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These are available projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the sponsor or sent to the course manager. Past Projects

NOTE: These project have been reviewed by IS480 course coordinator. However, there is no guarantee that these projects are acceptable. You are required to gather more information, submit draft proposal for feedback, and clear all NDA, IP issues early before proposal. Sponsors must refer to FAQ.


VWO - Make a difference

About VWO project Want a rewarding project that can make a difference in people's life? Term 1, we have no VWO projects. IS480 is seeking more VWO projects!

Ideas You can wait for some VWO to propose a project, or you can propose one with a VWO.

Last term, team Creovate won the IS480 Best Value for Sponsor award. More importantly, they made a difference in someone else's life.

"Just one small example....as I was having lunch in Little India this week, I met one of the workers I'm assisting. He reported confusion at MOM about whether they recognised that he had discharged a lawyer handling his injury claim. On my hp, I could bring up the lawyer discharge letter and email it out again to both the lawyer and MOM. Very powerful and helpful to have such capability on my hp at any time and place." - TWC2 Project Sponsor Dr. Pat Meyer

More Information Benjamin Gan, SMU, benjamingan@smu.edu.sg

Self Proposed - Innovative Idea

About Self Proposed project Have a great idea? You can proposed your own project. Start with a problem, a real problem. Don't start with a solution or a technology. Think about it. Pitch it to your friends, IIE entrepreneurs corners, and write up a [2 page] about your idea. You want a well baked idea, not an idea you taught about yesterday or half baked version with lots of holes.

Another reason for proposing your own project. Why work for anyone?


  1. Submit a 2 page writeup to course coordinator.
  2. Get a mentor. More info here. If there are enough teams proposing their own projects, the course coordinator will schedule a pitch on Sept 4,.
  3. Start working on your project.

Collaboration Need more help? We are collaborating with students from NUS Division of Industrial Design. Form your team and work with students from DID to come up with your own project. Here are some of their student projects. Click on the students and see their project. Not all DID project are suitable for collaboration. Look for those that allow you to implement a system (software component). e.g. RR Rehabilitation Ring: Design for Hand Therapy Push Pop SoundCARE CafeCompanion

More Information Benjamin Gan, SMU, benjamingan@smu.edu.sg

YBCO - Crowdfunding_platform

About YBCO YBCO is a technology company that builds digital work tools for modern creatives and entrepreneurs. We define digital work tools as online tools that help creators actualise their projects - crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, etc.

YBCO differentiates itself from existing crowdfunding platform in two primary ways:

  1. Crowdfunding model: Creators raise in milestones instead of all at once, i.e we enable multiple crowdfunding rounds for a single project - YBCO adopts a novel milestone model that enables creators break up their project into milestones and raise funds in milestones. This helps creators overcome common crowdfunding problems like hidden costs.
  2. Revenue model: We don't undercut existing platforms or overcharge creators; we take a cut from only the excess funds raised.

Project Scope We're looking to build a crowdfunding platform for millennials.

This project require student to propose, design and develop the system backend and integrate with the user interface to ensure seamless user experience. Students will also need to integrate payment gateway that support escrow system (i.e Braintree). We believe that this project is challenging yet exciting for students to embark on. If possible, we are also hoping for them to see through to the deployment phase of the project so as to have a complete experience and see the result of their work.

We have hosting servers for the platform.

Sponsor Contact Sean Low <sean@ybco.co> (founder), Uttam Chopra <uttam@ybco.co> (CTO) and Qianhwee Yong <qianhwee@gmail.com> Shopaholic

Giveback Coffee - e-Commerce speciality grade coffee

About Giveback Coffee Giveback Coffee is a flexible subscription-based e-commerce selling ethically-sourced and speciality grade coffee from exotic places such as El Salvador, Ethiopia, India, & Sumatra — to make ethically-sourced and freshly roasted coffee easily accessible to coffee drinkers, with a social intent to give back to the very communities that produce our beans. We subscribe to the direct-trade model whereby specialty and sustainably grown coffee beans are sourced directly from the farmers. This ensures full transparency and traceability of the beans, as well as fair prices and enduring relationships with the farmers.

Project Scope

  • Supply chain optimisation
    • To minimise wastage, maximise storage space, while upholding our policy of sending out

freshly roasted beans within 1 week of roasting i. Raw coffee beans order from farmers/merchants (type of beans, quantity of beans etc.) ii. Contract roasting operations (how much to roast each batch, when to roast etc.) iii. Order fulfilment and distribution/delivery

  • Recommendation engine
    • Work with Management team to develop recommendation engine to recommend products/services based on individual sensory taste profiles, coffee brew methods and drinking habits
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital marketing
    • Targeted marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation

The project scope can be discussed in detail and redefined. We are certainly open to new ideas and feedback.

We Want You if You Are… Passionate about entrepreneurship & e-commerce, hungry to learn and have a winning attitude. We are also seeking a likeminded Tech co-founder to jump onboard!


Sponsor Contact Faye Victoria Sit <fayevictoriasit@gmail.com> & Ernest <ernesttyh@gmail.com>

ECO Singapore - ECO Web App


About ECO An initiative by ECO Singapore, the ECO leaders programme is the stem of the organisation’s next phase of effort to promote an environmentally conscious lifestyle among young Singaporeans. It essentially focuses on turning awareness into action.

Its key focus is to encourage young people to turn environmental awareness, into action by adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. A tool to not only reward for acts of green, but also aims to empower and engage its participants to realise their direct positive impact to the environment.

This programme is done with a combination of physical engagement and online points accumulation. Points credited will eventually be used for remuneration of goods and services for the account holder, as well as accumulation for the award.

Project Objective

  • Develop a greater degree of awareness and understanding of environmental issues in relations to their consumption habits.
  • Motivate individuals in adopting environmental actions in their daily lifestyle.
  • Complement all existing environmental efforts by other groups and NGOs in Singapore.


  • Simple and easy to use web tool for participants to use.
  • Integration with existing key social media tools to track actions.
  • Easy to use administrator back end to update content.
  • Allow administrator to extract reports.
  • Enable the website to be mobile friendly.

Overview of the project can be found here

Details of the detailed design requirements can be found here


Sponsor Contact Wilson Ang wilson.ang@eco-singapore.org

NOTE: Identify clearly the goal for the project and help sponsor achieve this goal ( SIS students will not be required to get participants to enter the challenge. This will be organisation's tasks. The focus is on developing the web app. )

Herbidex - Product Matching

About Herbidex We are a team of passionate and restless entrepreneurs that cannot wait to breathe life into stagnant industries and break into new markets. We see great potential and benefit in working with students and believe in sharing ideas freely and learning from one another. Do not worry, we are not slave drivers, but we do pursue excellence. We look forward to working with you!

Project Brief We have already developed an MVP (www.herbidex.com) and would like to continue development of a customised algorithm and two user interfaces, one for the customer and the other for brands, that can help to match user input attributes and preferences with our existing database of product benefits and brand provided data.

On the grand scheme of things, this project will actually be the pilot system that we intend to be one of the cores of our business. While we understand that the deliverables by the team would not be that of commercial grade, it still will be extremely valuable to have a working prototype which with we can test and validate our core business assumptions and needs with the market and ultimately build upon this system

Business Requirements

  • User Interface (Customer) – CORE REQUIREMENT

a. A user (customer) will use an online form to indicate their health goals and needs as well as their medical conditions b. The form should be integrated with or accessible via the current site, www.herbidex.com c. All user information will be stored in the given database to be used in the algorithm. d. This interface should be scalable on the backend to allow addition of more fields in the future when needed.

  • User Interface (Brands) – CORE REQUIREMENT

a. A user (brand) can use an online form to indicate the main benefits of each of their products and also the main problems that the product addresses. b. The form should be integrated with or accessible via the current site, www.herbidex.com c. The information must be stored in the database to be used in the algorithm.

  • Matching Algorithm – CORE REQUIREMENT

a. This algorithm serves to allow customers to be matched to the most suitable products in our database based on their medical conditions and health goals and needs. b. Some matching criteria would be their health preferences and current health problems, the medicines they are currently taking, or whether they are currently unwell. c. We will want to leave it to the team to propose the technical details of the algorithm. Also, as we are dealing with health products and TCM, it could be a further challenge to the team if they could think about how they can optimise how the collected data can be used to improve the accuracy of the matching. (as listed below)

  • Additional Complexity (Optional)

a. We would like to capture and analyse the demographic and purchase behaviour of people actually purchase which kinds of products. b. Also, as we have a reviews module in our system, we would like to be able to analyse the feedback that they have given in order to rate the efficacy of certain products or explain why they like or dislike something.

Skill sets Web Application 1) Wordpress CMS with WooCommerce as the core e-commerce plugin. (PHP, JQuery/javascript, MySQL) 2) There would be a need to integrate the algorithm with the current system and the created interfaces should be able to be compatible with the current web app.

Mobile Integration (Optional) 1) We also have an android app currently in development and it would be most beneficial if the customer interface can also be implemented on the mobile application as well.

Scalability and Efficiency 1) As we expect many users and large amount of data needing to be processed as we grow, we would need a solution that is scalable as well as focus on the most efficient methods so as to reduce load times and processing needed to execute scripts.


Sponsor Contact For more information, Jonathan <jonathan@herbidex.com> SIS alumni

SMU OCCM - Media Asset Management System

Objective To create a Media Asset Management that can cater the whole University.

Technology Preferably Drupal or Sharepoint.

Suggested Features

  1. A user-friendly search interface (eg. http://www.gettyimages.com/photos/bestpix?excludenudity=true&family=editorial&phrase=bestpix&sort=newest) with search based on a few specified Classifications. e.g. CCAs ; Events, etc. and thumbnails for easy browsing.
  2. All SMU staff to be given access rights similar to their staff login accounts. This way, we will be able to track their uploads and downloads.
  3. The ability for OCCM(Office of Corporate Communication & Marketing) and other staff to upload images/videos.
  4. Uploaded high res images/videos will be channelled to a Holding Area for approvals and meta-tagging.
  5. After approvals, images or videos will be stored in high res and low res versions for user downloads. The system should be able to automatically convert the images/videos from high res to web safe or low res versions so users have a choice of which versions to download.
  6. Stock Images/Videos: There must be an option to place download restrictions on some stock images/videos due to certain copyrights issues.

Sponsor Contact For more information, please contact Laren Hil Dela Fuente <lhdelafuente@smu.edu.sg> or Ted CHOO <tedchoo@smu.edu.sg>

Nielsen - Knowledge Management

About Nielsen Nielsen N.V. (NYSE: NLSN) is a leading global performance management company that provides a comprehensive understanding of what consumers Watch and Buy. By integrating information across Watch and Buy segments and other data sources, Nielsen provides its clients with both world-class measurement as well as analytics that help improve performance.

Project Brief Nielsen’s Singapore office has identified Knowledge Management as a key capability to create value and leverage, improve and refine the firm’s competencies and knowledge assets to meet its goal of transforming into a more digital enterprise.

To develop its Knowledge Management capability, Nielsen Singapore is looking for participants to be involved in the design of its Knowledge Management strategy and in particular the design and implementation of its content management system. The initiative will initially be limited to one business unit and will be rolled out across the organisation and eventually to regional offices if it is found to be successful.

Objectives The objectives of this initiative:

  1. Capture, store and deploy CI Business Unit knowledge to enhance performance
  2. Avoid duplication of work, reduce learning time and improve the speed of implementation
  3. A more contemporary client and CI associate experience

Participants will be expected to design, develop and test content management systems that can demonstrate capabilities fulfilling these objectives.

Desired outcome and features The desired outcome would be a content management system that allows easy searching for information, easy storage of information and is scalable for implementation across other Business Units.

Users polled have visualised a single search bar located on their local terminals’ desktop with ‘Google-like’ search functionality that allows users to quickly retrieve relevant documents with the input of keywords. The features of the desired content management system would include (not limited to):

  1. Easy to search for information (users visualised a single search bar allowing quick retrieval of information, ‘Google-like’ search functionality for all documents)
  2. Easy to save and store information, (users visualised the desired system to have low impact on existing saving and storing process, auto tagging by file naming or document contents)
  3. Simple process and require minimal additional or separate maintenance by users (e.g. auto-syncing from local terminals to shared folders)
  4. Forward-compatible with future technologies and allows cross platform support
  5. Scalable across the different departments and regional offices
  6. Easy to use by non-technical associates

The details of the project will be discussed with interested participants.

Skill sets

  • Strong ability to gather and understand end user’s requirements
  • Strong problem solving skills to translate needs into solutions
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft office productivity tools

K*nowledge of visualization and web front end development principles is desirable.


Sponsor Contact For more information, please contact Kalra, Shagun Shagun.Kalra@nielsen.com or Lie, Sebastian Sebastian.Lie@nielsen.com.

SIS iCity - Online Platform for survey data analysis

A Platform for Efficient Acquisition and Retrieval of Survey Data for Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Analysis

Project Description Surveys are a commonly used research methodology to obtain data from human subjects, in both the behavioral and social science research. These surveys usually comprise both (mostly static) demographic information as well as dynamic information pertaining to individual wellbeing (e.g., psychometric tools such as MMSE, MOCA etc). They can contain: (i) structured questions (e.g. yes/no answers and rating answers); and (ii) unstructured questions (e.g. “what do you think of…”). In some cases, repeated questions may appear in different tools. In addition, a large sample size of surveys (at least 100 participants) is typically required to provide sufficient statistical power for cross-sectional analysis, and a subset of the questions may be repeated over time for the conduct of longitudinal studies.

The conventional way in which surveys are currently conducted, involves a “pen-and-paper” approach – whereby the survey answers are written onto a hard copy of the survey questions. Subsequently, the survey answers are then transferred from the hard copy to digitized form when the interviewer returns to the office. Such a process is tedious and time-consuming, especially if there are surveys that need to be conducted periodically. In addition, erroneous or missing data is common during the manual data entry process.

We would like the students to develop a web-based platform for the efficient and consistent acquisition, representation and retrieval of static and dynamic survey data. This will allow survey data to be captured in digitized form immediately when the survey is being conducted. In addition, the platform should provide access control mechanisms and allow for simple statistical analysis to be computed and displayed dynamically.

Deliverables The project deliverables include a web-based platform to allow interviewers to efficiently input and retrieve survey data, as well as to perform simple statistical analysis on the survey data. Key features of the platform include, but are not limited to:

  • Support for both structured and unstructured questions and answers
  • Tools for checking consistencies and flagging inconsistencies in answers to similar questions from different tools
  • Tools to ensure minimum redundancy in questions when new survey measures are added
  • Access control mechanism to ensure data privacy, especially in relation to personal information
  • Security and trust provisioning to ensure integrity of data
  • Data representation format that is extensible, and ensures consistency and efficient retrieval of information
  • Basic analysis and visualization tools for cross-sectional and longitudinal studies
  • Integration with existing CRM systems (if applicable)

SMU-TCS iCity Lab The SMU-TCS iCity Lab is a joint initiative where TCS’ S$6 million investment in the iCity Lab at SMU lays the foundation for the research and development of cloud-based IT solutions for intelligent cities in Asia and Worldwide. The partnership combines TCS’ industry leading IT services expertise and culture of innovation with SMU’s globally recognized excellence in research and education and for the world of business and management in both the public and private sectors. As a potential beneficiary and data source for the proposed IT system, the SHINESeniors project is a 3-year project that integrates the use of Internet-of-Things technology with social behavioral studies to enable ageing-in-place for elderly living alone in HDB flats. This project is funded by MND’s L2NIC and is a collaboration with A*STAR, Eastern Health Alliance, GoodLife!, MOH, HDB and URA. An integral part of the project includes an extensive psychosocial survey of up to 100 elderly participants. To date, such a baseline survey has been conducted for 50 elderly participants.


Sponsor Contact TAN Hwee Pink <hptan@smu.edu.sg>, SIS Prof

AllGoEasy - Crowd Sourcing Wheelchair Accessibility Information

About AllGoEasy & Shared Value AllGoEasy is a social enterprise that strives to

  • empower wheelchair users to venture beyond their routine destinations to enjoy greater inclusion within the community in their social and recreational activities.
  • enable independence and mobility amongst wheelchair users and instill in them the confidence to go out and explore the world.

Shared Value proposition

  • We have a growing community of registered users and volunteers comprising wheelchair users (disabled and elderly), caregivers (friends and family members), healthcare professionals and ambulant disabled.
  • We are interested to work with a rich subset of our users to understand their challenges in their everyday mobility and enable them to go out and explore Singapore more confidently.

Challenge faced by wheelchair users in Singapore

  • Lack of sufficient information about accessibility of venues that forces the users having to personally visit the places themselves at their own risk, and often discourages users from going out of their routine destinations.
  • Lack of a technologies or apps that enable finding and sharing of such information

Project Description

  • Design and implement an IT solution to address the challenges above. In particular, key functionalities of the IT solution should include, but are not limited to,
    • Specify accessibility information, and map the specifications to sensor modality requirements
    • Design algorithms to translate and integrate multi-modal raw sensor data into accessibility metrics
    • Develop a mobile app to automate collection of detailed accessibility information for venues and establishments. The students could reuse existing Data Logger apps, and/or use custom sensor devices to capture, e.g. geo coordinates more accurately.
    • Develop a mobile/web UI to upload the collected data, analyze and present in a form that enables wheelchair users in way finding and travel planning as in, for example, Iris-NextBus/GoThere app.
    • Implement data pre-processing algorithms to filter out erroneous data and impute missing data
  • Liaising closely with end-users to gather and formulate requirements
  • Keen to explore new and novel uses of technology


Sponsor Contact TAN Hwee Pink <hptan@smu.edu.sg>, SIS Prof

Tocco Studios - Virtual TC App with NLP

About Tocco Studios http://www.toccostudios.com/about-tocco/

Virtual TC App with Natural Language Processing (NLP) Capability We simplify the technology for traveller.

Project Brief Tocco Studios builds interactive solutions for the banking institutes. One of the key strengths of Tocco Studios is to provide the travel technology serving the emerging affluence, the Wealth Banking / Privilege Banking customers for the banks. Based on a report done by McKinsey, commissioned by Singapore Tourism Board (STB), there are about one billion millennials in Asia, making up about one-quarter of the region's total population. But already, they account for 35 per cent of the total travel expenditure in the region, spending some S$280 billion a year on international travel. This is even before they have reached the peak of their earning years. This presents significant opportunities for the travel industry, with millennial spending expected to hit some S$460 billion by 2020. For industry watchers, the term 'millennial traveller' refers to more than just a demographic group. They see it as an emerging mindset in a region of rising affluence.

Target Audience

  1. Millennials / Gen-Y travellers
  2. Gen-Z travellers
  3. Solo Travellers

Feature Requirements Input Method

  1. voice input using google speech api
  2. natural language processing

Key Technologies

  1. NLP
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Analytics
  4. Recommendation Engine
  5. GDS-es

Key Features / Challenges

  1. Price Watch Feature (so that you dont have to check frequently, you set an acceptable target)
  2. Ultra user-friendly UI

Shortest flight Cheapest flight Direct flight No red eye flight

  1. Backend CMS to link to all the travel packages. Once you bought a flight ticket, you will likely need a hotel or car rental or even Day

Tour / Land Tour

  1. Restaurant info and booking
  2. Peripheral Feature

> weather, info on local festivals etc etc

What Tocco will provide

  1. APIs to flight search and other components (hotels, packages etc etc)
  2. Domain Knowledge of travel industry on how airlines and GDSes work

Future Potentials If this app is well done - we will provide funding for commercialization. It is an opportunity to start a business for those who are more adventurous.


Sponsor Contact vincent.lai@toccostudios.com (SIS Alumni)

GTL - Wheels4Food


About GTL About Green Transformation Lab & Shared Value

  • GTL: A DHL-SMU Collaboration
    • Raise awareness of greener and more sustainable operations
    • Build and test new capabilities that empower organizations with knowledge, best practices and tools to achieve their sustainability goals
    • Support transformation initiatives at both industry and organization levels through innovative methods and advanced technologies
  • Shared Value proposition
    • A company’s contributions to environmental protection and society by partnering another company to enhance the success of the business. E.g., Logistics company partnering with Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) to deliver service / goods to the aged community.

In our scenario, we are interested to work with 1 or more VWO such as food bank in Singapore to better understand their logistics challenges in delivering donated food from the food bank to the needy through a network of member beneficiaries such as family service centres and the homes of the needy.(and, if appropriate, getting involved in helping to overcome these challenges)

Challenge faced by food programmes

  • Coordinating clients (beneficiaries), donors and deliverers is a complex logistical challenge to ensure that the beneficiaries receive unspoiled food on time
  • Technology can be used to optimize matching between clients, donors and deliverers to reduce unnecessary transit times on the roads
  • Understanding changing demand patterns for VWO food programmes
    • Aging population
    • Geographical spread and trends
  • How can VWOs benefit from the experience of established logistics companies

IS480 Project

  • Design and implement an IT solution (web/mobile) to address the challenges above
    • ‘Bidding’ (Application) mechanism for donors and deliverers
    • Scheduling, routing, tracking and logging of deliveries
  • Liaising closely with VWOs and ‘deliverers’ to formulate requirements
  • Willing to challenge existing processes and norms
  • Keen to explore new and novel uses of technology


Sponsor Contact TAN Kar Way <kwtan@smu.edu.sg>, Andrew Beng (DHL SG) (Andrew.Beng@dhl.com) <Andrew.Beng@dhl.com>

Edmund Foo - Smart Hawker


Project Summary Hawkers occupy a unique position in our food and beverage (F&B) landscape. As purveyors of local everyday fare, they are important culinary links to our past. They connect us to our heritage and the street food that has significantly defined Singaporean cuisine over the last century.

Singapore’s face-paced economy and fiercely competitive F&B industry has made it more challenging for hawkers to trade and operate. Rising food costs, escalating rentals, manpower shortage and customer expectations have all contributed to a more stressful environment for single-stall hawkers. Unlike F&B companies/groups, single-stall hawkers have far less access to government grants/schemes that help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) i.e. they are mere sole proprietors.

Moving forward, hawkers will have to adopt a more precise and measured approach to their business, both at the front and back ends. An important first step in streamlining hawker operations is to ensure that proper record keeping and information management is done. This will enhance a hawker’s ability to track business performance, improve decision making and identify critical areas requiring attention/action. Another area of concern will be annual income tax filing.

Smart Hawker aims to help hawkers take this important first step by offering a simple and effective mobile platform for free that they can use daily. Once familiar and expedient with the basic platform, hawkers can progress to more sophisticated features of Smart Hawker that cater to their greater or specific business needs. Smart Hawker will grow and evolve with its users.

Feature Requirements

  1. Finance and Accounting - measure actual performance and earnings; business income after tax
  2. Record keeping
  3. Information management
  4. Tax filing
  5. English, Mandarin, Malay and/or Tamil?

Summary Mockup

Sponsor Contact Edmund Foo <edmundftj@gmail.com>, Culinary/F&B Consultant and an Associate Lecturer (F&B Management) at Republic Polytechnic Via Marcus Lee <marcuslee85@mac.com> IS480 Team Sageby

Resorts World at Sentosa - RWS Career Portal


About Resorts World at Sentosa www.rwsentosa.com Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) is Singapore's Integrated Resort, offering key attractions including theme parks, hotels, spas, casinos, and meeting & incentive venues. It offers a diverse range of career opportunities in the areas of attractions, rooms, food & beverage, casino and corporate functions.

Project Brief RWS Career Portal is a web application for job seekers looking to join the RWS crew community. The existing web application allows users to conduct their job searches, register and update user details, upload resumes, as well as apply to the available job postings directly via the web application. This facilitates RWS’ staff management in processing job applications as the applicant’s details can be requested and received easily. Job applicants’ details can also be uploaded when an account is logged in again. However, this web application is currently not mobile-friendly. As mobile applications are up and coming and typically favoured by users today, a mobile application for the recruitment of job positions at RWS is required to help ease the user registration and job application process for users who wish to access the services on the go. The team that will embark on this project will have the opportunity to work closely with the development team and the HR team in RWS to develop a hybrid multi-platform mobile application that aids job seekers in the application and job-matching process.

Target Audience: Full-time/Part-time/Temporary/Events job seekers

Feature Requirements

  1. User registration and login
  2. Job-search functions
  3. Job applications depository and status tracker
  4. User account profile management
  5. User resumé management
  6. Notifications function for new job positions postings, updated application statuses and/or recruitment events
  7. Dashboard to support the back-end system


More Information Rachel ONG, HR Manager (rachel.myong@rwsentosa.com) Cheryl POON, HR Representative (cheryl.poon@rwsentosa.com) Jason LIANG, HR Representative (jason.liang@rwsentosa.com)

NEC-SMU sLab - Various projects

About NEC With our focus on Solutions for Society, NEC’s goal is to lead the advancement of the world‘s social infrastructure by leveraging ICT and new business models. Our Solutions for Society activities will become the pillars of NEC over the company’s next 100 years. Source: http://sg.nec.com/en_SG/global/about/corporate_profile.html Do you want to embark on a Final Year Project which allows you to develop a solution for a famous multinational corporation and at the same time to stand a chance to win monetary award and internship opportunity? Now here is a perfect opportunity for you and your team to embark on.

SMU Car Pool


Project description This proposed project allows you and your team to devise a car pool solution for the SMU community. The SMU community will be able to benefit from this carpooling solution. Users will be able to utilize this platform to either share or hitch a ride while commuting to and fro from origin and destination. The team is allowed and highly encouraged to value add to their proposed solution. The intended end users for the devised solution will be NEC staff.

Requirements To develop a both web and android mobile application with the following requirements:

  • Web responsive,
  • Transport Trip Scheduler
  • Safe Driving
  • Car Pooling
  • Driver & Passenger Registration & Trip Transaction
  • Administration of security rights for each type of users (General and Administrator)

Technical Developers are expected to be familiar with database, web application development, Android app development and coupled with system testing skills.


Dynamic Event Solution


Project description The eventual solution will bring about synergic benefits for both consumers and business owners. It will allow the event participants to navigate through the event venue with ease. Through this application, essential information can be provided to them into the palm of their hands. Users will be provided with interactive map with directory & floor plan along with crowd information. Further, they will be able to receive tailored promotional information based on their precise location.

Requirements To develop a both web and android mobile application with the following requirements:

  • Web responsive,
  • Event Booth Finder
  • Consumer / Participants Profiling
  • Instant Chat (Optional)
  • Members Reward and Incentive (Optional)
  • Administration of security rights for each type of users (General , Event Management, Administrator)

Technical Developers are expected to be familiar with database, web application development, Android app development and coupled with system testing skills.


NEC Workplace Health Promotion Application


Project description This proposed project enables you and your team to promote workplace health activities, particularly in office-based workplaces. The solution should facilitate office-based employees to adopt and enjoy the use of the web-based workplace health promotion application, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is envisaged that NEC Workplace Health Promotion Application will contribute towards effort in reduction of obesity-related chronic diseases and increase workplace productivity. Further, the intended solution architecture should be flexible to permit changes and scaling so that new designs can periodically be implemented for sustaining interest of users. The team is allowed and highly encouraged to value add innovative ideas to their proposed solution; other possible areas of extension to this project includes mobile application and/or recommend possible business ideas. The intended end users for the devised solution will be NEC staff.

Solution The solution should include but not limiting to

  1. Web account creation function for individual users (e.g. office-based employees)
  2. E-recording function for user to manually input daily health information including food eaten, drinks, weight, physical activity and etc
  3. Setting up of a database system (e.g. RDBMS) for real-time storage of user data
  4. Syncing mobile accelerometer data to database system
  5. Establishment of an analytics engine for real-time analytics computation (e.g. calories input/output estimation, no. of steps taken, no. of active time with activity bout >= 10 mins)
  6. Dashboard for Office-based employees
    1. Individual (e.g. detail analytics computation result and recommendation)
    2. Group challenge (e.g. Ranking of participants for physical activity level)

Features / Function List: To develop a gamification-enabled web-based workplace health promotion application to facilitate the following requirements:

  • Competitive landscaping of state-of-the-art web-based electronic data capture system (commercial and open source) (not limiting to workplace place health promotion, but health or health care in general)
  • Gamification design (user engagement)
  • Creation of web account for individual users
  • Front-end editing
  • E-recording function for user to manually input daily health information including food eaten and etc
  • Setting up of a database system for real-time storage of user data
  • Syncing mobile accelerometer data to database system
  • Establishment of an analytics engine for real-time analytics computation (e.g. calories input/output estimation, no. of steps taken, no. of active time with activity bout >= 10 mins)
  • Dashboard for Office-based employees
    • Individual (e.g. detail analytics computation result and recommendation)
    • Group challenge (e.g. Ranking of participants for physical activity level)
  • Other features include notifications, announcements or updates broadcasting, feedback and evaluation
  • Administration of security rights for each type of users and adjustable access rights for each system functionality

Details Seng Khoon, Researcher, sengkhoon_teh@nec.com.sg

Sponsor Contact Information Clinston Tan, Solutions Engineer, +65 81021320, clinston_tan@nec.com.sg (SMU SIS Alumni) Benjamin Gan, SMU, benjamingan@smu.edu.sg

SIMTech - NFC-Based Collection & Delivery System on Android


About SIMTech http://www.simtech.a-star.edu.sg Past IS480 project. Invenio

Project Brief This proposed project is to investigate, design and develop the Collection & Delivery System based on mobile technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC)/QR enabled Android Platform. The system is to facilitate companies especially courier and logistic SME companies to automate the services and do away with the manual system for the purpose of improving the accuracy of records and managing time and resource well. The APPs in mobile phone help drivers to collect and deliver items (identified by NFC or QR) to customer on-time and capture real-time information. The administrator is able to allocate tasks to drivers, track and receive updates from driver’s daily activities in real time. Appropriate security mechanisms may be enforced to protect NFC tags, NFC-communications, smartphone apps, app-server communications, and server operations.

Participants are expected to design, develop and test software systems that can demonstrate capabilities. Training will be provided.

Features The details of the project will be discussed with interested participants.

Requirements Object Oriented Programming, with experience in Android development and/or iOS preferred. Developers are expected to be familiar ( or to be able to quickly learn ) with database and web application development.

Sponsor Contact Information He Wei (whe@SIMTech.a-star.edu.sg) LI Yingjiu <yjli@smu.edu.sg>

Nielsen - Automating Mentor-Mentee matching


About Nielsen Nielsen delivers critical media and marketing information, analytics and industry expertise about what consumers buy and what consumers watch and listen, including the consumer interaction across television, online and mobile, on a global and local basis.

The information, insights and solutions offered by the company allows its clients to maintain and strengthen their market positions and identify opportunities for profitable growth. The company operates in more than 100 countries across the globe.

Project Brief Nielsen is currently looking at implementing a mentorship program within the organization to facilitate career development. Nielsen operates in a highly competitive environment, with people being its most important resource. Hence, we want to retain talent and provide them with the right support for career development. An overall objective is to enhance employee satisfaction in terms of career development.

Project description As the initiative is still in its early stages, Mentor-Mentee matching is done manually using Microsoft Excel with in-built macros. Nielsen is exploring ways to improve the Mentor-Mentee matching initiative, and one of the options would be to automate the Mentor-Mentee matching process, eliminating the need to match the pairs manually.

Undergraduates are required to develop a system to automate the process (eliminating the need for manual matching). We are looking for an automated system to match the mentor-mentee pool based on the criteria set by us. The system should :

  1. Create and distribute customized surveys to potential Mentors and Mentees
  2. Build the matching criteria.
  3. Gather and automatically compare the mentor-mentee responses for the best match.
  4. Generate a computer-created list of appropriate Mentors (upto 5 names) to match the Mentee.
  5. Have an option to override automated matching
  6. Generate automated rating evaluation on the mentor-mentee relationship on a periodic interval.

We also require the project team to explore any other opportunities that can better improve the program. These can be but should not be limited to

  1. How to increase Mentor, Mentee participation
  2. Create an interface that is easy to use as well as intuitive and scalable


Sponsor Contact Information Joan Heng, Executive Director, joan.heng@nielsen.com

ShenCARE.com - e-platform for eldercare products and services

TAKEN About ShenCARE.com

Project Brief In the existing eldercare arena, the eldercare providers for the products and the services are 'silos'. They operate independently. It makes the user who maybe the elderly themselves or the caregiver assist in their daily living, with great difficulty in locating and buying the products and the services. It can be a simple service needed like bringing the elder to hospital for medical appointment. But there is not such service provider, when in contrary, they are many volunteers who wish to assist the elder to attend their medical appointment. There are 500,000 aging elders in Singapore and is gradually increase to 1.2 million by years 2030. There is a need for a web and app base platform to integrate the eldercare services and products.

Requirement ShenCARE.com is a one-stop web and app e-portal that intend to collates all eldercare products and services for transaction and fulfillment. The e-platform is to allow the invited vendors to upload their eldercare businesses as well paring the volunteer from ShenCARE.com. It is eventually like a 'yellow-page' or an 'uber' service provider. The user will be able to search for the require services or products and to complete the fulfillment on-line. ShenCARE Pte Ltd will hold the platform admin right and only with agree terms and condition to allow the vendor to upload their services and products. This process will solve the existing ‘silos’ type on-line elderly product and services to serve the Singapore elderly better, and with bigger capacity. Setting up of the e-platform is only the first part of the work The follow-on is to invite the eldercare providers to come onboard. There is a need for a substantial marketing effort to present the plan and convince them to be the partner of ShenCARE. There is also need to track on how many transaction flow through ShenCARE.com so as to account for their usage rate. Subsequently, the elders are also being invited as the ShenCARE member. The e-platform must also be able to provide the membership acquisition process, like keying in personal particular and complete the membership payment as well as for the follow-on renewal.

Sponsor Contact Information Li WeiCheng <weicheng.li.2014@mi.smu.edu.sg>.

Sterling Engineering - Training Hub Management System


Sterling Training Hub The Sterling Training Hub seeks to leverage heavily on the recently announced SkillsFuture initiative to tap into this potential pool of market. SkillsFuture is a national movement to provide Singaporeans with the opportunities to develop their fullest potential throughout life, regardless of their starting points. Through this movement, the skills, passion and contributions of every individual will drive Singapore's next phase of development towards an advanced economy and inclusive society.

Key Features Training Management System

  1. Management of learners’ particulars
  2. Learners’ follow-up of services
  3. Learners’ and course registration module

Online Registration Management

  1. Capture of online learners’ particulars
  2. Course selection
  3. Check availability of course
  4. Allow individual registration
  5. Allow company/group registration

Learners’ Management

  1. Certificate Management
  2. Attachment of student particulars (e.g. Photos, Visa Pages, Passport Copies, etc.)
  3. Print certificates and letters relevant to the registry
  4. Detailed report on student attendance

Course Management System

  1. Course code
  2. Categorization of courses (WDA and non WDA courses)
  3. Assign list of trainers
  4. Venue / Room booking
    1. Seating capacity of room
    2. Duration of booking
  5. Automatic mail to trainer upon confirmation / cancellation / postponement
  6. Request and validation of attendances

Assessment and Assignment Management

  1. Assessment attendance
  2. Release of results (theory and practical)
  3. Download assignment requirements
  4. Assignment submission via upload


Sponsor Contact Information Marc Sim <marc@sterlingengineering.com.sg>

StaffOnDemand - StaffOnDemand Mobile Application


About StaffOnDemand StaffOnDemand is the team behind revolutionising the way SMEs recruit. (www.staffondemand.sg), offering SME employers an enterprise, cloud-based platform to manage their recruitment process efficiently.

Project Brief The project scope is to build a native mobile application that essentially complements the existing features offered on the web application for existing jobseekers using StaffOnDemand. The application will be used to cater for jobseekers’ increasing propensity to rely on mobile to conduct their job search, and to reduce hiring cycle time further with the added convenience of proximitybased job applications.

The team will have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge recruitment technology, and develop a complementary solution for the users of StaffOnDemand. The team is encouraged to strive towards building a full-featured and user-friendly application that aids both jobseekers in the job matching and application process and to deliver a seamless user experience.

The team’s work will be utilised in live deployment and will be working closely with the development team to ensure a successful rollout of the application, which has the potential to change the way jobseekers source for jobs and greatly reduce the time required to make a successful hire, i.e. Get more people gainfully employed in the shortest possible time to meet the hiring demands of employers.

Target Audience: StaffOnDemand users (jobseekers)

Feature Requirements 1. Jobseeker log in 2. Tracking of past job applications and statuses 3. Social recruiting functionality 4. Account profile and settings 5. Resume manager and depository 6. Job Suggestion based on proximity [Geotagging App Feature] 7. Develop APIs for new functionalities 8. Utilizing phone contacts for sharing of job opportunities / suggestions Ability to push notifications 9. Utilizing Phone calendar to handle interview dates 10. 2-way messaging functionality


Sponsor Contact Information Jagdish Udeykumar Chandiramani, SIS alumni (jagdish@staffondemand.sg), Senior Software Developer, Christine Liu (christine@staffondemand.sg)

Bumbox Logistics - Modelling of Delivery Fleet

Objectives Bumbox Logistics would like to do route optimization for its delivery fleet. Develop a system that can model optimum routes based on the following variables:

  • Station locations (can be less dynamic, key in at configuration stage)
  • Pickup points (retailers / warehouse)
  • Parcel target locations (stations)
  • Fleet size
  • Fleet capacity (each van capacity)
  • Traffic data (secondary objective)

The system should be able to take in either a large set of real world sample data for the variables, or randomize variable input based on a smaller set of data or parameters. The output would be the optimum route to take to for each delivery vehicle such that all deliveries are fulfilled. The system should be able to also caclulate the fleet size and capacity per vehicle required (or will be the most optimum), as well as the time taken for each parcel for the given case. Generate statistical data of the prediction based on the sample or randomized input such as the average, longest time / distance for each parcel delivery.

Secondary Objectives Allow the system to model delivery in a way that use stations as distributed warehouses and evaluate its viability. If such a system is viable, a model to derive the most optimum routes + hops for each parcel can be developed. For example, a possible model would be to have larger vehicles plying longer routes between Bumbox stations only, while smaller vehicles would feed parcels from the pickup point to the nearest Bumbox Station. The parcels will wait for the main vehicles to move them along the main routes to the target delivery Station. In this way, each Bumbox Station acts as a temporary warehouse. If such a model is viable, a system to calculate the best major and minor routes for the delivery fleet to ply should be developed on top of the primary system.

Process Co-develop, Bumbox representatives as project manager. IP belongs to Bumbox. Base on Bumbox existing platform, has to be easily integrated with Bumbox backend and frontend components.

Deliverables Simulation software / code

Sponsor Contact Information Ronald Wong Longfa, Executive Director Email: Ron_Bumbox <ronald.wong@bumbox.com.sg>

Koh Bus - Tour Guide for Driver


Project Description When we conduct a city tour on a coach, we use a human tour guide, I would like to replace the human tour guide with the use of GPS or Driver Voice Activated phone (or ipad / Tap ) application which upon triggered by location approximates or driver’s voice command – the App will automatically announces / introduces various scenic points, such as City Hall, Merlion, F1 Race Pit etc. through the hard wire or FM connection to the internal public announcement system.

This application will supplement the need for a human tour guide during the city tour. The application will enhance the tourist experience even without a human tour guide. Cost savings and efficient use of coach will be improved greatly.


Project 2: Meal Order App An app to consolidate the order from a company’s staff and place order with respective food stall hawker from a particular canteen or food court, the driver will collect the meal packed.

Current situation: Our client - Eastman Chemical, located in Jurong island, the company staff will place lunch order with HR staff via phone or email.

After payment for meal , from individual , is consolidated and orders are put in a list, it is passed to our driver ( the in house driver from Koh Bus ), driver will then travel to the canteen located in the island or to a food court at Boon Lay (Boon Lay – Every Friday only). The driver will based on the list and buy the meals accordingly. Some of the hawkers are able to take advance order by phone (called by Eastman HR) and get the food cooked/Packed before the collection.

Requirement: Lunch Order App.

An app ( Both IOS / Android ) containing existing participating food stall in two canteens ( 1st Jurong island , 2nd Boon Lay )

Food Order and deliver process

1. Order food via Phone App 2. Make Payment to a specific account on line (method of payment to be reviewed) 3. Respective food stall owners receive order and prepare the food before the time of collection. 4. Driver collected money from HR 5. Driver travel to the canteen and based on today order list and collect the food from respective stall owner. 6. Food is then delivered to company pantry before lunch time.

Delivery of this project :

Phase 1 : Eastman Staff is able to place order from the list of food from different food stall. The ordered food is consolidated in a list , air printed.

Phase 2 : Food Staff can received order via a phone App ( preferred) or SMS notification. Stating the order detail and collection timing.

Phase 3 - Individual is able to make payment via DBS paylah or internet transferred.

Phase 4 - The Hawker can received electronic payment, if possible.

Note: The team is expected to travel to Jurong island to understand the current practise The app should be scalable to allow additional of different canteens and for different companies

Sponsor Contact Information Name: Koh Edmund Designation: Manager Email: edmund@kohbus.sg

Thomas Menkhoff/Benjamin Gan - twitter Q&A

Project Description This project is a continuation of Chi-e project for our twitter Q & A

Chi-E has completed most of the features: Search tweet using stream API, polls with filtering, social maps, admin features, instructor features and many classroom tests to validate the requirements. The deployed version stand a good chance of being deployed on the cloud (Amazon E2) via CTE.

There are many features that could improve this version. Such as sentiment analysis, database search, admin logs, live polling updates.

Major part of this project is to analyse and improve on existing code and then build from there.

Sponsor Contact Information Thomas MENKHOFF <thomasm@smu.edu.sg> and Benjamin Gan. Chi-e member Sherman TAN Si Xian <sherman.tan.2011@sis.smu.edu.sg>

CustomerCareCentral - ICWMS

Project Context Integrated Customer Warranty Management Solution. The solution seeks to offer customers a central location to manage the warranty of products they own while providing easy access to information on location, contact information of the service centers as well as the capability to schedule services their products.

The solution will be built in two parts

  1. A warranty management app – loaded on the customers mobile phone
  2. A website that provides a search functionality by product and brand giving results of the various service centers by location

Project Description The solution will follow a Service Oriented Architecture delivered over the cloud preferably using Microsoft services (Azure). The solution will need to highly secure as it will be storing customer data. Front end will need to be built on HTML5 with a mobile viewing capability. Mobile apps will need to be made available on iOS as well as android.

Opportunity We are seeking a team that is keen to develop a product that has interest in developing a solution that can be deployed in the market and is keen to join the founding team.

Refer to detail for project function list

Sponsor Contact Information Krishna Kumar NALLUR <krishnan@smu.edu.sg>, CustomerCareCentral

ClassMentors.com - Help make live classes more fun and efficient

About Classmentors http://www.classmentors.com

Project Brief Have you every been in a class that was moving too slowly or too quickly? Have you ever found yourself wandering off during a lecture and feeling the call of Facebook or your other class assignments? Classmentors was designed to address just this sort of problem. Our research shows that there is usually a high variability of skill level and interest in a class of students. Some students come to class already knowing the material and to others the material is brand new. Some students have gotten plenty of sleep and are excited about the subject of the day while others are hopeful that they will not doze off right in front of the professor. The goal of Classmentors is to make live classroom educational settings as personalized and adaptive as self-directed study sessions are. Classmentors is based on research done for techniques such as gamification and automated mentor assignment in blended learning environments. The goal of this project is to build a system that would enable all teachers in Singapore and potentially around the world to use techniques such as Automated Mentor Assignment to reduce the boredom and frusturation sometimes imposed by one size fits all lectures and to increase the social rewards and fun delivered via shared empathy, common objectives, and group play. If you've ever wanted a classes to be more enaging and fun, this could be your chance to make the world a little bit happer place.

Requirements You will integrate technologies and services such as Javascript, Node.js, Firebase, Heroku, Google Analytics, and PayPal to deliver a web application that meets the needs of the teachers and students in Singapore. You will also implement a paid subscription service which will provide larger school systems with access to enterprise-level features. For added scope, if desired, the team will be able to extend the platform to provide any analytics to free and paying subscribers that would enhance the overall class delivery experience. The team also has the option of converting the resulting web application into a native Android or iPhone application using the Ionic framework.

Sponsor Contact Information Chris Boesch <cboesch@smu.edu.sg>

Codevantage.org - Change the World With Javascript

About Codevantage.org http://http://www.codevantage.org

Project Brief Do you want to change the world? Would you like to do it with Javascript? Then Codevantage.org could be the perfect project for you and your team. In early 2015, a small band of heroes at SMU embarked on the noble task of getting every pre-university student in Singapore to try coding. In just a few short weeks, the heroes developed the website Codevantage.org, created a Facebook page with tons of inspirational code-related content, and began signing up student ambassadors at every school. Now that the quest has begun, the heroes need your help to level-up. The vision for Codevantage.org is to create a portal and community that leverages the latest innovations in marketing, social science, economics, and cloud computing to ensure that every pre-university student in Singapore is able to spend 20-minutes writing a little code so that they can better understand this powerful magic that continues to influence more of Singaporeans’ daily lives and our collective future.

Requirements You will integrate technologies and services such as Javascript, Node.js, Firebase, Heroku, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, and PayPal to deliver a portal that meets the needs of the Codevantage.org Student Ambassadors from 29 JC’s and Polys in Singapore. You will also implement a paid subscription service which will allow local companies and government organizations to donate money to purchase paid advertisement to further accellerate Codevantage.org towards its mission. For added complexity, the team will be able to extend the platform to provide analytics to paying subscribers to show them how their monthly contributions are helping to raise awareness and drive growth in Singapore.

Sponsor Contact Information Chris Boesch <cboesch@smu.edu.sg>

Pigeonlab - Project Pigeon Analytics

About Pigeonlab PigeonLab is the team behind Pigeonhole Live (www.pigeonholelive.com), that’s radically changing the way Fortune 500 companies, organisations, and education institutions engage with their live audiences. Pigeonhole Live is a platform to facilitate important conversations that would bring new insights to our users.

Project Brief Project Pigeon Analytics seeks to build a scalable and robust backend to capture, store and analyse user interactions made on the web app. It will be used to drive the analytics graphic interface that will provide better understanding on user behaviour patterns on the application for the team to make better data-oriented decisions.

PigeonholeLive (https://pigeonholelive.com/) is an interactive Q&A Platform suitable for events, townhalls and conferences. Event attendees are able to use their mobile devices and respond to Q&A, polls or surveys that are created by the organisers.

We are company that provides software as a service and hence we need to logically validate our business assumptions through quantitative user behavioural data. User data allows us to create analytical graphical interfaces that helps us better understand user behaviour and allows us to make better data-oriented decisions and strategies.

Feature Requirements

1 Create an Application Programming Interface (API) system for tracking user feedbacks (E.g. clicks, views, etc...) User Story: Build a scalable and robust backend to capture, store and analyse user interactions on the app

2 Identify transaction points in the web app and implement API to collect data User Story: Work with the product team to efficiently use API to capture data

3 Create a suitable Database to store these analytical data User Story: Database must be able to handle large number of queries and suitable for huge amounts of reads

4 Create a graphical interface based on data collected from web app users User Story: Interface helps the company/product/design team to be able to make strategic decisions based on data

5 Create a graphical interface based on data collected from dashboard users User Story: Interface must be able to replace the current Insights with more functionalities

Skill-set Requirements 1 Able to work with node.js. For API and interface 2 Able to work with HTML and CSS 3 Design modern analytical interface 4 Familiar with Relational / Non-Relational DB

Sponsor Contact Information Peh Jun Hao, SIS alumni. Team Sageby PigeonLab <junhao@pigeonlab.com>

Lyon Lim, lyon@pigeonlab.com <lyon@pigeonlab.com> Pigeon Hole

SMU - Alexandra Health T-Lab

Alexandra Health Logo.jpg

Alexandra Health, together with the School of Information Systems (SIS) at the Singapore Management University (SMU) have established a partnership since May 2010 to work together to demonstrate fresh and better ways to serve and satisfy patients whenever they are interacting with the Alexandra Health system. Through this partnership, a joint mechanism known as the "T-Lab" has been established that enables students, staff and faculty of SMU's School of Information Systems (SIS) to team with professionals from Alexandra Health to work on a continuing series of projects to improve service delivery, quality, productivity and experience.

Project 1: Tele-Geriatrics Physical Assessment Tool – portable (web or mobile) application

A consultant at the hospital (on) site is able to instruct the off-site (nursing home, step down care hospital) to perform certain physical assessment exercises. This can be made available in a series of videos/instructional clips where by the nurse at the off-site is able to follow, instruct and assess the patient. Once the assessment is done, a simple scoring can be done and be printed out for a record of the session. Packaging of routines/assessments can be administered, Risks Assessments and Scoring can be made based on certain algorithmic modeling process which should be able to profile the patient.

Sponsor – Geriatrics Care Clinic in KTPH

Project 2: Therapy Buddy – portable (web or mobile) application


Self-help application to customize rehab programmes for patients and for patients to review how to correctly do their rehabilitation exercises. Rehab therapists should be able to track patients’ progress too.

More details about this project available on request - contact Lian Chee.

Sponsor – Rehabilitation Clinic in KTPH

Project 3: KTPH Psychological Medicine Clinic Patient Case Management System (Web and / or Mobile Application)


  • A Case Management System that consists primarily of the administering and management of the assessment forms to patients when they are due / present in the clinic for appointment. Technically, patients could even fill in their own assessment forms before they come into the clinics.
  • Facilitation of distribution of related, informative and helpful reading materials (links) to patients through the application
  • The ability to share the patients progress / condition with case stakeholder (parents, teachers, KTPH staff) in various methods, including interaction via dashboards/ interactive visualisations.

Sponsor – Psy Med Clinic (Dr Clarence Goh)

Project 4: KTPH Self-Management Application for tracking of Chronic Conditions: (Phase 2 - Mobile (IOS) Application)

  • Extension of work developed by team GrandFider which developed an Android application for the same purpose;
  • Enable the application to be able to automate the retrieval of parameter data from a selection of monitoring equipment – like blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters.
  • Analysis of user parameter data of information that has already been captured from Phase 1 project.

Sponsor – Renal Clinic - Dr Milind

How to sign up for a T-Lab Project

Come and talk to us if you are interested in working on a project aimed at adding value to the delivery of healthcare services.

You must get approval from T-Lab before you can sign up for the project

Contact Koh Lian Chee - lckoh@smu.edu.sg

  • Academic Modules pre-requisite
    • IS203 Software Engineering
    • IS301 Enterprise Integration

From Course Coordinator Please inform the course coordinator before confirming any projects with Alexandra Hospital.

IS480 Fiona/Benjamin - IS480 system III

This is an extension of the IS480 II done by 6Sigma and integrate with the IS480 scheduling system done by ThunderBolt.


Reuse work done by 6Sigma

  • Enhance the workflow for IS480 (mainly automate and validate the process)
    • CRUD students, teams, sponsors,projects, supervisors, reviewers, admin, coordinator (Reuse)
      • Provide a mechanism to upload SE grades and validate if student has passed SE or not (Secondary)
      • Allow students to upload self-proposed project proposal and automatically create project with 'self-proposed' status in the system if approved by admin (Secondary)
      • Link with Venture companies and mentors from IIE for self-proposed projects (Secondary)
    • Assignment and choosing: Student to team. (Reuse)
    • Approving projects, confirming matching projects, etc. (Reuse)
    • Managing project milestones (Reuse)
      • Allow admin to assign substitute reviewer/supervisor for a particular milestone
      • For each milestone, implement variable checklists (currently hard coded and not all elements are relevant to each milestone) (Secondary)
      • Provide sponsor a view of the team’s progress (Secondary)
    • Grading process (Reuse)
      • Allow admin to add grades on behalf of any supervisor or reviewer
      • Restrict reviewer grading depending on reviewer 1 or 2
      • Allow grading in the system for individual students (team scores + individual score modification) (Secondary)
      • Add peer evaluation component (or find a way to integrate with eLearn for that) (Secondary)
      • Export final grade to be submitted to RO (Secondary)
      • Allow grades to be normalized using various distributions (e.g. normal, log normal etc. etc.) (Secondary)
  • Analytics (reports and dashboard) (Secondary)
    • Which projects/sponsor are (not) popular to teams?
    • How are teams formed?
      • Understand how are teams formed by collect more information (e.g. ask students why they chose this team, use SE and other past grades, use skills etc. etc.)
      • Predict number of teams in next few terms using intended FYP term and actual number of teams in past terms
    • What technology are used? How to get help and measure competency (gamification with badge from MOOC)
      • Integrate with MOOCs and update 'Badges' on the system (see chrisboesch.com)
    • Learning analytics (real-time grading feedback to students and peers). Top 10-20%
      • Build a better similarity index
      • Sentiment analysis on grading comments for each component (allow students to understand general sentiment and content of feedback)
      • Grade prediction for teams using past data
  • Integrate to other systems
    • IS480 wiki and blue
      • Update landing page to have a dream viewer compatible editable page to integrate SMU Blue website
    • IS480 scheduling system (Secondary)
      • Recommend time slots to students based on their school schedule (integrate with eLearn)
      • Allow faculty to conduct meetings in the system (use scheduling system to schedule, allow meeting minutes and add private notes)
      • Allow milestone presentations, supervisor meetings and sponsor meeting to be scheduled in the system
      • Integrate with outlook/ical/google calendar to get calendar information to block out unavailable time slots
      • Remind faculty to block unavailable timeslots
    • SIS event management and web portal (Secondary)

Sponsor Contact Information More information will be provided to student teams who are interested in this project.
Contact: Benjamin Gan or Fiona Lee