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The beginning

Upon reading the overview of the project, I immediately felt motivated to take up the challenge and urged my teammates to develop the project for the goodwill of the needy people, who would benefit substantially from it.

However, the main obstacle would be development in iOS as it is a total foreign territory to begin with. But looking back, if kids as young as ten years old could develop an iOS application and list it on the Apple's App Store, I am sure that my team and I would be able to do it too! After all, I already have the strong foundation of object-oriented programming to complement with.

While self-learning iOS may be tedious at the initial stage, I strongly believe that it should be manageable given the scope of work to be implemented after having a preliminary discussion with B1G1. And, the emphasis on every iOS application is being able to perform a task within an excellent usability interface without being complicated. Also, skills learnt throughout the development for iOS would surely be valuable for the foreseeable future (given the increasing number of iOS products)!

Finally, a unanimous decision was made within the group to clinch the project, after evaluating the pros and cons of the implementation, and I am definitely happy to develop for a worthy cause!


Since acceptance till date, I am definitely becoming more adapted to the native Objective-C programming language. But being programmatically inclined in Objective-C is not enough for developing iOS applications, I would need to understand the many underlying design and Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) principles to incorporate, alongside the native programming language.

Thus, given a chance to develop an iOS application has since allowed me to learn these skills that are otherwise not taught during school curriculum, and I look forward to complete the development soon!


The final league of FYP is coming to an end and I am proud to say I have gained the much-needed technical knowledge in Objective-C to develop an Apple Application. I am able to put the knowledge to good use in future and perhaps start developing my own applications to be listed in the App Store!

Looking back at when we first accepted the project, the team has came a long way till date and the bonding we have is simply irreplaceable! We worked hard to deliver the end product without compromising our schedule. The synergy we have boils down to everyone's determination and hardwork. I am glad to have them as my teammates and I am sure we would all love to see the success of the Giving Life App in time to come!