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These are available projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the sponsor or sent to the course manager. Past Projects

NOTE: These project have been reviewed by IS480 course coordinator. However, there is no guarantee that these projects are acceptable. You are required to gather more information, submit draft proposal for feedback, and clear all NDA, IP issues early before proposal. Sponsors must refer to FAQ.


Fundnel – Investment screening (“blackbox”) system


About Fundnel Fundnel (https://fundnel.com/) is an online investment platform using data technology to simplify the way we invest – in simple terms we put the fin in the tech. To find out more about us: https://fundnel.com/press/index

Project Brief Fundnel has created an investment screening process/criteria to streamline and improve the way investment opportunities in private companies are assessed. To develop an investment screening (“blackbox”) system – Fundnel is looking for a group of gutsy, motivated and committed students to be part of building an unprecedented, automated investment screening capability. Participants will be involved in the designing of the blackbox and in particular the testing and implementation of its screening criteria. The initiative will initially be limited to one geography and will be rolled out across our 5 offices regionally if it is found to be successful.

Objectives The objectives of this project: 1. Design the “blackbox” and capture data required to attribute an investment score to a private company 2. Build the “blackbox” to facilitate deal screening and due diligence processes 3. Test and iterate “blackbox” to deliver consistent and credible results on investment screenings – will be required to back-test based on successfully funded deal Participants will be expected to design, develop and test a deal screening system that can demonstrate capabilities fulfilling these guidelines. Desired outcome and features The desired outcome would be an investment screening system/module that supports all our deal and investment efforts (“the Deal Machine”) that computes an investment score on private companies. Due diligence process, broadly listed, will be automated through the “blackbox”: Company Incorporation Documents 2. Historical Financials 3. Sector Performance 4. Geographical Risk 5. Management Background, etc.

More details of the project will be discussed with interested participants.

Skill sets We’ll help you build knowledge of the following · Ability to understand investments in both private and public companies · Ability to build a financial/valuation model · Understanding of an investment process (e.g. Due Diligence requirements) and the investment crowdfunding ecosystem Students with (some) relevant knowledge of the above will be preferred – we’ll work closely with you to build up the rest (finance classes on weekends included).

We would appreciate the following from student groups: · Infinite energy and drive to succeed (and code) · Interest in Financial Technology (Fintech) startups · Ability to conduct full lifecycle activities, which include requirements analysis and design, performing primary and secondary research, participation in customer discovery, developing analysis and reporting capabilities, and continuously monitoring performance to identify improvement · Develop wireframes, mockups, prototypes, MVPS · Good understanding of web technologies like HTML, CSS, JS · Good understanding of responsive web design · Good understanding of AWS · Proficient in PHP, Python or Ruby · Proficient in CSS, JS, HTML · Proficient with MySQL or MongoDB If you don’t have any of the skillsets above – we’ll work closely with you to build that up (development classes on weekends included).

Sponsors Funnel, Justin Chow justin.chow@fundnel.com or Low Wen Chun <wenchun.low@fundnel.com> Benjamin Twoon <benjamin.twoon@fundnel.com>, SMU Alumni (via Prof Michelle Chong)

ORT Solutions – Sensor Monitoring & Management Tool


We help organizations unleash the real impact of data to drive strategic, operational and policy decisions.

About ORT Solutions ORT Solutions is a small enterprising “made in Singapore” technology garage that ninjas technology to bring about real quantifiable business impact. We ingest some cutting edge data sets but also jury rig our own contraptions to go about collecting and generating our own data points. Right now that is about 70 million data events a day. A combination of hardware, backend, analytics expertise tied with business acumen, we make big data and big tech available to even the little guys, like the mom & pop shops in your neighbourhood. Our analysis is starting to power not only the commercial interests of businesses but helping to enhance data-driven decisions on the government levels.

Project Brief ORT Solutions has a number of sensors deployed around Singapore and we need to monitor the health and status of our equipment environment in real-time. We have environment sensors running on Raspberry Pis using a headless installation of Raspbian and all have some form of network connectivity. We’d like an interface to visualize the health of a couple hundred to thousands of sensors, which will include metrics like, uptime, downtime, CPU utilization, memory utilization, storage utilization, network speed. Various pieces of the solution include.

  1. A frontend mobile responsive Dashboard with authentication and management of users.
  2. Visualization graphs for various metrics or groups of metrics
  3. Elastic backend to handle a large number of sensors feeding data back,or a node and cluster architecture
  4. Real-time data streaming architecture to collect and analyse the data
  5. Scripts and codes that sit on the sensors to collect process and send the data back to us
  6. Bonus, interface to remotely ssh/manage each sensor from within the dashboard

Sponsors Cecilia Sim <cecilia@ort.solutions>, Thomas Wong <thomas@ort.solutions> (via past intern LEE Chiang Fong <cflee.2013@sis.smu.edu.sg>)

IFS Capital – Credit Risk Interface Project

About IFS Capital We are a mainboard-listed financial services company providing capital solutions to small and medium enterprises since 1987. Through our insurance subsidiary, we also offer products like general insurance, credit insurance, bonds and guarantees.  We are looking at creating a full-fledged credit approval workflow system that will integrate with a SAN storage on the backend which will serve as a digital archive for client documentation. Our aim is to leverage suitable technology to achieve a lean re-engineering of this segment of our client value stream. Intuitive user experience, robustness of the system and ease of maintenance are important to us.

Project Brief

  • Agile development of an application which will help the company automate the entire credit approval process from origination to final approval or rejection.
  • Users will enter credit request and attach supporting materials which will be routed to selected approvers for comments and decision.
  • An audit trail will be generated documenting each step of the process.
  • Case documents are to be routed automatically to a Document Management System upon approval and be search-able by company.
  • Access control rights by user or department must be available and the system should integrate with an active directory to achieve this via a single sign-on.
  • System will also be used by staff overseas via the internet which the developer should take into consideration when designing the system e.g. to ensure that that the system is robust enough to withstand the common loopholes hackers exploit like SQL injection.
  • Reporting Module
    • Online reports should be available to show the whole process trail from inception to approval/rejection.
    • Statistics of cases approved, rejected, credit grades, time taken by each user/department should be available on the fly.

Key Technologies

  • Web Application Development
  • Workflow and APIs
  • Database Design and Conceptualization


  • Familiarity with common work flow concepts/products
  • HTML5 / CSS
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • We are open to suggestions if other technologies are preferred instead of the above


  • A complete working system with the relevant documentation.

Sponsors Simon Chia - Technology Head (email:simon.chia@ifscapital.com.sg) (via Joanne Teo, SMU Career Services.

Fixir – Car Workshop Web App


Project Description This project aims to provide a platform for car workshops located all around Singapore to schedule their workflow for their customers.

Requirements To develop a web platform with the following main functions:

  • Accessing customers' records of past servicing
  • Ability to submit quotations
  • Submitting of advertisements to provide better prices for loyal customers.
  • Information to be transmitted from web to mobile app
  • To use any PHP framework to build a RESTful API Server
  • Help out in the development of the front-end web application

Technical Students are expected to be familiar with database, system testing skills, mysql, php and any PHP frameworks and basic linux commands. They will need to suggest efficient ways to build the web platform and potentially understand the workshop workflow to provide improvements on business aspects via the system. Most importantly, they should take the initiative to ask for help when needed, make suggestions and be diligent.

Sponsors Glen Ong <glennong@fixir.co>, Nguyen Lam Phuc <phuc@fixir.co> Fixir (via Kellie CHAN Si Hui <kellie@infocomminvestments.com> Bottom3

Sixhands.sg – WEGET


About WEGET WEGET is a mobile platform that leverages on the power of peer-to-peer network where users help each other purchase food/groceries for a small fee. Among the users of WEGET, the helpers (Fulfillers) can help to buy and deliver food/groceries to Requestors, as it could be more convenient for them to do so based on location, subsequently, the Fulfillers will receive payment from the Requestors for the service provided. The roles are interchangeable and they just need to have an account signed up with WEGET to use this platform. Based on users’ location, the platform will help to match people based on their requests.

Requirements 1) User Registration / User Login 2) Individual's User Profile Page 3) Geolocation 4) Inbuilt Chat Function 5) User's Rating 6) Users' History (Earned and Spent) 7) Payment System

A webpage (static) – This webpage serves as a landing page to educate the users on how to operate this application which will be launched in the application store. It should list out the current functions of the application and notify the public that this platform is still in BETA stage.

Sponsors Simon Ang <simonang29@gmail.com>, co-founder of Sixhands.sg, a boutique cleaning company. Via GONG Tuo <tuo.gong.2012@sis.smu.edu.sg> Tinkers

Exceptions – Subscription Surprise Box Service


About Exceptions Exceptions revolutionises advertising through our Artisan – Subscription Surprise Box Services and provides a new advertising medium for product manufacturers to leverage on. We are moving towards a new way of advertising, which we call “tactile advertising”. This will be done through sending out surprise boxes to our adventurous subscribers where we curate a mixture of unique items produced by manufacturers in need of such “tactile advertising”.

Project Brief We are looking for students to be build a website for ordering of products, subscription management and integrate online payment service. I.e. PayPal, MasterCard.

Function List

  • Registration and Login with email verification
  • Product page
  • Payment (PayPal, MasterCard, Etc.)
  • Subscription Management (Extend, Cancel subscription)
  • Export Monthly subscription information into PDF
  • RESTful API

Skill Sets

  • Web application development
  • Front-end: HTML5/CSS/BootStrap3/JavaScript
  • Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Backend: Java, Python

Sponsors Leong Wen Qing <leongwenqing@hotmail.com>, Serene To < serene_to@hotmail.com> The Artisan SG: <theartisansg@gmail.com> (via Marilyn CHOO Jia Chen <marilynchoo.2014@sis.smu.edu.sg>)

Edmund Foo - Smart Hawker iOS


About Smart Hawker Smart Hawker is a start-up initiative by (parent company) Eazi Order LLP that aims to provide IT and business solutions to all hawkers in Singapore. Its flagship product is an android mobile application that helps hawkers record, track and organize critical financial information arising from their daily trading activities. The company is seeking to further strengthen its mobile IT platform by developing an enhanced iOS version of Smart Hawker in order to achieve the desired user reach

Project Brief iOS version of Strike Details

Sponsors Edmund Foo <edmundftj@gmail.com>, Culinary/F&B Consultant and an Associate Lecturer (F&B Management) at Republic Polytechnic Via Marcus Lee <marcuslee85@mac.com> IS480 Team Sageby & bt tan <boonteck@kidotech.com>

TranSwap - P2P Platform


About TranSwap TranSwap is a platform that matches your Foreign Currency Exchange needs with other users at the mid-market exchange rate in an easy and secure way. The platform will help you and your business to save money when you exchange and transfer money internationally. at mid-market rates.

Project Brief Individuals and businesses have been exchanging monies, either physically or electronically (via the banking system). Currently, we pay expensive fees and costs to banks and remittance agents for foreign currency exchange services. There are also hidden costs which could be significant. Transwap is building a platform which allows individuals and businesses to change their currencies at the mid-market rate, saving individuals and businesses up to 80% of traditional transaction costs.

Key Technologies

  • Machine Learning – involve in design, build of algorithms used for Auto-Match engine.
  • Analytics – design, build and perform data crawler for various exchange rate buy/sell, and build mid-point rates for Transwap platform.
  • API – build API gateway, and framework to host matching engine, and analytics data.


  1. Matching engine integrate with the web front end platform.
  2. API Gateway to host matching engine, analytics data.


  • The students must be familiar with AWS Cloud Computing, Software Load Balancing, web application development. Students who have some financial background will be an advantage.
  • Front-end: HTML5/CSS/BootStrap3/JavaScript, Django web framework
  • Database: MySQL, MongoDB
  • Backend: Python (Scipy, Numpy, pandas)

Sponsors Contact: TranSwap Lawrence Tan<Lawrence@transwap.net>, CTO & CoFounder. Benjamin Wong Chan Send, CEO & Co-founder. Joshua Ong COO & Co founder. Lim Kien Leong. CLO & Co founder (via cynthiasam <cynthiasam@smu.edu.sg> IIE)

OCBC Bank - Mobile Technology Project


Technology Solutions - Corporate We’re the team that supports the corporate and commercial banking business with Business IT Solutions in OCBC bank – Leveraging on technology as a tool to enable business capabilities to provide better customer experience, generate new revenue streams and improve risk management.

Our goals this year are to leverage on mobile technology to continue providing innovative solutions to the corporate and commercial banking business, block-chain technology to improve service to market and self-help for more convenience to the customer.

Project Description (7 options)

1. Corporate Account Opening on Mobile Tablet (iOS) TAKEN

  • Build native application on Mobile Tablets (iOS) which will guide RMs and customers through the Corporate Account Opening process. This platform will also auto-generate product cross-sell and add on services which are relevant to the customer. Opportunity to implement innovative solutions to streamline the capture of information and enhance the sales process for commercial banking

2. Corporate Internet Banking (Android) TAKEN

  • Build next generation corporate internet banking mobile application on Android – opportunity to leverage on the latest technologies in NFC, Biometrics (Samsung S6/S7) for authentication and transactions

3. Self-Help Corporate Services Application (iOS)

  • Build Self-Help Servicing mobile application (iOS) where customers may generate drop requests for their typical servicing needs – reset password, change of signatories, check status of account opening etc. This will be implemented on mobile or self-help kiosks at Branches

4. Virtual RM for Leads Generation (iOS)

  • Implement a ‘Virtual-RM’ mobile application where customers will be able to ‘chat’ with digital concierge with regard to specific banking product/service. The application must be able to channel these leads into generating valuable product leads for business banking relationship managers

5. Corporate Internet Banking (HTML5)

  • Build next generation corporate internet banking mobile on HTML5 to provide clients with a web based mobile view that will work on mobile browsers. Clients will be able to access their internet banking accounts without downloading a mobile application.

6. Payment Instruction Generation (iOS)

  • Implement capability for corporate clients to generate e-cheques from mobile (iOS). The application must be able to capture relevant information and send an instruction to the bank for payment generation to their suppliers.

7. Account Opening on Adobe PDF Barcode Form

  • Implement Account Opening Forms on Adobe PDF Barcode solution to transform operational processing. Barcode fields will translate user’s form entries into a visual pattern that can be scanned, interpreted, and incorporated into a database for further processing.


  • User Experience (UX) Design – Mobile application must have UI complete with images, labels, text views, buttons, pickers, and other controls – defined programmatically in code, in xibs, or in Storyboards
  • Mobile Development:
    • Swift or Objective-C for iOS Development
    • Java for Android Development
    • HTML5 for Web Based Development


  • Students may have to leverage SMU’s resources for development tools and meeting rooms for brainstorm and development work

Sponsors Contact: Shang Lim Business Solutions Manager, Technology Solutions – Corporate (via Alan MEGARGEL)

SMU Mindfulness Initiative – ReFokus Meditation App 2


About SMU Mindfulness Initiative The vision of the SMU Mindfulness Initiative is to make a positive impact on individuals, organizations and society by conducting research, education, and outreach on mindfulness. The initiative brings together various members of the SMU community (faculty, staff, and students) as well as others passionate about studying, teaching, and practicing mindfulness. The initiative engages in activities such as conducting basic and applied research on mindfulness and mindfulness interventions in business and society, developing courses / modules on mindfulness and offering ideas on integrating mindfulness into other course, and providing evidence-based mindfulness courses to organizations on topics such as mindful leadership, among others.

Project Background Of late, there has been a lot of interest in the concept of mindfulness and how it can improve well-being and productivity. One way to cultivate mindfulness is through the practice of meditation. Although there is evidence that meditation can reduce stress and depression, much more research is needed—especially research that looks at the effects of meditation in everyday contexts (at home, work, and elsewhere).

The Mindfulness Initiative, in collaboration with LiveLabs, has been developing a smartphone app (ReFokus). ReFokus will introduce users to various guided meditation exercises. A novel part of the app is that it doubles as a research assessment tool. Users would be alerted to complete short surveys at various moments through their day. This data would be presented as feedback to the users and help us evaluate whether these exercises really help to improve well-being.

Project Requirements Extending work from Vulcan from project SMU Mindfulness Initiative – ReFokus Meditation App

Scope { Evaluate using existing code, decide on extending or rewriting new code. Extend the following features }

  • Researcher module: Decide what to feedback to participant
  • Feedback module: Feedback in nicer dynamic graphs (daily mood, stress level, after/no medication, etc)
  • Smart Wearable module: Make it more reliable
  • Social Media module: Sharing

Sponsor Contact Information Assistant Professor Will Tov (williamtov@smu.edu.sg) and Associate Professor Jochen Reb (jreb@smu.edu.sg)

Prabot - Marketplace operation management system


About Prabot We are a team of SMU alumni and passionate tech entrepreneurs who is solving the messy used-furniture transaction system with Prabot. Prabot curates only for the good furniture across the web, verifies product conditions, manages communications and arrange for delivery for both buyers and sellers. In just 3 months, we’ve sold over 50 products, with transaction over $15K. Join us in creating the biggest marketplace for secondhand furniture in Asia!

Problems Despite the early success that we had, we face a number of operational challenges:

  • If the products our customers are looking for are not available on our website, we provide an extra service to source for them across the web. This process is however very manual and time-consuming.
  • Some sellers do not include detailed specification of the product. This results to us having to communicate back and forth with the sellers.
  • It is cumbersome to arrange for delivery schedule and keep track of the delivery status.
  • The platform for sellers to submit their product details are completely separated with our online store. As a result, we have to perform a double work in re-uploading to our store one by one.
  • As our value edit service, we have to beautify the main picture of every single listing in our website. However, after editing all images, it is a pain to manually search and update each listing.

Project brief This is where your brilliant minds will come in action! We would need your help in developing a dashboard that will streamline our process in sourcing products, communicating with customers and managing deliveries. In details, the features that we require for our operation dashboard are as follows:

  • A web crawler algorithm to source for specific products across various existing platforms.
  • Communication management system that allows us to approve or edit message from a buyer and auto forward it to the corresponding seller using either email and SMS. Bonus: if the product is not available, the system can be linked to the web crawler algorithm to recommend for alternatives.
  • Delivery management system that will notify our delivery team of a new order and track the status of various deliveries.
  • Integration between seller’s platform and our online store so that the seller’s product will go live automatically once we approve it.
  • A script that will update product images automatically in one batch of upload.

Those are our recommended features. If you have better ways of solving our problems, please go ahead! We offer full creative rights to you because that’s the fun in working in a startup right?

Sponsors Contact us at helllo@prabot.com if you have any queries. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions or meet-up with you over coffee. Looking forward to working with you guys! Edric Subur <ed@prabot.com> Sky Team

InsuRebel - Mobile visualisation of crime incident for travellers

Project Brief Dreaming of becoming a quant hero to protect fellow Singaporeans? Or test your ability to assimilate tech ideas, integrate solutions, and practice agile development?

InsuRebel, a Singapore startup, wants to improve insurance value for everyone, not just the privileged few. Our latest project aims to implement an information service on risk incidents and safety awareness for Singaporeans travelling abroad. Relevant information will be triggered by user's location and displayed on Google Map. The team will be encouraged to suggest tech solutions, design, and architecture that are superior - in terms of development time, design, or performance.

Problem we are Addressing Singaporean travellers who prefer a “free and easy” style of travel are at a higher risk of being targeted by criminals than group travellers. They stray inadvertently into crime hot spots or fail to be on guard when circumstances demand it. As a first line of defense, our service elevates awareness when travellers need it most. (More details of the project will be discussed with interested participants.)

Desired Outcome We would like the students to build an incident database and to develop a data visualization tool to communicate processed information to our users (travellers) and, if time permits, their loved ones on the mobile platform. The database should facilitate data analysis and generate outbreak/surge alerts.

The agile team will:

  • Design, validate and implement a risk database with the appropriate data architecture
  • Seed the incident database from publicly available online resources – such as any of the following: Geo News, TripAdvisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Travel Notices, US Department of State’s Travel *Alert, FBI Travel Brochure, US Embassies in various countries, US Center of Disease Control, travel blog posts, etc.
  • Geo-tag reported incidents and stories (automate using text parsing tools or natural language processing tools)
  • Allow users to capture and store reported incidents in a database (pic, text) using their smartphones
  • Visualize reported incidents on map by topic
  • To limit data scope, restrict incidents scams and crimes against tourists


For Admin:

  • Search, view, add, and edit any incidents in database

For Users:

  • View, add, and edit own reported incidents
  • Ranking, scoring, voting on incident reports and incident categories
  • Visualize destination incidents on map
  • Media rich content – picture, video, text, and tags
  • Select another language option (i.e. Chinese)

Sponsors Contact: Join us to make the world a safer place for all. Direct your interest or questions to Rio at insurebel@gmail.com or rioma.kam@gmail.com.

NOTE (Coordinator): Rioma will be in Hong Kong (from May) with 2 part-time local employee. This project include sourcing for some content (negotiate with your sponsor, IS480 should focus on system implementation)

IS103 Computational Thinking - Project Submission Platform


Description If you have had fun with IS103 projects before, you would be familiar with our project submission platform that automatically evaluates and ranks competitive submissions from students. We are looking to build the next generation project submission system for IS103 with greater capabilities. If you are looking at doing something that is fun and challenging, and will advance the educational experiences of your juniors, this is the right project for you!


  • System Architecture:
    • distributed computing environment for running student submissions in parallel
    • queue management system
    • database with repository and archival features
  • Administrator Module:
    • submission management system
    • password management system
    • feedback management system
  • Evaluation Module:
    • visual analytics dashboard
    • more sophisticated grading and ranking, e.g., cluster-based grading, publishing ranking with privacy controls
    • support for multiple programming languages

Sponsors Contact: Mok Heng Ngee or Hady Lauw

Flying Chalks – One-stop platform for Overseas Exchange


About Flying Chalks Flying Chalks We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs who share a common love for international adventure and friendships. Flying Chalks was conceived with the mission of helping students enhance their overseas studies experience, and we do it through our one-stop platform that allows students to seamlessly PLAN their overseas studies, benefit from SHARED experiences and CONNECT with others with ease. Till date, we already have a 1,300-strong student community with students from all 5 local universities and more than 10 other overseas universities worldwide! Join us in bringing together the international student community so that everyone can gain the most out of their overseas studies.

Project Brief We have already developed our MVP (www.flyingchalks.com) which focuses on connecting students with 3 groups of people: peers who are heading to the same university, seniors who have returned as well as local students in their host university. Building upon it, we would like the team to develop two simple algorithms, one on “Suggested Connections” and another on “Buddy Program”. Completion of which, we would like to replicate and integrate these functionalities onto a mobile application.

Feature Requirements Web:

  • “Suggested Connections” algorithm is one which generates a customized list of suggested connections to the user based on input variables such as Host University, nationality, faculty etc.
  • “Buddy Program” algorithm matches students with a local buddy based on input variables such as hobbies/interests, proficient languages, gender etc.

Mobile App:

  • Features the Connect functionalities on our web App
  • Integration with our CMS
  • In-chat, group chat, notifications, friend list

Skill sets Our website is coded on PHP (Laravel Framework) and hosted on DigitalOcean. We have a customized admin panel that allows us to manage our users and content, as well as monitor some basic analytics.

Opportunities available We are on the lookout for a Tech partner to join our core team. Should entrepreneurship be in your DNA and want to be part of a start-up in an exciting space, use this project to explore further!


Contact Flying Chalks, Melvin Lee Hong Wee <Melvin@flyingchalks.com> SMU Business. Sara CHAN Yi Rui <sarachan.2012@sis.smu.edu.sg> The Ikan Bilis

{NOTE: They are currently students and is subject to graduating by this April}

Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) - Relationships Management System


About TWC2 TWC2 is a registered society and registered charity providing assistance to migrant workers in Singapore.

Project Brief Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) would like to have a Relationships Management System (working title), that helps in organising our members, donors and volunteers to enable improved collaboration.

At the core of the system would be a database of members of the Society, donors and volunteers (perhaps 250 new individuals added to the database per year), and of volunteering events (up to 1,000 events a year). This should replace the present patchwork of Excel sheets, Gmail contacts and PBWorks.

Feature Requirements It is important that the system should have these features:

  1. Integration with email, sms and if possible WhatsApp, so that notifications can be sent out;
  2. Integration if possible with payment systems so that membership subscriptions and even donations can be tracked;
  3. Fairly complex, personalised access permissions -- this is because users participate in different aspects of TWC2's work, and their access permissions need to reflect those areas of engagement and no other;
  4. For reports, designated users should have some flexibility in shaping the query in an easy-to-use way, as reporting needs generally change with time and experience.
  5. System that is both laptop-friendly and mobile-friendly

Contact Alex Au at TWC2 <alex.au@twc2.org.sg>, Yew Kong Leong <member1@exco.twc2.org.sg>, Pat Meyer <casehelp3@twc2.org.sg>

StaffOnDemand - JobsOnDemand App (Making Jobs Search Fun)

About StaffOnDemand StaffOnDemand is the team behind revolutionising the way SMEs recruit. (www.staffondemand.sg), offering SME employers an enterprise, cloud-based platform to manage their recruitment process efficiently.

Project Brief The project scope is to build on and extend the functionality of a native mobile application that essentially complements the existing features offered on the web application for new and existing jobseekers using StaffOnDemand. The application will be used to cater for jobseekers’ increasing propensity to rely on mobile to conduct their job search, and to reduce hiring cycle time further with the added convenience of proximity-based job applications. Unlike the previous project, which was focused on developing the application to mirror the functionality accorded to jobseekers on the web application, this project is focused on user engagement and retention, and will involve the team largely on developing a gamified user experience in their job search and application process. The team will have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge recruitment technology, and develop a complementary solution for the users of StaffOnDemand. The team is encouraged to strive towards building a full-featured and user-friendly application that aids both jobseekers in the job matching and application process and to deliver a seamless user experience. The team’s work will be utilised in live deployment and will be working closely with the development team to ensure a successful rollout of the application, which has the potential to change the way jobseekers source for jobs and greatly reduce the time required to make a successful hire, i.e. Get more people gainfully employed in the shortest possible time to meet the hiring demands of employers.

Target Audience StaffOnDemand users (Jobseekers)

Feature Requirements Jobseekers 1. Social recruiting & job referral functionality 2. Job suggestion based on proximity (Geotagging App Feature) 3. Push notifications 4. Interview Calendar 5. 2-way messaging functionality (with employers) 6. Enhancement to Employer Profile Page 7. Adaptive form builder 8. Gamification of job application and job search process 9. Social integration across multiple user features Skill-set Requirements 1. Working knowledge of utilising Restful APIs 2. iOS app development experience 3. Android app development experience 4. Ability to design and architecture the application to provide a high-level of user experience (recommended use this project as part of Interaction Design and Prototyping module) 5. Basic graphic design knowledge is a plus 6. Familiarity with PHP 7. Familiarity with Database Management

Contact Jagdish Udeykumar Chandiramani SIS alumni (jagdish@staffondemand.sg) Principal Architect Christine Liu SMU Alumni (christine@staffondemand.sg) Partner Acquisitions LOCK

Kaki Bukit Citizens' Consultative Committee (CCC) – Community and Social Directory


Project Description The Grassroots organisations in our Kaki Bukit constituency is looking to build a centralised system to track our residents needs and offer them social or health assistance along the way. Other assistance include getting the right government agencies to respond to their living and neighbourhood issues. We are looking for like minded individuals who would like to make a difference to our community, serving the under privileged residents and aligning government or VWOs resources to help them.

Key functions of the system

  1. Residents directory - A database of families staying in the constituencies and their family demographics
  2. House visit management - track each visit and follow ups by agencies or VWOs based on case management concept
  3. Program and Events management - develop social programs and have residents invited into the programs and create events to engage them
  4. Grassroots Leaders and volunteer Assignments - Assigning Grassroots leaders and volunteers to engage the residents in various activities and programs
  5. Scheduling and Calendar functions - Track house visits, events or activities
  6. Predictive Analytics and Reporting - report house visit, events or activities success rates, percentage of residents engaged and not engageed and program effectiveness, etc.

Contact Nicholas Soon, Vice-Chairman, Kaki Bukit Citizens' Consultative Committee (CCC). nicholas soon <nicholas_soon@hotmail.com> CCC: https://pa.gov.sg/Our_Network/Grassroots_Organisations/Citizens_Consultative_Committees (via Damien Tong Brf-asia.com via Prof Michelle Cheong)

Cinch – Invoice and Reimbursement Project


About Cinch Cinch is affordable accounting software to simplify payments and account reconciliation processes for small businesses. Cinch enables users to streamline payment collection and reimbursement operations, while smart analytics equips business owners with tactical information to make better financial decisions. Cinch was one of the 11 handpicked teams to participate in the inaugural DBS Hotspot Pre-accelerator 2015. For more info on Cinch, you may check out our site; http://cinch.online/

Project Description Design and implement an user interface that enables users to perform invoicing and reimbursement operations. This should be achieved through a responsive web application design which includes the following deliverables

  • Invoicing
    • CRUD functions that allow the users to create an invoice by snapping a photo through available API/Libraries in the market.
    • Matching Algorithm - to match received payments with the respective invoices.
    • Automation of emailing the Invoice
  • Reimbursement
    • CRUD functions that allow the users to create a reimbursement by snapping a photo through available API/Libraries in the market.
    • Notification alerts.

Seeking for : Passionate about entrepreneurship individuals who are keen in getting first-hand experience working along with a startup. On top of developing your technical expertise, you will be exposed to concepts such as UI,UX and Lean Startup methodology.

Skill sets Front End : Javascript , HTML/HTML5, CSS BackEnd : Java SQL ( RDBMS)

Contact Tor Wei Liang (SIS Alumni) - hello@cinch.online. SIS Alumni IS480 CloudReaver

Charlie Soh – StockBook: A Stock Portfolio Management Application Software


Project Description Project StockBook is a portfolio analytic software which compiles a book of a user portfolio of stocks, produce a list of major news of the stocks, highlight “unhealthy” stocks in the portfolio (through red flags), and create a summary portfolio list containing fundamental information of each stock. It also has an “Expert Evaluation” of the stock portfolio of the user in terms of return, risks, portfolio concentration and diversification, and other important portfolio benchmark.

StockBook contains the following features, functions and tools:

  • StockPortfolioBook will generate a StockBook of fundamental information of all the list of stock codes or stock names entered by the user. It will first process the user list of stock codes or stock names, go to the Singapore Exchange website or the public-listed company website to obtain the data, and finally produce a StockBook of fundamental information of all the stocks the user has input.
  • StockPortfolioAnalysis will generate an excel report of all the user’s stocks with the following information: Stock name, last done, price-earnings ratio (PER), net asset value (NAV), price to net asset value, return on equity (ROE), return on assets (ROA), dividend per share, dividend yield, market capitalization, Gross Profit, Net Profit, gross profit margin, net profit margin. The report has advance analysis feature such as: alpha, beta, Fair value based on discount cash flow, and passive income from dividend. User can do analysis like which of the user stock has hit his/her cut loss target, profit target, return on equity (ROE) target. Return on assets (ROA) target, dividend yield target. It will also add up the user portfolio stock value and compare against the user net worth and current market allocation model to see if the user are over invested or under invested. The tool also allows a user to give projection of revenue and profit based on the best case, baseline and worst case projection. It also compares the profit and profit margin, PER, dividend yield, price to NAV, ROE, ROA of the user’s list of stocks against the STI index and companies from the same sector.
  • ExpertEvaluation tool will go through a user stock portfolio and give a summary write-up of the quality of the user stock holdings in terms of market capitalization, price-earning ratio, price-to-book value, dividend yield, returns and risks. The tool will also compare the portfolio against index and sector benchmarks. The tool will write commentaries and provide user feedback of the user stock portfolio to improve return performance and diversify/reduce risks.
  • StockBookNews has a search tool which will get the latest news of each stock in the StockBook.
  • StockBookAlert has an alert function that will send an SMS or email alert to the user on the price, volume or news of the stocks that the user has turn on the “alert” feature in his portfolio of stocks.
  • Stock&ShareBook will start to populate the StockBook database with an update of a stock’s fundamental information, Profit and Loss Statements, and Balance Sheet Statements, each time a request is made to create a database of all the stocks.

Scope of project Students are required to study and analyze the Singapore Stock Exchange and public-listed company websites to get the relevant data and financial information to produce a Stockbook of the user’s portfolio of stocks. The students will be educated by the sponsor on basic stock investment, the investment process, understanding financial information and fundamental stock valuation. The students are encouraged to look for relevant information available in the social media network to provide a more complete perspective for the user to understand his/her portfolio of stocks.

Requirement The deployment platform is on IOS and android.   The students must be familiar with database and web application development. Students who have some financial and statistical background will be an advantage.

Contact Please email to Mr. Charlie Soh at csohpp@gmail.com if you are keen to work on this project. Charlie Soh is Director of Equity Sales (Asia), UOB Kay Hian. This is his personal project.

North Point Global – Order Management System for Exchange Listed Financial Products


About company North Point Global is a privately funded proprietary trading firm based in Singapore. We trade and invest in listed equities and derivatives in Asia. Our trading horizon is short to mid-term and employ multi strategies consisting of Long / Short , Arbitrage, Statistical and Value investing among others. Students have the opportunity to undertake a FinTech project and to gain insights into the inner workings of a proprietary trading firm. Students who excel in this project will be considered for employment opportunities within the firm

About project To design and build an Order Management System based on open source messaging engine QuickFIX/J and FIX protocol 4.2 (conceptually similar to Java Message Service) to manage and execute orders depending on strategies based on our input parameters.

The Codes should be simple and efficient (low latency), modular and reusable (easy to maintain and scale). The Application should have high usability, and allow and cater for concurrency where possible. The Project Documentation should include Installation Guide, User Guide, and Codes which should be commented

The first phase of the project places emphasis on the development of a stable platform with a focus on low latency. Subsequently, students will discuss with the firm how best to integrate and implement its strategies.

Function List

  • Implementation of strategies (discuss with sponsor)
  • Modification of strategies via key parameters
  • Database to store parameters and trades done
  • Connection to multiple exchanges
  • Ability to handle multiple asset classes

Skill Sets Java, QuickFIX/J, FIX 4.2 protocol

Contact Augustine Wu, Director, augustine.wu@northpointgl.com. Jonathan Tay, Trader, jonathan.tay@northpointgl.com (SIS alum) Zircon

KDD Labs Steven Hoi - Data analytics projects

About project This project aims to build KDDLabs --- a novel efficient, scalable, and interactive data analytics platform for business intelligence. The platform will be adopted as the teaching platform in KDD labs for SMU Data Mining and Business Analytics courses. In addition, it also could be extended for commercialization purposes. Students with entrepreneurship in data analytics and BI areas are encouraged to consider this project.

Project 1: Visual Analytics Engine for Interactive Data Analytics Tasks

  • Provide powerful data visualization and guided analysis through autocharting, and offers a family of visualization techniques to present data and results in an insightful way
  • Interactive charts, dashboards and reports, to discover insights from any size and type of data
  • Other visualization functionalities and supporting tools

Project 2: Data Mining Engine for end-to-end Scalable KDD process

  • Easy-to-use user-friendly KDD process for end-to-end predictive and descriptive data mining.
  • Open-source integration with Spark Machine Learning library
  • Model comparisons, reporting and management, and other supporting tools

Students are encouraged to approach the sponsor to discuss the detailed scopes.

System Overview The KDDLabs will be built on top of state-of-the-art technologies and infrastructure, including Apache Spark, Spark Machine Learning Library, and others. Through the project, students are able to learn the skills of large-scale data analytics through distributed computing approaches Key Technologies Used

  • Apache Spark: open source cluster computing framework
  • Spark MLlib: scalable machine learning library with common learning algorithms and utilities
  • Others: Bootstrap JS, Python, etc.

Details Slides

Contact Sponsor Contact: Prof Steven HOI – chhoi@smu.edu.sg

NOTE: Project description is not acceptable, too generic. Get specific detail from sponsor before considering this project.

Platinum Yoga - Mobile booking app

About project This is extension of Tinkers project to the iOS platform.

Additional Features

  • Uploading the current application to IOS platform.
  • location tracking which will help us to auto check in when they arrive at our studio.
  • reminder message if they don’t open our app for 30 days.
  • Improving the overall design and some tabs.
  • auto updating the point system (currently members are getting points when they visit the studio and those points can be used to buy things).
  • location map

Contact Anil Kumar | CEO | Platinum Yoga. platinumyogasingapore@gmail.com

YBCO - Crowdfunding_platform


About YBCO YBCO is a technology company that builds digital work tools for modern creatives and entrepreneurs. We define digital work tools as online tools that help creators actualise their projects - crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, etc.

YBCO differentiates itself from existing crowdfunding platform in two primary ways:

  1. Crowdfunding model: Creators raise in milestones instead of all at once, i.e we enable multiple crowdfunding rounds for a single project - YBCO adopts a novel milestone model that enables creators break up their project into milestones and raise funds in milestones. This helps creators overcome common crowdfunding problems like hidden costs.
  2. Revenue model: We don't undercut existing platforms or overcharge creators; we take a cut from only the excess funds raised.

Project Scope We're looking to build a crowdfunding platform for millennials.

This project require student to propose, design and develop the system backend and integrate with the user interface to ensure seamless user experience. Students will also need to integrate payment gateway that support escrow system (i.e Braintree). We believe that this project is challenging yet exciting for students to embark on. If possible, we are also hoping for them to see through to the deployment phase of the project so as to have a complete experience and see the result of their work.

We have hosting servers for the platform.

Sponsor Contact Sean Low <sean@ybco.co> (founder), Uttam Chopra <uttam@ybco.co> (CTO) and Qianhwee Yong <qianhwee@gmail.com> Shopaholic

Giveback Coffee - e-Commerce speciality grade coffee

CHANGED to HookCoffee (TAKEN)

About Giveback Coffee Giveback Coffee is a flexible subscription-based e-commerce selling ethically-sourced and speciality grade coffee from exotic places such as El Salvador, Ethiopia, India, & Sumatra — to make ethically-sourced and freshly roasted coffee easily accessible to coffee drinkers, with a social intent to give back to the very communities that produce our beans. We subscribe to the direct-trade model whereby specialty and sustainably grown coffee beans are sourced directly from the farmers. This ensures full transparency and traceability of the beans, as well as fair prices and enduring relationships with the farmers.

Project Scope

  • Supply chain optimisation
    • To minimise wastage, maximise storage space, while upholding our policy of sending out

freshly roasted beans within 1 week of roasting i. Raw coffee beans order from farmers/merchants (type of beans, quantity of beans etc.) ii. Contract roasting operations (how much to roast each batch, when to roast etc.) iii. Order fulfilment and distribution/delivery

  • Recommendation engine
    • Work with Management team to develop recommendation engine to recommend products/services based on individual sensory taste profiles, coffee brew methods and drinking habits
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital marketing
    • Targeted marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation

The project scope can be discussed in detail and redefined. We are certainly open to new ideas and feedback.

We Want You if You Are… Passionate about entrepreneurship & e-commerce, hungry to learn and have a winning attitude. We are also seeking a likeminded Tech co-founder to jump onboard!


Sponsor Contact Faye Victoria Sit <fayevictoriasit@gmail.com> & Ernest <ernesttyh@gmail.com> (via Prof Marcus Lee Service Excellence)

Herbidex - Product Matching

About Herbidex We are a team of passionate and restless entrepreneurs that cannot wait to breathe life into stagnant industries and break into new markets. We see great potential and benefit in working with students and believe in sharing ideas freely and learning from one another. Do not worry, we are not slave drivers, but we do pursue excellence. We look forward to working with you!

Project Brief We have already developed an MVP (www.herbidex.com) and would like to continue development of a customised algorithm and two user interfaces, one for the customer and the other for brands, that can help to match user input attributes and preferences with our existing database of product benefits and brand provided data.

On the grand scheme of things, this project will actually be the pilot system that we intend to be one of the cores of our business. While we understand that the deliverables by the team would not be that of commercial grade, it still will be extremely valuable to have a working prototype which with we can test and validate our core business assumptions and needs with the market and ultimately build upon this system

Business Requirements

  • User Interface (Customer) – CORE REQUIREMENT

a. A user (customer) will use an online form to indicate their health goals and needs as well as their medical conditions b. The form should be integrated with or accessible via the current site, www.herbidex.com c. All user information will be stored in the given database to be used in the algorithm. d. This interface should be scalable on the backend to allow addition of more fields in the future when needed.

  • User Interface (Brands) – CORE REQUIREMENT

a. A user (brand) can use an online form to indicate the main benefits of each of their products and also the main problems that the product addresses. b. The form should be integrated with or accessible via the current site, www.herbidex.com c. The information must be stored in the database to be used in the algorithm.

  • Matching Algorithm – CORE REQUIREMENT

a. This algorithm serves to allow customers to be matched to the most suitable products in our database based on their medical conditions and health goals and needs. b. Some matching criteria would be their health preferences and current health problems, the medicines they are currently taking, or whether they are currently unwell. c. We will want to leave it to the team to propose the technical details of the algorithm. Also, as we are dealing with health products and TCM, it could be a further challenge to the team if they could think about how they can optimise how the collected data can be used to improve the accuracy of the matching. (as listed below)

  • Additional Complexity (Optional)

a. We would like to capture and analyse the demographic and purchase behaviour of people actually purchase which kinds of products. b. Also, as we have a reviews module in our system, we would like to be able to analyse the feedback that they have given in order to rate the efficacy of certain products or explain why they like or dislike something.

Skill sets Web Application 1) Wordpress CMS with WooCommerce as the core e-commerce plugin. (PHP, JQuery/javascript, MySQL) 2) There would be a need to integrate the algorithm with the current system and the created interfaces should be able to be compatible with the current web app.

Mobile Integration (Optional) 1) We also have an android app currently in development and it would be most beneficial if the customer interface can also be implemented on the mobile application as well.

Scalability and Efficiency 1) As we expect many users and large amount of data needing to be processed as we grow, we would need a solution that is scalable as well as focus on the most efficient methods so as to reduce load times and processing needed to execute scripts.


Sponsor Contact For more information, Jonathan <jonathan@herbidex.com> SIS alumni

NOTE: Talk to Rhinos on the sponsor's business. Team may need to drive some value for this project to work. Sponsor's business may not be mature enough for a real launch, thus, this is a risky project.

Nielsen - Knowledge Management


About Nielsen Nielsen N.V. (NYSE: NLSN) is a leading global performance management company that provides a comprehensive understanding of what consumers Watch and Buy. By integrating information across Watch and Buy segments and other data sources, Nielsen provides its clients with both world-class measurement as well as analytics that help improve performance.

Project Brief Nielsen’s Singapore office has identified Knowledge Management as a key capability to create value and leverage, improve and refine the firm’s competencies and knowledge assets to meet its goal of transforming into a more digital enterprise.

To develop its Knowledge Management capability, Nielsen Singapore is looking for participants to be involved in the design of its Knowledge Management strategy and in particular the design and implementation of its content management system. The initiative will initially be limited to one business unit and will be rolled out across the organisation and eventually to regional offices if it is found to be successful.

Objectives The objectives of this initiative:

  1. Capture, store and deploy CI Business Unit knowledge to enhance performance
  2. Avoid duplication of work, reduce learning time and improve the speed of implementation
  3. A more contemporary client and CI associate experience

Participants will be expected to design, develop and test content management systems that can demonstrate capabilities fulfilling these objectives.

Desired outcome and features The desired outcome would be a content management system that allows easy searching for information, easy storage of information and is scalable for implementation across other Business Units.

Users polled have visualised a single search bar located on their local terminals’ desktop with ‘Google-like’ search functionality that allows users to quickly retrieve relevant documents with the input of keywords. The features of the desired content management system would include (not limited to):

  1. Easy to search for information (users visualised a single search bar allowing quick retrieval of information, ‘Google-like’ search functionality for all documents)
  2. Easy to save and store information, (users visualised the desired system to have low impact on existing saving and storing process, auto tagging by file naming or document contents)
  3. Simple process and require minimal additional or separate maintenance by users (e.g. auto-syncing from local terminals to shared folders)
  4. Forward-compatible with future technologies and allows cross platform support
  5. Scalable across the different departments and regional offices
  6. Easy to use by non-technical associates

The details of the project will be discussed with interested participants.

Skill sets

  • Strong ability to gather and understand end user’s requirements
  • Strong problem solving skills to translate needs into solutions
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft office productivity tools
  • Knowledge of visualization and web front end development principles is desirable.


Sponsor Contact For more information, please contact Kalra, Shagun Shagun.Kalra@nielsen.com or Lie, Sebastian Sebastian.Lie@nielsen.com.

SIS iCity - Online Platform for survey data analysis


A Platform for Efficient Acquisition and Retrieval of Survey Data for Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Analysis

Project Description Surveys are a commonly used research methodology to obtain data from human subjects, in both the behavioral and social science research. These surveys usually comprise both (mostly static) demographic information as well as dynamic information pertaining to individual wellbeing (e.g., psychometric tools such as MMSE, MOCA etc). They can contain: (i) structured questions (e.g. yes/no answers and rating answers); and (ii) unstructured questions (e.g. “what do you think of…”). In some cases, repeated questions may appear in different tools. In addition, a large sample size of surveys (at least 100 participants) is typically required to provide sufficient statistical power for cross-sectional analysis, and a subset of the questions may be repeated over time for the conduct of longitudinal studies.

The conventional way in which surveys are currently conducted, involves a “pen-and-paper” approach – whereby the survey answers are written onto a hard copy of the survey questions. Subsequently, the survey answers are then transferred from the hard copy to digitized form when the interviewer returns to the office. Such a process is tedious and time-consuming, especially if there are surveys that need to be conducted periodically. In addition, erroneous or missing data is common during the manual data entry process.

We would like the students to develop a web-based platform for the efficient and consistent acquisition, representation and retrieval of static and dynamic survey data. This will allow survey data to be captured in digitized form immediately when the survey is being conducted. In addition, the platform should provide access control mechanisms and allow for simple statistical analysis to be computed and displayed dynamically.

Deliverables The project deliverables include a web-based platform to allow interviewers to efficiently input and retrieve survey data, as well as to perform simple statistical analysis on the survey data. Key features of the platform include, but are not limited to:

  • Support for both structured and unstructured questions and answers
  • Tools for checking consistencies and flagging inconsistencies in answers to similar questions from different tools
  • Tools to ensure minimum redundancy in questions when new survey measures are added
  • Access control mechanism to ensure data privacy, especially in relation to personal information
  • Security and trust provisioning to ensure integrity of data
  • Data representation format that is extensible, and ensures consistency and efficient retrieval of information
  • Basic analysis and visualization tools for cross-sectional and longitudinal studies
  • Integration with existing CRM systems (if applicable)

SMU-TCS iCity Lab The SMU-TCS iCity Lab is a joint initiative where TCS’ S$6 million investment in the iCity Lab at SMU lays the foundation for the research and development of cloud-based IT solutions for intelligent cities in Asia and Worldwide. The partnership combines TCS’ industry leading IT services expertise and culture of innovation with SMU’s globally recognized excellence in research and education and for the world of business and management in both the public and private sectors. As a potential beneficiary and data source for the proposed IT system, the SHINESeniors project is a 3-year project that integrates the use of Internet-of-Things technology with social behavioral studies to enable ageing-in-place for elderly living alone in HDB flats. This project is funded by MND’s L2NIC and is a collaboration with A*STAR, Eastern Health Alliance, GoodLife!, MOH, HDB and URA. An integral part of the project includes an extensive psychosocial survey of up to 100 elderly participants. To date, such a baseline survey has been conducted for 50 elderly participants.


Sponsor Contact TAN Hwee Pink <hptan@smu.edu.sg>, SIS Prof

AllGoEasy - Crowd Sourcing Wheelchair Accessibility Information


About AllGoEasy & Shared Value AllGoEasy is a social enterprise that strives to

  • empower wheelchair users to venture beyond their routine destinations to enjoy greater inclusion within the community in their social and recreational activities.
  • enable independence and mobility amongst wheelchair users and instill in them the confidence to go out and explore the world.

Shared Value proposition

  • We have a growing community of registered users and volunteers comprising wheelchair users (disabled and elderly), caregivers (friends and family members), healthcare professionals and ambulant disabled.
  • We are interested to work with a rich subset of our users to understand their challenges in their everyday mobility and enable them to go out and explore Singapore more confidently.

Challenge faced by wheelchair users in Singapore

  • Lack of sufficient information about accessibility of venues that forces the users having to personally visit the places themselves at their own risk, and often discourages users from going out of their routine destinations.
  • Lack of a technologies or apps that enable finding and sharing of such information

Project Description

  • Design and implement an IT solution to address the challenges above. In particular, key functionalities of the IT solution should include, but are not limited to,
    • Specify accessibility information, and map the specifications to sensor modality requirements
    • Design algorithms to translate and integrate multi-modal raw sensor data into accessibility metrics
    • Develop a mobile app to automate collection of detailed accessibility information for venues and establishments. The students could reuse existing Data Logger apps, and/or use custom sensor devices to capture, e.g. geo coordinates more accurately.
    • Develop a mobile/web UI to upload the collected data, analyze and present in a form that enables wheelchair users in way finding and travel planning as in, for example, Iris-NextBus/GoThere app.
    • Implement data pre-processing algorithms to filter out erroneous data and impute missing data
  • Liaising closely with end-users to gather and formulate requirements
  • Keen to explore new and novel uses of technology


Sponsor Contact TAN Hwee Pink <hptan@smu.edu.sg>, SIS Prof

Tocco Studios - Virtual TC App with NLP


About Tocco Studios http://www.toccostudios.com/about-tocco/

Virtual TC App with Natural Language Processing (NLP) Capability We simplify the technology for traveller.

Project Brief Tocco Studios builds interactive solutions for the banking institutes. One of the key strengths of Tocco Studios is to provide the travel technology serving the emerging affluence, the Wealth Banking / Privilege Banking customers for the banks. Based on a report done by McKinsey, commissioned by Singapore Tourism Board (STB), there are about one billion millennials in Asia, making up about one-quarter of the region's total population. But already, they account for 35 per cent of the total travel expenditure in the region, spending some S$280 billion a year on international travel. This is even before they have reached the peak of their earning years. This presents significant opportunities for the travel industry, with millennial spending expected to hit some S$460 billion by 2020. For industry watchers, the term 'millennial traveller' refers to more than just a demographic group. They see it as an emerging mindset in a region of rising affluence.

Target Audience

  1. Millennials / Gen-Y travellers
  2. Gen-Z travellers
  3. Solo Travellers

Feature Requirements Input Method

  1. voice input using google speech api
  2. natural language processing

Key Technologies

  1. NLP
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Analytics
  4. Recommendation Engine
  5. GDS-es

Key Features / Challenges

  1. Price Watch Feature (so that you dont have to check frequently, you set an acceptable target)
  2. Ultra user-friendly UI

Shortest flight Cheapest flight Direct flight No red eye flight

  1. Backend CMS to link to all the travel packages. Once you bought a flight ticket, you will likely need a hotel or car rental or even Day

Tour / Land Tour

  1. Restaurant info and booking
  2. Peripheral Feature

> weather, info on local festivals etc etc

What Tocco will provide

  1. APIs to flight search and other components (hotels, packages etc etc)
  2. Domain Knowledge of travel industry on how airlines and GDSes work

Future Potentials If this app is well done - we will provide funding for commercialization. It is an opportunity to start a business for those who are more adventurous.


Sponsor Contact vincent.lai@toccostudios.com (SIS Alumni)

NEC-SMU sLab - Various projects

About NEC With our focus on Solutions for Society, NEC’s goal is to lead the advancement of the world‘s social infrastructure by leveraging ICT and new business models. Our Solutions for Society activities will become the pillars of NEC over the company’s next 100 years. Source: http://sg.nec.com/en_SG/global/about/corporate_profile.html Do you want to embark on a Final Year Project which allows you to develop a solution for a famous multinational corporation and at the same time to stand a chance to win monetary award and internship opportunity? Now here is a perfect opportunity for you and your team to embark on.

Kando F&B Quick Serve

  • The Kando F&B quick serve project is a F&B community driven project aim to enable F&B operators to streamline their business processes and enhance customer experience
  • The Kando F&B quick serve project leverages on mobile to enable pre-order and pre-payment

For the web application development, the requirements are:

  • Design and build a responsive website for consumers
  • Integrate with content management solution to populate the required contents
  • Integrate with the personalization engine to populate the required contents
  • Integrate with social media login

Smart Town Web Application


  • The smart town project is CSR project driven by SMRT and NEC which aims to provide a personalized citizen engagement, driving the community cohesiveness
  • The smart town project leverages on Omni-channel i.e. web, mobile and digital signage to reach out to the community

For the web application development, the requirements are:

  • Design and build a responsive website for communities
  • Integrate with content management solution to populate the required contents
  • Integrate with the personalization engine to populate the required contents
  • Develop a web frontend for communities to post their activities
  • Integrate with social media login

Digital Manufacturing Application

  • The digital manufacturing project is a proof of concept project to enable a local manufacturer to embark on digital transformation

The requirement is to design and build a visualisation frontend that enables users to

  • Understand the end-to-end processes through capturing of sensors information (provided by NEC) from the shop floor
  • Leverage on data analytics to optimize factory operations, boosting equipment utilization and product quality

Healthcare pilot project

Background When a patient sees a healthcare provider (doctor/nurse), one of the first things we need to do to determine if the patient is potentially stable or unstable is to take the vital signs of the patient (in addition to obtaining the presenting complaint(s) from the patient). These are the usual standard vital signs that are commonly taken :

  • Respiratory rate
  • Oxygen saturation – through the SpO2
  • Heart/pulse rate
  • Blood pressure (systolic/diastolic)
  • Temperature

An unstable patient is someone that may require acute stabilization and the measures we usually undertake can be broadly based on the ABC prioritization – A= Airway / B=Breathing / C= Circulation. As surrogate measures, the above vital signs can be ‘mapped’ to ABC : respiratory rate and oxygen saturation = A & B ; Heart/pulse rate and Blood pressure = C.

Vital Signs in Children In children, monitoring of these vital signs is currently done manually (except in the ICU setting when the patient is relatively immobile and very sick) and depending on the acuity of the patient, monitoring of the vital signs is done every 1 hour to 4 hourly. In children, respiratory rate, heart/pulse rate and blood pressures vary with the age of the child – the respiratory and heart/pulse rates are normally higher the younger the child while the blood pressure is normally lower the younger the child.

Requirements To develop a web application using D3JS as visualisation layer to retrieve and display the above mentioned vital signs of the patients collected via wearables. The integrated vital signs monitoring system and focus on enhancing or establishing the following attributes :

  • Remote and continuous tracking of the vital signs
  • Make the integrated sensor system run on a wireless platform
  • Build a simple algorithm (to be provided during project implementation) into the integrated sensor system to alert doctors and nurses when the ranges of the vital signs (based on the age of the child) is breached
  • Allow a backend data collection system for data analytics and display of real-time dashboards for the doctors and nurses on the ground.

Basic features include:

  • Device Management (associating wearable ID with patient ID)
  • Authentication & Authorization (using OpenLDAP)
  • Dashboard & reporting
  • Rules engine (e.g. for definition of rules for triggering alerts, using Oozie)

Front-end IoT platform project

Background With a yearly turnover above € 1.2 trillion in 2011, the European construction sector, including its extended value chain (e.g. material and equipment manufacturers, construction and service companies), is the largest European single activity (10% of GDP) and the biggest industrial employer. Energy efficiency guideline 2012/27/EU:

  • 20% savings on primary energy usage at 2020
  • 50% savings on primary energy usage at 2050

In Singapore, the BCA Green Mark Scheme was launched in January 2005 as an initiative to drive Singapore's construction industry towards more environment-friendly buildings. Benefits of BCA Green Mark include:

  • Facilitate reduction in water and energy bills
  • Reduce potential environmental impact
  • Improve indoor environmental quality for a healthy and productive workplace
  • Provide clear direction for continual improvement.

Target measures: equipment exchange, energy management, control automation, building design

Objectives NEC is deploying a holistic ICT platform for cross-sectorial collaboration of partners from ICT, construction and energy providers Underlying Business Model Innovation à value-chain of Total Facilities and Energy Management

  • Product innovation – bringing together information across multiple data domains and exploitation into various information flows
  • Process innovation – impacting the activities of all stakeholders for business processes and partner interactions
  • Enabling of resource-driven and offer-driven new business models based on integrated energy contracting and continuous commissioning


  • Energy Consumption Profiling
  • Basic Charting and Data Presentation e.g. Chart Types - Pie Charts, Line Charts, Bar Charts, etc.
  • Advance Charting e.g. 3D Charts, Time Series Charts
  • Trend Analysis
  • 3D (e.g. buildings) visualisation

Profile Parameters The proposed system should support the configuration of the following parameters.

  • Active Energy - Interval Data
  • Alarms and Alerts
  • Management Reports and Dashboard
  • Email, SMS Support
  • Multi-Tariff
  • Line Parameters (Voltage, Current, Power Factor)
  • Billing
  • Demand Control and Response
  • VVO (Volt Var Optimization)
  • CVR (Conservation Voltage Reduction)
  • Consumer Access and Dashboard
  • Numbers of Consumers/Meter Nodes

Sponsor Contact Information Clinston Tan, Solutions Engineer, +65 81021320, clinston_tan@nec.com.sg (SMU SIS Alumni) Hosanna Petra <hpharsono.2012@sis.smu.edu.sg>, Program Manager, slab
Healthcare pilot project Fuji Foo, Sales Director, NEC <fuji_foo@nec.com.sg>

Bumbox Logistics - Modelling of Delivery Fleet


Objectives Bumbox Logistics would like to do route optimization for its delivery fleet. Develop a system that can model optimum routes based on the following variables:

  • Station locations (can be less dynamic, key in at configuration stage)
  • Pickup points (retailers / warehouse)
  • Parcel target locations (stations)
  • Fleet size
  • Fleet capacity (each van capacity)
  • Traffic data (secondary objective)

The system should be able to take in either a large set of real world sample data for the variables, or randomize variable input based on a smaller set of data or parameters. The output would be the optimum route to take to for each delivery vehicle such that all deliveries are fulfilled. The system should be able to also caclulate the fleet size and capacity per vehicle required (or will be the most optimum), as well as the time taken for each parcel for the given case. Generate statistical data of the prediction based on the sample or randomized input such as the average, longest time / distance for each parcel delivery.

Secondary Objectives Allow the system to model delivery in a way that use stations as distributed warehouses and evaluate its viability. If such a system is viable, a model to derive the most optimum routes + hops for each parcel can be developed. For example, a possible model would be to have larger vehicles plying longer routes between Bumbox stations only, while smaller vehicles would feed parcels from the pickup point to the nearest Bumbox Station. The parcels will wait for the main vehicles to move them along the main routes to the target delivery Station. In this way, each Bumbox Station acts as a temporary warehouse. If such a model is viable, a system to calculate the best major and minor routes for the delivery fleet to ply should be developed on top of the primary system.

Process Co-develop, Bumbox representatives as project manager. IP belongs to Bumbox. Base on Bumbox existing platform, has to be easily integrated with Bumbox backend and frontend components.

Deliverables Simulation software / code

Sponsor Contact Information Ronald Wong Longfa, Executive Director Email: Ron_Bumbox <ronald.wong@bumbox.com.sg>

Thomas Menkhoff/Benjamin Gan - twitter Q&A

Project Description This project is a continuation of Chi-e project for our twitter Q & A

Chi-E has completed most of the features: Search tweet using stream API, polls with filtering, social maps, admin features, instructor features and many classroom tests to validate the requirements. The deployed version stand a good chance of being deployed on the cloud (Amazon E2) via CTE.

There are many features that could improve this version. Such as sentiment analysis, database search, admin logs, live polling updates.

Major part of this project is to analyse and improve on existing code and then build from there.

Sponsor Contact Information Thomas MENKHOFF <thomasm@smu.edu.sg> and Benjamin Gan. Chi-e member Sherman TAN Si Xian <sherman.tan.2011@sis.smu.edu.sg>

CustomerCareCentral - ICWMS


Project Context Integrated Customer Warranty Management Solution. The solution seeks to offer customers a central location to manage the warranty of products they own while providing easy access to information on location, contact information of the service centers as well as the capability to schedule services their products.

The solution will be built in two parts

  1. A warranty management app – loaded on the customers mobile phone
  2. A website that provides a search functionality by product and brand giving results of the various service centers by location

Project Description The solution will follow a Service Oriented Architecture delivered over the cloud preferably using Microsoft services (Azure). The solution will need to highly secure as it will be storing customer data. Front end will need to be built on HTML5 with a mobile viewing capability. Mobile apps will need to be made available on iOS as well as android.

Opportunity We are seeking a team that is keen to develop a product that has interest in developing a solution that can be deployed in the market and is keen to join the founding team.

Refer to detail for project function list

Sponsor Contact Information Krishna Kumar NALLUR <krishnan@smu.edu.sg>, CustomerCareCentral

ClassMentors.com - Help make live classes more fun and efficient


About Classmentors http://www.classmentors.com

Project Brief Have you every been in a class that was moving too slowly or too quickly? Have you ever found yourself wandering off during a lecture and feeling the call of Facebook or your other class assignments? Classmentors was designed to address just this sort of problem. Our research shows that there is usually a high variability of skill level and interest in a class of students. Some students come to class already knowing the material and to others the material is brand new. Some students have gotten plenty of sleep and are excited about the subject of the day while others are hopeful that they will not doze off right in front of the professor. The goal of Classmentors is to make live classroom educational settings as personalized and adaptive as self-directed study sessions are. Classmentors is based on research done for techniques such as gamification and automated mentor assignment in blended learning environments. The goal of this project is to build a system that would enable all teachers in Singapore and potentially around the world to use techniques such as Automated Mentor Assignment to reduce the boredom and frusturation sometimes imposed by one size fits all lectures and to increase the social rewards and fun delivered via shared empathy, common objectives, and group play. If you've ever wanted a classes to be more enaging and fun, this could be your chance to make the world a little bit happer place.

Requirements You will integrate technologies and services such as Javascript, Node.js, Firebase, Heroku, Google Analytics, and PayPal to deliver a web application that meets the needs of the teachers and students in Singapore. You will also implement a paid subscription service which will provide larger school systems with access to enterprise-level features. For added scope, if desired, the team will be able to extend the platform to provide any analytics to free and paying subscribers that would enhance the overall class delivery experience. The team also has the option of converting the resulting web application into a native Android or iPhone application using the Ionic framework.

Sponsor Contact Information Chris Boesch <cboesch@smu.edu.sg>

Codevantage.org - Change the World With Javascript


About Codevantage.org http://http://www.codevantage.org

Project Brief Do you want to change the world? Would you like to do it with Javascript? Then Codevantage.org could be the perfect project for you and your team. In early 2015, a small band of heroes at SMU embarked on the noble task of getting every pre-university student in Singapore to try coding. In just a few short weeks, the heroes developed the website Codevantage.org, created a Facebook page with tons of inspirational code-related content, and began signing up student ambassadors at every school. Now that the quest has begun, the heroes need your help to level-up. The vision for Codevantage.org is to create a portal and community that leverages the latest innovations in marketing, social science, economics, and cloud computing to ensure that every pre-university student in Singapore is able to spend 20-minutes writing a little code so that they can better understand this powerful magic that continues to influence more of Singaporeans’ daily lives and our collective future.

Requirements You will integrate technologies and services such as Javascript, Node.js, Firebase, Heroku, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, and PayPal to deliver a portal that meets the needs of the Codevantage.org Student Ambassadors from 29 JC’s and Polys in Singapore. You will also implement a paid subscription service which will allow local companies and government organizations to donate money to purchase paid advertisement to further accellerate Codevantage.org towards its mission. For added complexity, the team will be able to extend the platform to provide analytics to paying subscribers to show them how their monthly contributions are helping to raise awareness and drive growth in Singapore.

Sponsor Contact Information Chris Boesch <cboesch@smu.edu.sg>

Pigeonlab - Project Pigeon Analytics

About Pigeonlab PigeonLab is the team behind Pigeonhole Live (www.pigeonholelive.com), that’s radically changing the way Fortune 500 companies, organisations, and education institutions engage with their live audiences. Pigeonhole Live is a platform to facilitate important conversations that would bring new insights to our users.

Project Brief Project Pigeon Analytics seeks to build a scalable and robust backend to capture, store and analyse user interactions made on the web app. It will be used to drive the analytics graphic interface that will provide better understanding on user behaviour patterns on the application for the team to make better data-oriented decisions.

PigeonholeLive (https://pigeonholelive.com/) is an interactive Q&A Platform suitable for events, townhalls and conferences. Event attendees are able to use their mobile devices and respond to Q&A, polls or surveys that are created by the organisers.

We are company that provides software as a service and hence we need to logically validate our business assumptions through quantitative user behavioural data. User data allows us to create analytical graphical interfaces that helps us better understand user behaviour and allows us to make better data-oriented decisions and strategies.

Feature Requirements

1 Create an Application Programming Interface (API) system for tracking user feedbacks (E.g. clicks, views, etc...) User Story: Build a scalable and robust backend to capture, store and analyse user interactions on the app

2 Identify transaction points in the web app and implement API to collect data User Story: Work with the product team to efficiently use API to capture data

3 Create a suitable Database to store these analytical data User Story: Database must be able to handle large number of queries and suitable for huge amounts of reads

4 Create a graphical interface based on data collected from web app users User Story: Interface helps the company/product/design team to be able to make strategic decisions based on data

5 Create a graphical interface based on data collected from dashboard users User Story: Interface must be able to replace the current Insights with more functionalities

Skill-set Requirements 1 Able to work with node.js. For API and interface 2 Able to work with HTML and CSS 3 Design modern analytical interface 4 Familiar with Relational / Non-Relational DB

Sponsor Contact Information Peh Jun Hao, SIS alumni. Team Sageby PigeonLab <junhao@pigeonlab.com>

Lyon Lim, lyon@pigeonlab.com <lyon@pigeonlab.com> Pigeon Hole

SMU - Alexandra Health T-Lab

Alexandra Health Logo.jpg

Alexandra Health, together with the School of Information Systems (SIS) at the Singapore Management University (SMU) have established a partnership since May 2010 to work together to demonstrate fresh and better ways to serve and satisfy patients whenever they are interacting with the Alexandra Health system. Through this partnership, a joint mechanism known as the "T-Lab" has been established that enables students, staff and faculty of SMU's School of Information Systems (SIS) to team with professionals from Alexandra Health to work on a continuing series of projects to improve service delivery, quality, productivity and experience.

Project 1: KTPH Self-Management Application for tracking of Chronic Conditions: (Phase 2 - Mobile (IOS) Application)


  • Extension of work developed by team GrandFider which developed an Android application for the same purpose;
  • Enable the application to be able to automate the retrieval of parameter data from a selection of monitoring equipment – like blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters.
  • Analysis of user parameter data of information that has already been captured from Phase 1 project.

Sponsor – Renal Clinic - Dr Milind

How to sign up for a T-Lab Project

Come and talk to us if you are interested in working on a project aimed at adding value to the delivery of healthcare services.

You must get approval from T-Lab before you can sign up for the project

Contact Koh Lian Chee - lckoh@smu.edu.sg

  • Academic Modules pre-requisite
    • IS203 Software Engineering
    • IS301 Enterprise Integration

From Course Coordinator Please inform the course coordinator before confirming any projects with Alexandra Hospital.

IS480 Fiona/Benjamin - IS480 system


We are looking for a simple to use IS480 system to help us manage student registration, surveys and filter/reports.


  • Student registration
    • CRUD term & team (name, student members)
    • Single Sign On (reuse code from 6Sigma) { Good to have: Retrieve student/staff data from IITS }
  • Surveys & Project Info Collection
    • CRUD projects (sponsor, description, team, supervisor {Good to have: Crawling wiki and upload file }
    • Surveys for students (Technology/Tools/ProgramLanguage/Database, Application Status, App Platform, Online learning (MOOC), Student CourseLoad/LearningOutcome/Year, Qualitative feedback) { Good to have: generate templates based on surveys: Project, poster, booklet, video submission }
    • Surveys to sponsor (Organization Type, Industry, Skills, Comments)
  • Report & Dashboard
    • Filter by term, technology, industry, sponsor, supervisor, reviewers, organization type, etc
    • Search by student name/ID, supervisor, sponsor, etc
  • Admin Feature
    • Import/export file/HTML/WIKI format (Team, Projects, Surveys, etc)
    • Export student data for registration
    • Track members movement/changes between teams, projects and terms
    • Assign supervisor and reviewers

Good to Have (We are open to other suggestions)

Related Projects
Lightning Strike
IS480 II done by 6Sigma
IS480 scheduling system done by ThunderBolt.

Sponsor Contact Information Contact: Benjamin Gan or Fiona Lee

VWO - Make a difference

About VWO project Want a rewarding project that can make a difference in people's life? Term 1, we have no VWO projects. IS480 is seeking more VWO projects!

Ideas You can wait for some VWO to propose a project, or you can propose one with a VWO.

Last term, team Creovate won the IS480 Best Value for Sponsor award. More importantly, they made a difference in someone else's life.

"Just one small example....as I was having lunch in Little India this week, I met one of the workers I'm assisting. He reported confusion at MOM about whether they recognised that he had discharged a lawyer handling his injury claim. On my hp, I could bring up the lawyer discharge letter and email it out again to both the lawyer and MOM. Very powerful and helpful to have such capability on my hp at any time and place." - TWC2 Project Sponsor Dr. Pat Meyer

More Information Benjamin Gan, SMU, benjamingan@smu.edu.sg

Self Proposed - Innovative Idea

About Self Proposed project Have a great idea? You can proposed your own project. Start with a problem, a real problem. Don't start with a solution or a technology. Think about it. Pitch it to your friends, IIE entrepreneurs corners, and write up a [2 page] about your idea. You want a well baked idea, not an idea you taught about yesterday or half baked version with lots of holes.

Another reason for proposing your own project. Why work for anyone?


  1. Submit a 2 page writeup to course coordinator.
  2. Get a mentor. More info here. If there are enough teams proposing their own projects, the course coordinator will schedule a pitch on Sept 4,.
  3. Start working on your project.

Collaboration Need more help? We are collaborating with students from NUS Division of Industrial Design. Form your team and work with students from DID to come up with your own project. Here are some of their student projects. Click on the students and see their project. Not all DID project are suitable for collaboration. Look for those that allow you to implement a system (software component). e.g. RR Rehabilitation Ring: Design for Hand Therapy Push Pop SoundCARE CafeCompanion

More Information Benjamin Gan, SMU, benjamingan@smu.edu.sg