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2 July 2014

Prof Benjamin Gan

  • Team should test system on SMU students. Focus on a small community first
  • Blogshop owners are good but full-fledged vendors will be the better choice. Shows more substance
  • Look into the possibility of using already built libraries to build e-commerce shopping cart
  • Engage supervisor on feedback
  • Update wiki to allow supervisor get more visibility on project
  • Update risks to be more specific and more numbers oriented

Supervisor Meeting Minutes(2 July)


22 July 2014

Prof Steven Hoi & Prof Benjamin Gan

  • Prof Gan mentioned for the team to use the domain name that Peter has registered us
  • Conduct survey to find out what are the existing e-commerce products in the market and what are their key characteristics
  • Do up a product comparison to show how the our project is able to differentiate from our competitors
  • Blogshop owners to upload items onto our stores
  • Conduct both observation type testing (IDP) and heuristic testing
  • Update wiki page
  • Prof Gan mentioned that we should not be searching for our own vendors. This should be done by our sponsor. We will only need to focus on running the vendor’s products
  • Need to ask Peter to find the vendor as Prof Gan mentioned that Peter has told him that he has some vendors in mind already

Supervisor Meeting Minutes(22 July)


6 Aug 2014

Prof Steven Hoi

  • Need to beef up more on analytics section. Discuss in specific what metrics the team is planning to use in the administrator module
  • Make checks on the system to see if it is slow (Might be due to the slow network)
  • Tighten all loose ends on the demo. Prepare a scenario for the demonstration
  • Tidy up wiki and make sure that all content required is filled
  • Check with sponsor if he is free for Acceptance presentation

Supervisor Meeting Minutes(6 Aug)


Acceptance Presentation


  • X factor
    • a.Live deployment: To give an estimated number of unique registered users
  • Use-Case diagram:
    • a.Add in 1 more type of user: Buyers who browse and buy from myhubstore without registering for an account
  • In this project, differentiate between which is Our idea and which is Sponsor’s idea
    • E.g. Factors chosen in product comparison: Commission idea belongs to Sponsor
  • UAT and Heuristics after GO LIVE?
    • a. Unsure what was said b. To be included in wiki if it holds true
  • Remove from Risk Assessment:
    • a.Underestimation/Overestimation – Too generic
  • Live Demo:
    • a. Add postal code – to identify store’s location base on postal code b. No. of images uploaded per item to be made flexible c. Explain why some variables are hardcoded e.g. no. of images/item d. Using city and not country for Store e. Using Google Map API to calculate distance between Store and User when User choose to search by location
  • Add layer for 3rd party API (Acceptance Slide #20)
  • Show components of code (By Midterm) and not just the System Architect
  • Test cases to be shown, at least 1 slide, instead of just saying we use Selenium, Show test case and identify if we are doing
    • i.Input/Output Test ii. Validation iii. Range Test
  • Usability Test done by Students and Heuristics done by Experts
  • User Acceptance Testing (Acceptance Slide #26) refers to our Integration Test
    • a. For UAT we need to set goals, what we want to achieve
  • Learning Outcomes to be different from the standard learning outcome from the IS480 course outline

Acceptance Presentation Feedback.pdf


4 Sep 2014

Prof Steven Hoi

  • Things to Highlight:
    • Google Plus Functionality Completed
    • Completion of functions on schedule
    • Prepare for UAT and Heuristics Evaluation
    • Go through test plans for User Acceptance Testing
  • Sponsor Requirements:
    • Ensure that all sponsor requirements are adhered to best efforts
    • Make sure professional attitude is maintained with the sponsor
  • Potential Pitfalls:
    • Make sure that users are not centered on just blogshop owners
    • Seek sponsor help in getting more store owners. Preferably seek more vendors which can add credibility
    • It is sponsor duty to search for users not us

Supervisor Meeting Minutes(4 Sept)

Progress Report(4 Sept)


16 Sept 2014, Consultation With Reviewer

Prof Ben Gan

  • Things to note for UAT:
    • State/Specify the objectives we have in mind for the UAT
    • Prof Ben is not looking at testing of functionalities but more of the usability of the system
    • Choice of location to conduct UAT is important e.g A lab experiment held at GSR/Classroom
    • Mention the results of UAT in terms of how it will improve the UI, what changes did we make, what did we learn from UAT about our system and validate all assumptions and claims made
  • What do we need to include for UAT?
    • State objective of UAT, explain the demography we are targeting
    • Clearly present results
    • Mention why are we doing this UAT and what have we found out
    • Include pictures of the survey environment such as field/classroom/lab details
  • Complete test scripts by mid terms, Prof Ben might want to see
  • Prof Ben suggested that we can go the extra mile by adopting A/B Split - Benchmark testing between old and new interface: statistics to compare and contrast (Usually done to identify differences that we cannot figure out. How 1 part influences the demography) – Test between our’s and peter’s design – click through rate higher?
  • Set tasks and goals
    • Goal: We want users to achieve certain tasks in X period of time
    • Tasks: Search for specific product or item
  • What should UAT and Heuristics be termed as?
    • UAT: For Users referring to test scripts testing out our system
    • Heuristics: For industrial experts e.g. UI/UX designers (These usually requires payment for

Prof Gan Consultation.pdf


18 Sept 2014, Supervisor Meeting

Steven Hoi

  • Progress update
  • Demo of google wallet
  • Mid-term milestone: can we meet the target?
    • Stores not sure, Currently 30-40; Owners: 20-30
    • Items is fine : 300-400 but steven said its still not enough!!
    • Lacking visibility and interaction with customers
    • How do we target our user and approach them? Who are our users?
  • Other social networks? Other than twitter and google
  • Demo of sharing function of different social networks
  • Number of users tapering off: find out the reason for it! System? Business model? Marketing?

Supervisor Meeting Minutes(18 Sep)


2nd Oct 2014, Supervisor Meeting

Steven Hoi

  • From supervisor: Still need to try get more users in order to get the target, who should do the marketing? Ask sponsor for help?
  • In the mist of working on admin analytics function. Might change schedule and split the function into two iteration to do.
  • Supervisor comments: google wallet is fine. But we need to think how we justify our decision. Is it used widely or is it more convenient compared to other apis?

Supervisor Meeting Minutes(2 Oct)


30th Oct 2014, Supervisor Meeting

Steven Hoi

  • From supervisor: good job on reconsideration of payment API and support our final decision on using paypal
  • Who are we trying to please eventually?even though marketing should not be handled by us, by function wise we should be as strong as possible.
  • It seem that we are implementing a lot of functions. Choose a few focus and refine it rather than doing everything and everything is not strong. But overall, we have delivered a good and user friendly product

Supervisor Meeting Minutes(30 Oct)


13th Nov 2014, Supervisor Meeting

Steven Hoi

  • Completely almost everything, left with admin management
  • Have started running testing for all modules
  • Schedule mgmt is improving and have fixed all the bugs
  • Posted not clear for points delivering, need clearer structure for telling users what functionalities our app has
  • Messaging function: email and “instant” should not be bonded together, should be made a separate option; maybe can consider instant messaging function, instant messaging protocol? Or instead, if not real time, just make it a mail box;
  • On server side and buyer sides, we need to make sure that we provide enough information for both sides
  • Supervisor suggests that at least for merchant side should have an easier way of managing selling information: what kind of item sold, how much quantity left, address of customers?

Supervisor Meeting Minutes(13 Nov)