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Scolutions hattie.jpg

Project Manager      |      Hattie Ren Minglin

  • Manages the upkeeping of the Wiki page on a regular basis
  • Responsible for project scheduling, execution and resource allocation
  • Keeps track of the team’s progress according to the planned project schedule
  • Ensures all members are on track with the project schedule
  • Schedule internal and external meetings
  • Main point of contact between supervisor and the team

Scolutions yr.jpg

Usability Analyst      |      Chan Yun Ru

  • Responsible for creating and executing User Acceptance Testing cases and test plans
  • Responsible for the quality control of the entire project
  • Performs testing on the software systems
  • Review codes for standardization and efficiency
  • Ensure that user expectations are achieved and user’s experience is maximized during testing

Scolutions yn.jpg

Lead Tester & Business Analyst      |      Ng Ying Neng

  • Main point of contact between client and the team
  • Analyzes project and business requirements gathered from client and determine its feasibility
  • Tracks the development progress and ensure that it is aligned with the business requirements
  • Translate business requirements into technical requirements

Scolutions melvin.jpg

Lead Developer      |      Melvin Leong Wei Kang

  • Responsible for identifying potential frameworks and technologies that can be leveraged on
  • Identify potential risks associated with development and find ways to minimize them
  • Work closely with UI Designer to ensure smooth integration between both front-end and back-end
  • Responsible for the sharing of knowledge on new technologies with the team
  • Oversee the entire project’s development process and status

Scolutions ken.jpg

UI Developer      |      Kenneth Liow Jian Quan

  • Responsible for the design, aesthetics of the system and overall usability
  • Responsible for the design of Graphical User Interface
  • Works closely with both Lead Developer and Usability Analyst for smooth implementation and integration of the system
  • Responsible for the conceptualization and design of the Wiki page
  • Focus on enhancing user’s experience through quality design
  • Works closely with business analyst to ensure alignment between business requirements and user interface