Q.U.E.S.T Project Risk

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Team/Project Management Risk

Risk Likelihood Impact Mitigation
No prior experience in flash AS3, php coding for object event handling High High
  • All members have went through the basic tutorial guide book found online to overcome the initial learning curve.
  • Each members also shared our useful findings when we did our research while coding our assigned task/function so that it saves the time other members need to spend on researching a solution for similar problem
Varying commitment of team members from time to time may hinder project progress Medium Medium
  • Each member to be responsible in their own time management
  • Inform the PM if task assigned to you during certain period is too much so that workload could be properly re-allocated to the rest of the team
  • Inform the PM should there be any expected delays in the task assigned to them

Technology/Design Risk

Risk Likelihood Impact Mitigation
Deployment environment in remote server may be different from our local machine's. This may result in incompatibility should the codes be transported to production. Medium High
  • Local machine to mimic the environment of deployement server as close as possible.
  • Check that the deployment server supports the version of softwares the project will need, i.e. mySQL and php supported version
Sponsor's requirements may vary over time, thus impact our project schedules. Low High
  • Frequent involvement of our sponsor by giving weekly updates with our sponsor's to keep him up to date about our progress and let him review and test the progress
  • To have a detailed project scope
  • Seek consultation project supervisor and discuss with sponsor on the possibility of changes and its impact to project schedule
Money was paid to 99 Design to get graphics design. However, there is a chance that we may not get the design expectations we want Medium High
  • Voting system to allow more people to vote the best designs submitted by the designers so that it gives us a better idea what our target audience prefers
  • get an alternative graphics designer
Difficulties in recontacting the same designer who won the 99Design contest to further collaborate on further graphics required Medium High
  • ensure that emails are exchanged with the designers before the contest ends
  • communicate with the potential winning designer before the contest ends so that he/she understands that external collaboration is needed for further development when the contests ends
  • get an alternative graphics designer