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Online Meetings

Paul and Gina are currently exchanging in Warsaw and Moscow respectively. Hence, the team holds online meeting regularly to communicate with one another on the progress, task allocation, team administration etc.

19th Jan 2010


14th May 2010


21st May 2010


Team Singapore Meeting

These meetings are for those that are currently in Singapore.

19th May 2010


26th May 2010

An informal meeting was carried out as not all Team Singapore members was present. As such the team carry out the allocation of the proposal on the necessary tasks given by Lousintan. Team member Xiang Xuan advise group that it is strongly encourage for all Team Singapore members to make another trip down to Lousintan to see the IT architecture and to understand how the VOIP implementation works. The implementation would helps to strengthen the knowledge on Voicent.

As such the proposal was carry out together with a follow up appoint to Lousintan on the 31 May 2010.

31st May 2010

Team Singapore tries to make an appointment with Lousintan Director Desmond, but client rejected our permission for coming down to Lousintan. Our team decided to have a follow up meeting. Date to be confirmed again.

4 June 2010

An informal meeting was carry out to discuss on the risk and issues that Team Guru was facing. Team GURU indicates that Lousintan might have some restriction or sensitive data which do not want outsiders to intrude. As a result this pose a high risk on our project as members will require access to its IT infrastructure at Lousintan. Therefore, a poll was conducted by team members to determine the issues face by themselves as such Team Guru decided to look for another sponsors.

Meeting with Vendor

29th April 2010

Team members went down to Lousintan first time, to find out more details about the project. However client indicated that he is no longer interested in the project for CRM system. He suggested a few including patient profiling and SMS system to the team. The client currently do not have any IT expertise and required infrastructure and he is willing to purchase the IT infrastructure where necessary if our team is able to handle the SMS system.
Lousintan did not have the necessary projects outline and specification on the project. As such project manager advise client to come out with a project outline on the necessary function and features which Lousintan wants. Before following up on the next step of accepting the project.

Lousintan draft out the following functions as attached

24th May 2010


07 June 2010

Team GURU met up with the company Lighthouse Evangelism and they indicate strong interest towards our project. In addition, the project provides a standardized platform which eventually can be deploy across different churches in Singapore without the need of creating. This helps to save costs and creation of the same application. Lighthouse also provide us with full access to its current IT infrastructure and also the necessary IT equipment which needs to be purchase. Team Guru decided to select LightHouse as its Sponsor for the Final Year Project.

The team follow up on the proposal and re-adjusted the necessary project proposal which was previously being carry out.

Meeting with Supervisor

These meetings are schedule to obtain guidance and updates our Supervisor, Professor Benjamin Gan.


26th May 2010

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08th July 2010

IS480 Guru proposal feedback:

Supervisor indicates the need for X-factor requirement and some of the overall red tape issues on the projects. The following issus have been discussed and will follow up accordingly with the relevant team members in the group.


  • Simplfication of the Gantt chart to 7-8 iterations including the "pre-development" phase needed for the proposal acceptance. Take note of adding buffer time for week 8 and week 13 due to mid term and final exams.
  • Development of interface layout (By 30 July): Part of Proposal Acceptance Requirement

Xiang Xuan

  • Follow up with the the red tape issue on the deployment of the project upon completion
  • Request for access to IT infrastructure (Device driver, MYSQL, tomcat, GSM Modem)
  • Update team member if person in charge is able to come down during proposal acceptance
  • Installation of the software/application on the infrastructure
  • Creation of Login/Logout page (By 30 July): Part of Proposal Acceptance Requirement

Wang Chao

  • Creation of Send/Receiving of SMS (By 30 July): Part of Proposal Acceptance Requirement

Follow up Task by everyone

  • Will require the team member to come out with the X-factor when everyone is back
  • Proposal acceptance has been selected on the 11 of August
  • Preparation of the Proposal acceptance (Presentation and Prototype demonstration) - Refer to grading criteria
  • Installation of necessary software, collaboration tools etc.

19th July 2010

Gantt chart has been updated with the revised version 2 attached in the wiki section of Team Guru. Iterations has been revise from phase 1 to 8. Including of "X-factor" functionality

26th July 2010

Group Members meet up to discuss on the relevant issue in preparation for the Proposal Acceptance dated on the 11 August'10 at 4pm. Members has been allocated the following roles. X-factor has been discussed among team members and has been included in the proposal presentation.

Gina: Develop the flow of the presentation (Introduction, functionality, diagrams). More details please refer to dropbox on the flow of the presentation/documentation(final reports) etc.)

Paul: Will develop the introduction "story" board. And will be working together with Gina on the presentation.

Eric: Developing the User interface, and liaising with any clearance to the server remote access.

Xiang Xuan: Will look into the administrative issue for the church

Team members will conduct necessary trip to down to the church and uploading of content into the server for the proposal presentation on 07 August'2010

Tasks Allocation

Team has pair up accordingly to the following below for development of functionality upon week 1 of school.

1. Eric and Paul: Development of "Sing-along" x-factor functionlity and "MyProfile"
2. XX and Gina: Development of Administrative Function
3. Wang Chao: Development and Send/Reply SMS
4. DongMing: Development of Indexing/Search for Songs, Swapping of schedule

11 August 2010

The project proposal presentation was carried out. Team members provide debrief and area for improvements in relation to the projects.

17th August2010


24th August2010

The project meeting was carried out with most of our iteration and test cases was deployed. However there were some bug still was unable to solve and the iteration was pushed to week 3. In addition, each of the team members was tasked to do on the functions which includes the relevant roles and responsiblities by each members. Team is also in charge of the liaising with Vanessa to ensure that the project flows well. The meet up was carry out once every two weeks. Additionally other team member were instructed to carry on with their iterations function.

1. Updating of Gantt chart into Wiki - Gina
2. Put deployment server link on Wiki – Gina
3. Editing of slides to Wiki – Gina & Paul
4. Confirmation of weekly meeting with Ben Gan (Either 5pm or 7pm)
5. Timeline of all the functions in the wiki – Paul
6. Mobile number checking
7.Email regulation checking – XX
8.UI for announcement (White space too much) - Eric
9.UI for Profile.jsp (White space too much) - Eric
10. Before showing the application to client, import in some real data to be more realistic.
11. Profile.jsp to include header.jsp and footer.jsp – Paul
12. Change footer.jsp to be smaller. - Eric
13. Pagination for announcement – Gina
14. Pagination for search – DM

28th August2010

Team member went down to meet up with the client. The following requirements were gathered by vanessa

  1. The client prefer the new website look and feel. Eric and XiangXuan will revamp the entire design to ensure that the next meeting with supervisor will be ready.
  2. Client also faces the same problem as most of u all faced. They got problem understanding duty roster and individual schedule. Therefore she suggest to remove the schedule from the menu and have it at the profile.jsp.
  3. Client require us to do research on how to purchase a domain name and the GSM modem. It will be great to show the prices and how easy they can access and update it. Best if the web hosting company provides VPN access from home to the server.

Tasks has been allocated accordingly

  • Workout the search song GUI (song.jsp)
  • Design  all the administrator pages with the required text field.
  • Finish administrator CRUD duty by this week.
  • Finish CRUD songs and lyrics by next week.

  • Login page (login.jsp)
  • Duty page (duty.jsp) the right panel will contain the user schedule.
  • Swap duty page (swap.jsp)
  • Practise page (practise.jsp)
  • Code on the announcement page (announcement.jsp)

  • Implementation of the code into the profile page (profile.jsp), with the date picker on  the right container of the page.
  • Implementation of the date picker (schedule) into the duty page(duty.jsp).

PM has been allocated for this week as well which will be Wang Chao

PM will be in charge of researching on the pricing for owning a new domain name for the client so that Team will be able to pass the pricing to Client upon the next meet up

31st August2010

Prof has decided to reschedule meeting to week 4 unless necessary to meet up during week 3. Team member has follow up with several issues on client details.

Some updates of our progress. Last sat we meet up with the client and this is her feedback
1. Overall revamp of the design
2. Some changes are being made on the project due to the unexpected requirement changes, our project progress will be delayed. We are currently late by 3 days (CRUD schedule use case). Therefore we are working out our schedule to help each other on the coding. Team will be able to catch up by next week (week 4).

02 September

Team member meet up for deployment on the server and conduct necessary testing and functionality where necessary

06 September2010

Team has discussed on the time slot to be on 29 September 2.30pm for the FYP mid term presentation. Team GURU has also finalised and updated the presentation cater for professor Ben Gan.

Members has completed most of the iteration 98% by today and will be uploading the finalise code and UI by tonight on the live deployment server. The following iteration for this week will need to be completed by friday for deployment. Team member was also brief on the next week iteration (week5) and members are allocated the task and are responsible to finish them on time. Team has also done on their testing and debugging which is to be held on a weekly basis.

Members have also discussed on the framework for the mid term presentation, report which will be required for grading for the mid term.

08 September2010

Team Guru met up with supervisor meeting. The follow issues was conducted.

  1. Deployment Strategy - Church System regarding the server pricing and web domain hosting
  2. Next week meeting (Week 5 school term) has been rescheduled to Week 6, 21 September 5pm. Appointment PM please assist.
  3. admin_update_account.jsp -> Error (tracker)
  4. Include Error Page (Exception: "This page is not ready") where necessary
  5. Grouper will be testing our application next week, will be using" as of now. Vice vera for Team Guru. Public ip address is pending for approval. Date of testing: Next Week
  6. Ensure sufficient "Real" data to be injected into MYSQL for testing purpose.
  7. Login/Admin hyperlink - Unable to see
  8. Issue tracker to display to prof

Mid Term Presentation

  1. Include Metrics (What have you learn, and the areas of improvements)
  2. Grading Requirement
    • Progress of the project so far
    • Quality of the application: Ensure validation, exception and other functions are working in order
    • Project management (Documentation)

09 September2010

Mid Term Presentation Scheduled on the 29 September, 2.30pm.

11 September2010

Adminstratives update: PC4 has been changed to another ip address. Please refer to email for more details. Public ip has been issued. Team member meet up with client with a quick updates related to the project progression.

14 September2010

Team guru carry out the weekly meeting and discuss several issues

1. Database schema relating to the song lyrics. Team members discuss issues on how to optimise the database structure for each of the song lyric. As there were issue realting to sequence and parts on each song. As such the database schema was changed to ensure better optimal usage for referencing the songs. The database schema has been updated on the wiki.

2. Team guru have also brief the group on their upcoming iteration relating to the project. Each pair are allocated accordingly to the gantt chart in relates to the team progression.

3. Team guru have decided to allow Team grouper to conduct their UAT test on the Week 7 when their application are functional.

15 September2010

Weekly meeting was carried out. Discussing on the group project and development of application. No other major issue was discussed during the meeting

21 September2010

Team member met up with supervisor to update on team progression and some issues relating to the upcoming mid term presetnation schedule.

supervisor has scheduled the meeting to be on the 12 October at 5pm for our next meeting.

Application was tested by prof on our weekly iteration and commented a few issues

  • require password input to be non disclose
  • Look into the criteria of our presentation on the mid term document grading
  • Team member will come out with the slides to ensure that the flow matches the requirement of the mid term criteria. Also team will be doing testing for grouper vice versa. Collected results will be placed in the bug tracker.

    Team will also look into the progress summary focusing on (Wiki Updates, Issues face, Project changes made by client). Including the consideration of how the team member perform which is measure using metric and scorecard.

    For quality in realates to the criteria for mid term presentation, team guru has look into way of refining better test cases to ensure that the application is function satisfactory, including the development of this week iteration which will be deployed and test. Team has also look into areas of validation to ensure it meets the requiremetn of the mid term presentation. With the regular updates by team GURU, the gantt chart provides the relevants updates to the plan vs actual which has to be taken in consideration.

    Team will be looking into areas of on the current functions which has been developed and refine and will carry out the function testing by groupers and the church client for feedback and improvement.

    23 September2010

    Team member has been doing testing for grouper and has completed their UAT test which is submitted to grouper. Team member are currently progressing on their current iteration functions and look into ways of improvements.Team member went to meet up with client before the week of the mid term presentation.

    26 September2010

    Team member went down to meet up with client, the following was discussed. Feedback was gathered and some follow up needs to be done by both client and team.

    Practice.jsp - To reduce response time of loading the song will only be loaded when user click on the playlist, refine on the color coding of the legend

    The member account page will include new additions:

    1. DD/MM (Birthday)
    2. "Probation" Team beside the 5 teams

    Page for Admin_Lyrics_Add.jsp

    1. Include at the side some instructions [ ] echo etc

    Display message " Song not available" when user search for the song and fails to download (broken links)

    Create a 'remark' for the song


    Insertion of new data which will be provided by client (contact, announcements)

    Team guru have also inform client about the deployment and client will be looking into this.

    In the future, we will be including pagination for necesary page in the administrator for easy navigation


    The client will also be testing the page using the external ip address together with some screenshots of the page for comments and a evaluation checklist will be sent to team guru in 1-2 days time. Client has agreed to provide us with the contact information which will be inserted to the portal


    Team will be sending the test case to grouper by tonight

    27 September2010

    Team member gather all the results by grouper and start to solve the bug issues. Some of the issues are due to browser incompatibility by firefox. Team member also look on how to futher improve on the upcoming presentation slides. In addition, the function are also being improved by the team to ensure that it is optimise.

    28 September2010

    Team member carry out the presentation rehearsal and did some touchup on their function to ensure the quality attribute of UAT, validatin and exception are met to the mid term criteria.

    30 September 2010

    Mid Term Project Debrief and Follow up Action

    Team member just finished the mid term project presentation and a debrief was conducted. The following issues was discusssed and allocate accordingly.

    Team decided to have the presentation on week 15, Thursday - 10.30am


    1. Increase Font size of singing
    2. Auto Scroll function
    3. Bigger screen for lyrics
    4. DOB related changes
    5. To provide deployment hosting (Web hosting, Domain, Server, Operating system) for vanessa
      1. Please take into consideration on the ogg/mp3 files (duplicate file for each): Hardisk space constraint

    Xiang Xuan

    1. CRUD: Role, Team, Song/Lyrics
    2. To look into the copyrighted issue on the songs. Check with organisation if they have rights to distribute their songs
    3. Terms and Condition for the recorded songs, copyrighted issues
      1. To include this onto the website
    4. Instruction on copyrighted song during upload
      1. To warn user before uploadin
    5. Instruction on certain page on how to "Add Song/Lyrics for beginner" etc.
    6. Contact us page.jsp: To include the following (where necessary)
    7. Include FAQ Page (Required?)
    8. SMS Unlimited Service subsriptions: (Part of vanessa deployment issue)


    1. Presentation (ie; Plan vs Actual) use animation on symbols to compare the feature differences for final presentation
    2. Colorcode any words for plan vs actual
    3. Iteration should be place side by side
    4. Workflow
      • Supports using Functional Sequence (ie;models and diagram)
        • On how SMS, Add song/lyrics, practice singing works: Towards "AA" concept
      • Include Architectural Workflow
      • Software used, Technologies (Commented by reviewers)
    5. Demonstration: Include a storyboard, scenario structure + video
    6. Create the Announcment.jsp
    7. Slides /Report Creation



    1. Team decided to schedule the presentation slot at 10.30am
    2. The need to enhance on the X-factor (Improve on the song/lyrics)
    3. Slides Sequence (include issues on "what we face" , "what we realise" , "how you overcome")
    4. Role play during demo



    1. Swap debugging on the swap.jsp
    2. Swap Summary (Include a history section, ie; date time sent etc.)


    1. Pagination to assist Gina
    2. Login page w/ salt
    3. Auto complete with search


    1. Change upload report - "S"
    2. Weekly Playlist

    12 October 2010

    Following issue was discussed.

    1. The need of reassign of wiki content to ensure better flow

    Final Presentation and Report

    Please note that there won't be anymore final report beside the online attached version.

    UAT Testing

    - Team member will liaise with Vanessa to propose a date where Team GURU will make a trip down to the church to allow users for testing

    • Estimated to be between 50-100 people
    • Team Guru will ensure that servers are uploaded with the necessary codes, internal testing and conduct a checklist before proceeding with the test by live users from the church

    Team will also be giving Prof on the step on how we are going to do the UAT Test

    **Team will need to follow up on the copyrighted issues regarding the musics. Alternatively team will be using the files recorded by the church.

    Project Management

    - The project management will need to be futher strengthend and look into (metrics : Bug and schedule), Bug matrix will be used through the use of Bug Zero.

    • Team will be look into ways on how the matrix can be futher improved (chart generation etc); If to do performance matrix on team work, it will be done under the individual level, compensation hours, and the reason of why the work was delayed
    • Please look into the 2 midterm feedbacks, and the minutes tasks as per discussed
    • Conducting of session for church on the use of UAT : Video could be recorded down as per of the presentation, inclusive of role play for team GURU on the demonstration

    - The need to enhance the presentatio/online report using Architectural workflow (ie; SMS works, Practice Song etc.), Please refer to reviewer comments by Prof Li Yinjiu and Chris Boesch

    Week 15

    By week 15 team GURU will need to ensure that client has completed her evaluation feedback form.


    14 October

    Team meet up for bug testing. Each of the team member stress test the system and display any relevant errors. In addition, team member has started doing the following tasks as mentioned on the slides.

    The project tasks are allocated accordingly.

    Team member have also decided to look into how the UAT test should be deployed and other administrative tasks.

    18 October

    Team member meet up to settle some functionality issues on some minor parts on the functions. Team member ended the meeting early without any additional matters. As team are busy with their school projects.

    21 October

    Team member met up to settle some of the matters relating to some issues. The following was discussed


    1.       Edit profilea.       gender and DOB display.

      b.       Gender and DOB Database

    2.       Practice Song

      a.       UI

      b.      Play according to different section

      c.       Upload and report bug – wrong date


    1.       Weekly Playlist

      a.       Add and Update, auto suggest

    2.       Team, Weekly Playlist, Role

      a.       Pagination

    3.       Admin Account

      a.       Edit – Hash

    4.       Clear system.out.println

    Xiang Xuan

    1.       Admin Account

      a.       Viewall – Remove password column

      b.      Add – Add in gender and DOB field

      c.       Email sender – wrong information          

      d.      Update – Add in gender and DOB

    2.       Announcement

      a.       Update photo UI

      b.      Create photo UI

    3.       Role and Team

      a.       Add – database out of range column

    4.       Duty

      a.       Truncate out of date data from viewall

    Wang Chao

    1.       Swap

      a.       UI summary

      b.      Gender and DOB

      c.       Swap Database


    1.       Upload Report

      a.       Viewall – edit the mark as read address

      b.      Submitted by and date Swap


    1.       UI for contact us and policy disclaimer

    23 October

    Team member went to meet the client on the usual project progression and told the client that we will be conducting the UAT during week 11-13.

    25 October

    Team member discuss on how the UAT test should be conducted. The following issues regarding the role and rotation duty of the Testing by the church are conducted on Week 11,12,13 (Every sat,sun)

    UAT Schedule

    Week 11:

    1. 1.       Sat: XX, Paul, WC, DM, Eric (School) – 3PM
    2. 2.       Sun: Eric, DM, WC, Gina, Paul (School) – 6PM

    Week 12:

    1. 1.       Sat: DM, WC, XX, Gina, Paul (School) – 3PM

    Week 13:

    1. 1.       Sat: DM, WC, XX, Paul, Gina (School) – 3PM

    UAT Execution

    • 1.       10 mins Briefing
    • 2.       20 mins hands-on execution
    • 3.       10 mins survey
    • 4.       Use Website to sing their weekly songs

      26 October

      Team meet up with supervisor on the following.

      1. Project schedule: Project function completion is about 98% leaving the practice song where user can sing different Alto, Soprano etc. However team will complete by this week.
      2. UAT Test Briefing was carried out by Team to supervisor on the feasiblity and the following was discussed
        1. Survey Questionaire tailored for
          1. Administrators
          2. Users
      3. The project will be conducting the UAT Test from week 11 to week 13
      4. Next FYP Meeting to be scheduled on Week 13

      30 October

      Team member went to the church to conduct the first test. The following was discussed and will be making the changes in the following weeks. Tomorrow test was cancel by vanessa as such the test will resume on week 12 (6-7 November)

      - The "rememberme" is not working with spelling mistake

      - Should be able to display the date and creator.
      - UI need to improve too blank and unprofessoinal

      - The DOB field should be 06 June instead of 2009-06-06
      - The calendar must change, because there is no more practise, it should be PM
      - After mouse over the calendar, it should show all the duty details with the attendance, the team, the attire

      - When clicked on the duty (AM, PM, MS), should show all the duty details, date, venue, attendance, playlist (if any), worship leader
      - Same goes for the attire, when clicked should provide different gender on the types of dress code they wear

      - Shouldnt load song when page is opened, only load when user clicked on the song.
      - Add in the sequence on the side
      - Use javascript to maximise window size
      - Increase font of the lyrics
      - There will be choreography, so it should have the ability to have other colors also. E.g. Come, now is the time to worship    [ Sway clap]
      - UI require improvements
      - The legend for the melody part should be replaced, because the black strip couldnt be identified easily with the rest. To add spacing between the color lines
      - Improve on the shadow box UI for upload song and report song
      - Ppload song should have disclaimer on song piracy
      - Missing function: allow user to play the individual parts

      - After the duty has been swap, the table should still display your original duties with remarking stating who has taken over my duty, and i am taking over whos duty.
      - The first come first serve function havent been implemented yet.
      - After successful swapping, the ICs (for both team) should also receive an SMS regarding the swap of duty

      - Overall satisfied, however update the calendar with the remark from Profile.jsp (Refer on top)

      - N/A

      - Dropdown list issue Inbox
      - Upload
      - Show the latest data on the first row.
      - Error Report 
      - Show the latest data first.

      - Viewall
      - Database, DOB are all the same which should be the case.
      - Create
      - When an account has been create, the email sent to them should be revised. Take note of spelling mistakes.

      - Viewall
      - Same, show the latest data first

      Song and Lyrics
      - In progress

      Weekly playlist
      - UI require improvements
      - Unable to edit songs

      2 November 2010

      Team member meet up to discuss the following issues that was highlighted during the UAT test and also discussing on the poster.

      Discussion on video role play. Will be sending out email to all members to test out using online survey form. All information will be collected and results will be generating accordingly.

      09 November 2010

      Supervisor meeting

      Team meet up with prof to discuss on the project management and also a slide rehearsal will be conducted on 18 nov'2010 at 3.30pm.

      The following was also discussed during the meeting focusing more on the area of project management.

      • Slide presentation (to be included inside wiki is480)
      • *IS480 wiki report (refer to is480 faq and is480 wiki report site)
      • Insert complexity on the functions (Screen shot on codes)
      • *include architecture workflow
      • *include plan vs actual
      • Metrics (graphs)
      • Survey (graphs)
      • *survey smu qualtrics (UAT attempt) with video on role play

      15 November 2010

      Team member met up to discuss on the flow of the presentations, complexity, documentations and carry on with the compilation of the data as team require sufficient data for the survey the rehearsal will be rescheduled to saturday 3pm instead. Workflow and architecture diagrams was also discussed on the relevant key functions that needs to be presented.

      16 November 2010

      Team member met up to discuss on the format of the presentation and coming out with a role play to provide a realistic issue relating to the client outcome.

      18 November 2010

      Team member created the video and practice on the rehearsal of the presenation while consolidating on the UAT results. In addition, documentation relating to SSD, Class diagrams, metrics was also discussed.

      Workflow diagrams was also discussed to highlight the overview on the project. The complexity was also discussed on the diagram so as to highlight the key functionality that was contributed.

      19 November 2010

      Team member carry on with the presentation layout of the content and discuss on the project schedule and documentation requirement for submission.

      20 November 2010

      Team presented to supervisor (rehearsal)

      22 November 2010

      Team meet up to refine on the presentation slides and some changes being made by the supervsior base on last saturday rehersal. Documentation was also developed.

      24 November 2010

      Team met up to prepare for final presentations, documentations and wiki.