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The beginning

B1G1 is a charitable organization. It occurred to me that it would be very meaningful if I were to embark on a project and contribute for a worthy cause. The concept of the project is one that is really interesting. Unlike other applications (which are mostly used for payment services, etc), the project focuses on motivating people to make a donation.

Initially, my main concern was the steep learning curve due to the platform we have to develop on. It would be a challenge given that my team and I have not had any experience in iPhone Application development and the tight schedule. As such, this would be an opportunity for us to set a challenge for ourselves. The initial stages are always the hardest to overcome. I do have confidence in my team that we would be able to pull this off. The determination to overcome this challenge would fuel our drive and to be able pull this off would be a sense of achievement. Having our application on the App Store would be cool!

I do hope that I would be able to improve both my technical skill and project management skills. The experience in iPhone Application development would be one that is valuable. With the increasing popularity of iPhone applications, this would be very useful in future. There is much to learn developing on the iOS platform; from using Cocoa Touch to the architecture of the application. Given that we have to work with a client, I would hope to learn how to manage the clients’ and team's expectations.

In a nutshell, I would see this project as a sneak preview to what I would be experiencing in the future. I do look forward to embarking on this project. The learning journey may be full of ups and downs. But I believe that with full determination, we would be able to overcome all odds. It is not just about the results, it's the process that counts.


I believe that our development would run more smoothly now that we've gone through at least 6 weeks of coding in Objective C and using Xcode. I do look forward to completing the project as the application grows. As more interesting functions are to be added and more changes to be made, I'm sure that we are going to overcome these obstacles.

The journey thus far hasn't been well with the scope changes and schedules. The tight schedule with FYP and last minutes changes has been quite a pain. Different situations call for different measures and it really tests us on how we're going to manage our project and the approach we take in different situations. Nevertheless, I know we'll pull it through!

The Finale

Having been working on the project for 6 months, I can really feel that at different stage of the project, we've learnt different things. Today, the project is coming to an end very soon. I can feel that we are working towards a different objective. Near the ending stage, we are now looking towards having a quality product. It is also important to be able to be in-line with B1G1's business objectives. We are no longer looking at the functional requirements stage anymore. It has been interesting to see how the project changes at each different stage.

Having gone through the many weeks of FYP, it has been a journey with much obstacles faced. We've had several scope changes. I would say that we are able to cope with them fairly well. The project has been a great one so far. I do hope that we will have more chances of embarking on similar projects like this in future. I'm glad everything went well. This has been a great learning experience that I believe is worth the hard work.