Team Motiva Role Description

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Project Manager
  • Project Planning & Execution
  • Monitor Project Progress
  • Chair Meeting
  • Managing Resources
  • Managing Project Schedules
Assistant Project Manager & UAT Administrator
  • Assist Project manager
  • Record meeting minutes
  • Ensure project quality by testing
  • Keep track of bugs
Lead Developer
  • Conduct weekly developer workshop (code review and solution sharing)
  • Define coding standards and maintain the best practices
  • Project integration
  • Directs SDLC
Technical lead & Creative Designer
  • Coordinate Technical resources (Server, Database, Migration, etc)
  • Provide solution for the software architecture & Infrastructure
  • Coordinate development to meet business and other requirements
  • Design user interface and Graphics
Business Analyst & Communication Director
  • Assess business models and their integration with technology
  • Strategic planning & operating analysis
  • Communication with B1G1 and other Liaison activity
  • Update Wiki and media