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The beginning

Having such an opportunity to work with external client on a project is what this course offers and that have distinguishes itself from other faculties. I look upon this assignment as it challenges me to utilize the skills that I have learnt from various courses. We went through the list of projects published by various companies and we have selected Buy One Give One (B1G1) to be our client.

In my own terms, B1G1 is a non-profit organization that adopts a unique business model of sharing and giving. I remembered during the first meeting with Ms. Masami Sato, Founder of B1G1, she was very inspirational on how this idea of giving started three years ago. When she shared with us the plan of developing an iPhone application and how this idea would grow, I certainly believe that this idea would shape the lifestyle of people. It leverage on a mindset of “Pull” factor which differentiate itself from the “Push” we saw in advertisement and television shows. Through this application, we want users to be connected with their personal lifestyle while sharing the moment of joy through giving. The success would be determined by the change of perspective and habit when people look at monetary contribution through sharing. Users would not feel obliged but rather motivated by the things they do. Through years of giving, I hope to find more meaning in the world of connectivity and reflection.

In this project, we have to learn a new programming language (Objective-C) and develop the application in a new environment (Xcode). Designing the application user interface and project integration are the things I wish to sharpen on. The initial step will be tough but I see these as a great opportunity for me to learn and manage expectation in work. The project development phase spans around one semester and is definitely not easy as much as we have to balance between our other curriculums. Apart from work, I have attended workshops and webinar to know more about Business and iPhone application development.

In the role of a business analyst and communication director, my job is to manage the client’s project requirements and expectation. I hope that this practical learning experience would be fun and enriching.

On the Highway

I had encounter many problems during the development and it was not so much from the core functionalities but rather the foundation in navigation and hierarchical structure of iOS App design. . At the start, I am over-enthusiastic on looking through the client requirements and developing solutions for it. Through several attempts of building additional features to satisfy and improve user in-app experience, the project sway off course in not complying with certain Apple design; but not much.

Communication during project development is so much more important that I think it should be. It's not so much about efficiency but effectiveness. I found situation where I need to email our client for database and design clarifications several times. I feel that in the upcoming timeline, I need to constantly update our client with the project expectation, design, workflow and any requirements that risk for potential changes.

In perspective, I feel passionate and will continue to push forward this concept and application design into the apps store. Imagine a world full of giving and I'm pretty sure that such connectivity and relationship can be found in all lifestyle.

The best journey thus far

We have come a long way since this project started in July 2011. New friendship has been forged and I would like to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity to contribute and indeed we have race this journey with pride. It all started with a simple goal of delivering ideas through the mobile platform. With the trend of smartphone adoption rate and technology curve coupled with information that is readily available in public channels, we believe that our project will certainly grow from here.

I was new to the group at the beginning but in fact we share the same passion and objective. Before the start of our work, we had a several gathering and chill out session where we bonded together; and I think that really helps in fostering the team spirit which eventually helps us to weave through these rough roads.

From our project, I have learnt a lot and I’m going to share some major ones that may have impacted me. Talking management is easy then practically managing it. All of us have numerous works to do but we manage to plan things ahead, pinpoint the risk and reschedule if there were potential conflicts. The basis of understanding forms the foundation of our team and I am very thankful towards everyone’s patience. The last point is competency. We knew there were problems as we went along and what turns out is how effective we are in solving them. Once an issue is discovered and notified, we immediately find a solution and rectify it. It is tough but great work and I am very proud to work with such a wonderful team.

I have enjoyed myself in this 6 months long project. I would like to thank our wonderful client who continuingly innovate and pushing us to deliver a better experience and product for the community.