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Welcome to IS480: IS Application Project

These are current projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the course manager. Past Teams


More information on user testing are available on this link.

Getting Started

More information on IS480 are available at IS480 website, and Facebook. You need to decide a team name and send that name to the course coordinator. We will update the IS480 main page with your team name. This team name is used as the root of your wiki page. To contribute to this wiki, please login (click upper right corner) using your SMU or given username and password. Select the appropriate domain SMUSTU/SMUSTF/local. You can refer to other team's wiki (dashboard, team roles, project overview, project management with minutes, documents) or the following: midterm finals. For help, click here, please refer to the wiki POLICY. IS480 is now an SMU-X course! Check out the SMU-X webpage.

2016/2017 Term 2

Schedule. Inform course coordinator by 2 Oct (no teams will be added after that date), please submit your 2 page proposal by 17 Oct.


  • Please schedule acceptance, midterm & final . Time slots are inclusive of Q&A.
  • Please refer to grading, video & guide.
  • The entire team must be at the presentation. Supervisors and course coordinator must be at Acceptance. Reviewers must be at Midterm. Supervisor & first reviewer must be at the Finals. The team should invite the sponsor for finals.

Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor


Acceptance 1 2
Team's Pitch 1

Epitrain - E-book Reader Platform We are building a e-learning platform for Epitrain – a training and consultancy firm. This platform enables users to communicate with others via online forum, subscribe or purchase training materials and view these materials with built-in tools. Since there are no unified platform for users currently, this will greatly enhance their learning experience. Finally, this system will also provide Epitrain with protection over their resources via encryption and access control, which ensure the materials’ market values are retained.

  1. NGO Hoan Vu
  2. GAO Shuang
  3. Asril LEE Kavan
  4. WANG Ziteng
  5. LE Anh Tu
  6. LEE En Xin
Gerard Tong, MITB adjunct/CEO & Vanessa Soh, Operations, Epitrain


Acceptance 1 2 3
Team's Pitch 1
Zam Unition

Englify is a 1 stop mobile platform for Myanmar teachers to build strong confidence in teaching proper English. Following the Government English curriculum strictly, Englify aims to help teachers to READ, LISTEN and PRACTICE their speaking by getting feedback immediately on how accurate their English pronunciation is. We aim to get 50 downloads with 25 active users by the end of this project.

  1. ZAM Sian Nem
  2. Diana Binte EDDIE
  3. Nurul Sofia Atikah Bte SABAN
  4. YANG Jiangang
  5. Keith LEOW Ewing
Mr Adrian Siew, Philanthropist
Benjamin GAN Benjamin GAN


Acceptance 1
Team's Pitch 1
MidTerm 1 2

Samantha NG Bao Xian dropped out

ByteMe The IS480 System provides an online platform for students working on their final year project to design and create their project’s poster. Each of these project is made possible after thousands of hour spent liaising with stakeholders and massive development. The poster serves as a showcase effort for the sponsors, faculties and other interested parties to understand the work and value that was generated by the students through the project. The application also provides search and filter capabilities for the viewers to have quick and convenient method of searching for a project or a particular interest. All in all, the showcase system offers a mean of generating poster as a medium to showcase the final year project and also additional features for the public to understand and appreciate the IS480 projects.

  1. TAN Ai Xin
  2. Clinton ANG Leong Hong
  3. LIM Zi Ling
  4. Joanna TAN Wei Lin
SMU, SIS, Benjamin Gan, Fiona Lee or Hosanna
Benjamin GAN Alan MEGARGEL & Steven HOI

Grizzly Badgers

1. Samsung Note 2 GT-N7105 black (blue cover) S/N: R31D20XEFCK IMEI: 353845/05/655907/4 2. Samsung Note 2 GT-N7105 white (yellow cover) S/N: RF1D228EZVY IMEI: 354792/05/343912/5 3. iPhone5, Black 16GB (orange cover) S/N: C37K8C7HDTWD IMEI: 013556006185066 4. Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 black mist (black cover) S/N: RF1D82AXEBZ IMEI: 357800/05/988598/0 5. Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 black mist (brown cover) S/N:  RF1D82AXZEP IMEI: 357800/05/989195/4 6. XiaoMi 3 16GB (Black) S/N: 501120002533 IMEI: 865002022903728 7. XiaoMi 4 16GB (White) S/N: 785320430108 IMEI: 864895025210095 8. HongMi (Yellow) S/N: 651820050043 IMEI: 865624023430094 [Christopher Teo Ming Jian]

Acceptance 1 2 3
Team's Pitch 1

Preventing the spread of infectious diseases is a key public health problem in hospitals, and contact tracing is a huge part of the solution. Traditional methods involve tedious bookkeeping, and many hospital management systems are complex to use and costly to maintain. StepWise is a lightweight visitor tracking system, designed to empower hospital disease control teams to keep track of contact between visitors and patients within the hospital. Built and tested for AMK Hospital, it's the ideal, scalable solution for healthcare institutions to adopt at any stage of digitization, from simple visitor guestbooks, to advanced check-in logging using IoT. Get on the path toward knowing the comings and goings in your hospital today, stepwise.

  1. Abdul Shahid Bin RAHMAT
  2. Friedemann ANG Zhuang Kai
  3. Christopher TEO Ming Jian
  4. Aloysius LAM Zhao Yin
  5. Jason WU Jiawei
  6. YU Zheng Yuan
Damien Tong Chee Kin, HR Director, Edy Chandra, System Analyst, Dr Jocelyn Koh/Ms Sarah Lim, Infection Control Team Ang Mo Kio-Thye Hua Kwan Hospital


Acceptance 1 2 3
Team's Pitch 1
Adrien Pied Piper

A niche online e-platform dedicated to providing college art students a place to sell their works to offer middle class customers an option of buying relative affordable unique art pieces.

  1. Adrien Marie Alain REY HERME
  2. LIU Peiang
  3. WANG Yechun
  4. WU Wei
Mentor, JIANG Lingxiao
LEE Youngki Paul GRIFFIN & Steven HOI


1 2 3
Team's Pitch 1
iPad(3rd gen) Wi-Fi Cellular 16GB Black S/N: DMPK4kPQf18P IMEI: 990002891314674 [LIM Suet Fang]
Suet Fang Friendchise

Accenture - Smart Restaurant using ACNAPI Team CHOMPers aims to create a mobile application called Chomp, which helps to facilitate the getting of food from popular hawkers. According to our research, 80% of the population are unwilling to queue more than 30 minutes for good food at hawker centres. Therefore, our app aims to allow consumers to pre order their food in advance and collect them without having the need to queue. The application will also provide the vendors with statistical data which will allow them to better plan and understand their market sales and demands for their business. Our x factor is that we aim to have 3 food vendors, 25 active users and 50 downloads.

  1. CHOO Sheng Jia
  2. LAM Wan Ting
  3. Rex TAN Ming Han
  4. LIM Suet Fang
  5. CHIA Chong Cher
Andre Chan, Analyst; Chew Tze Eng, Senior Manager, Digital Business Integration, Accenture via Damian & Shyan Ann SIS alumni
LEE Youngki Benjamin GAN & Paul GRIFFIN


Acceptance 1 2 3
Team's Pitch 1
XiaoMi 4 16GB (White) S/N: 785320428986 IMEI: 864895025194380 [Gan Ke Ting] HongMi (Pink) S/N: 651620003079 IMEI: 865424022026245 [Gan Ke Ting]
Sandeep INBAVANAN withdraw

Oops is an android mobile application to provide a social platform for local singles to connect through hitching a car ride. The fast-paced lifestyle makes many young singles in Singapore hard to engage in a relationship, and it is one of the main motivations for us to embark on this project. We hope that this application can facilitate meetups among young career-minded singles and help them find potential partners.

  1. LEE Zhi Hui
  2. GAN Ke Ting
  3. LI Yifei
  4. ZHANG Qianruxue
Julieanne Tay & Brandon Ong, Love En Route Pte Ltd. Zubaidah Bte Osman (Communications Advisor) & Daniel Kung (Legal Advisor)
LEE Youngki Steven HOI & Benjamin GAN


Acceptance 1 2 3
Team's Pitch 1

Writeup GERIfication is a tool for caregivers to monitor elderly patients remotely under their care, sending them alert notifications via SMS when events of interests occur. This enables elderly to live independently while keeping caregivers' involvement to a minimum, intervening only when the need arises. We intend to deploy it in geriatric living labs for one month, followed by live testing by a group of 10 caregivers for one elderly patient.

  1. Avinash DASH
  2. Muhammad Irshad Bin Mohamed SALLEH
  3. Elliotz Kamarulzaman THIARA
  4. TAN Wei Liang
  5. Samantha NG Bao Xian
  6. WHEY Zhen Hui
TAN Hwee Pink/Andus Lim, SMU-TCS iCity Lab; Dr Lillian, Research Fellow (Client), Geriatric Education and Research Institute, GERI
Paul GRIFFIN Steven HOI & LEE Youngki


Acceptance 1 2 3
Team's Pitch 1

Simha Innovation Pte Ltd - Business Model Planner Tool Happy6Friends aims to revolutionize the learning process for the freshmen by introducing an easy and interactive platform for the 3 innovative learning models. Our X-factor is to aim for 88% satisfaction rate amongst all users.

  1. LEE Jiao Hui
  2. Gary WONG Hong Chieh
  3. Karen LOW Chay Seok
  4. Tedric TAN Yong Da
  5. NG Jun Hui
  6. AW Jie Shi
Professor Desai Arcot Narashimhalu, SMI & Simha Innovations Pte Ltd


Acceptance 1 2 3
Team's Pitch 1
Brian Hatch’Id

Many clinicians in emerging markets, such as The Philippines, have basic to no medical training. When faced with conditions that are outside of their expertise, they are unable to help diagnose these patients. MediConnect is a web-based application that aims to bridge that gap by providing professional medical courses and information, so as to empower them in their daily work routine.

  1. Jennifer YAP Swee Lian
  2. Brian TAN Le Meau
  3. MAK Kar Kit
  4. Vereen LAI Xinyi
Edward Booty Executive Director; Wilson Chew Manager Communications and Partnerships Asia-Pacific, Allied World Healthcare
Paul GRIFFIN LEE Youngki & Steven HOI

Optimus Prime

Acceptance 1 2 3
Team's Pitch 1

Optimax Global Pte Ltd. - Online Bidding System
OptiBid is an online bidding system that serves to help SMEs easily and conveniently link up with their desired telco service providers. Telecom service management has always been a tedious and expensive process for SMEs. With our system, OptiBid acts as a middleman that helps SMEs deal with telecom services with much less hassle and cost. We stand out from the rest because we make use of real time data crawled directly from the internet to accurately calculate telecom spendings and savings in the form of analytics aiming to provide the most value for money solution that our clients will ever find.

  1. Eunice LAU Yan Ting
  2. Clifford TIANG Zhang Hui
  3. PENG Shensong
  4. Gabriel TAN Guan Wei
  5. TAN Jin Quan
  6. Alvin TAN Yong Ming
Lim Chee Yong - Software Architect, Ernie Ong - Lead Consultant, Johnny Lin – Lead Analyst, Optimax Global Pte Ltd
Steven HOI LEE Youngki & Paul GRIFFIN


Acceptance 1 2 3
Team's Pitch 1
Kenneth ByteMe

SMU IITS - Teaching Load Management System Every school has a demand/supply problem - their courses, faculty, and how they are allocated for each of them in an academic year. The new Teaching Load Management System (TLMS) solves this for SMU by bringing their existing excel data into our system, and make quick shortcuts to perform what would take them hours daily, into minutes. Our users are those in charge of doing allocating exercises every academic term in each of SMU"s schools (SOL, SIS, SOE etc) will be using this. We hope that by doing so we can help them save time and effort, which could otherwise go into growing SMU to its full potential.

  1. Daniel Laurence SEETEKBENG
  2. Kenneth WONG Xiong Kai
  3. PHYO Min Khine
  4. Shraddha RAMESH
  5. TEO Wen Jie
  6. Thomas Joseph THIO Kit Sun
NG Teck Siong, SMU IITS, Sunita Chatta, Office of Provost
Steven HOI Alan MEGARGEL & LEE Youngki


Acceptance 1 2 3 4
Team's Pitch 1

Ulink Assist – Automating personalised follow-ups to capture lifetime patient value With Ulink analysis system, managing clients and monitoring of team's performance will be a fuss free solution for your company. The new system will also provide analysis of data, which is useful for Ulink to make decisions and recommend suitable screenings to patients.

  1. CHIEN Shu Yan
  2. Nabilah Banu Binte Mohamed Nasir KHAN
  3. Nicole GOH
  4. Sean KWOK Yihui
  5. TEH Kaixin
Linda Siow, Ulink Assist Pte Ltd
Steven HOI Benjamin GAN & LEE Youngki


Acceptance 1 2
Team's Pitch 1
Quek, Low & Kim from Adventure Time

Our team is building a hair stylist management system, to help the owner Mr. Noel Ng to manage the operations of his hair salon. The system will include functions such as customer management, appointment management, payment and payroll function. The reason why we chose this project was because we were inspired by Noel’s passion for his business. Our X-factor is to get all 7 hairstylists to use HMS and have 100 customer appointments by midterm.

  1. QUEK Qiao Hui
  2. LOW Kang Li
  3. KIM Na Kyung
  4. Haja Reethwan Bin MOHAMED Sultan Arif
Mr. Noel Ng & Ms. Shu Xin Yoong, Harts Salon Pte. Ltd.

2017/2018 Term 1

Schedule. Inform course coordinator by 15 May (no teams will be added after that date), please submit your 2 page proposal by 15 June.


  • Please schedule acceptance, midterm & final . Time slots are inclusive of Q&A.
  • Please refer to grading, video & guide.
  • The entire team must be at the presentation. Supervisors and course coordinator must be at Acceptance. Reviewers must be at Midterm. Supervisor & first reviewer must be at the Finals. The team should invite the sponsor for finals

Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
 ???  ??? & ???

Team 404

Term 2


  1. Isha SAGAR
  2. Meher GULATI
  3. Aditya SINGH
  4. Sound VANI
 ???  ??? & ???


A digital platform with intuitive dashboard to understand user trends, events and activities so as to improve the engagement based on the statistics gathered. Thus, able to enhance current initiatives to better engage alumni and the members of the SMU community.

  1. Jackson KWA Jian Hui
  2. LEE Teck Hui
  3. LEE Yu Jer
  4. Alivia HENG Xi Wen
  5. Celine LIM Xin Yi
  6. Cecilia YEO Hui Zhong
Edwin, SMUAA
 ???  ??? & ???


Self proposed

  1. Eugene TAN Keng Guan
  2. Mallika Nitin GOKARN
  3. Malcolm Nathaniel NG Bao Kun
  4. FAN Kaiyang
  5. Adeline CHIN Wen Jie
  6. Vin LOW Choon Teck
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. NG Shirong
  2. Bryan LAU Peng Liang
  3. Louis LIM Ying Wei
  4. YEO Wei Siong
  5. TAM Kei Wen
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. Jeremy LEE Ting Kok
  2. TAN Yong Siang
  3. LYU Bowen
  4. WANG Shuwei
  5. TEO Jinyuan
 ???  ??? & ???

Dev Ninjas


  1. Manfred LOH Pei En
  2. TAN Si Ying
  3. Jeremy TAY Si Jie
  4. Rachel WONG
  5. LIM Li Ting
  6. LIAW Wee Kiat
 ???  ??? & ???


FundPlaces is a fintech startup that focuses on crowdfunding in the real estate space. We leverage the bitcoin blockchain to issue tokens representing the economic benefits accrued from real estate investments. This allows us to reduce the minimum investment amounts to as low as SGD1,000 and hence, allow investors to more easily diversify as well as enable more people to invest in real estate. One of the projects that I've identified will be using our already developed RESTful API to create a mobile app for our investors

  1. SHANGGUAN Yajie
  2. LIU Jinlong
  3. QI Zhenyi
  4. BIAN Yongyi
  5. XU Jiawen
Steven Chan, Head of Product and Risk, FundPlaces | fundplaces.com
 ???  ??? & ???


Voyager Report System. This system will be based on a native mobile application with iOS in precedence.

  1. Daniel LIM Yu Xuan
  2. FAN Wei Lun
  3. TAN Jin An
  4. Royston LIANG Huijie
  5. Ega TANDIAN
  6. CHONG Jia Qian
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. Kovan CHAN Jie Hong
  2. Sunita VERMA
  3. Siti Hazirah Binte HASNAN
  4. Marcus KOH Meng Hao
  5. TAN Wei Zheng
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. Carissa LIM Xin Ying
  2. TAN Chang Sheng
  3. LAU Zi Quan
  4. LEE Boon Sing
  5. Crystal CHIOK Hwee Fong
  6. QUEK Mang Ling
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. YANG Guo Qiang
  2. Amanda LIM Xin Yi
  3. Edward FOO Jong Chuen
  4. Jolene TEO Jie Lin
  5. Nigel GOH Jun Wen
  6. KOH Xiao Wei
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. AU Ling Wei
  2. Ryan HUANG Liang Wei
  3. TAN Beng Guan
  4. TAY Wen Li
  5. Alicia Nanelia TAN Li Shi
  6. LIM Xin Yi
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. Martius LIM Jia Hao
  2. TAN Kee Hock
  3. KONG Yu Jian
  4. Sally CHIN Si Ying
  5. MAH Chia Hui
  6. POON Swee Heng
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. LIM Jia Tung
  2. Jennefer NGADIMAN
  3. SIM Hui Min
  4. TAY Yan Min
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. David TEH Ren Yan
  2. TAN Keyi
  3. Tessa TAN Yu Huan
  4. LIM Jing Wen
  5. CHIA Ji Kin
  6. Gary SOONG Jia Rui
Self Proposed
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. TAN Han Zhong
  2. Adeline JONG Wen Ting
  3. Amelia LEE Jing Hua
  4. Gina LEE Hui Yu
  5. Raynie MOO Wee Lim
  6. WANG Yuchun
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. LIM Jit Yang
  2. CHEN Yuebao
  3. Darren TAN Yan Theen
  4. Leslie CHENG Hui Jun
  5. Lynnete WONG Ee Lin
  6. TEH Ming Yi
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. ONG Hong Hng
  2. Benedict SOH Yuan Jie
  3. Leon TAY Ee Liang
  4. ONG Rong Sheng
  5. ANG Jiaying
  6. Theresa LEE Si Rui
 ???  ??? & ???



  1. NGUYEN Dang Thanh Ha
  2. JIA Yuhan
  3. WONG Jiaan
  4. Shilpa SURESH
Own sponsor
 ???  ??? & ???

Ctrl Alt Del


  1. Nurul Syafiqah Bte MOHD SAID
  2. YANG Jiwen
  3. Nur Syakirah Binte MOHD SAID
  4. Edbert PANG Jun Hao
  5. Dean KO Pok Chiat
  6. Jerome DYEO
 ???  ??? & ???

Snack Overflow


  1. TAN Song Kai
  2. ANG Kah Eng
  3. Cynthia GOH Pei Xuan
  4. Jater LOH Wee Kian
  5. TAN Chee Wei
  6. TAN Xuan Hao