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Android Mobile and Web User Testing

--- 1 - 11 April 2014---

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 3.40.44 am.png

In this user test, we have incorporate the web version for users to be able to chat as well as fill their availability through accessing www.schedulous.sg

With the web version, users that are not using Android devices would be able to easily access our application without the need to own an Android phone. In addition, there would be no obligation for users to need to download Schedulous on Android in order to access our application. This in turn allows flexibility for users as well as allowing us to promote to a wider audience.

However, the only disadvantage that users accessing Schedulous on Web would be the fact that they would not be able to enjoy as well as experience the full functionalities of our Schedulous. This privilege would only be given to our Schedulous Android users.

We have defined our second Android mobile and web testing with the goals as shown above.

Through this user testing, we have continued with measuring the effectiveness of our PR marketing by targeting more 1st degree users as beta tester for our application. Results gathered are more significant and would be compared with our first android mobile testing. More information on how we went about conducting this test is described here.

In addition, in this user testing we would like to highlight how our team has done selective debugging to ensure the stability of the application such that it will provide Schedulous users with good user experience and minimal bugs.

Responses and logs collected are analysed further and discussed within the team with regard to features and changes suggested by users

Currently, we are in the process of finalising changes to be made.

You can check out our photos by clicking on the "Photos" tab above!