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Project Progress Summary

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Project Management

Project Status

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Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual)

Planned Actual
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Project Metrics

Sprint Velocity Bug Score
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Sprint Velocity tracks the amount of work a team handles in a single sprint. We track sprint velocity by calculating the total story points planned for a sprint and the total story points completed in that sprint.

Our sprint velocity after Acceptance (Sprint 9) has a lower number of planned and completed tasks due to the increase in school workload, as well as our increased number of non-coding tasks which are not all tracked in this metric.
Bug Score tracks the total score of all bugs logged in a sprint as well as the total score of all fixed bugs logged in that sprint, to ensure a high quality product.

Our post-Acceptance (after Sprint 9) bug score has a bug score of at least 10 throughout due to a critical impact bug that was persistent, until it was solved in Sprint 11. At this point, halfway through Sprint 12, we have resolved all pending bugs.

Post-Acceptance Burndown Charts
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Burndown analysis:
Although our number of story points decreased post-acceptance, we were still able to complete the tasks we set out to do at the beginning of each sprint. With the exception of refining our analytics model which is a recurring task, our user stories and tasks were all completed on time. Our burndown values only decrease when a full user story or task is completed, which is why our values decrease sharply and at the end of a sprint.

Project Risks

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Technical Complexity

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Quality of Product

Intermediate Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Minutes Internal: Minutes 4 - 11
Sponsor: Minutes 4 - 5
Supervisor: Minutes 5 - 7
Metrics Midterm Bug Metrics
Midterm Sprint Velocity
Analysis Use case Midterm Use Case
Design ER Diagram Midterm ERD
Architecture Diagram Midterm Architecture
Testing User test plan User Test Design Document


Deployed Dashboard: azulguard.fun

Login Credentials:
Username: carrie
Password: 789encrypt


User Testing Date & Time Venue Number of Participants
User Testing 1 13 November 2018, 0900-1000 NTUC Health Cluster Support @ Bukit Merah 8 Case Managers


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