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Welcome to IS480: IS Application Project

These are current projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the course manager. Past Teams



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Getting Started

More information on IS480 are available at IS480 website, videos and Facebook. You need to decide a team name and send that name to the course coordinator. We will update the IS480 main page with your team name. This team name is used as the root of your wiki page. To contribute to this wiki, please login (click upper right corner) using your SMU or given username and password. Select the appropriate domain SMUSTU/SMUSTF/local. You can refer to other team's wiki or the following: midterm finals. For help, click here, please refer to the wiki POLICY.

2013/2014 Term 2 Modified

Modified schedule means you will set your own schedule. Please read FAQ project rejected. If you do not set your schedule, you will follow this schedule.

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Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
Chris BOESCH Benjamin Gan

Lightning Strike

Acceptance Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


TAN Tian Wen Removed 12/9/2013

IS480 Matching System. The current IS480 wiki is used partly as a matching system. To match between the team and sponsor. The wiki is great for flexibility but does not automate some validation and matching.
  1. Chloe CHIANG Foon Hui
  2. Danial Asri KOH
  3. Rachelle Amanda LEWIS
  4. LIM Wee Ta
  5. Aretha CHANG Shu Hui
Benjamin Gan or Fiona Lee, IS480, SIS, SMU

2013/2014 Term 2

Schedule. Inform course coordinator by 6 Oct (no teams will be added after that date) , please submit your 2 page proposal by 28 Oct.


  • Please schedule acceptance, midterm & final . Time slots are inclusive of Q&A.
  • Please refer to grading, video & guide.
  • The entire team must be at the presentation. Supervisors and course coordinator must be at Acceptance. Reviewers must be at Midterm. Supervisor & first reviewer must be at the Finals. The team should invite the sponsor.

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Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
Alan MEGARGEL Tan Kar Way & Benjamin Gan


Acceptance Part 1 Part 2Part 3

Mid-Term Part 1


We will create a central workflow management system for the regional procurement department of ING Bank, to be used by 3,000 users regionally. It will be a web application hosted on ING Bank’s intranet. Functions include tracking projects undertaken by each procurement staff, automating and streamlining the procurement process such as submission of procurement, reporting tool, supplier management system. More details can be found on our wiki.
  1. HOE Bing Huan
  2. Zoey TEO Kai Ying
  3. CHEE Mei Hui
  4. POOI Ching Png
  5. El-malique Bin Md GHAZALI
Matthias BERTL - Head of Procurement, Asia & TAM Chee Hong - Service Level Manager, Procurement Department (Asia Pacific Region), ING Bank N.V.
Alan MEGARGEL Benjamin Gan & Chris BOESCH


Mid-Term Part 1


iPhone5 Black [TAN Guo Hao]

In the current marketplace, applications allow information flow between event participants and its organisers, but there is a lack of interaction within participants themselves. Also, there is no real time dissemination of last minute changes across multiple event venues or large groups of participants. Event organisers or speakers who want to gather feedback or a response from participants are often unable to do so due to a lack of an automated platform to tally data. In addition, despite a strong urge to network with other participants, fear of awkwardness or no common conversation topics prevent participants from taking the next step. Evance differentiates itself by providing a three-way interaction platform to advance communities and networks. It will also provide an eXceptionally convenient way for organisers to measure commonly demanded events-related information that are otherwise immeasurable without access to the right data.
  1. SEBASTIAN Kiran Joy
  2. LOW Wen Guang
  3. Noelle TAN Rui Jia
  4. Victor LEE Hong Zhi
  5. BIE Ya Qing
  6. TAN Guo Hao
Own Project, Mentor Stream Global Mr Chak Kong Soon


Mid-Term Part 1


JalanJalan is a mobile application that seeks to consolidate these sources of information into a comprehensive platform whereby Singaporeans can learn about our heritage on-the-go., through a website and mobile app. The mobile app will have a geo-cashing feature which will send pop-ups to users when they get close to a historical geocache. Our app will be their platform for information and social engagement with regard to the dissemination of history of Singapore. Both the website and mobile app will have an interactive element where users can upload personal stories of the various significant places with rich history around Singapore, in what is known as “people’s history”.
  1. Priscilla Ruth LIEM
  2. Rachel WANG Yee Lin
  3. Lydia NUGROHO
  4. Muhammad Shahrain Bin SARDON
  5. TAN Meng Yew
Overture Labs Pte Ltd, Steve Tan
Alan MEGARGEL JIANG Lingxiao & David Lo


Acceptance Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Mid-Term Part 1


Green Transformation Lab SMU & DHL - Integrated Supply Chain and Carbon Modelling. Our project aims to create a web-based supply chain planning tool, ecoPlanning, for our client, DHL. The main focus of this planning tool is the ability to plan a scenario which consists of the four key players (Suppliers, Manufacturing Plants, Distribution Centres and Customers) virtually and be able to display the results of the calculation on the three key metrics (Costs, Carbon Emission and the Service level-Time) of a scenario. Our planning tool will be deployed onto Heroku for DHL.

The X factor of our project is the ability to manage a single scenario and analytical report of multiple scenarios for the management in the industry. We will be using D3 for the analytical report. The graphs that are visualised will be interactive and there are three types of graphs (Single Factors, Multiple Factors, and Normalising for one factor) that are displayed. For these three types of graphs, user is allowed to choose the different types of factors for X axis and Y axis. This will assist them to decide the most optimal scenario within a few split seconds. We will document our experience on wiki and bring value to the IS480 community.

  1. CHUA Pei Shan
  2. NG Zhenyuan
  3. Shemin ANG Qiao Ni
  4. Gwendolin TAN Tiong Hui
  5. LIM Xin Yi
Mr. Stephan Schablinski, Director of Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions at DHL, Director of Green Transformation Lab

Mr. Tan Pang Jin, Program Manager of Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions at DHL

Benjamin Gan Alan MEGARGEL & David Lo

DR.Jean Labs

Acceptance Part 1 Part 2Part 3Part 4

Mid-Term Part 1


Sqkii is a mobile web application that uses the partnership’s patent pending concept of Advertising as the Content (AATC) that entices users to take a genuine look at advertisements by offering cash incentive (to users for viewing ads for at least 10 secs) and relevant content (using a de-prioritisation algorithm that queues the more relevant ads in front).
  1. Agurz Gary Leong Kwok Wai
  2. Denise Wong Kar Lin
  3. Nicholas Li Jiacheng
  4. Loh Yi Song
  5. Eleazar Lim Wei Ji
  6. Janan Tan
Own Project, Mentor IIE Mr George Han
Benjamin Gan David Lo & Alan MEGARGEL


Mid-Term Part 1


We will be adding more features to SingPath, an innovative platform for users who are interested to learn coding. These features include creating a customized environment for users, map-viewer displaying certain statistical figures of players of a particular school, a customized coaching session for users. Details of these features will be explained later. Although there are various alternatives that teach users how to code, there are not many which focuses on Singapore. Moreover, Singapore is becoming an IT hub. Hence, the future workforce needs to be equipped with essential skills like programming.

Changed from own project. Social-media web-application for organization

  1. NG Wah Chun
  2. Glen WONG Kee Siang
  3. Mohamed Yousof Bin SHAMSUL HAMEED
  4. Fariq Bin SAID
  5. Shanaaz Do Musthafa MUSTHAFA KAMAL
  6. KEE Eng Sen
Professor Chris Boesch, Sandra Boesch, SingPath
Benjamin Gan Alan MEGARGEL & JIANG Lingxiao



From Term 1

The aim of our project is to establish a community-centered web portal to facilitate collaboration between Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) and SMU iLab. The portal will serve to explore and capture new ideas proposed by the bank or student community. Tracking of project status and development, sharing and uploading of ideas and information to aid and reduces manual work between the iLab manager, the student and the bank’s executive.
  1. Lynnette LIM Wen Zheng
  2. ONG Sen Chian
  3. SIAH Wei Qiang
  4. WU Jinglong
  5. FENG Kai
Woo Xiong Wei (Warren), Project Manager, TSD - Channels, iLab
Benjamin Gan Seema CHOKSHI & David Lo


Milestone 2 IMEI 352784041682983 [XIA Xin] Motorola Milestone 2 IMEI 352784041683213 [XIA Xin] Acceptance Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Mid-Term Part 1


The project is an android-based mobile application, named as HEY!R, which mainly provides message (text, image, audio) broadcasting service. The main feature of this application is that it makes use of location networks to broadcast messages to a group of people within the 200 meters proximity, which makes the application unique since currently there is no similar location-based broadcasting application based on our research. Meanwhile, HEY!R also supports users to carry on one-to-one communication instant chat other than merely using the broadcasting channel, provided that both parties have added each other as friends and users can also delete friends. Besides, this application also provides users with basic functions, such as to create account and CRUD user profile, which makes the application more customized for personal user needs.

Change from "Facebook Ads Optimization Application for agencies and advertisers."

  1. XIA Xin
  2. YANG Lu
  3. WANG Yange
  4. WANG Yidong
  5. LIANG Tao
Terrence Ngu, Director & Sek Boon, Manager, Hashmeta Pte Ltd.
Benjamin Gan JIANG Lingxiao & Alan MEGARGEL

Positive Impressions

George NG Xuan Long (Removed, no IS203) Team withdrawn

Supercars Singapore offers the sale of both new, pre-owned performance and prestige automobiles. Their aim is to provide the best service possible to clients looking to buy or sell their desired cars at competitive market rates. Supercars Android is an application that includes several new features that the existing iOS app does not support. Such functions include a consignment marketplace for users to browse and sell used cars, social media integration which allows users to share photos and promote their own cars under the Supercars brand, a web serviced based loan calculator which fetches the current interest rates from your desired bank to calculate loan amounts as improved search functions with additional fields and filters. To allow the users to be notified of the latest deals and promotions from Supercars, our application would support the Push notifications function
  1. Alexander GOH Mingliang
  2. YUPA Nyein Htoon
  3. Samuel PHUA Wee Kiat
Supercars Concept Pte. Ltd. Bruce Yang, General Manager
Benjamin Gan David Lo & Chris BOESCH


Acceptance Part 1 Part 2 Part 3Part 4

Mid-Term Part 1


SMU Princep Hostel - Prinsep Integrated Portal. We will be developing the Prinsep Integrated Web Portal, a responsive platform for SMU Prinsep Hostel. This portal will consist of 2 core objectives. Firstly it will facilitate the daily operations of the hostel, specifically with the aim of improving the current inefficient and fragmented processes. The second objective consists of establishing a social networking platform that is exclusive to the hostel residents.

We expect about 250 of the hostel residents to use the site, of which 38 of them are Resident Seniors (RS) and 6 of them belong to the Hostel Management Team (HMT). Alumni of the Hostel will also be accounted as one of the users but with limited access to the functions. Hence, the application will cater for the above 4 type of users (resident, RS, HMT and alumni), with each user roles having different level of access to the application. The application will be deployed with 4 modules: the Community Life, HR, Finance and Facilities module.

Change from Thoth Learning District. Desktop web application and mobile application with the aim of encouraging collaborative study and knowledge sharing among Singaporean students

  1. LIM Li Long
  2. Kimberly LEK Hui Lin
  3. TAY Zhi Yue
  4. NGOO Jing Yong
  5. LIM Zui Young
Timothy Hsi, SMU Princep Hostel, Ian Clarence Chan, Abhilash Murthy & Shira Aretti
Benjamin Gan Chris BOESCH & Tan Kar Way

The Codefather

Acceptance Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Mid-Term Part 1


Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 black mist (black cover) S/N: RF1D82AXEBZ IMEI: 357800/05/988598/0 [TAY Hui Shia ]

This project aims to revolutionize the organization of gatherings and meetings, through the introduction of smart scheduling. Smart scheduling integrates the schedules of different individuals together, and tracks each individual’s availability, providing users with the most appropriate meet-up date, all through an ultimate user experience.

The application is complimented with a chat feature, allowing circles of friends to communicate with one another in real-time. This creates a platform for friends to plan and discuss their gatherings within the ease of a single application. Looking for a place to go? We present ‘Vendor Stream’, a directory of the latest deals and happenings in town, bundled with the geolocation of each event. Business partners would be able to gain analytical insights on the responses, demographics and attitudes of event participants.

  1. TAY Hui Shia
  2. Tommy SOH Jun Kui
  3. TAN Jun Liang
  4. Hector SIM Yiu Shin
  5. TAN Wei Chong
  6. Anthony Marlius HOLLEN
Own project, Mentor Stream Global, Mr Billy Shum
Chris BOESCH JIANG Lingxiao & David Lo


Mid-Term Part 1


Samsung Note 2 (Yellow) S/N: RF1D228EZVY [Gabriel BONG]

AAN will be building a Locker Management System (LMS) for SMU Office of Student Life(OSL). Students will be able to make reservations, view locations of the lockers they are booking, edit their reservation, cancel their reservation and even exchange lockers with their peers. System Administrators from OSL will have access to advanced data analytics such as popular lockers, average repair time and locker allocation per school. These data were not previously available. The LMS will also give control of the lockers and its related administrative process to OSL - something that OSL was previously dependent on the vendor. OSL will be able to use the LMS to monitor the maintenance team’s performance as well and this was previously not possible as the vendor handled everything.

Students can also benefit from a more comprehensive and user friendly system for the booking of lockers as well as have an easy avenue to request for repairs via a one-stop solution.

Change from SMU IIE. Project 2: Competitions Managing the different competitions that IIE undertakes.

  1. Virya PARAMITA
  2. Gabriel BONG Zhi Siong
  3. Simon ANG Hock Leng
  4. Jerrold WEE Jia Wei
  5. NGUYEN Tuan Viet
Alfred Wu, Quan Heng and Joyce, iCity SMU-TCS. Geraldine, Associate Director, Syarina BINTE JASLEE, Executive, Administration, OSL under Project Happiness.
Chris BOESCH Tan Kar Way & Benjamin Gan


Mid-Term Part 1


Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 black mist (brown cover) S/N: RF1D82AXZEP IMEI: 357800/05/989195/4 [Seah Siu Ngee]


Development of an application that serves as a practical solution for advancing Nielsen’s current workflow and improving their field task-force management. Due to the limits of current manual man-management and increasing pressure on providing statistical insights, our application provides a natural platform for managing the data gathering process and streamlines the time taken for this process, allowing Nielsen to provide quicker hence more accurate statistics to their stakeholders. The Nav application comprises of a web-based dashboard and an android mobile application:

  • NavBoard (Web-App Dashboard)
  • Nav (Mobile App)

Talked to ADSC on touching frames project

  1. Melvrick GOH Aik Chun
  2. CHAN Yong Guang
  3. CHAN Yeong Yuan @zeng Deyuan
  4. SEAH Siu Ngee
  5. LAW Sheng Xun
  6. LEE Quee Leong
Dr. Timothy Banks, Dr. Whye Loon, Nielsen
Chris BOESCH Benjamin Gan & Tan Kar Way

RubberDuck Studios

Mid-Term Part 1


A one-stop exam preparation portal for students to contribute, discuss and solve academic problems, aimed to reinforce and supplement students’ knowledge gained in school & tuition.

Outcomes: A fully functional SnapQuiz web app deployed on a cloud platform, with full desktop and mobile web browser compatibility. In addition, the SnapQuiz native mobile application will be deployed on two platforms: iOS and Android

  1. Geoffrey GOH Koon Hui
  2. Sean CHUA Kian Shun
  3. TEO Jie Ting
  4. Nicholas LEE Desheng
  5. CHUA Bing Huan
Own Project, Mentor Stream Global Mr Robert Chew
David Lo Chris BOESCH & Tan Kar Way


Mid-Term Part 1


Our project aims to build a Learning Management System, Learning 2.0, to facilitate and improve the learning experience of primary school students where learning can be made more interactive and interest-based driven. Learning 2.0 will be a web-based platform for primary schools, LittleLives’ clients. Through the interactive modules, such as playing the knowledge challenge game and sharing of learning contents, the students will be able to learn and acquire new knowledge more effectively and efficiently among their peers when they take up roles of being both the tutor and the tutee. Additionally, we aim to develop Learning 2.0 to be extremely children-friendly in terms of usage so as to pace up the adoption of the system.

Outcomes: A Learning Management System consisting of knowledge challenge, helpdesk and creating courseware for students will be delivered to LittleLives Inc. System will be deployed on Amazon S3 server.

  1. YEO Zhen Zhi
  2. TEO Siok Ping
  3. JIANG Huiwen
  4. YE Qian
  5. Michael CHEONG Ee Chien
  6. TOH Willie
LittleLives, Ho Sun, Founder, Roldan Aquino, Web Development Lead, Soh Ching Boon, User Experience Lead, Arjuna Raj, Rainmaker
David Lo Seema CHOKSHI & Benjamin Gan


Mid-Term Part 1


SkyMap - BI analytic for insurance companies.

Our team will be developing a Risk Management System in the form of a business intelligence dashboard for our client, SkyMap Global (SG). Our client’s vision is to create business value for its customers – insurance companies – through innovative products and solutions, and our team hopes to achieve this by providing them with a system that does the following:

  • Convert geospatial data retrieved from data sources from SG and the customers to map layers and integrate them onto an interactive map.
  • Perform comprehensive location intelligence analyses by developing various tools to analyze thegeo-spatial data. These tools include data visualization, spatial query, filtering, comparison, risk calculation and simulation. They will be arranged in an interactive drag and drop dashboard to

enhance usability. This application will help SG’s end users (insurance companies) gain more insights into their risks so that they can price their structure insurance premiums more appropriately. We aim to deliver an interactive and visually meaningful location intelligence solution that is not only a map, but also encompasses tools to aid customers in their understanding of data, predictive analysis and decision-making.

  1. TRAN Pham Viet Thao
  2. Miguel Nicholas Zamora RIINGEN
  3. EDRIC
  4. NAGUIAT Beatriz Camille Abijay
  5. LE Hung
Abhay Mittal, Lead Programmer- Lee Chye and Project Manager- Kai Hwa, Skymap Global (via Rohit Goyal)
David Lo Tan Kar Way & Chris BOESCH

The Partners

Mid-Term Part 1


Automated Scheduling System

The Learning Connections (TLC) is a Singapore-based learning organization that provides pre-school learning centres around Singapore with multi-arts-based curriculum through their team of trainers. The main business processes of TLC are enrolment of new learning centres, scheduling academic programmes and a leave management function. This project will provide TLC with an all-in-one application to automate the mentioned business processes. The unique aspect of this software project is that it considers the exclusive constraints that TLC has on the scheduling, which is something ordinary, off-the-shelf scheduling systems cannot provide. The final deliverable of the project will provide TLC with substantial cost and time-savings, which are essential and valuable to small-to-medium businesses (SME). In addition to the core functionalities of the project, the project team will develop the project based on an “aggressive scheduling” principle, where functionalities are deployed for actual use immediately after relevant testing is completed on an iterative basis.

  1. LAI Weizheng
  2. Robyn CHENG King
  3. LIM Jing Yi
  4. KOH Han Hui
  5. Chelsea TOH Miaoxing
Van Su Yun, Elaine, Juliet Chia & Teng Wei Chun (Tech guy), The Learning Connection Pte Ltd
David Lo JIANG Lingxiao & Alan MEGARGEL


Mid-Term Part 1


HR Management System: We aim to build an integrated web portal for the HR department of Sterling Engineering, a local structural steel engineering company. This proposed web portal will focus on Remuneration & Claims, Leave Management, Training & Development and Performance Management & Appraisal. The web portal will be hosted on Bluehost, a web host that was purchased previously by the company.

Our X-factor will be the implementation of visual analytics for claims. We will build an interactive and dynamic dashboard that will present the data for claims. With the visualization, the management will not only be able to view the overall claims in the company, but also drill down to a specific employee or category for further investigation. This can aid the company to forecast what types of claims are more popular and the forecasted amount spent monthly or yearly which will aid in their budgeting. They can also track individuals who are claiming more than usual and determine whether those are reasonable claims.

  1. Fiona WOO Yu Mei
  2. TAN Mei Zhen
  3. LIM Ken Khoon
  4. Darryl LEONG Jun Hun
  5. LEE Yi Xian
  6. TAN Yun Xi
Sterling Engineering Pte Ltd, Marc Sim - Business Development Manager & Angeline - HR Administrator
JIANG Lingxiao Tan Kar Way & Benjamin Gan


from term 1

Mid-Term Part 1


idsMED - Project SPARKS Tracking System.

With a rising number of elderly people and demand from neighboring countries, Singapore has become the hub for medical needs in South East Asia. Hospitals are springing up and requiring higher technology equipment every day. The overarching issue here is the lack of information and understanding of the salesman on the different transaction process that is required to increase sales efficiency. With this new application, salesman can be attracted to access and gather all the relevant information on each stage that belongs to each transaction, record their progress on each transaction and report to higher authority without the hassle of going through papers, power point slides and any other word documents. On the other end, managers and higher end users such as Vice President up to CEO could get different access control to view the performances of the company differently depending on their role. At the end of the day, our application could use all the data gathered to generate report on monthly or yearly basis as well as the summary of all the performances done by employees on all of the transactions.

  1. Edward Young TANOJO
  2. Alfred Kusuma KUSTEDJO
  3. Antony SALIM
  4. CHEN Xi
  5. Dewi ZANA
Anbu Srinivasan, idsMED with Fung Group
JIANG Lingxiao Benjamin Gan & Alan MEGARGEL

Carpe Diem

Mid-Term Part 1 Samsung Note 2 (Blue) S/N: R31D20XEFCK [ANG Hui Qi]


Our project aims to coordinate the process of private charter bus booking by providing one customer android booking application, one sub-contractor android application and one administrator web portal. The customer mobile application will allow customers to make bookings on-the-go and have their bookings stored in a centralized repository, allowing Koh Bus an alternate medium of outreach to their customers. We aim to enhance the usability aspect of our system by implementing multiple languages (simplified Chinese) for both the customer and sub-contractor mobile applications, and Google autocomplete in the customer mobile application.

Change from Rainbow Ventures. Data analytics for e-commerce site.

  1. ANG Hui Qi
  2. ZHANG Zhongyun
  3. JIA Qilin
  4. TAN Xin Lin
  5. Nicholas TAN Eng Howe
Edmund Koh, Koh Bus Transport Service
JIANG Lingxiao David Lo & Tan Kar Way


Mid-Term Part 1


Envisage Education Pte Ltd - Managing Student Social Entrepreneurial Project.

Our team is building a custom Learning Management System (LMS) with some Project Management System (PMS) features (Gantt chart and expense budgeting) to specially cater to our client’s (a local social enterprise, Envisage Education) workflow. It allows our client to better manage their stakeholders’ involvement in the projects and the projects done by various project teams from the different schools. The unique aspect of the system is its specially customized forms. This allows our client to move away from their current paper based workflow and to an online automated form approval process. Our X-factor is to gamify various features within the system to entice participants to be more proactive, while still meeting the objectives laid by the client. Gamification features will include achievement titles, badges, progress leaderboard, quests, missions and point system. The system will be eventually deployed on an Apache server provided by webair.com to which our client is subscribed to.

  1. Rachel QUAH Shu Ting
  3. CHAN Keng Theng
  4. FOO Qian Bi
  5. Kean KWOK Jin
Stanley Chia Ding Li, Envisage Education Pte Ltd
JIANG Lingxiao David Lo & Benjamin Gan


Acceptance Part 1 Part 2Part 3

Mid-Term Part 1


SIMTech - Smart Phone based product identification application.

The aim of this project is to develop an asset management system based on Near Field Communication (NFC) and Android mobile application technology. This asset management system is envisioned to be made up of a network of NFC-enabled Android mobile devices connected to a web-based back end system. This system provides enterprises with a one-stop, cost-effective platform to co-ordinate fixed asset management effects such as asset registration, loans, maintenance logging and electronic auditing

  1. William CHUNG Wui Lun
  2. Jen LOW Ren Jie
  3. LIM Quan Heng
  4. Benjamin TAN Kei Rong
  5. Pearlyn NEO Hui Min
He Wei, SIMTech/A-Star, SMU: Prof.Li Yingjiu, NXP Semiconductors Singapore Pte Ltd, Mr Steven Li


From term 1

Acceptance Part 1 Part 2Part 3

Mid-Term Part 1


Online Survey Questionnaire Application OSQA.

Online Survey Questionnaire Application (OSQA) is an on-site data collection tool that comes with a web application (dashboard with report & graphical data analysis) & an android application (data input / collection). It will be developed by team EINE in 6 months and will be used by Eastern Hospital Association (EHA). OSQA includes one web application (dashboard) & one android application (mobile end). The dashboard contains all collected data, and presents the data in reports as well as graphical analysis. It also allows the users (in this case, the nurses) to create data collection forms (DCF, a set of compiled questions stored in data base). The mobile end is used by the nurses (field data collector) who will visit the patients in person. It allows the nurses to view the specified DCF (according to the different conditions of the patient), ask the questions in the form and input the response from the patients. When the visit is over, the collected response will be submitted to the dashboard for processing and viewing. Technologies used will include android SDK, Html5, twitter bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax and JSON.

  1. HE Wenxuan
  2. SUN Fangzhou
  3. LIU Zeyao
  4. ZHANG Jifei
Alfred Wu & Elina Yu, SMU TCS iCity Lab, Eastern Hospital Association (EHA) – Client
Seema CHOKSHI Benjamin Gan & JIANG Lingxiao


KUEK Xiu Hao from Term 1

Mid-Term Part 1


Lien Centre for social innovation - Contact Management System. Team Tappers will create an integrated contacts and events management system named LienConnect for Lien Centre for Social Innovation. LienConnect aims to address the need of our client in expanding their contact base and optimising the event registration process. Through the various intuitive features LienConnect provides, Lien Centre will be able to improve their business processes, as well as to manage their contacts and events database more efficiently.

Team Tappers will consolidate and tidy up the excel data given by client so that it adheres to a standard format defined by our team and Lien Centre. Interactive user interface with the database will be developed, providing features such as Contact Database Management, Intuitive Graph Displays as well as Events Management, Emails Customization, Feedback Management, etc. (Figure 2)

  1. LE Hoang Trinh
  2. KUEK Xiu Hao
  3. NGUYEN Khac Thien Vu
  4. PHUNG Minh Thu
  5. Hannah LUAI Jia Min
Assistant Director, Jenny Huq, Jared Tham, Shirley Pong, Lien Centre for social innovation
Tan Kar Way Benjamin Gan & Seema CHOKSHI


Mid-Term Part 1


Continue CARTES.

Our team will be developing phase 2 of RealtyWall, a continuation from Team Cartes – building on the application with the development of a commercial space leasing module. The objective is to allow users to lease “free spaces” for short and long-term purposes, and/or sell their “spaces” online. “Spaces” can be defined as any area such as a meeting room of an office. The X factor of our project is that we foresee that the project will be rolled out in time to come as our sponsor has connections in the real estate industry to help spread the use of this web application

  1. Yvonne PHUI Rui Qi
  2. ONG Yi Ling
  3. TAN Chit Sian
  4. Kelvin WONG Wei Hong
  5. Rayner KOH Yok How
  6. SEAH Jun Zhi
Starterbed LLP, Kris Kong & Yurong Liow
Tan Kar Way Chris BOESCH & Seema CHOKSHI


Mid-Term Part 1


SHIH Fu Hua removed

Flauntpage - Resume System

The Resume System comprises of several key broad category that are, building an info-graphic resume that is customizable, allowing users to manage their resume and keeping track of them, a theme cover homepage of the user and sharing and distribution on the various social media platforms. We are building this application on Laravel Framework using PHP, HTML 5, CSS3 and JQuery. The X-factor for our project is using existing technologies to create a platform that allows for customizable and easy to create resumes that will be ready for assessment by the company of your choice. By providing info-graphics that are generated based on the resume, it gives a much faster overview of the qualification of the user and presents the user an edge during job seeking.

Change from own project. A new age golf ball integrated with tracking capabilities and analytics tool

  1. Leslie LEOW Jun Qiang
  2. WANG Fenglin
  3. GOH Chin Hong
  4. Wyner LIM Wei Han
Flauntpage Limited Liability Partnership, Kris Kong, Kay Liao, Krisabelle Tee
Tan Kar Way JIANG Lingxiao & Benjamin Gan


Acceptance Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


Rachel TAN Pei Ying (Removed no IS203)

KMP Far East Pte Ltd - Automate workflow system.
  1. Create a flexible modular ERP system to aid in workflow. Currently, KMP Far East is using an outdated application that runs on the UNIX operating system with many redundant functions. Its interface is confusing with lots of unnecessary information peppered on each page. Our ERP system serves to fulfill the requirements for users from 4 departments: Sales/Purchasing, Admin/Finance, Warehouse and Quality Control. Every department will receive real-time updates and information the moment an employee inputs in the system. We aim to provide a clearly-defined UI that is easy for new and older employees to pick up.
  2. Redesign database. KMP has a large inventory of 20,000 products. Product IDs are not properly tracked over the years. As their server is currently running on Linux OS, we will have to migrate the data and redesign the database in order to match our new ERP system. The database should also facilitate users in archiving and retrieving information on old and new products.
  3. Redesign templates for documents and provide a user-friendly UI. Currently, the process of generating even a purchase order is very tedious and time-consuming. We aim to provide a standardized template for our list of functionalities and reports stated below.

Changed from M-web/App for EasyPump E-Commerce Platform. Design a mobile application that value adds to consumers’ daily life

  1. Jerrell CHE Shao Xian
  2. Sherman TAN Thuan Leng
  3. Gladys LIM Zhen Rong
  4. TAY Geok Lin
Benjamin Gan, SMU (taken over from Irvin Tan Senior Executive, Business Development, Shiqin Chen, Senior Executive of Sales and Marketing Department, KMP Far East Pte Ltd)
Tan Kar Way Alan MEGARGEL & Benjamin Gan

Team Viva

Acceptance Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Mid-Term Part 1


The SMU Shop - TSS mobile app.

Team Viva aims to create an iOS mobile application as a tool of convenience and a different level of engagement for TSS customers (mainly SMU students). Using the application, shoppers can customized their outfits using TSS products and leverage on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share their designs. In order to show how versatile and wearable TSS products are, shoppers have an option to upload their Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) with at least one TSS product up onto our portal to showcase their outfits. Shoppers can also accumulate loyalty points, which can be used to redeem, discount codes offered by TSS. Payment for the products can be made through Paypal.

  1. CHAN Wei Yin
  2. CAO Fangzhou
  3. MENG Xiangda
  4. WU Feiyu
Yunn Goh & Benny Toh, SMU Corp Comm, SMU Shop

2014/2015 Term 1

Schedule. Inform course coordinator by 20 May (no teams will be added after that date), please submit your 2 page proposal by 20 June.


  • Please schedule acceptance , midterm & final . Time slots are inclusive of Q&A.
  • Please refer to grading, video & guide.
  • The entire team must be at the presentation. Supervisors and course coordinator must be at Acceptance. Reviewers must be at Midterm. Supervisor & first reviewer must be at the Finals. The team should invite the sponsor.

Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
Richard C. DAVIS  ??? & ???


The project will aimed at developing a prototype of “Gamification of a Business Process”, the process chosen is the Fulfilment process. The process will include a back end system and we have decided to use SAP ERP. We have a SAP ERP box in SIS which we use for EBS course and this project will use the SAP ERP box.
  1. Eugene LOW Foo Mun
  2. TAY Ee Hian
  3. LIM Chee Yong
  4. Joanna PHOON Mu En
  5. Fennie TOO Jingyan
  6. Matthew CHEAH Kheng Boon
Prof Venky, SIS
 ???  ??? & ???

Team Santé

It is a web portal which allows vendors to easily create and manage web sites to sell their goods online without any prior coding knowledge.
  1. One-Click Template Change
  2. Design / Sell a Template
  3. Create a Marketplace
  4. Introduce new payment methods:
  5. Marketing
  1. Bryan NEO Han Sheng
  2. YEO Jun Kiat
  3. WANG Rui
  4. Alexander GOH Mingliang
Darren & Andy, Xiao Bazaar
 ???  ??? & ???

Silicon Geeks

from term 2

Sentosa Pass System. Sentosa Pass System using SharePoint Foundation 2010

Admin department manages 13 Sentosa Passes on the current system. The existing feature does not keep track of the user who created, updated and/or deleted the information. It is also difficult to look at earlier versions and recover information, for example, if the information is accidentally deleted. Admin also requires re-designing of its deficient and tedious staff & family pass application process to enhance the work productivity.

  1. Jeremy LIM Jie Ming
  2. CHAN Chun Fatt
  3. Leonard ONG Guang Shan
  4. LEE Wen Jie
  5. TAN Shu Han
  6. CHUAH Li XIan
Angeline Su Peishan, Sentosa
 ???  ??? & ???

Techne Logos

from term 2

Advertising Interaction Platform. The key objective is to develop an advertising interaction platform to leverage on mobile technology that would increase the value and effectiveness of the existing advertising ecosystem. This development encompasses the building of a content management system, presentation engine, mobile app and reporting engine that makes use of existing BeepCast platforms to leverage on existing communications infrastructure.
  1. WANG Hao Bo
  2. Clarissa GOH Shu Yi
  3. CHENG Kam Him
  4. Paige Isabela Quiambao LIM
  5. Muhammad Mustaqim Bin FADILLAH
Sr Lecturer Alan MEGARGEL, Domenico Pezzaniti. beepcast.com
Richard C. DAVIS  ??? & ???

One Piece

Project 4: Online Training Portal. We worked in a highly regulated environment where we need to comply with the requirement of regulators such as FSA, CFTC and FERC. IST IT worked with various IT Support teams to ensure a safe and compliant IT environment for the traders to operate. To equip the various IT Support teams with the knowledge, currently training is provided as a face to face. The project is to deliver an online training pack with certification capability.

Features Provide a web based training module Certification test Keep track of participants Send reminder to retake the module every 12 months

  1. GOKARN Ila Nitin
  2. PUJARA Aniket Pinakin
  3. PHYU Htant
  4. MI MI Han Kyaw
  5. Siddhant KANAUJIA
Tan Si Ling & Peter Morrison, BP
 ???  ??? & ???


Twitter Q&A. A portal, using Twitter as a platform, to be used as a medium for in-class discussion and analyze the data collected to produce useful metrics to prove that social media enhances learning. The Twitter platform allow students in SMU to participate in class discussions by posting tweets, nominating the interesting ones and voting for them as discussion points to facilitate and stimulate in-class conversations and debates.

This project continue from work done by Team Inspirers

  1. HSU Shao Cheh
  2. LIM Shu Hui
  3. Sherman TAN Si Xian
  4. Jeremy LIM Xieyan
  5. LEE Jin
  6. YAP Qiu Cheng
Thomas Menkhoff/Benjamin Gan, SMU
 ???  ??? & ???


  1. Melvin LEONG Wei Kang
  2. Kenneth LIOW Jian Quan
  3. NG Ying Neng
  4. REN Minglin
 ???  ??? & ???


Silver Spring - Educational Sites and Job Portal. The founder of Silver Spring, Ms. Helen Lim is looking for assistance to uptake a social enterprise project. The main aim of this project is to enhance the basic functionalities (Educational Sites and Job Portal) and User Interface of the existing website(http://silverspring.com.sg/). In this enhanced site, it is hoped that they are able to tap into mainstream social media channels like Facebook, twitter and etc. to the reach out to more mature workers in Singapore. If it is possible, they would love to measure the overall effectiveness of these channels through a dashboard or some analytical diagrams.

Previously, SIS - SIS Admission Interview Scheduling System.

  1. Suryaratna KANDALA
  2. CHENG Jia Ying
  3. Jessica WIJAYANTI
  4. YAP Cai Man
Helen Lim, Silver Spring
 ???  ??? & ???


The goal of this project is to create an e-Therapist gateway. This is a web application for Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) Psychological Medicine Department’s patients who has been diagnose with mild depression to do their online coaching program as part of their medical treatment. This web application will allow psychologists to assign patients their surveys, modules and homework. In addition, this application will allow patients to complete their homework online and will send automated SMS or email reminders to patients who have not completed their homework, patients are also able to chart their progress through this gateway. Furthermore, psychologists can access the completed homework online, evaluate them, send back feedback to the patients and track patients’ progress. Lastly, an administrative controller is able to access the system to assign patients to the therapists.
  1. TAN Zi Song
  2. Trina NG Chin Teng
  3. TAN You Yuan
  4. Eileen TAN
SMU-Alexandra Health T-Lab, IHIS and Psychological Medicine Department
 ???  ??? & ???


A marketing central platform is a web-based application. The aim of this project is to provide a promising advertising portal and a one-stop information collection point for viewers, thus improving the effectiveness of advertising in the current environment. The Central Market attracts users to share the advertisements through the concept of multi-level marketing and rewarding material material incentives such as cash vouchers or discounts. The food and beverage industry will be the first market we will be targeting at.
  1. SHIH Fu Hua
  2. OH Peng Ho
  3. Avinash DASH
  4. SITOH Pak Leng
Andrew Ta, Founder of The Central Market, AT+Co.
 ???  ??? & ???

Code Blue

Dynamic queue management decision-support tool. The objective of the project is to build the simulation and decision-support that comprises of the following functionalities: Simulation of hospital’s systems, Decision-support tool, Reporting and analytics & Simulation visualisation playback.
  1. Clarice ANG Hui Ying
  2. GOH Chun Yang
  3. Abdul Basith S/o MOHAMED H M Y
  4. Nigel LIM Changcun
  5. Muhammad Faris Bin Abdul MALIK
  6. Muhammad Syafi Bin SALIM
TAN Kar Way, SMU
 ???  ??? & ???


GTL - Web-based Platform for the Energy Certificate tool The primary objective of the project is thus to enhance the current ‘Energy Certificate’. There are several aspects of improvement that we would like to see:

To make the process more streamlined. This is to be achieved by creating a Web-based version of the Energy Certificate, with intuitive input and output interfaces To enhance the reporting and analysis part of the tool by providing more analysis options with intuitive visual reporting To build what-if analysis function to give users option to test different energy efficiency improvement levers to see which ones are more effective

  1. Damian TAN
  2. CHAN Weitian
  3. CHUA Yi Chong
  4. Delphine TOH Yun Qian
  5. KOH Kar Chian
  6. Jasmine LAU Jia Yi
TAN Kar Way, GTL
 ???  ??? & ???



Our project aims to create a web-based travel application tool, TravelEzi, for Moody’s Analytics Singapore. The main focus of this travel application tool is to facilitate the travel approval process, which is currently manual, for travelling employees. This travel application tool will consists of main players like Moody’s approving manager, Moody’s employees and travel agencies. The application will enable managers to track their employees’ location and to push notifications to them.

  1. Luqman Haqim Bin Ab RAHMAN
  2. HUANG Jun Ming
  3. TAN Yu Ling
  4. TAN Wei Liang
  5. Kenneth TAN Zheng Ming
Moody’s Analytics Singapore

Peter GOH, Project Coordinator, Enterprise Risk Solutions Services, Moody’s Analytics Singapore

 ???  ??? & ???


  1. Aseem PRABHAT
  3. Kelvin LEONG Jiawen
  4. YAN Renlong
  5. Kevin ONGGO
 ???  ??? & ???


  1. WANG Jing
  2. FENG Xin
  3. YU Zhe
  4. ZHAI Haoxian
  5. GUO Yuxin
 ???  ??? & ???


Fund easy-transfer mobile app. This app would allow the payer transfer the fund to receiver by simply generating a graph code on his phone, and letting the graph being scanned by the receiver so that the transfer of fund is closed and successful.

The transfer process would involve three parties, payer, receiver, and bank.

  1. WU Zijian
  2. ZHENG Yixi
  3. LIU Yining
  4. MA Chenguang
 ???  ??? & ???


The team aims to produce a mobile app on Android for Massmify. Massmify is a social media website that functions based on the concept of citizen journalism. Users are able to write articles and viewers will vote the articles accordingly. Articles on Massmify feature a wide range of topics from Business, Entertainment to Gossips. The website has been built on Ruby on Rails and the team aims to extend the company’s outreach by producing the Android app. While some of the functions will be called from the web service functions, several new special functions will be added to this application that will definitely add values to the company.
  1. ZHANG Annan
  2. Dan LI
  3. Elaine NG Yee Leng
  4. SEE Ting Chun
Le Thanh - Founder of Massmify
 ???  ??? & ???


4G device rental platform Currently, tourists rent our devices through a booking form via the internet before arriving in Singapore. Due to the lack of awareness of such services in Singapore, we would like to develop a iPad rental platform to be placed in hotels for easy access to tourists visiting Singapore. We are currently in discussion with STB to implement this project.
  1. SONG Chengyue
  2. Putri Farain Bte SUGANG
  3. WANG Mengnan
  4. XUE Liuyi
  5. ZHENG Wei
Sheng Le, Rentafi
 ???  ??? & ???

Team Xcellence

Previous ISES project Kopa Wheel.
  1. Andy TENG Rui Jie
  2. TAN Si Yu
  3. WONG Wei Xiong
  4. WENG Xinyong
  5. LEK Guan Zhou
  6. CHUA Zhen Ling
Prof Marcus Lee, Institute of Service Excellence, SMU
 ???  ??? & ???


Project Skillseed - CMS web portal. We would like to create an integrated web portal and content management system that allows us to publish new programs via a main website, create sub-sites for our school clients with separate back-end admin access, and allow data collection (through forms) and data analytics. The web portal should also be able to integrate payment options (e.g. paypal, etc.). We would also like to be able to communicate with our potential participants and NGOs better - perhaps through live chat or our own forum installed into the website.

We are currently using separate systems (form collection, website, survey tools) which don't have all the features we need to make life better for our NGOs and participants. We are open to using current open-source technologies or even building upon what we're already currently using. You can check out our site at www.projectskillseed.com to get an idea of our current status. We are definitely open to discussion, suggestions and other creative ideas! Help us create the gold standard in publishing and tracking social impact through our web platform!

  1. Sithu KYAW
  2. Thandar Wai MYINT
  3. KAWI
  4. MA Chengchi
  5. TRINH Hiep Dang Khoa
Grace Huijia Phua, Project Skillseed
 ???  ??? & ???

Team Epsilon

Public Feedback and Enquiry Platform Using mobile apps,
  • public users can quickly capture the details of services and infrastructure requiring attention, provide the necessary feedback or enquiries.
  • Other users can provide additional information on these entries.
  • Users from the responsible agencies can respond to these feedbacks and enquiries. This facilitates faster turn-around and better communications between the public and the agencies, and promotes greater satisfaction and understanding.
  • The system provides safeguards to prevent spams and trolls, while enabling honest feedback and responses.
  1. CHUA Pei Qin
  2. Benjamin CHAN Chi Siong
  3. Lavinia TAY Sze Hua
  4. LEE Jong Hyeok
  5. Joel WOO Han Theng
Low Chin Chau
 ???  ??? & ???


  1. WEI Wenjin
  2. HENG U San
  3. TAN Qi Yang
  4. LIM Yi Sheng
  5. Sulovna SUSANT
 ???  ??? & ???


Office of Student Life - Accounting Information System (AIS) for SMUSA. SMU Students' Association or SMUSA is interested in developing a web application cum website for students to serve as a one stop service portal. You could be part of making a difference in student life right in in your alma mater. For years students have been requesting for faster and more efficient services and processes. Our review found that some of these processes would be greatly enhanced through automation and we would like the best and brightest of SMU's IS students to engage in a fun yet fulfilling project. Visit us at www.smusa.sg to find out more about us!
  1. Terence Chu
  2. PHANG Ming Min
  3. Trecia KOH Ying Ying
  4. LEE Jinq-yi
  5. NG Zhen Jie
  6. Mohamed SAFIULLAH
Wong Yew Tong, OSL Associate Director, Student Leadership, SMU
 ???  ??? & ???



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