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Welcome to IS480: IS Application Project

These are current projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the course manager. Past Teams


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Getting Started

More information on IS480 are available at IS480 website, videos and Facebook. You need to decide a team name and send that name to the course coordinator. We will update the IS480 main page with your team name. This team name is used as the root of your wiki page. To contribute to this wiki, please login (click upper right corner) using your SMU or given username and password. Select the appropriate domain SMUSTU/SMUSTF/local. You can refer to other team's wiki (dashboard, team roles, project overview, project management with minutes, documents) or the following: midterm finals. For help, click here, please refer to the wiki POLICY.

2014/2015 Term 2

Schedule. Inform course coordinator by 6 Oct (no teams will be added after that date), please submit your 2 page proposal by 20 Oct.


  • Please schedule acceptance, midterm & final . Time slots are inclusive of Q&A.
  • Please refer to grading, video & guide.
  • The entire team must be at the presentation. Supervisors and course coordinator must be at Acceptance. Reviewers must be at Midterm. Supervisor & first reviewer must be at the Finals. The team should invite the sponsor.

Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
Benjamin Gan

Chris BOESCH & Debin GAO


Acceptance 1 2

MidTerm 1

Pitch Pitch

GraphPaper - Wedding Planner System our aim is to develop a simple-to-use application that can serve as a single platform for reference to plan out a wedding in Singapore and for couples to keep track of their planning process using simple planning tools.
The main feature of Mr & Mrs (SG) is that it provides Singaporean couples with an array of wedding vendors and bridal items that caters specifically to the 3 main races in Singapore, with consideration of culture-specific wedding venues, customs and vendors. Examples of simple tools provided are one-liner to-do templates presented in a timeline form, and a collaborated view of the wedding day itinerary for vendors and relatives who are helping out to access to keep track of updates for the big day.

  1. Brindha Menon D/o SIVA KUMAR
  2. CHUA Min Xuan
  3. KHIEW Shi Kai
  4. SEOL Hye Ri
  5. Muhammad Nur Hakam Bin MOHAMMED Kamsani
  6. TAN Gui Shi
Max XU MengXiang, Founder/Chief Engineer, GraphPaper Pte Ltd
Benjamin Gan

DAVID Lo & Yingjiu LI

Onion Knights

Acceptance MidTerm


Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) offers 3 types of access to location services for customers. Two of them are the mobile apps, “Breeze” and “The Good Life” which are either a native mobile application or a mobile web application that was created after being wrapped around using Kodova. The last is SCB’s web application - https://www.sc.com/sg/atms-and-branches.html. The project goal is to create a single web location service application that can be reused in all these applications.
Previous similar iLab project Watts

  1. Derrick NG Zi Gen
  2. Benjamin WU Bingwen
  3. TAN Siying
  4. Adam CHEE Tze Jean
  5. Gabriel LEONG Jun Kang
  6. Wendy Tan WEI Yan
Woo Xiong Wei (Warren), Project Manager, TSD - Channels, iLab, Mr. Jonet, Nuno & Mr. Abdul Salam, Shabeen
Benjamin Gan

Patrick THNG & CHEOK Lai-Tee

Team Hei

Acceptance 1 2 MidTerm 1 Pitch

Whole-Of-Government A/B Testing Common Platform The aim of this project is to build a web-based platform that will be utilized by all government agencies to conduct A/B (or Multivariate) testing on its communication medium to find out what kind of message /design/implementation results in better engagement with citizens. The system will seek to: (1) allow the dissemination of message, (2) tracking and analysis of the reception of the message in a randomised controlled multivariate experiment that will involve the government’s current main communication medium – emails.

  1. Keith TAN Xiang Wei
  2. Jasmine LIN Qianru
  3. KONG Yu Ning
  4. NGOH Jun Dat
  5. Chester CHIEW Wei Hong
Eyung LIM & Lu ShanShan, IDA



Acceptance 1 2 MidTerm 1 Pitch

IS480 Fiona/Benjamin - IS480 system II. This is an extension of the project done by Lightning_Strike and integrate with the IS480 scheduling system done by ThunderBolt. IS480 management system will manage relevant data about the IS480 projects. The collection of IS480 data will allow stakeholders to track and analyse the current and future trend of the projects, industry, technology and learning outcome.
6Sigma intends to create a new IS480 Matching System for the faculty and students of SIS. Not only would this system facilitate the matching of students to suitable sponsors for their FYP projects, students would be able to search for group members or form their own groups on the system as well. By integrating with the current IS480 Scheduling System, the matching and scheduling of FYP groups is simplified. On top of that, a statistics dashboard for analysis of data will be available.

  1. Balakrishnan S/o JAGADESH
  2. FAN Weiliang
  3. Favian WONG Hong Yuan
  4. WANG Qianhua
  5. Damien NG Xuan Wei
  6. NGUYEN Anh Minh
Benjamin Gan/Fiona Lee, SIS SMU.
Chris Boesch

CHEOK Lai-Tee & Patrick THNG


Acceptance 1 2 MidTerm 1 Pitch

SMU - SMU tBank Payments. Develop a Payments Services Hub (a.k.a. Payment System) and integrate it into the existing SMU tBank architecture. The Payment System will orchestrate the end-to-end payment process within the bank, thus centralizing all payment processes.
Develop an Automated Clearing House to orchestrate interbank payments between instances of tBank. The Clearing House will execute both real-time as well as batch instructions. As an X-Factor, this payments system will also handle multi-currency clearing and foreign exchange, not currently implemented within the Singapore payments system.

  1. YEO Hui Yu
  2. CHAN Shu Jia
  3. CHEN Guorui
  4. NGUYEN Le Hong Ngoc
  5. Jaslin WEE Zhen Ting
Alan Megargel, SMU tBank



MidTerm 1 Pitch

Koh Brother Transport Service- Bus Booking System. This project builds upon the integrated system created by team Carpe Diem. This includes the Administrator Portal which administrators use to handle back-end operations, the customer application for android users to make bookings, and the sub-contractor application (developed on android) for the sub-contractors for their daily use.

  1. Nicholas LEE Juen Ching
  2. Yohanna CAHYANA
  3. KHUC Mai Thuong
  4. Siti Hamidah Binte Abdul HAMID
  5. Edwin TAN Soon Hong
  6. CHAN Zhong Wei
Edmund Koh, Koh Bus

Debin GAO & Benjamin Gan


Acceptance 1 2 MidTerm 1 Pitch Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 black mist (black cover) S/N: RF1D82AXEBZ IMEI: 357800/05/988598/0 [GONG Tuo]

The Coca-Cola Accelerator in ASEAN/Singapore - Innovation X. PY Tracker is a personalized, hybrid multi-platform mobile application designed for students and instructors of Platinum Yoga. It will help potential and current students to find detailed information about the classes, events, and workshops available and book them accordingly and they also experience the gamification elements such as lucky draw and yoga “pose-tree” for students to track their progress. The instructors can update winners of various categories in the Hall of Fame periodically and also go through the reviews to improve the classes.

  1. Hosanna Petra
  2. Theodorus Kenny SURJADI
  3. Ricky ERAWAN
  4. Johnathan LAU Jia Hui
  5. GONG Tuo
Dave Lim, Co-Founder, Coca-Cola Accelerator Anil Kumar Platinum Yoga

Alan MEGARGEL & Benjamin Gan


MidTerm 1 Pitch Benjamin LOW Yun Yuan (Quit)

TWC2 - Case Management System Continue this project from Res Novae The objective of this project is to create a one-stop service system which will enhance greatly the way TWC2 operate its daily activities. The system will improve current manual process to be more efficient and seamless for TWC2 by automating and streamlining the functionalities such as searching for worker in instant manner from 2000 workers every year, creating new worker profiles, issuing benefits and keeping records and referring cases to experts. Through the system, users will be able to manage the information of their beneficiaries while being assured that all information is being stored on a Linux Cloud Server. In addition to that, they system will also provide the report module for the analysis purpose for the performance of TWC2 projects. The system will be mobile responsive to cater to volunteers who will be using in the field.

  1. Kyi LAI Lai Shoon
  2. NYEIN Su Aye
  3. SOE Myat Myat Aung Htut
  4. SHI Xiaomeng
Dr.Pat Meyer, Mr.Alex Au, Dr. Yew Kong Leong, Mr. Miguel Pina & Ms. Robin Ann Rheaume, TWC2

Chris BOESCH & Debin GAO


Acceptance MidTerm 1 Pitch

The aim of this project is to develop a web application that will provide business insights for Viatick’s project managers. This application will give the project managers a bird’s eye view of all the ongoing projects and allow them to track the progresses of the projects. Management-oriented, this application will provide insights for the project managers to understand the workload the company has on hand and determine if they have sufficient resources to take on a new project. On top of that, we will integrate a third party web-based project management application, Trello, with our application, which will allow project managers to manage their projects. We will also incorporate various modules, such as quotations and change request forms, to further aid Viatick in managing their projects and documents.

  1. Elaine NG Yee Leng
  2. Dan LI
  3. LIU Yining
  4. ZHANG Annan
  5. ZHENG Yixi
Edmund Gair – Co-founder of Viatick

Patrick THNG & CHEOK Lai-Tee


Acceptance 1 2 MidTerm 1 Pitch

Digital Content Integration System (DCIS) where events can be successfully set up centrally and allowed to push content to SIS TV and SIS website endpoints. Insta-Coders will also introduce three eXtra components to this system: First, there will be a function which allows the administrator to generate a report for a particular event. We will also introduce an Event Reminder for participants to be reminded of the event they have signed up for. Last of all, we will provide an event setup through email function which allows Administrators to create an event by extracting content from an email. Our team believes that DCIS will breach the longstanding gap that has existed between Event Organization, Event Management and Event Registration, and thus allow users to perform their roles efficiently and decisively, ensuring an event can be successfully brought to fruition.

  1. CAO Li
  2. CHAN Wai Ching
  3. WU Zijian
  4. Shawn TAY Yong Jie
Aaron Lee, SIS Dean's Office

Alan MEGARGEL & Patrick THNG

Optimus Prime

Acceptance MidTerm 1 Pitch

Web-based Application for Optimal Container Selection and Consolidation for Green Transformation Lab (GTL). When shipping by ocean, shippers can choose to purchase full container loads (FCLs) and it is up to them to fill the capacity. Currently, GTL has developed a mathematical model and solved the aforementioned problems using a spreadsheet solution. It was however hard coded to specific ports based on the data that was passed down previously. In this project, we aim to develop a web-based application that helps GTL to optimize container selection and consolidation with dynamic inputs.

  1. Roxanne TAN
  2. CHEE Mei Xuan
  3. ERWIN
  4. NEO Kai Xi
  5. Aldric TAN Jia Jun
Pang Jin Tan (DHL SG), GTL



Acceptance 1 2 MidTerm 1 2 3 4


The Good Life (TGL) is Standard Chartered’s credit card reward system for consumers. Our project aims to redesign the backend system upload and update of deals, merchants and promotions details to the credit card rewards system database. It will be a web enabled application. The upgraded version targets to solve user’s problems in using the current backend system by transforming it to a centralised and web-responsive application that can be used in all 7 countries.

  1. Keith LENG Jia Ming
  2. Alvin CHIN Wei Zhen
  3. CHU Cheuk Yiu
  4. Jenny SUWANDOYO
  5. YAO Min Gee
  6. Michelle TEO Sok Lee
Koh Lian Chee, Woo Xiong Wei (Warren), Project Manager, TSD - Channels, iLab

CHEOK Lai-Tee & Patrick THNG


Acceptance 1 2 MidTerm 1 Pitch Samsung Note 2 (Blue) S/N: R31D20XEFCK [Ang Guo Shyong] Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 black mist (brown cover) S/N: RF1D82AXZEP IMEI: 357800/05/989195/4 [Ang Guo Shyong]

Chronic Disease Self-Management App. The objective of this project aims to collaborate with Alexandra Health SMU T-Lab to develop user-friendly chronic disease self-management mobile app. This app is designed to facilitate primary healthcare. It also aims to promote self-management and strengthen patient education. This app will also allow Khoo Teck Puat Hospital to collect statistics for research purposes to improve future healthcare services.

  1. ANG Gwo Shyong @ ANG Guo Liang
  2. KO Soon How
  3. Kenneth MAK Jiawei
  4. WONG Jia Wei
  5. Eilien ELRICA
Koh Lian Chee, SMU-Alexandra Health T-Lab, Dr. Nikam Milind, Dr. Yeoh Lee Ying, Renal Care Department, Mr. Benjamin Lim, CIO Office

Patrick THNG & Chris BOESCH

Team Try Hard

Acceptance MidTerm 1 Pitch

SMU – SIS Admissions Interviews Scheduling System. To build a system that schedules interviewers to interview sessions for the admissions interviews that occurs every year. The system will encapsulate the tasks performed by the interview planner, for instance, selecting the interview dates, gathering the interviewers’ information and generating the schedule.

  1. Brandon SEET Wei Zhong
  2. Amanda LEE Jia Huan
  3. Benedict HO Jin Wei
  4. Jason KOH Jun Qiang
  5. Jonathan LEE Meng Chao
  6. Sebastien SIM Wei Siang
Sophia HENG Xiao Ting, SIS, SMU

Debin GAO & Benjamin Gan


Acceptance 1 2 MidTerm 1 Pitch

The order tracker is a web application that serves as an e-ordering platform for customers to view menus and place orders in The Tuckshop. Through this application, waiters, chefs and bartenders will all be using an integrated system for order retrieval and processing. This will reduce the waiting time of customers and increase the efficiency of waiters in delivering orders. The application will also include a membership system, allowing members to accumulate reward points. To further enhance this application, we will be integrating an analytics module to allow the management to identify consumer behaviour and trends.

  1. LEE Wee Nee
  2. Stephanie WANG Lianting
  3. Charmaine CHUI Xue Man
  4. Inez LIM Jie
  5. LEE Xin Yi
Damien Yee, MD, Tuckshop
Patrick THNG

Yingjiu LI & DAVID Lo


Acceptance MidTerm 1 Pitch Ronald SIM Guo Rong (Quit)

The Property Research Group of URA is currently seeking to replace its Real Estate Information System (REALIS) with a new data analytics portal capable of in-depth real estate analysis by providing various data visualization options. The new application will be using Property Research Group’s historical property transaction data. By design, this portal should relieve the users of the burden to interact with raw data, and instead provide the users with instant analysis in the form of visually intuitive maps and charts. Ultimately, it should provide a good user experience so as to increase the subscription rate to the REALIS data.

  1. ZHENG Boyang
  2. Jeanne SIM Peh Wuen
  3. Jovin HOON Qi Cong
  4. TAN Yi Hao
Tan Seow Hou, Chan Sing Eu, Analyst, Property Research Group and/or Information Application Department, Urban Redevelopment Authority
Patrick THNG

Benjamin Gan & Debin GAO


Acceptance MidTerm 1 Pitch

Salesforce - Trunk Club (Asia Edition). Salesforce will be working with T-club to build an e-commerce platform for Kaleea which aims to create a convenient shopping experience for ladies between the age of 20 to 35 years old. Unlike most online e-commerce, Kaleea provides a loyalty membership program and product suggestions to enhance user shopping experiences. Similarly to the previous scope of the project, T-club will leverage on Salesforce to manage the business process of Kaleea by Managing User Accounts, Inventories, Orders and payment.

  1. Farah Bte MUSTAPHA
  2. QUEK Yuan Yi
  3. Siti Arinah Binte MOHAMED ALI
  4. Gerald NG Ghim Yap
  5. HUANG Hexing
Kenneth Ho & Shannon Lim, Salesforce. Wen Han, Advisor ACG
Patrick THNG


The Ikan Bilis

Acceptance 1 2 MidTerm 1 Pitch

Infosys Lodestone - Project Management Web Tool. Create an online project management tool to provide standardised project reporting and progress tracking. This tool will be designed to extract the relevant information from the existing excel spreadsheet and perform data mining so as to generate graphs and charts for data analyzing.

  1. Tricia TEO Hui Shan
  2. Sara CHAN Yi Rui
  3. LIM Hanwen
  4. Louise TENG Lu Yi
  5. Chester CHEONG Wen Tan
Rui Imamura,

Amanda Furtado, Michiel Roosjen, Infosys Lodestone

Patrick THNG

DAVID Lo & Yingjiu LI


Acceptance 1 2 MidTerm 1 2 3 4 Pitch

MediaCorp - New project. This project involves developing an internship management web application to automate MediaCorp’s current manual internship hiring process. The application will serve as a portal for all stakeholders involved in MediaCorp internship hiring practices including MediaCorp HR, its departments, school coordinators, and student applicants. The application should be compatible with mobile devices and possess the ability to store all relevant intern information and retrieve them on demand. Such an application will value-add MediaCorp since internship management systems are not common in the market at the moment. Transcension intends to incorporate applicant’s personality tests and hiring analytics to provide a recommendation feature to improve position-matching for applicants and strategic hiring planning for HR managers.

  1. Bernard PHUA Shengwei
  2. Sheryl Ann LEE Xuanli
  3. LIM Jun Yan
  4. Denise QUEK Si Ying
  5. TAN Wei Song
Pauline Tan-AVP HR, Andrew Tan-Manager, Michelle Loh-Hiring Manager, Media Corp

Chris BOESCH & Debin GAO


Acceptance 1 2 MidTerm 1 Pitch

Dentsu Aegis Network - Social Media Mining System A program that extracts textual data or posts from various social media channels in Singapore including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and forums etc., grouping and scoring them into the appropriate phase of the decision making process. The unique challenge is in grouping and scoring the data into the relevant decision making process, which is not yet available in the commercial world.

  1. Jedaiah TAN Jia Le
  2. ZAW In Jin
  3. Kim Arvin Galutera EVANGELISTA
  4. Rachel YAP Chian May
  5. Mohamed SAFIULLAH
JunLiang Lin (SIS alumni) & Vikram Bansal & Robin Quek, Dentsu Aegis Network

Debin GAO & Chris BOESCH


Acceptance MidTerm 1 Pitch ZAM Sian Nem (Removed SE)

IDA Code for Charity - DAS. Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) requires a Classroom Management and Parents Communication Portal. Our team will design and develop a web-based system for the teachers, parents and students of DAS. The system aims to improve current business processes by maintaining electronic student records, progress monitoring and providing an additional communication channel for parents and teachers.

  1. Kenneth TAN Zheng Ming
  2. CHEN Weifang
  3. LAN Ziming
  4. CHAN Qian Ru
  5. CHUA Chong Thee
Jeanne Tan & Clement Nah, Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS), Adrian FOO & Jean LEE, IDA-Code of Charity. Mentor Barclays.

Benjamin Gan & Alan MEGARGEL

Team Governator

Acceptance 1 2 3 MidTerm 1 Pitch

Whole-Of-Government Digital Service Analytics System Our client would like developed a consolidated and centralized analytics dashboard to display collected usage and performance data from all Singapore government owned mobile applications for proactive monitoring, improving user experience and supporting decision making. This is due to the current reliance on feedback from members of the public to know if the applications are down. Thus, with the ability for proactive monitoring of the systems, it would enable an improvement in digital service delivery to citizens and businesses. Furthermore, despite current usage of other analytics software, the development of an in-house analytics application would aid the generation of cross application insights as well as establish benchmarks and common standards across digital services in Singapore.

  1. LEE Cheng Yi
  2. Angelin TAN Jie Lin
  3. ONG Zhimin
  4. NG Yew Hwee
  5. TEH Kaiwen
Eyung LIM, Winnie Kwan, Yang Zi Dong, Gov Digital Services Dept, IDA

Yingjiu LI & DAVID Lo


Acceptance 1 2 MidTerm 1 Pitch Samsung Note 2 (Blue) S/N: R31D20XEFCK [Gerry GOH Meng Ping] iPhone5, Black 16GB (orange cover) S/N: C37K8C7HDTWD [Gerry GOH Meng Ping]

Koh Brother Transport Service- Bus Booking System. Native mobile applications for iOS and Andriod, which allows commuters to opt in to a crowd buspooling scheme for a chartered bus service home. The target group will be office workers in the Jurong and Tuas areas. Administrators will use a web application interface to administer the system

  1. LIM Yong Siang
  2. Gerry GOH Meng Ping
  3. PANG Jiamin
  4. ZENG Jiadong
  5. LAU Chen Lin
Edmund Koh, Koh Bus
Debin GAO

Patrick THNG & Alan MEGARGEL


Acceptance 1 2 MidTerm 1 2 3 4 5


Our project aims to build a cross-platform web responsive application for Standard Chartered Bank’s (SCB) “The Good Life” customer rewards microsite. The bank aims to replace the browser-based microsite and have tasked the team to revamp the web applications. Our team will work closely with the various groups of clients to gather feedback as well as conducting business user acceptance testing, making it to be deployment ready at the end of the project. The web application will meet all SCB web design standards, such as SCB-approved design templates and SCB Google Analytics. Previous FYP project La Buena Vida.

  1. GOH Jun Hong
  2. Benjamin LIU Bingquan
  3. Eugene NG Song Zhi
  4. YAN Shaohong
  5. NGUYEN Duy Loc
Koh Lian Chee, Woo Xiong Wei (Warren), Project Manager, TSD - Channels, iLab, SG Card Alliance Manager, Liao Kangya Kay & Esther Fu
Debin GAO

Chris BOESCH & CHEOK Lai-Tee


Acceptance 1 2 MidTerm 1 Pitch XiaoMi 4 16GB (White) S/N: 785320430108 IMEI: 864895025210095 [May KOH] HongMi (Yellow) S/N: 651820050043 IMEI: 865624023430094 [May KOH]

Emerson - DCIM -Selector Tool On-the-Go for Customers and Partners. The aim of this project is to create a mobile solution that will simplify and value-add to the current sales process for 2,000 salespeople from Emerson Network Power’s distributors and partners. Apart from that, we will create a centralized database for their product information which can be easily updated using a web interface. The X-factor of the project would be creating a search algorithm that will be able to help salespeople to identify related products to up-sell to the customer, as well as return the best product bundle for the customer based on certain technical specifications listed.
  1. Darren QUAH Zhi Xun
  2. WANG Shyan Ann
  3. PUAN Youshuang
  4. May KOH
  5. SEOW Zi-hua
Daniel Sim, Alvin Cheang & Andy Liu, Emerson Network Power
Debin GAO


The C-Suite

MidTerm 1 Pitch

The purpose of this project is to develop a customized web application for Care Corner that will facilitate and automate the daily business processes such as event registration and attendance taking. Furthermore, this customized web application can also generate the analytics they require in order to help improve the quality of the programs Care Corner provides.

  1. GOH Chin Chye
  2. Martin CHEW Shi Qiang
  3. Nur Atikah Binte MOHAMAD RAZALI
  4. SEE Ting Chun
Ms Jasmine Siau, Social Worker, Queenstown FSC – Care Corner
Debin GAO

Alan MEGARGEL & Patrick THNG

White Pinnacle

Acceptance 1 2 MidTerm 1 Pitch

The team will build a training system called HS EMR for the School of Health Sciences (HS) in Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP). The system will run on a website which comprises of similar functions to the EMR in clinical industry, customized for education purposes. HS EMR will be used in the simulation lab. It can aid the lecturer in facilitating the case scenarios by reducing the paperwork. It will also enhance the students’ learning by providing a more holistic learning experience.

  1. TAN Shi Qi
  2. Gladys KHONG Zhi Xuan
  3. Jocelyn NG
  4. KHOO Hui Ping
  5. NGOW Wei Yi
Andrew Tan, School of InfoComm Technology, Ngee Ann Polytechnic,

Client: Michelle Koh, School of Health Sciences

Yingjiu LI

Debin GAO & Chris BOESCH


Acceptance 1 2 MidTerm 1 Pitch

This project consists of two main components: developing a responsive web application in order to simplify usability and enhance user experience, as well as enable e-learning on the go, and developing administrative functions for the responsive web application to enable system administrators to easily add, modify or remove content on the application. To enhance the user experience and keep users interested in the application, our team has decided to develop a game in the responsive web application, where users (students who are registered to Envisage’s courses) will answer questions in a multiple choice quiz-like manner with several levels, earn badges upon unlocking achievements (such as completing a certain number of levels, or completing a level within a certain amount of time), and based on the number of badges they earn, they will be ranked on a leaderboard. Our team is also looking at incentivising this game, where upon hitting specific milestones (certain number of badges, or obtaining the #1 position on the leaderboard), users can claim rewards from our sponsor.

Continuation of Change Makers Managing Student Social Entrepreneurial Project

  1. Rohith MISIR
  2. ZHOU Xuanyi
  3. YO Wee King
  4. WAN Tat Loong
  5. Macus KHOO Junhao
Stanley Chia, the co-founder of Envisage, Change Makers
Yingjiu LI

Benjamin Gan & Alan MEGARGEL


Acceptance MidTerm 1 2 3 4 5 6


PSLOVE - A Better Way to Experience Your Period. PSLove markets a “convenience service” that delivers monthly Period Care Packages to their customers. By bringing sanitary pads, painkillers, soothing teas, supplements, and other essentials to the consumer, it saves the consumer’s time, effort, and energy from making the monthly hassle of heading to the supermarkets and personal care stores to resupply. The aim of this project is to build an iOS application that serves as a Period Tracker and Calendar for consumers to track their menstrual cycle. The application will also closely integrate and incorporate purchasing of PSLove’s Period Care Packages through the periodtracking application. This allows users to 1) track their periods, 2) personalize items in their package subscriptions, and 3) make payment for in-app purchases/subscriptions seamlessly. With this application, we aim to automate the management of menstrual periods for women.

  1. LEONG Zhizhong
  2. ZHANG Teng Yu
  3. Gabriel LOW Jia Wen
  4. PANG Zi Qi
  5. Terence LONG Shi Jie
Tan Peck Ying and Caleb Joseph, Founders PSLOVE (via Kenneth CHAI Kang Rui, SIS Alumni)

2015/2016 Term 1

Schedule. Inform course coordinator by 17 May (no teams will be added after that date), please submit your 2 page proposal by 17 June.


  • Please schedule acceptance , midterm & final . Time slots are inclusive of Q&A.
  • Please refer to grading, video & guide.
  • The entire team must be at the presentation. Supervisors and course coordinator must be at Acceptance. Reviewers must be at Midterm. Supervisor & first reviewer must be at the Finals. The team should invite the sponsor.

Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
Benjamin Gan Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan


Acceptance Part 1 Part 2

SMU PPLog 2.0 for IS203 – Software Engineering (http://violet.smu.edu.sg/pplog) Our project aims to re-engineer and extend upon the current Pair Programming Log (PPLog) used by SMU School of Information Systems (SIS), for IS 203 - Software Engineering. Specifically, the areas that we are looking to work on are: ● Improving the user interface to provide users with an improved user experience ● Enable real-time collaboration on creating and maintaining the project schedule ● Integration with Git version control management ● Implementation of push deployment of students’ application to SMU SIS’s server using Linux Containers (LXC) for environment isolation

  1. Andre NG Hao Yuan (CMU Fast track)
  2. LAM Kee Wei (CMU Fast track)
Lee Yeow Leong, SIS
Benjamin Gan Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan

Team Vantage

LIM Xin Yi (Quit) MidTerm 1 From Term2

We will develop an e-service web portal for Leco to help them serve the customers better and at a faster rate. Through this portal, customers can use services such as compare car products, set up a video meeting for consultation and ask for quotation. In addition, customers will get referral rate if any of the transactions that they recommended lands in an actual transaction. Sales personnel will be notified if a customer sets up a video call or a physical meeting.

  1. George NG Xuan Long
  2. CHAN Han Zong
  3. Aye Aye SOE
  4. Christina SOH Baoyi
Self proposed project.

Mentor: Aaron Kek, Sales Manager, Leco Pte Ltd

Chris BOESCH Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan


From Term2

CloudMakerLab Pte Ltd - Mummyapp. Our application aims to help parents to chronicle and share their child’s growth. In addition, parents can also buy or sell baby items through the social e-commerce platform and exchange their knowledge on childcare using the application. Currently, there are websites, online forums and Facebook groups and pages that host such activities. However, they are scattered all over the Internet and as such, this application aims to consolidate these mediums into a single application.

  1. NGUYEN Thanh Binh
  2. LOH Chung Kit
  3. NGUYEN Viet Huy
  4. POON Chor Yi
  5. TANG Kim Thanh
Bryanmaguire Chia, SIS alum, CloudMakerLab Pte Ltd
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan


From Term2

Charlie Soh ‐ Credit Worthiness Apps. There are 2 apps to be developed in this project. One app is to help an individual to assess their own credit worthiness and the other is for a company to assess their credit rating. These two apps are intended to form part of a comprehensive software tool for wealth management.

  1. PEH Zu Cheng
  2. Siranjeeviyan So GOPAL
  3. CHEN Shiqi
  4. Muhammad Izzuddin Bin YUSHUFF
Mr. Charlie Soh, working in UOB
Benjamin Gan Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan


Our project aims to revolutionize the queuing experience for restaurants through the introduction of a smart queueing system. Customers using Smart Q can enjoy maximum freedom when queueing at restaurants with their mobile devices. For the restaurant owners, Smart Q empowers them in providing the best customer service as it helps restaurants solve their queueing congestions.

Our application is complemented with a menu selection after getting the queue number so that it helps to speed up with the ordering process. With this, it helps restaurant owners to collect and analyse daily customers’ transactions so that restaurant owners can use the analysis for their future marketing and promotion purposes.

  1. VONG Randy
  2. Mark LEE Jia Hong
  3. Sheryl TAY Shee Theng
  4. PHI Tien Dung
Self Proposed project.

Mentor: Andrew Tan, Founder of The Central Market, AT+Co.

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The Web application should be able to allocate auditing items to specific auditors to avoid missing or duplicate auditing. The Web application should also be able to track corrective actions and provide analytical report for both customers and internal auditors. Our team has identified main functions to be achieved by the project: 1. Auditor Profile to register auditors. 2. Audit Planning to generate an initial audit plan 3. Conducting Audit to automatically generate a set of checklist 4. Audit Reporting allows the consolidation of audit findings and present report 5. Corrective Action and Improvement Follow-Up allows both nonconformity and conformity findings

  1. WANG Zihao
  2. KANG Jia Tong
  3. YI Kailin
  4. DU Xue
  5. Eugene SNG Jing Feng
YOU Cheng Hwee, Founder, Maximus International LLC
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  1. LU Ning
  2. YUAN Yuxuan
  3. YANG Chengzhen
  4. WANG Tiantong
  5. YEONG Foong Wai
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Hashmeta - Instagram Influencer & Analysis tool Project 1 - Instagram Influencer directory. Influencers are people who have lots of followings on the Social Media Platforms (Instagram in the context of this project). Their influence can be in many different domains, like food, photography, visual art, dances etc. The key to executing a successful influencer campaign is to match the right influencers to the the theme and purpose of the campaign.

The proposed platform for this project aims to "profile" relevant Instagram users such as their level of influence, domain of influence, age group and country of influence etc and present the data and analysis in an informative way for brands to select their influencers.

  1. Winnie LIEW Yu Huan
  2. Joanna TAN Wei Lin
  3. AUNG Swe Mon
  4. Nicholas Vincent CHAN Wai Kit
  5. MOK Yao Kun
  6. Gideon Raj So SELVANAYAGAM
Sek Boon & Terrence Ngu, Hashmeta
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Our aim is to develop an integrated web application to allow the facilitation of event bookings for three different groups of people – talents, customers and administrators. It provides a platform for customers to book available venues and talents based on the available timeslots and to manage their own bookings. In order to ease the booking process, talents will be able to update their personal schedules and view confirmed bookings. An overview of all the ongoing bookings and talents’ schedules will be available to administrators. Additional features such as ratings and comments system as well as notifications on bookings’ status will be implemented.

  1. Sanjay NELAGADDE
  2. CHUA Feng Ru
  3. LIM Ting Zhi
  4. NG Kiat Keng
  5. FOO Yee Cheng
  6. Bendexter LIM Yu Xiang
Koh Le Jun and Ang Kun Rong, Weekends Pte Ltd
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan


KTPH would like a web application that can work across various mobile and notebook platforms for their staff to be able to input their feedback (both positive and negative) and suggestions for improvements. The administrator for the system (Quality Management Dept) can then moderate and monitor the feedback as well as share the resolution of issues to relevant departments in KTPH.

  1. Charlyn CHOO Su-lin
  2. LEONG Pui Yi
  3. Yadanar TIN
  4. NG Shi Hao
  5. NG Ci Qing
  6. Benjamin LOW Yun Yuan
Alexandra Health T-Lab
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan



  1. Benjamin Peter CHIA Sim Sen
  2. LOW Wei Ting
  3. YEO Cheng Fu
  4. HENG Kok Chin
  5. CHAN Jing Vin
  6. Gareth Shaun NG Wei Long
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan



  1. Shane GOH Ghee Gin
  2. LIM Wei Yang
  3. WONG Qi Wen
  4. Zoey LEE Siew Jie
  5. Darren LIM Fei Hong
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan

One Force


  1. Dan Dan THIO Chee Lin
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan


To develop a user-friendly system for the Adviser framework so it may be used by both an expert and a novice algorithm designer.

  1. Salomo Agus TAMBUNAN
  2. LI Xiang
  3. Ishita PARBAT
  4. Devika AGARWAL
Prof Lau Hoong Chuin, SMU LARC
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan


Our project aims to create a mobile application which offers dining recommendations and food discounts to our users, with an emphasis on social gathering

  1. SONG Rui
  2. Adrien Marie Alain REY HERME
  3. Chris CHENG Xin Jie
  4. Dina HENG Li Gwek
  5. Arnold LEE Wai Tong
  6. ONG Hui Qi
Self Proposed project
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan



  1. Jimmy SOH Zhi Min
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan



  1. CHEW Jing Kai
  2. ZHANG Jie
  3. SOK Pu Rum
  4. WAN Huay Mun
  5. XIE Meng Yun
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan



  1. PHAN Vuong Ngoc Huyen
  2. DO Nguyen Thai Binh
  3. VO Minh Khoi
  4. LE Phuong Viet
  5. PHAM Minh Khoa
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan

Chosen Six


  1. Jonathan LOW Jianhao
  2. YONG Lee Jia
  3. Shangeri SIVALINGAM
  4. Clara ANG Jia En
  5. CHIANG Ling Yi
  6. CHANG Hua Peng
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan


Integral Design - Mobile Herbidex Herbidex is a website that serves to aggregate information regarding TM herbs and products, and to advocate trusted and recommended TM clinics as well as to provide personalised health advice to each individual user. We are looking to create a mobile application that will complement Herbidex.

  1. Michelle HOUNG Yin Li
  2. Joshua CHEONG Sheng Jie
  3. Gwendoline TAN Wan Xin
  4. Kenneth LEE Bozheng
  5. LIM Kim Yong
Jonathan Pang, SIS graduate, Integral Design
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan

Big Hero 5


  1. XIA Xueying
  2. CAO Xinge
  3. GAO Yiming
  4. WANG Yiyi
  5. ZHANG Jiahang
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan



  1. Amabel LAU Si Ting
  2. Sherman YONG Chin Wei
  3. HU Qunqun
  4. Leon LIM Junyang
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan



  1. Matthew YEE Guan Feng
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan


SMU Library - BYOD Library Tour Project The aim of this project is to explore the use of Augmented Reality (AR) or Indoor Positioning (IPS) within the confines of the Libraries as new avenues for engaging and interacting with users. The project proposes to complement and enrich our current library tours with the use of AR / IP technologies. Reasons for working on a library tour are multi-fold: Firstly, from past library matriculation exercises, we observe that users prefer to use their own devices in their interactions with the library. With a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) tour, users can enjoy the familiarity of using their own device while exploring a new environment. Secondly, if the pilot is successful, future library tours can become entirely or partially self-guided. This saves staff resources taken up for conducting tours for large groups. Thirdly, students may appreciate the self-directed approach, leading to a higher active participation in a tour. The activity also establishes the Libraries as having both a physical and a digital presence.

  1. Elvin Prananta
  2. ONG Si Ying
  3. Nur Amirah Bte Mohd NOOR
  4. LOU Shixun
  5. WEI Wenjin
XIA Wei and SUN Shengbo, SMU Library
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan


SMU - SMU tBank Develop a Trade Finance application and integrate it into the existing SMU tBank architecture. This application will be a self-service channel for “corporate customers” (students) to implement a number of financial instruments related to international trade, such as; Letter of Credit, Bill of Exchange, Bill of Lading, Bank Guarantee, Documentary Collection, Open Account, Export Factoring. Another deliverable will be an end-to-end trade simulator that can be used in the classroom to illustrate the movement of goods and trade documents across the relevant parties, eg; Importer, Exporter, Freight Forwarder, Issuing Bank, Advising Bank.

The solution will include a web application / portal for customers to implement all of the above financial instruments, plus a dashboard to provide the customer with an overall view of trade status (imports and exports). Optionally, the solution may include a mobile app to facilitate business exception handling. The core functionality shall be developed and exposed as reusable services using TIBCO BusinessWorks.

Yashraj Abhiraj Jalota

Alan Megargel, SMU-tBank
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan


Tribe Studios Pte. Ltd. is a serious games company which core business is to provide visualizations and learning games for complex technical systems or process, such as the setup of military vehicles and emergency evacuation procedure on board ships and in tall buildings. We have been interested in using Augmented Reality to provide additional value. There are three core questions that we need to answer: 6.1. How would Augmented Reality provide value to our user? 6.2. How can we obtain our users’ buyin to this new technology? 6.3. How can it be incorporated with our existing product? 6.4. How can we implement the Augmented Reality module so that it is reusable?

  1. Alex ONG Yan Zhi
  2. Daniel GOH Kah Hoe
  3. Ang Kai Jie
  4. Khoo Pei Sin
  5. Ng Shi Min
  6. Soon Zhengxiang
Mr. Chor Kunxin, Proj Manager from Tribe Studios
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan



  1. Jocelyn LOE Wan Ning
  2. WANG Sijia
  3. CHIN Yan Xiu
  4. CHEN Xueye
  5. WANG Jingxuan
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan


Harmony Trainer - Learn and Practice Singing Harmony. The mobile HTML5 and/or iPhone application will enable users to select songs to learn and practice. We will provide MP3 audio tracks containing all the combined parts of each song, tracks containing just the harmony part(s), tracks containing everything but the harmony part(s), and tracks containing a harmony part in the right speaker and the rest of the parts in the left speaker. The web API will provide a way for users to upgrade to paid service tiers using PayPal. The paid service tiers of the application will enable choir and other musical directors to create password protected groups for users to join and ways to assign different vocal parts for members of the group to practice. There will also be recommended content for families consisting of 2, 3, and 4 members to learn to sing together.

  1. Shane GOH Ghee Gin
  2. Darren LIM Fei Hong
  3. WONG Qi Wen
  4. Zoey LEE Siew Jie
  5. LIM Wei Yang
Shannon and Christian Boesch, Harmony Trainer
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan


Problem: Restaurants rely a lot on foreign talents to run their operations but the introduction of new labour law makes hiring of foreign talents even more difficult than before. Small restaurants can lose up to $2000 per day in sales due to the lack of labour. We also found out that many Singaporeans don’t mind working in a restaurant as a part timer/ based on events as long as the pay is decent and restaurants don’t mind paying more when they are in desperate need of labour. Solution: A platform that brings keen workers and restaurants together.

  1. KOH Bi Fang
  2. Eric ONG Soon Heng
  3. TAN Jia Bao
  4. LEONG Hoi Chuen
  5. SOH Seng Chian
  6. Gerald LIM Zhen Yang
Self Proposed
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan



  1. Edison LIM Jun Hao
 ??? Benjamin Gan & Benjamin Gan




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