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These are available projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the sponsor or sent to the course manager. Past Projects

PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT: You are expected to attend meetings you set. If you are not able to attend for legitimate reasons, please inform your contact and course coordinator with reasons stated. If we receive any complain about your unprofessional conduct, you will be rejected from IS480 for 1 term!! Your conduct is a reflection of SIS students and SMU. Do NOT take this lightly!!

NOTE: These project have been reviewed by IS480 course coordinator. However, there is no guarantee that these projects are acceptable. You are required to gather more information, submit draft proposal for feedback, and clear all NDA, IP issues early before proposal. Sponsors must refer to FAQ.

High Achievers Training Consultancy – Reporting System

ChangingLives, we hope that the SMU students can help to change our lives, while we change the lives of others. We also invite SMU Students to be involved in our monthly trainer engagement programmes while we talk on Youth Issues & topics such as conquering presentations, relationship & conflict management, managing my finances, leadership & me

About High Achievers Training Consultancy: A training consultancy that aims to #ChangeLives of students and teachers through the trainings we provide. We conduct workshops for secondary school youths in the three domains (Life skills, Leadership skills and Study Skills), together with our team of freelance undergrad trainers. While the trainers focus on changing the lives of students, we hope to focus on how we can help the Trainers develop themselves in the long run. Our current administrative processes are focused toward supporting schools (eg. Reports) and do not comprehensively support trainer’s growth and development. We are rolling out more initiatives to engage and grow trainers, this application will support us greatly in our reporting and decision-making abilities.

Project description

  1. Effectively capture the entity relationships between trainers, programmes they conduct, programme evaluation results
  2. Build features such as
    1. (Trainer profile) Build trainers’ profile to capture history with the company
    2. (Programme profile) Capture programme information and details of trainers involved
    3. (Evaluation reporting) Processing and storing post-programme evaluation results
    4. (Evaluation reporting) Generating reports based on evaluation results
    5. (Admin) Cover administrative processes like monthly paylist
    6. ((Trainer management) Generate reports to determine trainers’ growth and possible progression
    7. UI can be simple but must be easy to use for all users (trainers, in-house staff)
  3. Additional features
    1. Support sales department with CRM
      1. Web crawler
      2. Store client data and information

Technical requirements

  1. Web app, to code in Python, C# or Java
  2. Database to use MySQL or similar databases
  3. Web hosting AWS / Azure or please recommend

Contact Christopher Teo, SMU SIS Aumni, 2018 (christopher.teo@highachievers.com.sg) Grizzly Badgers

Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies – AR/VR software solution for Bariatric Surgery Patients

About Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies At Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies (JJMDC), we are using our breadth, scale and experience to reimagine the way healthcare is delivered and help people live longer, healthier lives. In a radically changing environment, we are making connections across science and technology to combine our own expertise in surgery, orthopaedics and interventional solutions with the big ideas of others to design and deliver physician and patient-centric products and solutions. As pioneers in medical devices, we continually focus on elevating the standard of care—working to expand patient access, improve outcomes, reduce health system costs and drive value. We create smart, people-centered healthcare to help the patients we serve recover faster and live longer and more vibrantly. https://www.jnj.com/healthcare-products/medicaldevices

Project Description

  • Background: Obesity is a big, worldwide problem, and the number of obese patients who need bariatric surgery is increasing rapidly. However, there are many myths surrounding surgery and there is strong need for providing right information to appropriate patients. Bariatric VR is designed for doctors to present data to patients in a visually immersive way covering educational videos on obesity and surgery, patient testimonials, co-morbidities related to obesity, and comparisons between the patient’s body pre and post-surgery.
  • Value Proposition: To create a unique, educational and immersive experience for patients to understand the challenges posed by morbid obesity and seek knowledge about treatment modalities including life transforming changes enabled by bariatric surgery.
  • Target users: Surgeons, physicians, bariatric counselors and patients


  • Synchronize: Unique Sync Code got from VR headset can be used to pair VR headset and iPad. After that, doctors with iPad are able to control what patients view in VR headset.
  • Short educational video on obesity and metabolic surgery
  • Patient Info: Input required questions like height, weight, pre-existing conditions in iPad. These answers are related with what will be shown later. There are also additional questions to help doctors know more about emotions of patients.
  • Related Stories: After patient info part, doctors can choose to play several videos related to bariatric surgery stories to build a more emotional background for patients before they talk about the surgery.
  • 3D Models: This is the main part of the demo. 3D human body models are shown here.

There are three modes in this part which are “Current Status”, “Projected Weight Loss” and “Comparison”. “Current Status” is showing the model similar to patients now. “Projected Weight Loss” is showing the model patients might be after the surgery. “Comparison” put two different models together to compare the changes directly.

Important parts of the body are highlighted, and detailed information will be provided when doctor click the spot. Doctors can use different types of contents such as texts, videos, 360° pictures, 360° videos.

The shape of the models and contents can be customized with questions before. By this way, patients get easier to listen and understand the doctor.


  • Build a conversation tool to facilitate doctor’s conversation with patients in a more vivid, and immersive way
  • Build a more caring and emotional environment to patients.
  • Make surgery information more friendly, acceptable and easier to understand.

Deliverable An AR/VR software solution with above features. The prioritization and exact details of the in-scope features can be discussed based on the hardware/software availability and project duration constraints.

Contact Rashid Mohiuddin Snr. Manager – Technology Services – Analytics rmohiudd@its.jnj.com 65-96444817

The Kids Network - Mobile engagement app

About Us The Kids Network (TKN) is a Netball academy that provides Netball trainings for children 6 to 12 years old. The players are split into different teams/classes base on their age group to train further. As of April 2019, we have 80 players, 6 different class and 9 coaches. We train on a weekly basis at Kallang Netball Centre. Kallang Netball Centre is an outdoor venue. This means that when it rains, our training will be postponed. Like local schools, we run in terms. Fees are collected on a termly basis. Every term, to ensure our players gain court experience and apply the skills they learned, we will organise friendly games or sign the teams up for suitable netball carnivals.

Project Deliverables Develop a mobile App on both Andriod and IOS systems to help us connect and engage better with our parents. The App should include the abilities to:

  1. providing up-to-date training and games schedules
  2. send out reminders for fee payment and to make payment via the App itself
  3. sign & submit consent forms for friendly games
  4. show weather updates and disseminate information of postponed training due to wet weather
  5. allow parents to update their details

Contact Lizhen (lizhen@thekidsnetwork.com.sg) Evangeline (fun@thekidsnetwork.com.sg)

ITI, SMU – Tracks Management System

Brief requirements: Every semester, students are required to fill in the admission forms and then email the processing officers to submit the admission forms and required documents separately. The completion of track requirements are also handled and managed manually. This leads to problems in - managing applications, tracking of requirements and slow reporting. In addition to this, the admission process is not transparent to students which results in multiple queries on track status and completion. The goal of the 'Tracks Management System' is to computerize the admission management system structure, its related operation, and functionality to rectify these weaknesses. Also, the purpose is to provide support to the administration and admission seeking candidates by providing a faster, transparent, and easy way of maintaining records and utilize them for reference and further proceedings such as alumni management and reporting analytics.

Function list: Primary Functions

  • Users: Admin, Student, Alumni
  • Applications Management
  • Students and Alumni Management
  • Non-Credit Courses Management

Secondary Functions

  • Newsfeed for events/careers/internships/articles/resources
  • Reporting Analytics
    • No. of applicants over the years
    • No. of students from different faculty
    • Careers & Internship
  • Information Extraction from CVs and resumes
    • To analyse skills & background to draw insights on prospective students

Contact: Jennifer Lim, International Trading Institute, SMU, http://iti.smu.edu.sg/ email: jenniferlim@smu.edu.sg

TEE Land Limited: – The Next Gen Parking Management Solution

About TEE Land Limited:: TEE International Limited (“TEE” or together with its subsidiaries and associate companies, “TEE Group”) was established in the 1980s, and has grown from a general electrical contractor to an established Integrated Engineering, Real Estate and Infrastructure Group. With its operations spanning across Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and New Zealand, TEE Group continues to focus on its core Engineering specialisation to grow its Infrastructure business alongside its complementary Real Estate business.

Listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore Dealing and Automated Quotation System “SESDAQ” (now known as the SGX Catalist) in 2001, TEE was upgraded to the SGX Mainboard in 2008. Over the years, TEE Group has established a strong track record in delivering quality and value-added services by providing integrated solutions to its customers. With a strong brand position, TEE has been able to secure prominent projects both locally and regionally.

With its people at the centre of the TEE Group’s business model, TEE branches out through its integrated platform – Engineering, Infrastructure and Real Estate by tapping on the expertise, experience, and capabilities of its people. TEE has expanded its regional presence in the Asia-Pacific region either directly by TEE Group or through strategic partnerships and acquisitions. http://www.teeintl.com

What we need you to solve?

Today, more than 70% of carparks are using the Electronic Parking System (EPS). EPS in a carpark can cost up to $150,000. It consists of a cashless system that uses EPS antenna to read the number of ERP In-Vehicle Unit (IU) at the entry and exit of the carpark. Kiosks are also required for drivers to top up their cash cards.

EPS faces issues such as tailgating, double charging and long queues at barriers when drivers do not maintain sufficient funds. A move to an app-based payment system based on License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology will help to reduce infrastructure cost, enhance driver experience and support Singapore’s push towards electronic payments via PayNow.

How do we co-create and have fun together?

The Project Team will have the opportunity to work on Tee International's new technologies such as its License Plate Recognition (LPR) system and e-parking kiosks. These systems are currently used live at Changi Airport and Seng Kang hospital.

The Project Team is expected to envision, design and build the Next Gen Parking System that aims to replace the current EPS. The Next Gen Parking System must integrate with the following existing technologies and the team is required to study these technologies in sufficient detail to support them with the integration.

  1. The Sponsor's License Plate Recognition System
  2. The Sponsor's Parking Payment Kiosk
  3. SGQR, Singapore's single QR code that combines multiple e-payment solutions into one. See http://www.mas.gov.sg/sgqr/index.html

The Project Team shall deploy and conduct live trials of their system at Tee Building. This will involve gathering and analysing data and getting user feedback. The Project Team should plan to have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) deployed as soon as possible, preferably by the end of midterm.

Some pointers on what you need to do

  1. Ideate and tell the story of how the future of car parking is with the adoption and adaptation of LPR, mobile apps and payment via SGQR.
  2. Design the UI and UX of the mobile apps through wire-framing.
  3. Define and setup the technology stack of the system infrastructure which includes the edge computing machine and cloud server.
  4. Define the software architecture for both the backend and frontend.
  5. Plan and breakdown the system and software development into sprints.
  6. . Develop, document, deploy and test the system and software in each iteration.
  7. Conduct live trials at Tee Building in Singapore.
  8. All documentation and source codes to be uploaded on Github.

Contact: Edwin Tan, Consultant Edwin.tan@teeintl.com, Via NG Boon Thai <boonthai.ng.2012@sis.smu.edu.sg>

K11 Security Engineering – K11 HRClick

About the K11 Security Engineering K11 is a security company established since 2010. We have over 80 security guards whom we deploy to our various security sites. We have over 50 security sites at the moment. So require a HR system to manage our growing team of security officers.

About K11 HRClick It will be available on 2 platforms, a mobile application and web application. The web application will be accessible by the management and the mobile application will be accessible by the security guards.

Functions: Web Application:

  • Access control:
    • Operations Officer should only be able to see certain information.
    • Director will be given full access control.
  • Attendance:
    • Register “Take over Duty” and “Hand over Duty” for sites. (i.e. time in and time out)
    • Calculate working hours based on time in and time out and alert work times after 12 hours.
  • Employee information:
    • Register key information of employee (security officers)
    • This function will be able to set number of leave entitled and basic pay of each officer.
    • This function will also allow management to input any extra allowances such as loan or advance pay (this will all be taken into account in payslip generation)
    • Generate Key employment terms (in pdf format) – we will provide all the details on this.
  • Payroll:
    • Based on attendance and details from employee information available only by month, system will generate a payslip for each employee (downloadable pdf on the mobile app and web application)
    • The payslip format we will provide a MOM standard format
  • Leave application:
    • Approve or reject leave
  • Roaster
    • For every site, operation officer can choose from a dropdown list of security officer for day or night shift.
    • Alert if same officer is chosen for the same shift on the same day for a different site or if officer is scheduled for leave that day.
    • Every time the roaster is “Submitted”, all the officers will be get an update on the shifts they will be doing for the month. The roaster is editable anytime of the month, just that if the operations officer “Submit” an updated roaster, all the security officers’ timetable will be updated.
  • Others:
    • Send reminder email if work permit of officer is going to expire.

Mobile application:

  • Leave application
    • Apply for leave
    • Send notification if leave is approved or rejected
    • View leaves applied and leaves remaining
  • Roaster:
    • View current and next shift.
  • Attendance:
    • Insert time in and time out
    • Send alert if shift has started and officer has not input the “time in” or if shift has ended alert officer to input “time out”
  • Payslip:
    • View and download past and current payslip

Contact: Shangeri <Shangeri1994@k11.com.sg>, SIS alumni The Chosen Six

TWC2 - SalaryTracker


TWC2 is interested to build a mobile app inspired by Jornaler (also known as Jornalero).

About the Journaler Jornaler@ is a mobile phone application that combines technology with worker education for preventing wage-theft and other labour rights violations. The app has been tailored to the specific needs of undocumented migrant day laborers in the USA, who are among the most vulnerable members of the workforce. They do not have regular jobs, but instead seek casual work from different employers day by day. Over 50% of day laborers have experienced some type of wage theft (non-payment of wages).

The Jornaler@ application provides day laborers and worker centers with a recordkeeping and data sharing tool, which would help them to both prevent wage-theft incidence. Through a record of work hours, and together with the ability to store information about their casual employers, e.g. the car they drive, Jornaler@ helps workers prove their claims to their rightful wages legally.

About TWC2’s proposed SalaryTracker app. Unlike the context for Jornalero, our Singapore app is aimed at legal workers. There is therefore no need for the app to store information about the employer beyond the official name of their legal employer. Instead, the focus of the app is to counter the possibility of false claims by the employer in cases of wage disputes. E.g. the employer might deny that the worker worked overtime on such and such a day, or the employer might say that the worker never showed up at work at all. The employer might also miscalculate the rate of pay for overtime, thus coming up with a total salary that is less that the worker should get.

Features we’d like SalaryTracker to have

  1. Store data on the phone with export option
  2. Store key information such as worker ID, employer name, basic monthly salary.
  3. App should be able to store information for up to three employers/jobs simultaneously.
  4. “Punch Card” function, allowing the worker to enter the time he starts work and the time he ends work for each day of the calendar. Worker can either capture the phone system’s time, or manually key in a time (if the latter, app should also log what time he manually keyed in the time in/out.)
  5. Geolocation function. Worker should be able to capture his geolocation at any time. The app should log the time he captured his geolocation. This will help the worker prove that he was at work at such and such a time.
  6. Salary estimate function. The app should be able to estimate for the worker, based on his punch card data, what his salary for the month is. This allows him to know whether the amount he is eventually paid is correct.
  7. Supporting documents. The worker is prompted to take photos of time cards and salary slips that the employer produces, and which are either given to him or temporarily shown to him. The app should link to the images stored.
  8. Languages. English, Chinese, Bengali, Tamil, Burmese.
  9. And any other features students might recommend.

Contact: Pat Meyer <casehelp3@twc2.org.sg>, Alex Au <alex.au@twc2.org.sg>

Seah Kim Cheok Construction Co Pte Ltd – Enhance ACCPAC (DOS) accounting programme

About Seah Kim Cheok Construction Co Pte Ltd Seah Kim Cheok Construction Pte Ltd is a B1 General Construction Firm in Singapore. We have been operating for nearly half a century in Singapore. Our focus is on residential projects from Strata Housing to Bungalows. Currently, we are diverging into small property development. As industries all digitalise, we wish to find suitable digital solutions for our company.

Please view the following link for our portfolio of construction projects https://tinyurl.com/y7f7xmuq

Project Description

  1. Currently, Singapore lacks a dedicated project management web module suitable for construction staff of all educational level. We have been sourcing around but there are little market solutions as the industry is more traditional. SMU-X had previously created an accounting and budget management module for us. We wish to expand on this module by adding in project management and HR Management services. This would greatly benefit construction companies and improve efficiencies. An area the government and companies have been attempting for a long while.
  2. An example of how this module could work would be https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gwk71zovsz3hqyf/AABMcmlzTOTMOSwwGqnkt7xTa?dl=0This is not the fixed module and we are open to discussion with you
  3. We are open to web app and/or phone app

Project Requirements

  1. Build on additional modules on a previous SMU-X Project. Accounting Architects
  2. Work with us to find ways to present a project management module simply so all stakeholders in construction can use it
  3. We invite you to contact us to learn more about this project and work together to make this a success. We have great success and collaboration with previous SMU-X Project Team. We would be happy to link you with them to learn more about our company and how we work with them to create successful projects. Contact us today 😊

Project Deliverables

  1. Project management web app and/or phone app
  2. Adding the module into an already operation AWS web made by previous SMU-X team
  3. Working with our IT intern for any help you require

Skill Requirements Skills such as the following may be needed (but not limited to):

  • SSL Language
  • Any language you feel suitable to build the modules

Contact: Seah Kah Howe kahhowe@skcspc.com.sg

DHL SMU Analytics Lab – Various projects

About DHL SMU Analytics Lab The DHL-SMU Analytics Lab promotes and accelerates the application of big data analytics in logistics and supply chain management. Leveraging our broad spectrum of capabilities in advanced data science and machine learning, we create opportunities for strategic business change and innovation.

Integrate and extend the following projects

  1. Platform for Supply Chain Data Visualisation by Panda Conda. A platform for supply chain logistic company to visualise their data.
  2. External data correlation system by Beyond Ideas. A platform to correlate data using a supply chain data visualisation platform. This platform include a crawling service of website for external data.

IP and NDA requirements Due to the data and DHL SML collaboration, student teams are required to sign a NDA and IP rights for DHL. Note: If you are uncomfortable with this requirement, please do not choose this project. In return, you are able to work on logistic industry related data with relevant problem statement.

Contact: Benjamin Gan benjamingan@smu.edu.sg