Q.U.E.S.T Tech Complexities

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1 Actionscript 3 Coding event handlers for objects. Most of the time was spent in the repetition of researching, trial and error, debugging the code so that the objects in the game interact according to what we want.
2 Database The actionscript cannot connect to MySql directly, so we have to use PHP 5 as a medium to transfer data between actionscript and MySql. During this process, there were many solutions offered through the internet and most covered only AS2 and PHP 5 for connection with the database. We had to work around it by coding in AS2 to understand the interaction process and what the code means, then finally, migrate the codes to AS3 by editing codes which has been changed since the migration.
3 Actionscript 2 Alot of codes and guides provided by the internet was in AS2. However, we are using AS3 in our project as it is designed for object oriented programming. We had to migrate the working codes from AS2 to AS3 after we understood how actionscript coding works for object event handling.
4 Deployment To allow users to access our game through facebook, we uploaded the flash(.swf) and php files needs to be into cPanel, our remote server. Then, our game application, "MyKampung" was created in facebook and using an iFrame, our flash game embeds into the canvas provided by facebook so that users can play the game in facebook directly.
5 Graphic design process We only have to decide on the types of graphics, size and the theme we will need for developing the flash game before we submit them on 99Design, our outsourcing method for graphics design. But during the coding process, we tend to realize there is a need for more graphics than we actually planned for. We reduced the need for additional cost incurred by using rough design sketches for our graphics when we design the game. Only when we are sure that we did not miss out any graphics requirement, then will we submit the graphics requirement on 99Design.