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These are available projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the sponsor or sent to the course manager. Past Projects

PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT: You are expected to attend meetings you set. If you are not able to attend for legitimate reasons, please inform your contact and course coordinator with reasons stated. If we receive any complain about your unprofessional conduct, you will be rejected from IS480 for 1 term!! Your conduct is a reflection of SIS students and SMU. Do NOT take this lightly!!

NOTE: These project have been reviewed by IS480 course coordinator. However, there is no guarantee that these projects are acceptable. You are required to gather more information, submit draft proposal for feedback, and clear all NDA, IP issues early before proposal. Sponsors must refer to FAQ.


Learning Sprint Edtech – Creating an Education Marketplace and Teaching Solution Powered By Machine-learning

About Learning Sprint Edtech kindlr (previously Learning Sprint) is a B2B web and mobile application that helps tuition centre owners reach more students by moving offline classes online, and at the same time creating a more affordable learning option for students. Our immediate goal is to revolutionise learning in SEA by creating knowledge-sharing tools powered by machine learning that are truly value-adding for both educators and learners. Our eventual aim is to leverage on our tools to improve the education infrastructure in less-developed countries.

Earlier this year, kindlr was awarded the Singapore Valley Awards (SVA) – an annual entrepreneurship award that offers students, with the most compelling business ideas, a fully-sponsored internship to China. Last year, kindlr won a position in the SMU Impact Accelerator, a 12-week programme that provides a co-working space, mentorship, and community for social innovators and was featured in Festival for Good 2017.

Project description

  1. The platform must be capable of replacing the way educators teach and learners acquire knowledge in a physical setting with online tools (i.e. the online platform must be capable of replacing the physical interaction between an educator and a learner)
  2. The platform must aid educators to teach and students to learn more effectively and efficiently
  3. The platform must enable education to take place at anytime and anywhere

Project deliverables: A working [1] web application and [2] parallel mobile application that allows private tutors to:

  1. Deliver their weekly face-to-face lessons in real time via virtual learning online
  2. Use a simple learning management system to organise lesson materials
  3. Create smart quizzes with multiple levels of difficulty that varies with a student’s progress

A working [1] web application and [2] parallel mobile application that allows students to:

  1. Attend lessons with just an internet connection regardless of location
  2. Learn at their own pace by playing back past lesson recordings
  3. Monitor their own learning progress (by tracking their smart quiz results)

(Note: more details will be provided when we engage with the students)

Student benefits Opportunity to code a full-fledged working platform: completing this FYP project successfully will enable the student to add this to his or her portfolio. This would prove to be a huge value-add should the student apply for any budding tech start-ups or even existing tech giants.

Opportunity to apply creatively knowledge and skill-sets acquired from NUS courses: while we have stated the final deliverables, we are flexible in terms of how the students arrive at the final product because we believe in nurturing through autonomy – students would grow best having the freedom to creatively apply what they have learnt in their coursework and doing so would allow them to deepen their understanding of the concepts learnt.

Understanding the business requirements of an emerging start-up: to ensure that they can deliver the product to their best abilities, students would have to understand the context and business requirements of what they are doing. Thus, not only will they improve on their technical skills and knowledge, they will also be able to gain industry and business knowledge in the process.

Opportunity to be part of the team in delivering a good cause: If the student is capable and has an intrinsic interest to better the education for the region, we will be more than happy for him or her to be on board. Successful candidates will be able to carry on this exciting journey even after the FYP project is completed.

Hardware required: Working laptop/desktop with Linux-based OS preferred Software required: Git, any IDE (we recommend VS Code), Ruby 2.5.0 (install with either rbenv or rvm), Postgres, Internet Browser, Node, pnpm

Technical skills: Students are expected to have basic understanding for REST APIs and MVC architecture. In addition to implementing features, also expected to write automated test suites. Web application • Frontend language: VueJS • Backend language: Ruby on Rails (Okay if you know python) • Database: Postgres Mobile application • Frontend language: To be determined • Backend language: Ruby (Ruby on Rails) • Database: Postgres Algorithm: The implementation of Machine Learning features requires some knowledge of Machine Learning concepts and algorithms (python or R) and the outputs will be in the form of REST APIs UI/UX skills (optional, but preferred): The main deliverable would be a product that is directly visible to the consumers/clients. Any aesthetic skills or UI/UX knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

Contact: Name: Sim Poh Sia (SMU Alumni) Email: pohsia.sim@kindlr.co Designation: Project Lead Organisation Name: Learning Sprint Edtech Mailing address: 29, #02-57, Coco Palms, Pasir Ris Grove (Singapore 518074)

NOTE: Looking for members to join Technical team. Expect team to lead the development

CPAS – Employee Engagement Portal


About Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) Formerly known as Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore, the CPAS was established in 1957 to provide persons with Cerebral Palsy and multiple disabilities with early intervention, special education, rehabilitation services, day activity centre programmes , vocational training and gainful employment in Singapore.

Project description Currently, Human Resources in CPAS use a mix of manual and system process to perform their employee engagement programme with the objectives to Connect, Share and Involve. The mix in process is not efficient and has led to less than optimal engagement outcomes. CPAS is looking towards automating parts of their employee engagement programme in an effort to improve the engagement process from new employees to long term employees.

  • Primary functions
    • Central repository to store documents and forms for employees for quick and easy access
    • Built in email system where HR could email newsletters and documents (from central repository) to employees
    • Built in survey tool to pool the employees for responses, track employee responses and send reminders to employees who have not responded
    • Visual dashboard on key statistics important to employee engagement (to be discussed with client)
    • Feedback channel for employees [option to do so anonymously]
  • Secondary functions
    • Versioning of the documents stored in the central repository
    • Tracking of emails for sent/opened/read

Project deliverables To deliver the primary functions through either a self-developed or OpenSource software, Secondary functions are good to have.

Contact: Miss Foo Mui Leng muileng@cpas.org.sg, Head Human Resource, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore

Hatch – Waste management service


About Hatch Hatch is a fresh startup that is in the construction and interior design industry. Founder, Zack Yeo has taken keen interest in waste management and recycling opportunities and decided to work on how to better provide such services with the employment of technology.

Project scope The standard residential recyclable-waste management in Singapore (Job done by rag and bone man as we all know it as) are facing a declining manpower problem. Young adults are not keen to take up such occupation due it it’s tedious and looked-down-upon job nature.

However, the demand of such service will always prevail due to the dense residential and urban nature in Singapore and also planned obsolescence strategy adopted by most technology companies nowadays.

A key contributor to the rising issue is the aging demographics of the workforce. Most workers operate individually in their own cluster. The use of technology is not applied in the field due to the low interest in utilizing and application of technology in their daily operations.

Project deliverables The objective of the project is to create a mobile and web application for general public to subscribe to such waste management service. The focus of the project will be:

  1. Point of sales button
    • Estimated size of waste
    • Allow consumers to upload photos of the waste
    • Preferred date of collection
  2. Visual dashboard showing:
    • Relationships report (Amongst consumers)
    • Account activities
    • Logistics management and space demand

Insights derived from the data provided and dashboard will assist the company in route planning, collection schedule, human resource/ fleet management as well as logistic management.

Value proposition Switching the industry towards an on-demand model where convenience, incentivizing and a reduction of contamination is the main focus. By using demographic data along with location information and interests to target prospect consumers.

Additional information This project is particularly suitable for individuals who are interested in working for a fresh startup that offers fresh opportunities. As there will be lots of hands-on experience and exploration of innovations, we are looking out for students that are passionate, committed to goals and enthralled with entrepreneurship.

Contact: If you are keen to know more about the project even before you decide to take up the project, you may email Zack Yeo (contact@hatchproducts.net)

Fund Express Pawnshop Pte Ltd – Digitizing the pawnbroking trade


About Fund Express Pawnshop Pte Ltd: The Fund Express Pawnshop Group of Companies aim to provide the highest level of service, offer the most attractive valuation, and maintain good relationships with our clientèle.

We provide pawnbroking business involving products ranging from gold ornaments, diamonds and gems jewellery, and selected branded watches. Our pawnshop has traditionally been offering very attractive valuation and providing friendly services and attractive interest rates to our customers that include locals and foreigners from Asia, Europe, and North America. We uphold the highest commitment level and responsibility to our clients and ensure all terms and conditions are explained in detail, understood, and adhered to. Throughout the years, our relationships with our clients have developed into more than just at the B2C level as mutual trust and friendships were forged.

Project description: The pawnbroking industry has been and still is traditionally run with clients having to personally take a trip down to a pawnshop to get their items (pledges) pawned, do a face-to-face KYC onboarding, and finally having to return to the same pawnshop to redeem their pledges. Loan-to-value is based on an intangible and emotional aspect: the more frequent, dependable, and familiar the client, the higher the value given for the pledge, instead of a quantitative credit scoring process.

We seek to digitize the whole process on a blockchain and look to serve the younger clientele base. Being on the blockchain will give clients added transparency and trust. Blockchain is a decentralised ledger that is immutable, distributed and provides provenance for assets. The future of pawnbroking will see clients pawn their items anytime and anywhere using their mobile devices, convert their physical jewellery or Gold bars into digital gold which then can be use to pay for their daily expenses, collateralise the digital Gold, sell their digital Gold, convert into different currencies, all these via an electronic wallet app. Imagine converting your 916 jewellery into digital gold in the comfort of your own home and paying for your utility bills at the snap of a finger.

Project requirements: The project will be categorized into a couple of stages. Each module will have APIs so it can be integrated with other applications like a mobile app or ecommerce store. At the end of the day, we seek compatibility with web, Android, and iOS.

Stage 1: KYC (as that of hooyu.com) and credit scoring features (as that of lenddo.com) so clients can onboard themselves via a few identification inputs like photo ID, mobile phone confirmation, NRIC, The clients will be grouped into 2 different groups, one group will be new clients while the other would be a returning client. New client will be scored based on a few quantifiable variables from the data they provide such as place of residence, item being pawned, age group, gender. Scoring based on social media accounts can be done for younger clients who have such accounts. Returning clients will mainly be scored based on the data who have that resides in our legacy database. Items pawned, last pawn date, frequency of default, previous outstanding pledge amount, residential address, to determine the loan-to-value. Clients will walk in and pawn or redeem their pledges or renew their pawn ticket via a company ipad. Think of McDonalds where customers can choose, pay for, and collect their food without having to engage a counter staff. Client data that has been captured via our onboarding process will be stored on a blockchain and client will have a private key to access their own data stored on the blockchain.

Stage 2: Integrate stage one developed KYC and credit scoring into a E-wallet app with functionalities such as calculation of interest rates, automatic reminders to renew pawn tickets, identification based on dimensions and mathematical models from a picture of the item you want to pawn and instantly provide an estimated loan value for it. Collection and delivery will be integrated into the app and will provide convenience for clients.

Skillsets: Python, MySQL, API (JSON, XML, REST), blockchain integration (ethereum)

Contact: Kenneth Chong (92968848 | wzchong.2013@smu.edu.sg)

Seah Kim Cheok Construction Co Pte Ltd – Enhance ACCPAC (DOS) accounting programme


Enhance current ACCPAC (DOS) accounting programme to meet the increased demands on Seah Kim Cheok Construction Co Pte Ltd

About Seah Kim Cheok Construction Co Pte Ltd Seah Kim Cheok Construction Pte Ltd is a B1 General Construction Firm in Singapore. We have been operating for nearly half a century in Singapore. Our focus is on residential projects from Strata Housing to Bungalows. Currently, we are diverging into small property development.

Please view the following link for our property construction projects https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7ry8lpzjld38i28/AADI1rQbIvM304jj-qLidFNQa?dl=0

Project Description Currently, our ACCPAC software; our existing DOS accounting software do not allow real time monitoring. Furthermore, it do not allow us to export the data to our excel sheet to customize on what we require.

Therefore, we always have to prepare in our excel sheet on all the detail of payment and detail of receipt for every project with each and every invoices that we pay every day and classify ourselves to different projects.

After a few weeks later, we will need to rekey the same data of receipt and payment to the ACCPAC to meet the requirements of auditors. This increases the non-value adding work for the team.

We hope to design and create an accounting software suited for construction companies like us. This software will involve a one-time typing in of information and date but allow us to export these date into many different formats. It would produce time-saving, efficient monitoring of project costs and better use of manpower.

Prior to your team coming in, we had a Masters of Professional Accounting Team that did an Accounting Information System map layout of our revenue and expense processes. We believe their work would assist you in the project and help create this software.

Project Scope Below would be functions we hope can be included in the software • Primary functions • Cash flow statement report, Profit and loss for every project, consolidate Profit and Loss and balance sheet report • There should have internal control whereby, system should recognize if repetitive invoices number or double payment is keyed in • It must enable us to do the uploading of data, import and export of data from the accounting software to our excel sheet • The sub ledger must be able to show the movement of entry(invoice and payment) for each and every customer and subcontractor • GST computed automatically once we key in the invoices • Secondary functions • The system allow us to keep track of stock movement , eg, it would prompt us for excess use of rebar in ton as compare to our contract quantity

Deliverable To deliver the primary functions through either an add-on to ACCPAC (DOS) or OpenSource accounting software, Secondary functions are good to have.

We seek to work closely with you and your team to develop an accounting software with functions suited for the construction industry. We hope it would be a good learning experience for you and us. We look forward to working with you.

Additional Info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sage_300

Contact: Contact: Seah Kah Howe kahhowe@skcspc.com.sg

SMU Student Services Hub - AskSmooSmoo


Enhance existing chatbot developed by SMU IITS

About SMU Student Services Hub (SSH) The Student Services Hub serves as the central student services and knowledge centre – a place where students find it convenient to complete their university transactions and simultaneously where learning takes place through our Centre Programming initiative to support the learning goals of our students and graduates.

Project Objective This project is to enhance the operation efficiency and accuracy of the several AskSmooSmoo when it responds to follow-up questions from the same user, we are also looking at expanding the functionality of AskSmooSmoo by building in Speech to Text features.

Project Brief The students are required to enhance the existing chatbot software developed by SMU IITS by optimizing to build contextual understanding of follow-up questions, build machine learning into AskSmooSmoo, as described below:

Primary functions

  • enhance the capabilities of AskSmooSmoo to build contextual understanding of follow-up questions and
  • build machine learning where retrieval of information can be improved based on the questions that students ask
  • To add speech to text functionality for AskSmooSmoo
  • To allow generic forms can be completed using Speech to Text

Secondary functions

  • To allow Text to Speech so SmooSmoo can have light conversations with the user

Deliverable To deliver the primary functions, Secondary functions are good to have Additional Info: https://www.smu.edu.sg/news/2018/02/28/smu-first-ihl-launch-ai-chatbot-better-serve-its-students

Contact: Greg KRYGSMAN gkrygsman@smu.edu.sg, GOH Wee Sen wsgoh@smu.edu.sg

Singapore Weiqi Association-Tournament web portal

Enhance existing portal developed by Team BFF

About Singapore Weiqi Association (SWA) Singapore Weiqi Association is the national body (NSA) for the game Weiqi (Go) in Singapore.

Project Objective This project is to enhance the operation efficiency and accuracy of the several national and international tournaments held in Singapore.

Project Brief The students are required to enhance the existing new tournament software using technology such as OCR and automated algorithm calculation, as described below:

  • Primary functions
    • Allow user to use mobile phone to take a picture of the board and calculate the score automatically Create a native mobile application
    • Create a native mobile application
    • Improve usability of the current web application
  • Secondary functions
    • Create a live game record based on video footage

Deliverable To deliver the primary functions

Contact: Jacinta Yang (jacintayang@gmail.com), Genial Tan (secretary@weiqi.org.sg)

CANDID-INTEL: a blockchain enabled talent sourcing marketplace

CANDID-INTEL: a blockchain enabled talent sourcing marketplace to empower corporates to hire anytime anywhere

About Candid-Intel Candid-Intel is a Singapore - based start-up with the aim to revolutionize the recruitment industry by simplifying and digitizing the recruitment workflow process between employer, recruitment agencies and job seekers - by building a talent sourcing marketplace underlined by blockchain and smart contract technologies.

Project Motivation The platform utilizes blockchain and smart technologies to allow:

  1. Employers set an auction for their job openings, allowing recruiters to bid with their best talent available
  2. Recruiters access can access an unlimited amount of job openings, monetizing their candidate networks and increasing income in a secure and transparent way.
  3. Job referrers can monetize their professional networks by referring candidates to employers
  4. Job seekers can secure their personal data and develop digital identities enabling the secure exchange of sensitive personal data.

Utilising cutting edge blockchain and smart contract technologies we can significantly disrupt the $400 billion recruitment market for both permanent and contract talent sourcing.

The projects seeks the development of a working proof of concept system that comprises the following main areas:

  • Buy / sale auction system
  • Transaction Management of Job seeker profiles
  • Smart contract management / development
  • Feasibility testing / assessment of using utility token
  • Interface development (Via responsive web based interface)
  • Testing the feasibility and functionalities of Blockchain application to bring product/service offering to next level

Skills required:

  • understanding of ledgers, consensus methods, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies in general
  • Strong understanding of algorithms, data structures, cryptography and data security, and decentralized technologies.
  • Strong coding skills with at least one of the following languages: Go, C, C++ , JAVA, Python.
  • At least some degree of experience creating blockchain frameworks and business applications.

The team will work closely with the Candid-Intel project team to ensure that the Proof of Concept system is robust enough to take to market in a live setting with users key clients in the industry testing the platform and assessing its viability.

Contact: 'Kevin Matthews' <kevin@krenergypartners.com> Sabrina Ho - KS Partners <sabrina@kslegalpartners.com> via Paul GRIFFIN <paulgriffin@smu.edu.sg>



About JungleElement Founded in 2016, Jungle Element, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chat bot service transforms the way businesses communicate with their potential & existing customers. Powered by state-of-the-art AI technology, Jungle Element enables companies to engage their customers on a 24/7 basis along with professional & consistent responses. Furthermore, all the conversational datas with their customers will be converted into valuable data insights to enhance targeted marketing techniques.

Project Description CardPerks aim to be the centralised curator for the benefits that one owns, be it UOB’s card benefits or SMU Alumni’s card benefits – One will be able to see the benefits that they are entitled to because they have the card in their wallet.

Upon turning the app on, based on the location of the user or whatever they typed into the app, CardPerks will show them the benefits that is given to them. There are 2 offerings that the company wish to entail – 1. A product offering based on SaaS app launch and 2. A service offering for central data consolidation.

There are also possibilities for the central app body to do a push notification based on user’s location, interest and other potentials. The difficulty and scale of this project comes from understanding the business values of this product and service and provides objectively justified reasons on why a user will need to use the app and create as many stickiness points as possible with the users.

Project Requirement Primary Requirement: The expected deliverables would be 2 mobiles apps

  1. Individual Mobile app that can be launched for various faculties and needs.
  2. Consolidated mobile app to be released under the CardPerks branding.

For use case 1 - this can be a product offering that will be useful for card issuer (such as NUS) to better curate their benefits out to their users.

For user case 2 – this can be a service offering that will be useful for users who have several cards and wish to know the benefits that they have in the wallet. Both use case 1 and use case 2 will have business viability for the sponsoring organisation.

  1. To develop the Android app and iOS app that allows easy spin off as an isolated app for individual organisations (For instance – one for SMU, one for NUS Alumni).
  2. To develop a consolidated app on iOS and Android (can be similar UI as item 1 mentioned ) that serves as a consolidation app.
  3. To develop a backend engine that allows worker roles to push notification to users based on
    1. Location stay
    2. Interest
    3. Redemption history
    4. any other potential.
  4. To integrate Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics into the app.


  1. Back-end: C# & .Net
  2. Front-end: Flexible. Xamarin & Native iOS and Native Android
  3. Structure – Windows Azure

Contact: Contact: Nigel Giam - nigel@jungleelement.com (8112 7835)

SMU SIS Rafael-Cloud Learning Environment

TAKEN IT Operations Manager Lab

Project Background SMU-Cloud Learning Environment is part of the Learning & Pedagogy research area, practice and game-based learning.

Motivation Create a Cloud Learning Environment for students to appreciate the complexity of a production environment and test security, performance, scalability of a Deployed Enterprise Solution.

Project Requirements

  1. Create the Learning Disruption Module (LDM) to simulate the creation of real IT disruptions to help students brainstorm real-time production solutions. Two types of disruptions will be managed: Business type like changes of planned demand or change of expected support requests; Infrastructure type like ransomware, DDOS, lack of compliance, server failures.
  2. Create the Teams Monitoring Dashboard (TMD) to manage and monitor up to 32 concurrent student teams. Like the cloud status dashboards:

Skills required: The following courses are recommended: PMSB, EI Love for learning environments, business process environments, and analytics.

Contact: Rafael J. Barros rafaelbarros@smu.edu.sg

PSA – Chatbot POC


About PSA: PSA Singapore, a fully-owned subsidiary of PSA International, operates the world’s largest container transhipment hub in Singapore, linking shippers to an excellent network of major shipping lines with connections to 600 ports globally. Shippers have access to daily sailings to every major port in the world at this mega hub. Its excellence in port operations has consistently been recognised by the shipping community. In 2017, it was voted the “Best Container Terminal (Asia)” at the Asian Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain Awards. PSA Singapore Terminals handled 30.59 million TEUs of containers in 2016. Visit us at www.singaporepsa.com and www.facebook.com/singaporepsa.

Project Background & Scope: This project aims to develop an Enterprise Chatbot Proof-of-Concept (POC) that may be used on PSA’s B2B portal, Portnet, in the future. This is to provide a few self-service features to reduce the load on our helpdesk team who is handling our customers’ queries via the phone and email.

The broad objectives for the Port Community System Helpdesk Chatbot POC project are:

  1. To handle first level user queries that can be answered
    1. based on FAQ provided by IT team
    2. by single vessel, container or record enquiry (through PSA’s APIs)
    3. by checking user account status (through PSA’s APIs)
  2. To guide users on
    1. how to use Port Community System based on user guide
    2. what to do next when encountering issues
  3. To allow user to feedback
  4. Inform user on system downtime, unexpected events etc.

What’s Required:

  • Java programming skills
  • Interest and/or knowledge of basic data (text) analytics

Contact: Lim Boon Chong: boonchon@globalpsa.com – Project Supervisor Jay Lim: jaylim@globalpsa.com

NOTE: Chat bot project should not only be using 3rd party chatbot framework and training content.

SnapCoin – Point-of-Sales (POS) system


About SnapCoin SnapCoin Pte Ltd, based in Singapore, is a deals and promotions platform which seeks to dominate the deals market through our incentivized redemption model. Based on our unique algorithm, we are able to give users the best deals in town in comparison to market rates.

Project Description The project aims to create a Point-of-Sales (POS) system for our merchants to be able to receive "coins" and "credits" from our existing user accounts. Users will be able to use a mixture of these payment methods to purchase either the promotion or the payment in entirety. This project will integrate with our existing platform for data communication and synchronization.

This would provide the selected team for an opportunity to work with real-life client data and project management. Our collaboration would also be smoother as we are an IT-based company. Our company will provide the deployment server, database server and POS hardware.

Project Requirement Primary Requirement: Essential POS Functions:

  1. Tablet Layout Management
  2. Product Management
    1. Product Item (example: add chilli + $0.50)
  3. Kitchen Receipt Printer + Interactive Screen Display of Orders
  4. Casher Features
    1. Register Orders
    2. Hold Payment
    3. Print Receipt
  5. Reports
    1. Sales Reports
    2. Product Sales Reports
  6. Integrate SnapCash Member Wallet Credit for Payment
  7. Call SnapOffice API for member status


  • Java(J2EE)
  • JSON
  • Bootstrap

Contact: Joshua Tan <joshuatan91@gmail.com> Director SnapCoin Pte Ltd via Marcus TAN Sin Yik <marcus.tan.2014@sis.smu.edu.sg>

Aldora Training – Continual Learning Engagement App/Platform

About Aldora Training Aldora Training is a training and development consultancy group that specialises in soft skills training programmes for a wide range of industries across government, private as well as educational institutions. We believe in the development and engagement of individuals and the power of programmes to help individuals find their passion and purpose in life.

This is the second year that we are taking part in IS480 and we are very proud of our Team NP who won the best FYP award in the previous run of IS480 2017. We are looking forward to helping guide another team towards achieving their best in this year's project as well!

Problem to Solve Many training programmes end once the workshop is over. Participants remember what they learnt for a short time after the programme. Without follow-up, they tend to lose the information and forget what they have learnt during the session. In addition, training materials on booklets or even modules on websites are one-sided and do not engage or entice participants to go into the website or follow-up with additional readings/materials.

Project Description As the landscape for learning continues to develop with many looking towards MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses). We are looking to retain and further engage existing participants by developing a learning website/platform that facilitates continuous self-directed training/learning materials in a personalized and engaging manner that would entice participants to go into the website/platform to engage in further learning about the module.

As with many of our training modules, social or peer-to-peer evaluation provides an avenue for participants to receive appraisals for their continued growth. Peer-to-peer interaction on the platform itself would be value-add to facilitate social learning on a learning platform.

The website/platform aims to be service partners to L&D departments to track and actively participate in the employee's learning and development.

Value Proposition To develop a new way of learning/engaging participants that is in line with the way people currently engage with technology and social media. To create a platform that facilitates structured social and self-directed learning.

To encourage personal mastery by supporting participants with continuous training resources in an engaging manner that entices participants to use the platform.

Uniqueness Current learning platforms are generally one-sided with no engagement factor to draw participants to learn more once the programme is over.

We are looking for a platform that would engage and excite participants to go in on a regular basis to explore the new learnings and sharings that might be curated and available on the platform.

Project Scope To build a learning website/platform that engages participants to continue learning a specific module even after a training programme is completed.

Developmental Growth Areas for the Team As part of helping the team to develop the product and attain a more innovative solution, we will take the team through the concept of Design Thinking to help them use the DT approach to interview users (clients, training participants etc.) and to come up with more innovative solutions to the problem at hand.

Contact: Would love to chat further to explain more about what we are trying to achieve and to find out more about your team. Feel free to drop me an email. Sara sarakim@aldoratraining.com

Lim Kee Food Manufacturing – Dim Sum ordering system


About Lim Kee Food Manufacturing

Project Description Develop a easy to use app/digital platform to allow their retail partners to submit orders for pau and dim sum.

Given Lim Kee’s JIT philosophy, all delivery orders are manually taken via phone by our admin sales officers. However, challenges relating to ability to get timely orders, directly reaching to the ordering personnels etc, have led to some delays in the entire supply chain. Hence, Lim Kee is keen to build a simple app/ digital interface where our ordering partners are able to log-in and submit their orders real-time.

Contact: Ang Khim Wee <khimwee@limkee.com>

NOTE from course coordinator: Please empathise with sponsor to come up with project. This may be a web and/or mobile app.

Corsiva Lab – Gathering Planning App


About Corsiva Lab Founded by a team of young entrepreneurs, Corsiva Lab is Singapore’s very own creative web design and digital marketing agency. Corsiva Lab seeks to help their clients portray a professional brand image and generate qualified leads through digital marketing and web design.

Project Description & uses cases In a generation where review blogs are aplenty and many articles sporting viral headlines such as “5 unique matcha desserts in Singapore to get your green tea fix” and “13 Things to Do Near Jurong That Prove Singapore's West Side is the Best Side” litter the web, it is surprising that there is no one app to curate them all.

Idea/Solution A one-stop app for planning any gathering! The app allows you to pick from a variety of Trails such as:

  • 1 Day North East Cafe Hopping Escapade (Shows a list of Cafe in the North East which can be completed within a day)
  • 13 Things To Do Near Jurong That Prove Singapore's West Side Is The Best Side (Shows a list of places to visit in the west. Rather than an itinerary, this allows you to keep track of which ramen shop you have not been to)
  • Artscience Museum Future World (Shows a list of exhibits within the Artscience Museum which can be completed within a day)

Interested in creating your own Trail? This app has you covered. The app gives you the ability to create and customize different trails. Be it a heritage, food, camp orientation trail, this is the app for you. CASE #1 (1 Day North East Cafe Hopping Escapade)

  • Upon selecting this trail, there will be a list of Cafes available.
  • To clear these Cafes, the user will have to check in by scanning a QR code which will be available at the Cafe. This will give them points which can be in turn used to redeem gifts/vouchers
  • Upon clearing all the cafes listed under the 1 Day North East Cafe Hopping Escapade, a stamp will appear on the Trail indicating completion. The user can choose to redo the Trail if they want to.

The centralize-solution can be used in many different use cases.

For instance, but not limited to:

  • Education trail targeting:

o Primary School ▪ Learning Journey ▪ Zoological Badge ▪ Reading Badge o Secondary School ▪ Libraries ▪ Heritage Tour ▪ Camp Games ▪ Expeditions o Universities/JC/Poly ▪ Orientation tours ▪ Visiting school’s faculty

  • Retail

o Shopping groups with different shopping centre. E.g. Frasers Center Point malls, CapitaLand, Asiamalls ▪ Promote more crowd to their shopping centres o Fashion groups and different fashion lines. E.g. youth, female, male, kids

  • F&B (Have to take note of halal and non-halal)

o Food/cafe trail o Cafe o Best kind <genre> of food. E.g. Chinese, Malay, Indian, etc. o Thai Express Group (Buffet Town, Thai Express, Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, Poulét)

  • Culture

o Museum ▪ Show a list of museums o Places of interest ▪ Historical places

Skill requirements

  1. Back-end: C#/.Net because the company has expertise to takeover after us
  2. Front-end: Flexible. React Native / Xamarin

Contact: Lim Guo Hong – 8163 1710 Guo Hong Lim <guohong.lim@live.com>

BMW Group – CIO cockpit Financial Simulations


About Project The financial steering & planning process is focused on the entire region APAC including all local markets. In Singapore all financial figures and targets are merged and consolidated for the central controlling department in Munich. Main goal is to reach the global financial targets (KPIs). Often this planning process is influenced by ambiguity and uncertainness. Due to this indecisiveness it is essential to forecast and project typical fiscal scenarios. These probable states can be used to show the management potential outcomes – an essential part of the decision making process.

Past Team CIO Series

Project Objective

  • Facilitate financial scenarios, like forecasting base upon static data and variables/parameters
    • Plan-Target-Gap Simulation
    • Effects on changes of FX Rates
    • Budget cut or upsurge effects
  • Prepare a GUI to enter the variables and parameters
  • Graphical editing of the results like diagrams and charts

Target Audience Senior leaders in the regional CIO office

Key Technologies

  • Big Data Analytic tools
  • UX design and implementation
  • Motion sensors such as Kinect, Leap Motion, SoftKinetic etc. can be considered but are not limited to the development of the dashboard
  • .NET or Java
  • We encourage students to suggest other best-in-class technologies

Deliverable A module within the existing application that allows a forecasting and scenario simulating including a graphical output.

Contact: Kai Cardinal von Widder (kai.cardinal-von-widder@bmw.de), BMW Asia

S-Cube Pte Ltd – Business Analytics System


About S-Cube Pte Ltd S-Cube Pte Ltd, based in Singapore, recognizes the unique needs of SME businesses and equip them with powerful, accessible and afford yet convenient and user friendly customized ERP systems. We aim to bring solutions to curbing administrative burden and giving business owners the necessary insights to run their businesses more successfully; a solution that will stretch your resources effectively and increase productivity in today’s advancing world through software development and system integration.

Project Description The project aims to create a business analytic system that will provide our clients with meaningful reports. This project would also work hand in hand with S-Cube’s ERP systems.

This would provide the selected team for an opportunity to work with real-life client data and project management. Our collaboration would also be smoother as we are an IT-based company. Our company will provide the deployment server, database server and SMTP server.

Project Requirement Primary Requirement:

  1. CRUD of member accounts
  2. Dashboard of Business Reports with basic graphs
  3. Configure report layout with drag-and-drop widgets(image, SQL widgets)
  4. Configuring report’s print layout(paper size, background image)
  5. Data type: text, data source as field, data source as list, image
  6. Connecting to multiple data sources
  7. Exporting and downloading to Excel, PDF or email.

Secondary Requirement:

  1. Interactive and external manipulation of graphs.
  2. Scheduler based on specific dates/time/cycle.


  • Java(J2EE)
  • JSON
  • Bootstrap

Contact: Leo Tan at (+65) 9172 3563 or pktan@scube.com.sg via Marcus TAN Sin Yik <marcus.tan.2014@sis.smu.edu.sg>

Runkicker - The next generation Health and Fitness Evolution!


About RunKicker Runkicker is a Singapore-based start-up with the ambition to revolutionize the way that people use cutting-edge technology supported by deep learning analytics to motivate themselves to become more active, stay active for longer and improve their health. At Runkicker, the difference we bring to meeting this challenge is that the solution is personal to people at all levels of fitness.

We’re not like the thousands of other health and fitness apps that focus only on people who are already active or are easily motivated to become active. We’re aiming to also motivate the 1.9 billion+ over-weight adults to become more active, healthier.

To do that, we’re designing a health and fitness app experience that is relevant to each individual. Runkicker is being designed and built explicitly on strategies drawn from behavioural theory and evidence (which is something that is accepted by global experts as effective, but something that very few other health and fitness apps are actually doing!).

And of course, Runkicker will give customers an awesome personal user experience. That experience will come from combining the latest technology and analytics techniques, and it will also come from customers interacting with an awe-inspiring app design.

Runkicker is driving a revolution, not evolution, in the global health and fitness app market. If you’re the type of person that likes to re-define boundaries, set new standards for others to follow and to collaborate with global experts to pioneer revolutionary change that will benefit a global health epidemic, then read on!

Project Description Coupled with back end analytics (separate project) that utilises this behavioural research to become the Industry Benchmark in improved health metrics within the ‘sedentary 80%’ of users who require personalised motivation, intervention and retention techniques based on a behavioral science, AI platform.

The team will build a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to test the motivational, intervention and retention hypothesis in a selected market.

Project Requirements The team will be required to create a mobile application with the following core parts:

  1. Creation of internal Social Media stream and functionality including liking, commenting and posting to other SM like FB
  2. Integration of real-time GPS and Google maps tracking
  3. Create a robust in-app and push notification system
  4. Creation of user analytics to track their progress and allow for easy understanding and actionable insights in to behavior
  5. Integration of animated elements whose outputs are tied to sensory inputs (more info to be provided later)

The team will also be required to set up a Content/Web Management portal for administering the mobile application.

  1. Allows tracking of transactions, add/edit services offered on the site and user/content management
  2. (Advance) Business analytics related function using collected user and transaction data to provide useful insights to business

Project Deliverables

  1. A functioning and deployed mobile application in both iOS and Android
  2. A web based portal for mobile app administration and content management
  3. Integration of 3rd party Analytics
  4. Additional requirements can be discussed and added later if the team desires a challenge.

Skill requirements

  1. Proficient to some extent in frontend web design as the website is used by customers.
  2. Familiar in mobile application development (iOS, Android, Cross Development Tools for Mobile applications) languages can include Java, Swift, Objective C
  3. Interest in animation technologies of mobile app to enhance UX
  4. Familiar with web development technology and frameworks (HTML, CSS, PHP, etc)
  5. Proficient in database design (NoSQL and MySQL) and implementation
  6. Familiar with Push notification frameworks

References Material (Stanford University derived Research – Dr Abby King)

  1. http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article/file?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0156370&type=printable
  2. https://profiles.stanford.edu/abby-king?tab=publications
  3. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5203679

Contact: Shaun <shaun@runkicker.com> or Glenn <glenn@runkicker.com>

NOTE from course coordinator: In IDP, you can choose this as your project

JobPlus - CRM or Marketing system


About JobPlus We are a small local SME providing human resource management services in Singapore. Our clients range from small to large local and international firms. The following are our key services:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Contract Staffing
  3. Payroll Management
  4. Human Resource Consulting
  5. Work Pass application

Problem In our industry, our people will need to deal with a lot of data such as resumes of candidates, job applications via emails, job portals , social media and various channels. We use google mail as our primary email account but it has become challenging in terms of managing data and collaboration although there are some apps we can use. Many of our people work out of office or from home and we are also looking for smarter tools for collaboration and effective communication.

We also need to track and manage new and existing client (business employer) data and are able to recall and send marketing emails etc. We make use of software to manage client data, www.linkupcrm.com The current CRM system is a legacy system and we are looking for a smarter , current and future ready CRM system. We are currently trying out www.zoho.com as a database management tool.

We market our services mainly via Google SEO and SEM and we work with our digital media consultant, Mediaone www.mediaone.com .sg We are exploring how we can make use of other online marketing channels such as facebook.

We are always open to ideas and suggestions on how information technology can improve our business productivity and efficiency.

Contact: Alex Chong - General Manager, JobPlus Pte Ltd Email: alex.chong@jobplus.sg Website: http://jobplus.sg

NOTE from course coordinator: This project require team to gather requirements to come up with the right scope and project. Scope is subject for approval

LightBridge Technologies - An Assets Exchange Platform based on Smart Contract and Blockchain

About LightBridge Technologies LightBridge Technologies is a Singapore-based company that provides turn-key Infocomm solutions for Smart Cities. We deliver integrated solutions comprising mobile applications and wired/wireless communication networks to our partners to enable them to be competitive in an increasingly data-centric world. LightBridge Technologies will develop next generation trading systems for SHCAEE. 

Synopsis [This is a collaboration with Shanghai Culture Assets and Equity Exchange (SHCAEE)] About Shanghai Culture Assets and Equity Exchange (SHCAEE) The Shanghai Culture Assets and Equity Exchange was set up in 2009 to offer trading services for assets such as copyrights, securities, tea, gemstones, art, and antiques. The exchange is supported by various government departments and serves an international network of buyers and sellers.

Blockchain and smart contract technologies are set to revolutionize many industries in the next few decades and one of the applications which stand to benefit is the trading of valuable assets. In this project, the goal is to develop a digital trading platform that utilizes smart contract and blockchain to allow buyers and sellers to trade assets such as jewelries, antiques, tea, and artworks in an efficient, reliable, and secure manner. The following are some of the desired features of this platform:

  • Users can bid/sell/exchange assets in a fair, secure, and reliable manner using technology built on smart contracts and blockchains
  • Users will be able to track the movement of the asset as it moves from seller to buyer
  • Innovative ways of using “network tokens” will be one of the key differentiators of this platform, this allows all stakeholders to benefit from the growth of the platform

Deliverable The deliverables of this project shall be a Proof-of-Concept system comprising at least 5 nodes in a working prototype network and a web-based application will also be developed to test the system functionalities. The team will work closely with SHCAEE to ensure that the features of the system is in line with the industry best practices. The goal is for the prototype to be eventually adopted and used by SHCAEE in a live setting.

Contact: Yeo Yong Kee <yk@lightbridgetechnologies.com> Managing Director LightBridge Technologies Pte Ltd 7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 #08-101 NorthStar@AMK Singapore 569880 Ph: +65 6734 5098  www.LightBridgeTechnologies.com

Epitrain - Financial calculator e-commerce system

About Epitrain We are a training and consultancy firm that specialises in the training areas of financial markets, business management and project management.

Project Description We wish to develop an calculator, with visualized outputs, for Financial Market Options. This calculator will be hosted on the cloud and available online, via paid subscriptions. Hence the students would have to work on:

  1. programming the calculator
  2. developing the visualization of outputs
  3. deploy the hosting solution
  4. deploy the access solution
  5. deploy the e-commerce solution
  6. deploy the subscription database, with expiry and renewal functions
  7. develop an API to allow real-time injection of prices from other sources, such as Reuters or Yahoo Finance
  8. cater to non-functional requirements including:
    1. number of concurrent users
    2. latency in launching the app
    3. latency in sending inputs and receiving outputs
    4. the ability to support all browsers
    5. security issues, such as preventing the download of the core application

Calculator Description

  1. Use the Black-Scholes and the Garman-Kohlagen models for Option pricing as a base.
  2. Take inputs of Spot, various Option Premiums, interest rates, and Time, either manually input or automatically updated via API, and derive outputs of:
    1. payoff diagrams (visualized outputs) and
    2. Delta
  3. Using the derived Delta values, the probability distribution function would need to be derived.
  4. The pdf is then plotted as an overlay on the payoff diagram
  5. Return the net probability-adjust payoff for any given combination of Options entered by the user
  6. 2, or more, simultaneous sets of computations are required (as represented by the green and orange lines in the provided screenshot)
  7. Scales on the diagram must be automatically adjusted to fit the output values, but also can be manually manipulated.

The X-factor of this project is that there is currently no such app available to the non-professional trader. This will be used commercially and be the first of its kind.

Contact: Gerard Tong (gerardtong@smu.edu.sg) Adjunc Staff, Cavetz

Hook Coffee - Various Project


Project 1: Mobile Application

  1. For ease of ordering emergency bags
  2. Easy Account management
  3. Push notifications on deliveries
  4. Education
  5. Rewards
  6. Referrals

Project 2: Inventory management system To build a customised inventory system for Hook Coffee, to:

  1. reduce waste,
  2. proper predictability of orders ensure no shortages
  3. JIT ordering system to reduce cash flow risk
  4. More accurate COGS, easier accounting at the end of the month

Project 3: AI Using AI to learn and build a customised customer journey automation system, combining all channels of interactions, supported through learning of interactions of data to bring the best possible customer experience.

Contact: Ernest Ting <ernest@hookcoffee.com.sg> and Faye Victoria Sit <fayevictoriasit@gmail.com> Hook Coffee Ipman

NOTE Course Coordinator: Only 1 team per term. Project ideas are very preliminary, gather more detail requirements before selecting them

SAS Institute - Driving Analytics Innovation in Financial Services Industries

About SAS: SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative analytics, business intelligence and data management software and services, SAS helps customers at more than 83,000 sites make better decisions faster. Since 1976, SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW®.

Project Background & Requirements: This project seeks for an innovative solution for the Financial industry; mainly in the RegTech and Financial Inclusion categories.

Project Scope: Participants will be expected to use SAS Viya and other SAS/3rd-party tools that may be required for their solution development. Not only could this project result in novel/innovative solutions with tangible business value for the customers, it could also offer an excellent opportunity to obtain hands-on experience on an enterprise grade analytics platform.

The problem statements for this project have been preselected and the team should select only one of these problem statements for their IS480 Final Year Project:

39 Reimagining Credit Underwriting & Scoring

Existing credit underwriting models do not leverage new sources of qualitative and quantitative information. In addition, SMEs face challenges in credit evaluation as they do not have necessary audited financial statements. How can we improve and refine existing underwriting models and credit scoring for individuals and SMEs that leverage non-traditional qualitative and quantitate data sources?

  • Participants should identify sources of qualitative and quantitative information, which can be used to predict customer behavior. Develop a technique/solution to capture/crawl this data, clean and structure it
  • Build segmentation and predictive model(s). Design & build a user-friendly interface (e.g. website) that allows end-users (e.g. banks/credit institutions) to easily perform the necessary credit scoring & evaluation to drive their lending decisions.

48 Automated Risk Analysis

Currently, there is no way to effectively enable institutions to track and monitor counterparty risk and market exposure in real time. How do we develop a smart system that automates this analysis taking into account sanctions, AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (Know-your-client) data and regulatory rules, to mitigate risks and exposure?

  • Participants should identify sources of information, which can be used for real-time monitoring of factors impacting counterparty risk and market exposure. Develop a technical solution to capture/collect these data in real time, clean and structure it. As multiple real-time data sources are collected, participants are expected to also cross-check these sources against each other to ensure data integrity/accuracy
  • Provide aggregated analysis of counterparty risk and market exposure; including building models to predict the future trends of these risks/exposure
  • Design & build a user-friendly interface (e.g. dashboard accessible via web and/or mobile devices) that end-users (e.g. banks) can use to monitor these risks and set alert/warning indicators where risk/exposure limits have been breached.

CORE Requirements are:

  • Project clearly answers the problem statement of choice
  • A functional user interface with a great user experience which provides ease of navigation through a well-designed layout.
  • The website and must be in a mobile responsive web design
  • Usage of use SAS Viya and other SAS/3rd-party tools for development
  • Clearly defined users/end-users and the exact pain points that the solution seeks to address
  • Well-developed prototype/solution with an easy-to-use interface for its intended users/end-users
  • Creative & meaningful integration of key data sources that reflect a compelling and unique solution proposition
  • Presentation/delivery of the solution in a suitable interface (e.g. website, app)
  • Usage of SAS Viya is mandatory. Other SAS/3rd-party tools may be used as well.

Secondary Requirements are:

  • On top of the core requirements, team can choose to present their solutions in the form of an Android/iOS application pertaining to the problem statements above

“Good to Have” Requirements are:

  • An end to end analytics platform from data management to discovery to deployment
  • Visualization (if any) being deployed using SAS Visual Analytics
  • Incorporation of advanced analytics capabilities (e.g. predictive/prescriptive/cognitive) that extends the solution beyond a data aggregation platform. Key elements of a good solution would likely include (but not limited to):
    • Speed - e.g. how quickly the data & insights are delivered to the users
    • Intelligence - e.g. ability to suggest/recommend relevant & timely content to users even if they have not explicitly made a request for
  • Demonstrate tangible business benefits in areas such as streamlining operations to save costs, targeted customer engagements, identification of new customer/market segments, new monetization channels/opportunities, etc.
  • Demonstrate potential for scalability & deployment in a real-life environment
  • Proper & relevant documentation
  • Creative & innovative usage of multiple data sources and tools would be taken into consideration for bonus points

Skill sets Skill sets such as (but not limited to) may be needed:

  • SAS Programming, Python, R, Java, etc.
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.

Contact: Eric Ong, SIS Alumni 2016 Batch & FinTech Innovations Sales Lead (eric.ong@sas.com) or Giselle Cheo, FinTech Innovations Pre-Sales Lead (giselle.cheo@sas.com)

NOTE from course coordinator: This project requires strong requirements gathering to narrow down the scope of the project. Requirements does not list functional features, just quality requirements. Only one project will be allowed for IS480

BNP Paribas – Tribal Knowledge


About BNP Paribas BNP Paribas Wealth Management is a leading global private bank, #1 in the Eurozone and international presence in 21 countries. Over 6,000 professionals, based in every major financial centre, provide a private investor clientele with solutions for optimizing and managing their assets.

Objective: Next Generation Knowledge Discovery The bank is a large organization with vast experience in planning and executing different specialised business deals across different domains. The continuation of knowledge can be facilitated with:

  1. Digital repository to store the knowledge,
  2. Continuous effort to grow the knowledge,
  3. Understanding the knowledge, and lastly
  4. Sharing the knowledge

Solution Develop a solution where the past and good knowledge within the bank can be collected, enhanced, and shared within the bank (and with clients). The solution should aim to analyze high-quality content to extract concepts, and discern patterns and relationships, to make large volumes of information more effectively understood, transforming information into knowledge

Skills Required

  1. Text Mining and/or Data Analytics
  2. Familiar with web & mobile application development
  3. Proficient with database design and implementation


Contact: Neha Ahuja – neha.ahuja@asia.bnpparibas.com

Golux – Lifestyle Services Platform

About Golux: Golux is a startup providing a lifestyle service platform which aims to bring convenience to users by allowing them to book services related to sports and wellness, laundry, and cleaning etc. The platform also offers users access to promotions with our partners.

Project Requirements: The team will be required to create a mobile application with 2 core parts:

  1. Service/Promotion Catalogue
    1. List out services and allow users to easily browse and search for desired service
  2. E-commerce Functionalities
    1. Booking of service, shopping cart features and payment etc.

The team will also be required to set up a Content/Web Management portal for administering the mobile application.

  1. Allows tracking of transactions, add/edit services offered on the site and user/content management
  2. (Advance) Business analytics related function using collected user and transaction data to provide useful insights to business

Project Deliverables:

  1. A functioning and deployed mobile application
  2. A web based portal for mobile app administration and content management
  3. Additional requirements can be discussed and added later if the team desires a challenge.

Skill requirements:

  1. Proficient to some extent in frontend user design as the site is used by customers.
  2. Familiar in mobile application development (iOS, Android, Cross Development Tools for Mobile applications)
  3. Familiar with web development technology and framework
  4. Proficient in database design and implementation

Additional Information:

  1. Content of the services offered will be provided by the Golux.
  2. More details on the requirements will be communicated to the team upon confirmation of engagement.
  3. Golux management team is very approachable and contactable!

Contact: Cheong Yong Qiang – yq.cheong@letsgolux.com Teh Kaiwen – kaiwen.teh@letsgolux.com SIS Alumni

SIS Prof Qiuhong WANG - Cyber Attack and Internet Topology Visualization System


Project Background: Visualizing the geographic location of real-time cyber-attacks (e.g., DDOS attacks, port-scanning activities, or hijacking) is a prevailing service provided by many information security institutes and companies. Different from the existing popular visualization systems in the cybersecurity market, our project aims to an innovative visualization system integrating the cyber-attacks and the Internet topology. By mapping the ever-changing cyber-attacks to the Internet topology, the proposed system can reflect the topological location and neighborhood of a country in the Internet traffic. Thus this project is able to add substantial policy and managerial value to the existing visualization systems.

Project Requirements:

  • On temporal dimension: we visualize attack tendency on year level, on month level, on daily level. It can help people to distinguish stealthy but continuous attack and heavy but short lived attack.
  • On spatial dimension: we visualize attack severity on topology level, or more precisely on country level, city level and on autonomous system level. It can help people to understand the impact of topology on attack.
  • On law dimension: we visualize attack severity on country security law level. To be more specific, we will show and analyze the attack attributions for countries with some same specific security laws. It can help people to find the impact of security law on attack.

Skills required: We are looking for self-motivated students with strong programming skills and innovative spirits. It is particularly helpful for those with ambition to pursue a successful career on cybersecurity analytics and management.

  • Be familiar with HTML, JS and CSS, which will be used to develop web for the visualization.
  • Be familiar with Java or Python, which will be used on the development on the server end.
  • Be familiar with tomcat or jboss would be a plus.
  • The last but not least, we are looking for people with learning spirit, passion and patience.

Contact: Contact: Qian ZHANG qianzhang@smu.edu.sg Qiuhong WANG qiuhongwang@smu.edu.sg via Qian TANG qiantang@smu.edu.sg

Novosphere – Mobile Auto industry shopping cart

Project Background The project aims to create a mobile application, which synergizes mobile convenience and brick-and-mortar shopping experiences together through incentivizing in the form of several loyalty rewards program schemes in the automotive industry.

Value Proposition The mobile application will host multiple participating commercial merchants in an e-catalogue, segmented by brands, where automotive merchants are able to list their retailing products/services at retail and/or discounted prices. Customers are incentivized to earn rewards through 2 different loyalty schemes of their preferred choice, Cashback or Loyalty Points, when they visit brick-and-mortar shops. Customers would just need to simply scan the selected retail product/services through a QR code or barcode, transact through the mobile application via our mobile payment gateway, and earn X% of Cashback or X amount of Loyalty Points upon successful transaction.


Contact: Derrick Ding, Novosphere Director, Novosphere SG <novosphere.sg@gmail.com>

The Black Sun - Annual Report System


About Project

  • Annual Reports (ARs) are produced each year by SGX listed companies for stakeholders (shareholders, analysts, bankers, funds, regulators and other interested parties).
  • The SGX Listing Rules and the Code of Corporate Governance provides guidance on the form and substance of the ARs to be produced. However, the range and quality of ARs can be quite broad and varied.
  • SGX provides a listing of ARs listed on the SGX but these are curated and analysed at a high level (http://www.sgx.com/wps/portal/sgxweb/home/company_disclosure/annual_financial).
  • There are other similar listings such as www.annualreports.com
  • The SGX Stockfacts (http://www.sgx.com/wps/portal/sgxweb/home/company_disclosure/stockfacts) provides more detailed analysis of the financials.
  • The Black Sun and IIRC Best Practices Reporting Databases reviews and publishes ARs that meet best practices criteria (http://bestpractice.blacksunplc.com/corporate/database/home and *http://examples.integratedreporting.org/getting_started)
  • There are other websites that curate ARs (https://www.listcorp.com/ and http://database.globalreporting.org but the challenge is keeping the details updated
  • Depending on the coverage by analysts, each AR may be subjected to different levels of analysis and comparison with industry peers. The coverage by each analyst will also vary, depending on the analyst’s experience and depth of coverage.
  • The Singapore Corporate Awards reviews ARs on a submission basis. This self-selection criteria would preclude lower standard ARs from being reviewed.
  • Based on current market best practices, good ARs will continue to be featured because they are good. This self-selection criteria doesn’t encourage the not-so-good ARs to improve, and by extension, the capital market won’t be able to go to the next level.
  • In order to raise the bar for the Singapore capital market, the ARs of all listed companies should be reviewed and curated. With this, sub-par ARs will be encouraged to improve.


  • To develop a system where all SGX listed companies can upload their ARs in PDF format, and the subsequent analysis will be automated.
  • This ”self-help” approach will reduce curating to a minumum.
  • Text analytics will be generated based on the automated analysis of the uploaded PDF ARs.
  • Standard text analytics can be publicly published, while more sensitive ones can be restricted on a request basis.
  • Stakeholders will be able to compare the text analytics between different ARs from the same sector or different sectors.
  • This system will focus on the text alone, as the review of the financials is already being done by SGX and analysts.
  • In future, when technology is available, analysis of photos, infographics and other images may be possible.

Deliverable: A system where all SGX listed companies can upload their Annual Reports and generate standard text analytics. The schematic of the proposed system is as follows. The system should be able to generate basic text analytics results such as

  1. word counts of relevant words such as “risk” and “growth”. The system should have a repository of commonly used key words in Annual Reports
  2. the context of these key words I.e. where they appear
  3. readability
  4. sentiments
  5. "who, what and where" is being discussed in the Annual Report.

WorkFlow diagram

Stakeholders: SGX listed companies

Contact: Uantchern Loh, CEO Asia Pacific, Black Sun Pte Ltd <ULoh@blacksunplc.com>

VWO - Make a difference

About VWO project Want a rewarding project that can make a difference in people's life?

Ideas You can wait for some VWO to propose a project, or you can propose one with a VWO.

Last term, team Creovate won the IS480 Best Value for Sponsor award. More importantly, they made a difference in someone else's life.

"Just one small example....as I was having lunch in Little India this week, I met one of the workers I'm assisting. He reported confusion at MOM about whether they recognised that he had discharged a lawyer handling his injury claim. On my hp, I could bring up the lawyer discharge letter and email it out again to both the lawyer and MOM. Very powerful and helpful to have such capability on my hp at any time and place." - TWC2 Project Sponsor Dr. Pat Meyer

More Information Benjamin Gan, SMU, benjamingan@smu.edu.sg

Self Proposed - Innovative Idea

About Self Proposed project Have a great idea? You can proposed your own project. Start with a problem, a real problem. Don't start with a solution or a technology. Think about it. Pitch it to your friends, IIE entrepreneurs corners, and write up a 2 page about your idea. You want a well baked idea, not an idea you taught about yesterday or half baked version with lots of holes. These can be projects to improve the quality of SMU student life, similar to NUS apps

Another reason for proposing your own project. Why work for anyone?


  1. Submit a 2 page writeup to course coordinator.
  2. Get a mentor. More info here. If there are enough teams proposing their own projects, the course coordinator will schedule a pitch session.
  3. Start working on your project.

More Information Benjamin Gan, SMU, benjamingan@smu.edu.sg