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Research Notes

OpenXML and Picturative

Objective: To find out how to upload, edit and export .ppt files for this project.


1) Open PowerPoint and edit files inside Office 2007.

2) Open and edit files inside the space.

Approach 1

Pros: Familiar Interface Easier to code (just an import and export function)

Cons: May take more time to load Cannot open the presentation twice in powerpoint and inside a window in VastPark. (need to code around this) Have to start a new thread to handle this.

Approach 2

Pros: Efficient /n Potentially more innovative


  • Each object type will need to be handled


  • How do we take advantage of the drawing API and functionality in VastPark?
  • What is the structure of presentation ML and how do we use the OpenSDK to handle it?
  • How do we combine both? Should we re-invent PowerPoint of use specific functionality
  • The 2 approaches influence: Do we show the ppt file as a .jpeg or render the PresentationML somehow in the space and then use the drawing API to edit it.

How PresentationML works

Check out the diagram here: http://jonesxml.com/images/PresentationMLDiagram.png

Its essentially from the Open XML format. We need to make sense of it to figure out if we can use this method.


  • Slides:
    • ShapeTree:
      • Non-Visual Group Shape Properties
      • Group Shape Properties
      • Shape
      • Picture

... etc