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Mid-Term Individual Reflection

Doing FYP brings back memories of IS projects that I’ve done in the past 4 years. This time I need to integrate all the knowledge together for a one big project. The difference is that you have less guideline. Usually you were given samples from the exercises in class that are helpful for completing the project. In case of FYP, with no class and meetings with clients only for requirement gathering purposes, I would heavily depend on my teammates, project archives, and supervisor for guidance. Not to mention, Google has been my best friend throughout the project. It was a privilege to do a project on multi-touch technology such as Microsoft Surface. I believe it is the current emerging technology. I’m in charge of building the UI for the application. Although I’m proficient in using Adobe Photoshop, I learnt that Expression Blend is completely different. At first, I was mad at myself that I found it difficult to use, but as the learning goes on, Blend actually have some features that Photoshop can’t do (e.g. storyboards), and I think that is cool! I can feel the learning process keeps going, and I’m sure the toughest is yet to come (i.e. integrations). But when the tough gets going the going gets tough.