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Project Description

Hubberstore is a new, transformative concept which mixes online classifieds with the capabilities of social networking. It will be a platform which allows people who would like to sell, trade, rent or give things away to network with people who are interested in buying or acquiring them through social networking or a general online market place. It is intended to be a next generation online classifieds platform. Our team intends to develop this new web based Social Classifieds platform from concept to production. We will design, program and host it using a full SLDC. Once it is completed we will showcase the new product for SMU and encourage students and others to use it.

SColution's Motivation

The team feels that there is a gap within the social media and the e-commerce platforms. We aim to leverage on the social media/networking platforms to improve the C2C experience, enabling sellers to reach out to a larger user base and increasing the frequency of transactions. We also feel that greater accountability would be achieved with less anonymity between both parties, rectifying a consistent problem faced across many C2C (Consumer to Consumer) platforms (eg.craigslist). With the amount of user interaction on social media platforms, buyers are also able to comment on the products, thus naturally facilitating a community to ensure the quality of products transacted within the space. This would help users to effectively sieve out the reliable and legitimate products/sellers. We feel that through the social media/networking space, we can create a new and improved eco-system for the C2C industry.