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This page is open for supervisors to discuss issues. In wiki tradition, everything is public so please avoid student specific issues. Supervisor FAQ [here]

Feedback on IS480

How to improve the student experience?

  1. Knowledge base for IS480.
    • Setting up a knowledge based on wiki, portal, student help student community forum, etc.
    • Technology help (eg codebeamer, svn, PHP, mysql, C#, .NET, MSSQL, etc)
  2. Client/Sponsor management
    • Communication and (maybe) a compulsory client visit (at least once between client/supervisor/team)
    • This is important, because most of the teams having problems state client/change/requirement management as the number 1 problem.
  3. Work load
    • Team Absolute IT thinks it should be a year long commitment (2 course load term 1 and 2)
  4. Own project
    • Ezenium thinks that own projects should go through a regorious review (eg. by VC) to improve the quality of their project.

How to improve the supervisor experience?

  1. Transparent http://blue.smu.edu.sg/IS480/2008-2009/Supervisor/Grading.asp grading] and schedule.
  2. Supervisor meetings should be more regular