia Min
  4. Max CHUA
  5. LAU Guo Xi
Lionel (Co-founder/director), Ripplewerkz
 ???  ??? & ???


Term 1 Scorpio

This system is to assist the team at The Shipyard with project management and communications, at the same time, serving as a one-stop information portal for the customers of The Shipyard. It includes an internal tracking repository and admin module.

  1. YUAN Yuxuan
  2. YEONG Foong Wai
  3. LU Ning
  4. YANG Chengzhen
  5. LIM Anyu
  6. WANG Tiantong
Wil NG, Director/Co-Founder of the Shipyard Private Limited, SIS alumni
 ???  ??? & ???


Contacts# will be a mobile application (the “app”) available on the Android platform. The mobile application will complement if not replace the use of the native contacts manager application. The key features of the app will be the seamless integration of contacts with reminder alerts and event note-taking in order to maximize and maintain the full potential of a user’s network.

  1. Dan Dan THIO Chee Lin
  2. Alvin NEO Yong Peng
  3. Stanley SOH Han Cherng
  4. Sebastian HADINATA
  5. REN Mengxi
  6. ZHAO Yazhi
Self Proposed, IIE
 ???  ??? & ???


Mok Yao Kun & Nicholas from Term 1 Bada-Bing-Bada-Boom

To be an interactive tour app that creates a value-added experience to all users interacting on the portal. (e.g. tourists know of lobang, independent agents earn, mutual benefit for all stakeholders) • Create a digital advertising platform application that links the individual travel agents with travelers efficiently, effectively and economically. • Targeted at travelers that are seeking for an unique local experience through tours focused on heartlands, popular local cuisine and local attractions

  1. LYE Han Wei
  2. Don TEO Yuan Cheng
  3. Brenda KOH Siu Wei
  4. MOK Yao Kun
  5. Nicholas Vincent CHAN Wai Kit
  6. NGO Kee Kai
Self proposed
 ???  ??? & ???


Bénévole Améliorer would be an extension and improvement of Epauler, a web-based volunteer management system built by Team Bénévole previously for Project Happy Feet. There will be added features to the current systems (Volunteer Management System, Beneficiaries Management System and Events Management System) to form a closely knit network amongst these stakeholders, by making the databases more comprehensive and relevant information more accessible and intuitive to the users. Also, riding on the successful growth of Project Happy Feet, a Donor Management System would be implemented to include the organization donors, allowing them to be part of this volunteer social platform.

  1. CHIA Wei Yong
  2. Charlene TANG Xi-en
  3. JIAO Yige
  4. Eugene YONG Wei Jie
Ms. Deborah Chew, the co-founder, Grace Chia – Director & Co-Founder, Mark Lim – Creative Director, Project Happy Feet
 ???  ??? & ???


  1. Joachim FU Jun Hao
  2. Ray TONG
  3. Terence LIM Zhenghong
  4. TOH Xin Ning
  5. WANG Zhaowei
  6. TEE An Ting, Chris TOH
 ???  ??? & ???


This project aims to create a musical notation generating system on Android. This application can capture the specific beat for every input notation by tapping the musical keyboard shown on the phone/tablet and creating musical notes to numbered musical notations.

  1. ZHANG Yuxuan
  2. HONG Liyuan
  3. MUI Soon Wan
  4. WANG Tianjing
Hendri Zhang : Director of My Great Life Company Pte Ltd. Jeremaine Yeo: Musician and Singer
 ???  ??? & ???


Resorts World at Sentosa - RWS Career Portal. RWS Career Portal is a web application for job seekers looking to join the RWS crew community.

  1. Mandes SIM Yu Tien
  2. Eileen SOH Yi Lin
  3. LIM Suet Fang
  4. Evangeline LIM Zi Yan
  5. NG Poh Hui
Rachel ONG, HR Manager, Cheryl POON, HR Representative, Jason LIANG, Resorts World at Sentosa
 ???  ??? & ???

Sky High

  1. TANG Sing Yuen
  2. Siti Rabiatul Adawiyah Bte HAIRY
  3. TEO Hui Min
  4. Jason ONG Weihao
  5. SIM Jing Xiang
 ???  ??? & ???

Team VI

Hui Qi & Rui from Pied Piper

This project builds an integrated web solution for Explore and Learn Pte Ltd, an enrichment centre in Singapore. The solution aims to increase operational efficiency by eliminating paperwork while empowering parents to take a more proactive role in their child's education. This empowerment will reassure parents over the safety and progress of their child as they learn to be responsible for their own decisions.

  1. LEE Xin Ying
  2. TANG Zhi Wen
  3. YAP Yi Lin
  4. Elfie Bin SUBADI
  5. ONG Hui Qi
  6. SONG Rui
Wong Bing Xiang, Explore and Learn Pte Ltd
 ???  ??? & ???


Alexandra Hospital Project 2: Therapy Buddy – portable (web or mobile) application Self-help application to customize rehab programmes for patients and for patients to review how to correctly do their rehabilitation exercises. Rehab therapists should be able to track patients’ progress too.

  1. Akrita CHAUDHARY
  2. TOH Zi Kun
  3. James CHUA Shan Yong
  4. Ugine CHUA Yi Yang
  5. Sarah CHOW Si Min
  6. TAN Hong Jie
Rehabilitation Clinic in KTPH
 ???  ??? & ???

Technical Advantage

Nielsen - Automating Mentor-Mentee matching. Develop a system to automate the process (eliminating the need for manual matching). We are looking for an automated system to match the mentor-mentee pool based on the criteria set by us.

  1. Clemence CHING Jun Han
  2. LIM Teck Chai
  3. CHANG Hua Hong
  4. LOH Wei Jun
Joan Heng, Executive Director, Nielsen
 ???  ??? & ???


Alexandra Health Project 3: KTPH Psychological Medicine Clinic Patient Case Management System (Web and / or Mobile Application) A Case Management System that consists primarily of the administering and management of the assessment forms to patients when they are due / present in the clinic for appointment. Technically, patients could even fill in their own assessment forms before they come into the clinics.

  1. ANITA
  2. HOE Xiu Ming
  4. LEE Roy Kiat
  5. Siti Aishah Binte ABDUL RAHIM
Alexandra Health Psy Med Clinic (Dr Clarence Goh)
 ???  ??? & ???


This project aims to design a web application for Crystal Natural Product to market and sell its products online. The web application allows the sponsor to upload photos and manage product information at the admin dashboard. In addition, visualization and analysis tools are used to describe sales performance, which allows the sponsor to view the popularity among different products. For the consumers, this web application allows consumers to purchase the products online via Paypal. Consumers are also able to track the products and view the transaction history on the web application. Besides, consumers who are not familiar or not comfortable with online shopping can search for the nearest physical stores based on their current location.

  1. WU Di
  2. WEI Xiaoxin
  3. XING Yujie
  4. YEE Shu Wen
Natural Crystal Product, Crystal Yeh – Managing Director
 ???  ??? & ???


Elandium is a mobile web application that is designed to empower SMU event coordinators with the ability to seamlessly manage events from cradle to grave. This application is the main tool for optimizing three critical factors of SMU events management -scheduling, finance and sponsor management-in a novel way by employing the concept of playing cards. It also grants event coordinators the ability to manage and track personnel and tasks in real-time by leveraging on innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things. No other software or application offers a single point of orchestration for the aforementioned factors involved in successful events management.

  1. Joshua QUEK Khai Min
  2. Jimmy SOH Zhi Min
  3. Ranon SIM Wen Yang
  4. Jeremy KUAH Pin Ren
  5. Nekesh Vijayan NAIR
  6. CHEONG Shu Juan
Self Proposed
 ???  ??? & ???


  1. Ugine CHUA Yi Yang
  2. Akrita CHAUDHARY
  3. TOH Zi Kun
  4. James CHUA Shan Yong
  5. TAN Hong Jie
  6. Sarah CHOW Si Min
 ???  ??? & ???


ShenCARE.com - e-platform for eldercare products and services ShenCARE.com is a one-stop web and app e-portal that intend to collates all eldercare products and services for transaction and fulfillment. The e-platform is to allow the invited vendors to upload their eldercare businesses as well paring the volunteer from ShenCARE.com. It is eventually like a 'yellow-page' or an 'uber' service provider.

  1. XU Xiaoxia
  2. LIANG Bing
  3. Ronny Wijaya ALAMSYAH
  4. ZAM Sian Nem
ShenCARE.com, CHOONG Wai Hong, YEO Hock Seng, LI Weicheng & YAP Lip Keong
 ???  ??? & ???


To reduce the irrelevant and overwhelming number notifications, Nowtify will only notify subscribers when they are physically close to the defined locations (e.g. discount at the supermarket, promotions at an outlet) as they would be more likely to react to the notifications sent. In order to manage these notifications, users can customise their news feed by subscribing to businesses that they usually frequent or wish to follow (e.g. Sephora, NTUC). Whenever these subscribers are within their vicinity, Nowtify will then push notifications to these subscribers.

  1. Mohamed Afiq Bin MOHAMED Ismail
  2. Josie KIEW Mi Xian
  3. Shawn LAU Wai Hung
  4. Dennis ANG Guorong
Self Proposed
 ???  ??? & ???


B2B portal for Foodingo's vendors (small to medium sized restaurants, etc.). This portal makes use of customers' and vendors' data provided by Foodingo to provide trend analysis for the purpose of suggesting improvements to inventory management, targeted marketing, and menu/advertisement upload for the vendors.

  1. Vincent TATAN
  2. Joel GNUI Zixiong
  3. Timothy CHEUNG Chi Wang
  4. LIU Bowei
  5. Benjamin ANG Si Jian
 ???  ??? & ???


  1. EI Pwint Phyu
  2. YAP Dun Yong
  3. KHIN Thandar Lwin
  4. Kevin PEH
  5. Prekshaa Poornanand UPPIN
 ???  ??? & ???

Nan Bo Wang

  1. Andrew LIM Chang Jun
  2. LIM Wei Fa
  3. Samantha LEE Wan Shan
  4. Valerie LEE Ying
  5. ZHONG Weixiang
 ???  ??? & ???


  1. Kathy BOEY Siu Ching <kathy.boey.2013@sis.smu.edu.sg>
  2. LIM Lai Ho
  3. LEE Chiang Fong
  4. Kenny LIM Jianyi
  5. Alex NG Jun Hong
 ???  ??? & ???



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