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*** Projects Documentations *** Information

  1. Click here for project minutes.
  2. Click here for weekly updates (Slides).

Time Management

Our Gantt Chart can be seen [here].
Updated Gantt Chart Version here [here: Version 2].
Updated Gantt Chart Version here [here: Version 2].
Gantt Chart as at 6 September 2010 [[1]].
Gantt Chart as at 08 September 2010 [[2]].
Gantt Chart as at 20 September 2010 [[3]].
Gantt Chart as at 27 September 2010 [[4]].
Gantt Chart as at 04 October 2010 [[5]].
Gantt Chart as at 21 October 2010 [[6]].
Gantt Chart as at 25 October 2010 [[7]]
Gantt chart as at 01 November 2010 [[8]]

Gantt Chart


Team Members

Liang Xiangxuan.jpg Liang Xiangxuan xx.liang.2007@sis.smu.edu.sg
Khaw Boon Ann.jpg Eric Khaw ba.khaw.2007@sis.smu.edu.sg
Tan Gin Kai.jpg Paul Tan


Yan Dongming.jpg Yan Dongming dongming.y.2007@sis.smu.edu.sg
Wang Chao.jpg Wang Chao


Ho Guan Hui.jpg Gina Ho


Project Manager

In order for all of us to experience the role of Project Manager, we will rotate the role every week. The responsibility of the Project Manager includes:

  1. Hold meetings and ensure that the meeting meets all the agenda
  2. Plan the next meeting agenda
  3. Track project schedule and development
  4. Ensure that the team is on the right track
  5. Update team regularly

Routine Table

Date Project Manager Minutes Taker
7th June Eric Xiangxuan
21st June Xiangxuan Dongming
5th July Dongming Wang Chao
19th July Wang Chao Paul
2nd Aug Paul Gina
16th Aug Gina Eric
23th Aug Eric Dong Ming
30st Aug DongMing Gina
6th Sep Wang Chao Paul
13th Sep Paul Xiang Xuan
20th Sep Xiang Xuan Wang Chao
27th Sep Gina Eric
4th Oct Eric Dong Ming
11th Oct Dong Ming Gina
18th Oct Wang Chao Paul
25th Oct Paul Xiang Xuan
1st Nov Xiang Xuan Wang Chao
8th Nov Dong Ming Paul
15th Nov Wang Chao Xiangxuan
22th Nov Eric Gina

Team House Rules

At the start of the project, we have decided to come up with a set of house rules to guide us on the type of working style we prefer from each side. The house rules can be viewed here.

Team Mode of Communication

4 main modes of communication:

  1. Wiki
  2. MSN
  3. Email
  4. Dropbox

No means of communication can beat the "face to face" communication :)

Team Supervisor

BENJAMINGAN.jpg Benjamin Gan

Practice Associate Professor of Information Systems

Our Target Audience

Primary: Church choir
Secondary: School choir

Project Overview


The members of the choir in the church have been facing difficulties in practicing and sharing knowledge of songs. Currently, all the members can only practice their parts during the practice session, where usually 50 of them will squeeze and read the Synonym lyrics. This results in inconvenience and inefficiency. Apart from that, members of the choir will also have the need to exchange duties. However, without the help of advanced technologies, it is very difficult for them to know who is able to accept the exchange of duties.


Our team is going to build an integrated web portal which enables the church’s choir team to practice singing based on their roles (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, & Base). It helps to serve as a platform for knowledge management and sharing within the church choir. The web application will also be able to reduce their communication overhead by sending SMS notifications to users who wants to swap their duties with other users. There will be an Administrator feature for administrators to update and maintain the web portal.

We have categorized the web application into 3 systems and each system have 2 members in-charge of:

  1. Sing-Along-Song System (SASS): Paul and Eric
  2. Duty Swapping System: Wang Chao and Dong Ming
  3. Administrator System: Gina and Xiangxuan

The system can be viewed [here].

Technical Resources

We will need sufficient privilege to access the company database; necessary hardware/server is required for the team to deploy the system. SMS java library will be required during the development of the application since it involves in sending message to the end users for notification and replies.

Screen Shots

Sing-Along-Song System


Duty Swapping System


Project Diagrams

Use Case


Database Schema (Updated as at 14 September)

    1. Member (memberID, loginID, password, name, handphone, email, teamID, roleID, adminstrator,DOB,Gender)
    2. Role(roleID, role, initial)
    3. Team (teamID, teamName, teamLeaderID)
    4. Song(songID, title, album, artist, fileName, type)
    5. Lyrics (lyricsID, filename, songID)
    6. Lyrics_Type(lyricsTypeID, typeName, initial)
    7. Lyrics_Part(lyricsPartID, lyricsID, lyrics, parts, sopFileName, altoFileName, tenorFileName, bassFileName)
    8. Sequence (sequenceID, lyricsPartID, lyricsTypeID, position, timing, choreo, remarks)
    9. Attire (attireID, attireCode, gender, jacket, pants, shirt_skirt, shoes_socks_hoisery, accessory, blouse, remarks)
    10. Announcements (announcementID, announcementTitle, announcementDetail, photoDIR, caption, uploadDate, announcementBy)
    11. Duty (DutyID, TeamID, title, description, color, date, starttime, endtime, attiredID, location, remarks)
    12. Member_request(id, request_id, send_request_to, agreed, replied)
    13. Notification (notification_id, title, message, email, SMS, time)
    14. Notification_receipients(notification_receipient_id, notification_id, member_id)
    15. Schedule (ScheduleID, dutyID, onDutyMemberID, originalMemberID, swapDutyID)
    16. Swap_request(id, requester, swap_from, fulfilled, cancelled)
    17. WeeklySonglist (songlistID, dutyID, eventName, worshipLeader, totalTime, remarks)
    18. WeeklySong (weeklySongID, songlistID, songID)
    19. ErrorReport (errorID, title, description, date, time, memberID, read)
    20. UserUpload (uploaded, title, description, filename, date, time, memberID, read)
    21. Playlist (playlistID, name, dateCreated)
    22. Playlist_song (playlistID, songID)
    23. sent_request (id, request_id, send_request_to, swap_to, replied, accepted, send_at, reply_at, created_at, sent)

House Keeping

1. Place only final copy of your dropbox document and a backup (in your local hardisk)
2. PM, Minutes taker, Wiki updater will be rotated weekly. PM will be responsible for the project update to supervisor
3. PM will be in charge of keep track of member progressions
4. Minutes will need to be store in both Dropbox and Wiki updates
5. All Mid term and Final Report Documentation will be store in the wiki portal.

Our Wiki Site Map

Site Map v1.jpg