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These are available projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the sponsor or sent to the course manager. Past Projects


StaffOnDemand - StaffOnDemand Mobile Application


About StaffOnDemand StaffOnDemand is the team behind revolutionising the way SMEs recruit. (www.staffondemand.sg), offering SME employers an enterprise, cloud-based platform to manage their recruitment process efficiently.

Project Brief The project scope is to build a native mobile application that essentially complements the existing features offered on the web application for existing jobseekers using StaffOnDemand. The application will be used to cater for jobseekers’ increasing propensity to rely on mobile to conduct their job search, and to reduce hiring cycle time further with the added convenience of proximitybased job applications.

The team will have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge recruitment technology, and develop a complementary solution for the users of StaffOnDemand. The team is encouraged to strive towards building a full-featured and user-friendly application that aids both jobseekers in the job matching and application process and to deliver a seamless user experience.

The team’s work will be utilised in live deployment and will be working closely with the development team to ensure a successful rollout of the application, which has the potential to change the way jobseekers source for jobs and greatly reduce the time required to make a successful hire, i.e. Get more people gainfully employed in the shortest possible time to meet the hiring demands of employers.

Target Audience: StaffOnDemand users (jobseekers)

Feature Requirements 1. Jobseeker log in 2. Tracking of past job applications and statuses 3. Social recruiting functionality 4. Account profile and settings 5. Resume manager and depository 6. Job Suggestion based on proximity [Geotagging App Feature] 7. Develop APIs for new functionalities 8. Utilizing phone contacts for sharing of job opportunities / suggestions Ability to push notifications 9. Utilizing Phone calendar to handle interview dates 10. 2-way messaging functionality


Sponsor Contact Information Jagdish Udeykumar Chandiramani, SIS alumni (jagdish@staffondemand.sg), Senior Software Developer, Christine Liu (christine@staffondemand.sg)

Bumbox Logistics - Modelling of Delivery Fleet

Objectives Bumbox Logistics would like to do route optimization for its delivery fleet. Develop a system that can model optimum routes based on the following variables:

  • Station locations (can be less dynamic, key in at configuration stage)
  • Pickup points (retailers / warehouse)
  • Parcel target locations (stations)
  • Fleet size
  • Fleet capacity (each van capacity)
  • Traffic data (secondary objective)

The system should be able to take in either a large set of real world sample data for the variables, or randomize variable input based on a smaller set of data or parameters. The output would be the optimum route to take to for each delivery vehicle such that all deliveries are fulfilled. The system should be able to also caclulate the fleet size and capacity per vehicle required (or will be the most optimum), as well as the time taken for each parcel for the given case. Generate statistical data of the prediction based on the sample or randomized input such as the average, longest time / distance for each parcel delivery.

Secondary Objectives Allow the system to model delivery in a way that use stations as distributed warehouses and evaluate its viability. If such a system is viable, a model to derive the most optimum routes + hops for each parcel can be developed. For example, a possible model would be to have larger vehicles plying longer routes between Bumbox stations only, while smaller vehicles would feed parcels from the pickup point to the nearest Bumbox Station. The parcels will wait for the main vehicles to move them along the main routes to the target delivery Station. In this way, each Bumbox Station acts as a temporary warehouse. If such a model is viable, a system to calculate the best major and minor routes for the delivery fleet to ply should be developed on top of the primary system.

Process Co-develop, Bumbox representatives as project manager. IP belongs to Bumbox. Base on Bumbox existing platform, has to be easily integrated with Bumbox backend and frontend components.

Deliverables Simulation software / code

Sponsor Contact Information Ronald Wong Longfa, Executive Director Email: Ron_Bumbox <ronald.wong@bumbox.com.sg>

Ngee Ann Poly SICT - Visually impaired transport planning iOS App


Project Brief The project at hand consists of two interrelated components: the pre-journey system to assist visually impaired in planning the public transportation (bus, mainly) and outdoor system to assist the users by providing with real-time location interests (road condition, next bus stop, etc) and transport vehicle information (eg. bus type, bus arrival time, etc). The aim of this project is to develop a new travel aid to increase the independent mobility of visually impaired and elderly commuters in Singapore.

Currently, we have an Android app in development. We are sourcing for a team of students to help us in the iOS app.

Project Scope

  • Preferred iOS background and development in Xcode Objective-C / Swift
  • Familiar with terminology such as XML/JSON, Async Task, Client-Server and threading
  • Project involves special UI/UX design and development for visually-impaired.
  • Understanding on Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographical Information System (GIS)

Sponsor Contact Information Andrew Tan | Lecturer | School of InfoComm Technology Email: andrewtan@np.edu.sg

Learnly - P2P Educational Marketplace (for Tutors & Classes)

About Learnly Learnly is a Singapore startup striving to be the leading educational developer in Asia. Learnly is changing the way which learners can find dedicated coaches. Our mission is in fulfilling everyone’s learning desires.

Project Brief Learnly is a P2P marketplace for learning subjects and skills. Learnly provides an avenue for individuals (academic tutors, lifestyle instructors) and businesses (centres, studios) to teach domain knowledge and lifestyle skills. Students can easily browse and find coaches that suit their learning requirements (reputation, budget, schedule and location). Learnly facilitates the booking of coaches and classes.

Project Scope The portal is to be responsive HTML5, adaptive for both desktop and mobile. Three sets of user views (coaches, learners, administrator) have to be catered for. Coaches: It should facilitate the registration of coaches via Social Media profiles and appropriate verification methods (certification uploads, email address restrictions). It should allow for coaches to list educational background, skills, and scheduled classes. There is a dashboard for coaches to oversee and be notified of bookings. Learners should be able to easily browse the catalogue of coaches and classes by categories and filters. Filter types include location, subject, class, price, educational background etc. Learners can register, book, pay and leave reviews for courses. Payment invoices have to be generated and sent to the learners. Administrator needs to be able to manage the approved users, listings. A dashboard will need to provide a clear overview of user, listing and booking statistics. There should be more than one administrator. Coaches have to be reviewed and approved by the administrator. Booking and invoicing (payments) management is needed. Bookings should be serialized and have invoicing generated with payments gateway integration. Bookings may also be reversed if needed. A ticket and redress process should also be developed for learners to obtain a refund of bookings. Realtime chat is needed between the Coaches, Learners and Administrator. We will suggest an appropriate SaSS API for this. We also welcome your proposal for additional features which will enhance the value of the platform. Learnly has an existing development platform and production Rails server for your usage. We will also provide for (approved) software and SaSS expenses involved in other development needs.


Sponsor Contact Information Joel Khoo. Learnly, Founder (joelkhoo@gmail.com) SMU economic and partner Desiree

GraphPaper - Maternity Tool Kit


Project Description From Pregnancy to the Playground

Proposed project: A web/mobile application to help parents to manage the process of maternity, from conceiving to after-birth support.

Target Audience: Tech-savvy new parents who needs help managing various aspects of pregnancy and child birth. Many parents these days track their ovulation patterns, gestation information and other information over time in more traditional methods like writing it on paper or jotting on their e-notebooks.

Hence, the team will create a web/mobile application to aid users in the process of conceiving and raising their children (prebirth-2 years old), to manage all the information from various sources, source for the best care, and make the whole process more enjoyable. Not only will it have more accurate and timely information for parents, it will aid them in their next planned birth in the future.

The web application will be powered by a technology framework that GraphPaper.co has developed. GraphPaper hosts a set of tools that helps developers construct modern, high quality, web applications. The framework itself has powerful capabilities that the team can leverage on to build their applications for the target market.

The team will design, implement, and test functions. These include suggested functions such as managing diets during pregnancy, baby names, where to find help, nutrients/supplements suggestions/vendors, measurement of the child's health data, resources about toys and children books etc. The team is free to research and brainstorm about what they think is most helpful for new parents in their development process.

What’s new, different and interesting:

The team will have the opportunity to work with the the latest and coolest web technology. In this project, they are encouraged to push the limits of web design, software architecture, and user experience. The team gets to solve some of the most stressful and challenging problem that every new parent will face. The success of this FYP will have the potential to positively impact the society.

We are committed to pushing the team’s work into live deployment.

Our previous FYP project is a great success, and it has been deployed on http://marry.sg Project Wiki page 2014-2015_Term_2#Marreo

Sponsor Contact Information Contact: Max XU MengXiang, Director of Technology, GraphPaper Pte Ltd, max@graphpaper.co

Koh Bus - Tour Guide for Driver

Project Description When we conduct a city tour on a coach, we use a human tour guide, I would like to replace the human tour guide with the use of GPS or Driver Voice Activated phone (or ipad / Tap ) application which upon triggered by location approximates or driver’s voice command – the App will automatically announces / introduces various scenic points, such as City Hall, Merlion, F1 Race Pit etc. through the hard wire or FM connection to the internal public announcement system.

This application will supplement the need for a human tour guide during the city tour. The application will enhance the tourist experience even without a human tour guide. Cost savings and efficient use of coach will be improved greatly.


Project 2: Meal Order App An app to consolidate the order from a company’s staff and place order with respective food stall hawker from a particular canteen or food court, the driver will collect the meal packed.

Current situation: Our client - Eastman Chemical, located in Jurong island, the company staff will place lunch order with HR staff via phone or email.

After payment for meal , from individual , is consolidated and orders are put in a list, it is passed to our driver ( the in house driver from Koh Bus ), driver will then travel to the canteen located in the island or to a food court at Boon Lay (Boon Lay – Every Friday only). The driver will based on the list and buy the meals accordingly. Some of the hawkers are able to take advance order by phone (called by Eastman HR) and get the food cooked/Packed before the collection.

Requirement: Lunch Order App.

An app ( Both IOS / Android ) containing existing participating food stall in two canteens ( 1st Jurong island , 2nd Boon Lay )

Food Order and deliver process

1. Order food via Phone App 2. Make Payment to a specific account on line (method of payment to be reviewed) 3. Respective food stall owners receive order and prepare the food before the time of collection. 4. Driver collected money from HR 5. Driver travel to the canteen and based on today order list and collect the food from respective stall owner. 6. Food is then delivered to company pantry before lunch time.

Delivery of this project :

Phase 1 : Eastman Staff is able to place order from the list of food from different food stall. The ordered food is consolidated in a list , air printed.

Phase 2 : Food Staff can received order via a phone App ( preferred) or SMS notification. Stating the order detail and collection timing.

Phase 3 - Individual is able to make payment via DBS paylah or internet transferred.

Phase 4 - The Hawker can received electronic payment, if possible.

Note: The team is expected to travel to Jurong island to understand the current practise The app should be scalable to allow additional of different canteens and for different companies

Sponsor Contact Information Name: Koh Edmund Designation: Manager Email: edmund@kohbus.sg

Thomas Menkhoff/Benjamin Gan - twitter Q&A

Project Description This project is a continuation of Chi-e project for our twitter Q & A

Chi-E has completed most of the features: Search tweet using stream API, polls with filtering, social maps, admin features, instructor features and many classroom tests to validate the requirements. The deployed version stand a good chance of being deployed on the cloud (Amazon E2) via CTE.

There are many features that could improve this version. Such as sentiment analysis, database search, admin logs, live polling updates.

Major part of this project is to analyse and improve on existing code and then build from there.

Sponsor Contact Information Thomas MENKHOFF <thomasm@smu.edu.sg> and Benjamin Gan. Chi-e member Sherman TAN Si Xian <sherman.tan.2011@sis.smu.edu.sg>

CustomerCareCentral - ICWMS

Project Context Integrated Customer Warranty Management Solution. The solution seeks to offer customers a central location to manage the warranty of products they own while providing easy access to information on location, contact information of the service centers as well as the capability to schedule services their products.

The solution will be built in two parts

  1. A warranty management app – loaded on the customers mobile phone
  2. A website that provides a search functionality by product and brand giving results of the various service centers by location

Project Description The solution will follow a Service Oriented Architecture delivered over the cloud preferably using Microsoft services (Azure). The solution will need to highly secure as it will be storing customer data. Front end will need to be built on HTML5 with a mobile viewing capability. Mobile apps will need to be made available on iOS as well as android.

Opportunity We are seeking a team that is keen to develop a product that has interest in developing a solution that can be deployed in the market and is keen to join the founding team.

Refer to detail for project function list

Sponsor Contact Information Krishna Kumar NALLUR <krishnan@smu.edu.sg>, CustomerCareCentral

ADSC – Photoworks

Phototworks: next-generation management of digital photo libraries

Project Context The affordability of digital photography nowadays allows us to capture and collect numerous images. As a result, our personal photolibraries become larger and larger, to the point where it is increasingly difficult to manage, browse and organize them.

Project Description Photoworks will be a system that attempts to address this problem. Apart from the typical attributes that are used in today’s photo-management suites (like location of photos, date/time etc.)

Photoworks will introduce many new interesting higher/level features such as:

  • Aesthetic appeal of photos
  • Facial expression of depicted people
  • Scene understanding (indoors/outdoors)
  • Near duplicate image detection
  • Single/group/close-up photos

Users will be able to browse their photos by semantic queries composed via GUI, such as: “Show me images of high aesthetic quality, depicting groups of people, taken outdoors, in the last 2 months”.

Many of these image processing modules will directly be provided by the sponsor, or will need to be ported from existing (Matlab) code.

Prerequisites: Some knowledge (or ability to work with) OpenCV (or emguCV) libraries, simple understanding of Matlab, database development, C/C++/C# knowledge.

The Advanced Digital Sciences Center (ADSC) is a center for research led by faculty of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Sponsor Contact Information SMU faculty liaison: CHEOK Lai-Tee <laiteecheok@smu.edu.sg>

DingGo – Deals a Ding away


Project Context DingGo is a mobile app that will solve one of the biggest problems faced by restaurants in modern cities today – the pain of having empty tables and seats during peak mealtimes such as lunch or dinner. Whenever necessary, restaurants can use DingGo to broadcast great flash offers and instantly attract nearby DingGo users to fill their empty seats. DingGo also solves the pain point of busy city people with dynamic schedules who can hardly plan ahead for their daily meals, allowing them to still find last-minute seats and enjoy great meal offers.

Project Description To develop a web-based application that assist DingGo merchants in visualising the distribution of potential consumers based on location, preferences and past deals trends. Students will work on the engine that processes recommendation based on user information and the display of recommendations to the merchants.

The platform will highlight the key indicators through real-time visualiation of charts and figures based on locations and forecast sales with reference to a deal.

Students will work alongside analysts to build a recommender engine based on various factors including user behaviours, demographics, usage trends and preferences, budget. The recommender engine will dictate if each user would receive a deal of a particular nature and classify how likely each consmer would want to purchase each deal.

Project Requirements

  1. Application must run on the web and compatiable for viewing on mobile tablets.
  2. Application should be highly usable to allow merchants in visualising the information and proceed to act based on the insight.
  3. (Optional) Background and experience in marketing and operational analytics preferred.

Sponsor Contact Information Client: Jeff Chin Email: jeffchin@dinggo.co

ClassMentors.com - Help make live classes more fun and efficient

About Classmentors http://www.classmentors.com

Project Brief Have you every been in a class that was moving too slowly or too quickly? Have you ever found yourself wandering off during a lecture and feeling the call of Facebook or your other class assignments? Classmentors was designed to address just this sort of problem. Our research shows that there is usually a high variability of skill level and interest in a class of students. Some students come to class already knowing the material and to others the material is brand new. Some students have gotten plenty of sleep and are excited about the subject of the day while others are hopeful that they will not doze off right in front of the professor. The goal of Classmentors is to make live classroom educational settings as personalized and adaptive as self-directed study sessions are. Classmentors is based on research done for techniques such as gamification and automated mentor assignment in blended learning environments. The goal of this project is to build a system that would enable all teachers in Singapore and potentially around the world to use techniques such as Automated Mentor Assignment to reduce the boredom and frusturation sometimes imposed by one size fits all lectures and to increase the social rewards and fun delivered via shared empathy, common objectives, and group play. If you've ever wanted a classes to be more enaging and fun, this could be your chance to make the world a little bit happer place.

Requirements You will integrate technologies and services such as Javascript, Node.js, Firebase, Heroku, Google Analytics, and PayPal to deliver a web application that meets the needs of the teachers and students in Singapore. You will also implement a paid subscription service which will provide larger school systems with access to enterprise-level features. For added scope, if desired, the team will be able to extend the platform to provide any analytics to free and paying subscribers that would enhance the overall class delivery experience. The team also has the option of converting the resulting web application into a native Android or iPhone application using the Ionic framework.

Sponsor Contact Information Chris Boesch <cboesch@smu.edu.sg>

Charlie Soh ‐ Credit Worthiness Apps


Project Brief There are 2 apps to be developed in this project. One app is to help an individual to assess their own credit worthiness and the other is for a company to assess their credit rating. These two apps are intended to form part of a comprehensive software tool for wealth management.

Scope of project Students are required to study and analyze both the qualitative and quantitative variables to determine the credit worthiness of an individual and a company. They will be guided on this, if required. A literature survey of available software & apps on financial health and credit worthiness is to be done. The student are encouraged to look for new information source to determine the credit worthiness variables based on data available in the social media using data analytics besides using statistical analysis norms. Some useful data sources are the bankruptcies database and the data base on liquidated companies to determine the adverse factors and variables useful in determining credit worthiness. The students are encouraged to look for new data sources to determine the credit worthiness variables based on data available in the social media using data analytics besides using statistical analysis norms.

Requirement The deployment platform is on IOS and android. The students must be familiar with database and web application development.

Sponsor Contact Information Please email to Mr. Charlie Soh at csohpp@gmail.com if you are keen to work on this project.

Clearvision Eye Clinic and LASIK Centre ‐ Clinic Appointment Scheduler


About Company Founded in 2001, Clearvision is one of the first private clinics to provide dedicated LASIK surgeries in Singapore. www.clearvision.com.sg

Project Brief To develop a mobile friendly appointment-­‐ booking system that is packed with marketing and analytics features, to be used by the clinic staff.


  • Able to support offline use, data will synchronize with server when network connection is active.
  • to support concurrent users from all the clinic branches.
  • Smart reminders System -­‐ To automatically send reminder to patients regarding their appointment via SMS and/or Email, patients will be able to reschedule/cancel the appointment by replying the SMS and/or Email.
  • Dynamic scheduling -­‐ To give suggestions which timing to book the appointment to minimize no show and cancellation as well as to increase efficiency.
  • Other common appointment booking features such as blocking of dates, handling of different type of appointments, reschedule, no double booking.
  • Appointment reports generation.

Sponsor Contact Information Anthony Sugiarto anthony@clearvision.com.sg, SIS Class 2013 SPECTACLES

SMU Secure Mobile Centre (SMC) - 2 projects


About SMU SMC http://sis.smu.edu.sg/secure-mobile-centre

Project 1: SIMTech and SMC – NFC Activated Mobile Password Manager

About SIMTech http://www.simtech.a-star.edu.sg Past IS480 project Invenio

Project Brief An emerging trend of ensuring high security on mobile applications such as mobile payments is to leverage on near field communication (NFC), which is widely available on most mobile phones and tablets. This project is to develop an NFC activated mobile password manager so that users can use NFC tags to activate their password managers on Android or iOS platforms; consequently, they do not need to remember any passwords for either login to any remote accounts with web browsers, or start of any apps which require passwords or PINs. The users’ credentials (user id, password, and account information) are stored securely on their mobile devices, and synchronized with a remote server across multiple devices, including new devices.

Users The users are any individuals using their smartphones to log into any online accounts (e.g., bank accounts, twitter accounts, paypal accounts) or start some apps on their smartphone which require user authentication. The users do not need to remember any passwords, but use NRF tags to perform all such logins.

A unique feature of this project is to use NFC tags to activate password managers so that users are relieved from remembering any passwords forever. Another unique feature is to seamlessly synchronize password managers across multiple devices leveraging NFC and client-server techniques.

Other features The design and implementation should avoid common pitfalls for password managers which have been identified in recent research.

Supports Strong technical support is provided by the sponsors and a team of research fellows/engineers at SMC. NFC related training is provided by SIMTech.

Sponsor Contact Information LI Yingjiu (yjli@smu.edu.sg), He Wei (whe@SIMTech.a-star.edu.sg), Yao Cheng (ycheng@smu.edu.sg)

Project 2: SMU SMC – Face Liveness Activated Fast ID Online Authenticator on Mobile Platforms

Project Brief The whole cyberspace is moving toward fast ID online (FIDO), which supports passwordless strong user authentication. Major IT and payment companies, including Google, ARM, Microsoft, Gemalto, NXP, Samsung, Blackberry, Alibaba, Lenovo, Qualcomm, RSA, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and many more, support shifting from the current password based authentication to FIDO compliant authentication in the near future. For example, Microsoft has just announced its support to FIDO authentication in Windows 10. Aligned with this trend, this project is to design and implement a FIDO compliant authenticator on both Android and iOS platforms. The FIDO authenticator interacts with a remote server using public key technology as given in the FIDO specifications. Meanwhile, the location authentication between a user and his/her FIDO authenticator is performed using FaceLive, a liveness enhanced face authentication scheme developed at SMC, SMU.

Users The users are any individuals using their smartphones to log in to future FIDO servers, which will be supported by many operating systems and web applications in the near future. In this case, the project team will develop a FIDO compliant system on both server side and client side, and test that common users can easily use the client-side authenticator to log into the server without using any passwords but their faces.

This is the first FIDO compliant authentication system in IS 480 project. The unique features of this project include using liveness detection for face authentication to thwart media based forgery attacks, and using elliptic curve digital signatures for remote authentication to thwart man-in-the-middle attacks and server compromise attacks.

The design and implementation follow the FIDO specifications strictly.

Supports Strong technical support is provided by the sponsors and a team of research fellows/engineers at SMC.

Sponsor Contact Information LI Yingjiu (yjli@smu.edu.sg), Li Yan (yanli@smu.edu.sg), Yao Cheng (ycheng@smu.edu.sg)

Codevantage.org - Change the World With Javascript

About Codevantage.org http://http://www.codevantage.org

Project Brief Do you want to change the world? Would you like to do it with Javascript? Then Codevantage.org could be the perfect project for you and your team. In early 2015, a small band of heroes at SMU embarked on the noble task of getting every pre-university student in Singapore to try coding. In just a few short weeks, the heroes developed the website Codevantage.org, created a Facebook page with tons of inspirational code-related content, and began signing up student ambassadors at every school. Now that the quest has begun, the heroes need your help to level-up. The vision for Codevantage.org is to create a portal and community that leverages the latest innovations in marketing, social science, economics, and cloud computing to ensure that every pre-university student in Singapore is able to spend 20-minutes writing a little code so that they can better understand this powerful magic that continues to influence more of Singaporeans’ daily lives and our collective future.

Requirements You will integrate technologies and services such as Javascript, Node.js, Firebase, Heroku, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, and PayPal to deliver a portal that meets the needs of the Codevantage.org Student Ambassadors from 29 JC’s and Polys in Singapore. You will also implement a paid subscription service which will allow local companies and government organizations to donate money to purchase paid advertisement to further accellerate Codevantage.org towards its mission. For added complexity, the team will be able to extend the platform to provide analytics to paying subscribers to show them how their monthly contributions are helping to raise awareness and drive growth in Singapore.

Sponsor Contact Information Chris Boesch <cboesch@smu.edu.sg>

NEC - Business Model Canvas & Solution Creation Portal

About NEC With our focus on Solutions for Society, NEC’s goal is to lead the advancement of the world‘s social infrastructure by leveraging ICT and new business models. Our Solutions for Society activities will become the pillars of NEC over the company’s next 100 years. Source: http://sg.nec.com/en_SG/global/about/corporate_profile.html Do you want to embark on a Final Year Project which allows you to develop a solution for a famous multinational corporation and at the same time to stand a chance to win monetary award and internship opportunity? Now here is a perfect opportunity for you and your team to embark on.

Project 1: NEC Business Model Canvas Web Application


This proposed project allows you and your team to devise a solution to facilitate interdepartmental business model idea creation work-related activities. The solution should cover the various tasks such as the creation of business model canvas, allow versioning and tracking of each created model, allow respective project members to receive timely notifications and to facilitate project members’ inputs and communication.

The solution should facilitate the collaboration between departmental, regional and country staff and to support their joint efforts in generating business model ideas. Further, the intended solution should comprise of a method to allow users to make references to similar business model. The team is allowed and highly encouraged to value add to their proposed solution; other possible areas of extension to this project includes project management tool. The intended end users for the devised solution will be NEC staff.

Features / Function List To develop a responsive Business Model Canvas web application to facilitate the following requirements:

  • Web responsive,
  • Creation of business model canvas,
  • Front-end editing,
  • Content versioning, tracking of changes for created model/business idea,
  • Other features include notifications, announcements or updates broadcasting, feedback and evaluation.
  • Administration of security rights for each type of users and adjustable access rights for each system functionality.

Technical Requirements: Developers are expected to be familiar with database, web application development and coupled with system testing skills.

Reference: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/10/Business_Model_Canvas.png

Similar Business Models “Bait & Hook” refers to a business model pattern characterized by an attractive, inexpensive, or free initial offer that encourages continuing future purchase of related services or products. This pattern is also known as the “razor & blades” or “loss leader” model.

Project 2: NEC Solution Creation Portal

Brief Requirements: This proposed project allows you and your team to create an online community where users can submit various articles or reports such as research analysis and studies, market feasibility assessment, technical experiments and among others. The intended solution design should enable the facilitation of sharing ongoing activities be it project trial efforts or customer explorations. Further, it should allow versioning and tracking of peer reviews, allow users to vote on them and leave comments. Subsequently, timely notifications should prompt the respective users.

Ultimately to facilitate the department’s daily work activities. The solution will serve as a platform for members to contribute effectively to the respective areas of interests and allowing them to be aware of progress of the various customer engagements and activities within their department and their counterparties – other NEC entities residing in other countries.

The team is allowed and highly encouraged to value add to their proposed solution; other possible areas of extension to this project includes analytics and reporting. The intended end users for the devised solution will be NEC staff.

Features / Function List: To develop a responsive web application to facilitate interdepartmental activities and with the following requirements:

  • Web responsive,
  • Content Creation and file sharing; front-end editing and easy import of common file types i.e. word, pdf, power point, excel and picture formats (jpeg, png)
  • Collaborative group dashboards,
  • Content versioning, tracking of changes for created for each document or activity,
  • Workspaces (team, department and project based)
  • Utilization tracking and optimization with dynamic charts and calendar
  • Other features include notifications, announcements or updates broadcasting, feedback and evaluation via email or SMS or other modes such as WhatsApp.
  • Administration of security rights for each type of users and adjustable access rights for each system functionality.
  • Optional additional features include analytics and reporting, email Integration, RSS feeds.

Technical Requirements: Developers are expected to be familiar with database, web application development and coupled with system testing skills.


Sponsor Contact Information Clinston Tan, Solutions Engineer, +65 81021320, clinston_tan@nec.com.sg (SMU SIS Alumni)

SOZOCO - DIY nail polish kit smartphone app


About SIMTech SOZOCO, a startup that aims to disrupt the US$55 billion color cosmetics industry by using science and technology to build the tools that allow consumers to bespoke color cosmetics on demand.

Project Brief The challenge is that color cosmetics today are not fully catered to the end consumer as the products that are placed on retailers shelves are decided by mainly merchandising spreadsheets and numbers rather than on what the user really wants. The range of possible colors in nail polish are virtually unlimited but unfortunately retailer shelf spaces are not. We seek to solve this problem by leveraging on the maker culture and focus on creating a smart DIY nail polish kit that allows users to customize and create their very own bespoke nail polish easily.

Features The aim of the project would be to build a smartphone app that serves as a smart digital recipe book for concocting any nail polish color. Users will be able to:

  1. Use their smartphone to take a picture of an object, select colors off it (similar to the Adobe Kuler app), and get the exact formulation to replicate the same color using the smart DIY nail polish kit. If the user would like to lighten or darken it by a shade or two before getting the exact formulation, they can do so by simply editing the colors like how text colors are edited on PowerPoint or Photoshop.
  2. Use the app to take a picture of their fashion outfit and receive suggestions on what is the best colors for their cosmetics to match their fashion choices; and receive the formulation for them to DIY it through the kit itself, or go ahead to make a purchase of the most similar cosmetic product right through the app itself.
  3. Use the app as a storage repository of all their favorite color schemes and designs.
  4. Use the app to connect and interact with other users to keep the app sticky.

It would also be very useful if we had a back end system for capturing, tracking, and analyzing user interactions as well.

Requirements Interaction design and prototyping (Teams are encourage to do this project in their IDP before going into IS480) and object oriented application development.

Sponsor Contact Information Daryl Chew <daryl@sozoco.co> co-founder of SOZOCO JJ Wong <jj@sozoco.co> co-founder

SIMTech - NFC-Based Collection & Delivery System on Android


About SIMTech http://www.simtech.a-star.edu.sg Past IS480 project. Invenio

Project Brief This proposed project is to investigate, design and develop the Collection & Delivery System based on mobile technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC)/QR enabled Android Platform. The system is to facilitate companies especially courier and logistic SME companies to automate the services and do away with the manual system for the purpose of improving the accuracy of records and managing time and resource well. The APPs in mobile phone help drivers to collect and deliver items (identified by NFC or QR) to customer on-time and capture real-time information. The administrator is able to allocate tasks to drivers, track and receive updates from driver’s daily activities in real time. Appropriate security mechanisms may be enforced to protect NFC tags, NFC-communications, smartphone apps, app-server communications, and server operations.

Participants are expected to design, develop and test software systems that can demonstrate capabilities. Training will be provided.

Features The details of the project will be discussed with interested participants.

Requirements Object Oriented Programming, with experience in Android development and/or iOS preferred. Developers are expected to be familiar ( or to be able to quickly learn ) with database and web application development.

Sponsor Contact Information He Wei (whe@SIMTech.a-star.edu.sg) LI Yingjiu <yjli@smu.edu.sg>

Pigeonlab - Project Pigeon Analytics

About Pigeonlab PigeonLab is the team behind Pigeonhole Live (www.pigeonholelive.com), that’s radically changing the way Fortune 500 companies, organisations, and education institutions engage with their live audiences. Pigeonhole Live is a platform to facilitate important conversations that would bring new insights to our users.

Project Brief Project Pigeon Analytics seeks to build a scalable and robust backend to capture, store and analyse user interactions made on the web app. It will be used to drive the analytics graphic interface that will provide better understanding on user behaviour patterns on the application for the team to make better data-oriented decisions.

PigeonholeLive (https://pigeonholelive.com/) is an interactive Q&A Platform suitable for events, townhalls and conferences. Event attendees are able to use their mobile devices and respond to Q&A, polls or surveys that are created by the organisers.

We are company that provides software as a service and hence we need to logically validate our business assumptions through quantitative user behavioural data. User data allows us to create analytical graphical interfaces that helps us better understand user behaviour and allows us to make better data-oriented decisions and strategies.

Feature Requirements

1 Create an Application Programming Interface (API) system for tracking user feedbacks (E.g. clicks, views, etc...) User Story: Build a scalable and robust backend to capture, store and analyse user interactions on the app

2 Identify transaction points in the web app and implement API to collect data User Story: Work with the product team to efficiently use API to capture data

3 Create a suitable Database to store these analytical data User Story: Database must be able to handle large number of queries and suitable for huge amounts of reads

4 Create a graphical interface based on data collected from web app users User Story: Interface helps the company/product/design team to be able to make strategic decisions based on data

5 Create a graphical interface based on data collected from dashboard users User Story: Interface must be able to replace the current Insights with more functionalities

Skill-set Requirements 1 Able to work with node.js. For API and interface 2 Able to work with HTML and CSS 3 Design modern analytical interface 4 Familiar with Relational / Non-Relational DB

Sponsor Contact Information Peh Jun Hao, SIS alumni. Team Sageby PigeonLab <junhao@pigeonlab.com>

Lyon Lim, lyon@pigeonlab.com <lyon@pigeonlab.com> Pigeon Hole

SMU - SMU tBank


Trade Finance - Project Description:

Develop a Trade Finance application and integrate it into the existing SMU tBank architecture. This application will be a self-service channel for “corporate customers” (students) to implement a number of financial instruments related to international trade, such as; Letter of Credit, Bill of Exchange, Bill of Lading, Bank Guarantee, Documentary Collection, Open Account, Export Factoring. Another deliverable will be an end-to-end trade simulator that can be used in the classroom to illustrate the movement of goods and trade documents across the relevant parties, eg; Importer, Exporter, Freight Forwarder, Issuing Bank, Advising Bank.

The solution will include a web application / portal for customers to implement all of the above financial instruments, plus a dashboard to provide the customer with an overall view of trade status (imports and exports). Optionally, the solution may include a mobile app to facilitate business exception handling. The core functionality shall be developed and exposed as reusable services using TIBCO BusinessWorks.

The trade simulator that executes the end-to-end trade workflow need not have a user interface. It may be coded from scratch, or it may be developed using TIBCO iProcess or equivalent business process execution engine.

“The mission of SMU tBank is to become a world class ‘teaching bank’, generating an on-going supply of undergrad and postgrad student projects whereby classroom learning outcomes can be put into practice, leveraging industry leading banking software and enterprise platforms.”

Sponsor SMU-tBank Contact:

Research Statement

SMU - Alexandra Health T-Lab

Alexandra Health Logo.jpg

Alexandra Health, together with the School of Information Systems (SIS) at the Singapore Management University (SMU) have established a partnership since May 2010 to work together to demonstrate fresh and better ways to serve and satisfy patients whenever they are interacting with the Alexandra Health system. Through this partnership, a joint mechanism known as the "T-Lab" has been established that enables students, staff and faculty of SMU's School of Information Systems (SIS) to team with professionals from Alexandra Health to work on a continuing series of projects to improve service delivery, quality, productivity and experience.

Project 1: Tele-Geriatrics Physical Assessment Tool – portable (web or mobile) application

A consultant at the hospital (on) site is able to instruct the off-site (nursing home, step down care hospital) to perform certain physical assessment exercises. This can be made available in a series of videos/instructional clips where by the nurse at the off-site is able to follow, instruct and assess the patient. Once the assessment is done, a simple scoring can be done and be printed out for a record of the session. Packaging of routines/assessments can be administered, Risks Assessments and Scoring can be made based on certain algorithmic modeling process which should be able to profile the patient.

Sponsor – Geriatrics Care Clinic in KTPH

Project 2: Therapy Buddy – portable (web or mobile) application

Self-help application to customize rehab programmes for patients and for patients to review how to correctly do their rehabilitation exercises. Rehab therapists should be able to track patients’ progress too.

More details about this project available on request - contact Lian Chee.

Sponsor – Rehabilitation Clinic in KTPH

Project 3: KTPH Psychological Medicine Clinic Patient Case Management System (Web Application)

  • A Case Management System that consists primarily of the administering and management of the assessment forms to patients when they are due / present in the clinic for appointment. Technically, patients could even fill in their own assessment forms before they come into the clinics.
  • Facilitation of distribution of related, informative and helpful reading materials (links) to patients through the application
  • The ability to share the patients progress / condition with case stakeholder (parents, teachers, KTPH staff) in various methods, including interaction via dashboards/ interactive visualisations.

Sponsor – Psy Med Clinic (Dr Clarence Goh)

Project 4: KTPH Self-Management Application for tracking of Chronic Conditions: (Phase 2 - Mobile (IOS) Application)

  • Extension of work developed by team GrandFider which developed an Android application for the same purpose;
  • Enable the application to be able to automate the retrieval of parameter data from a selection of monitoring equipment – like blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters.
  • Analysis of user parameter data of information that has already been captured from Phase 1 project.

Sponsor – Renal Clinic - Dr Milind

Come and talk to us if you are interested in working on a project aimed at adding value to the delivery of healthcare services.

Contact Koh Lian Chee - lckoh@smu.edu.sg

  • Academic Modules pre-requisite
    • IS203 Software Engineering
    • IS301 Enterprise Integration

From Course Coordinator Please inform the course coordinator before confirming any projects with Alexandra Hospital.

Apps Authority - WeShake:Social Shopping App


Infuse elements of games, social and shopping onto an App

The Challenge Perishable goods are disposed or wasted when not consumed. We allow SME retailers to publish mobile app push notification (in multimedia advertisement or coupons) from their mobile phone (Back end office) to Consumers who has down loaded WeShake App. Its like Uber for the matching food industry to consumers.

Consumers upon receiving the multi media advertisement or coupons can go to the retailer to redeem the discounted perishable goods. Thereby a win-win between retailers and consumers.

To inflict social stickiness, a WhatsApp chat feature shall be included.

Project Scope To develop a HTML5 mobile web, iPhone and Android back office app and consumer app.

The HTML5 mobile web, iPhone and Android back office app shall register and provision the retailers. Each registered and paying retailer shall be given multi media advertisement coupons credits. The retailer back office app is able to view concentrations of consumer users and its able to trigger a push multi media advertisement coupons to a targeted consumer group. The parameters include location, demography and preference of Perishable goods. The back office shall include a PayPal payment gateway to top up the coupon credits.

The HTML5 mobile web, iPhone and Android consumer app when shaken shall trickle down multi media advertisement coupons to showcase the nearby deals or free items. Consumer can set their profile with photo and preference for the type of Perishable goods. Consumer can also trigger the chat or Share facilities to interact or socially Share the multi media advertisement coupons via WeChat, Facebook, Email etc

An Invitation to Make a Difference: The is the next Uber in matching food industry to consumers. Join now before we go IPO. We shall impart business and technical deep skills in this program.

The Platform AppWiz helps retailers create e-commerce in 15 minutes. Think of AppWiz as Shopify on steroid with the ability to create online commerce, retail mobile apps and social media marketing simultaneously. This cloud based software creates, integrates and synchronizes e-commerce websites, retail mobile apps, social media and email marketing. AppWiz is engineered to help retailers maximize their e-commerce potential.

Sponsor Contact Information Founder and CEO kenny.goh@apps-authority.com. Email: kenny.goh@apps-authority.com Website: http://www.apps-authority.com Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rQuktgLgE0

Prior to AppWiz, Kenny was Asia GM and Regional Director of Oracle and Microsoft respectively. In his corporate capacity, Kenny has extensive business experience working in USA, China, Korea Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Kenny is an alumni National University of Singapore, Australia Curtin University, PPL Youth Flying Club and PSA power boat.

Harmony Trainer - Learn and Practice Singing Harmony


The Challenge

Many people love to sing, and although it is fun to sing solo, it often even more fun to sing as a group. But for many people, it is difficult to pick out and learn the harmony and backing vocal parts for songs. We have met many parents, friends, and siblings in Singapore who would love to be able to sing harmony, but aren't sure where to begin. We've also worked with multiple musical directors in Singapore who work with large groups of performs and never have enough time to practice individual parts with different groups. Our mission is to create an application that makes learning to sing harmony and backup vocals as easy as it is to learn to sing melody. Along the way, we'd also like to create an application that choir directors and other musical directors could use to help their members to better prepare and to improve the effectiveness of live group rehearsals.

Project Scope To develop web application and a mobile HTML5 and/or iPhone application.

The mobile HTML5 and/or iPhone application will enable users to select songs to learn and practice. We will provide MP3 audio tracks containing all the combined parts of each song, tracks containing just the harmony part(s), tracks containing everything but the harmony part(s), and tracks containing a harmony part in the right speaker and the rest of the parts in the left speaker. The web API will provide a way for users to upgrade to paid service tiers using PayPal. The paid service tiers of the application will enable choir and other musical directors to create password protected groups for users to join and ways to assign different vocal parts for members of the group to practice. There will also be recommended content for families consisting of 2, 3, and 4 members to learn to sing together.

The Platform

If an iPhone application is developed, it should be designed to be deployed to the iOS Appstore. The API, Mobile web GUI, and all content can be hosted from the Amazon, Google, Heroku, or Firebase web platforms.

Sponsor Contact Information

  1. Clients: Shannon and Christian Boesch
  2. Email: scboesch@gmail.com
  3. Website: http://www.waypastcurfew.com
  4. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7UZXgP_88jCygBurZnKF1g

Christian launched a funded Kickstarter project in 2013 to help teach kids in Singapore to learn to program. He shot and directed the short film "The Spy Who Coded" in and around Marina Bay which was incorporated into an online game. Christian loves music and has written three mini-musicals. Christian plays the piano, drums, guitar, and accordion. Christian also enjoys making and editing movies in iMovie and composing new music in Garageband.

Shannon is the lead singer for Way Past Curfew. She likes all types of dance and has studied Ballet, Broadway, Hip-Hop, and Jazz. Shannon was cast as an elf and penguin in the Base Entertainment production of Santa Claus the Musical which played at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Theater in 2012. Shannon played the lead role in the mini-musical “When You're Here” which was performed in several venues in Singapore during 2010, and she played the lead in “Buy One Give One”, which had its debut in December 2011.

We hope that you can join us to make it easier for people in Singapore and around the world to sing together in perfect harmony.

SMU Library - BYOD Library Tour Project


Project Context

The aim of this project is to explore the use of Augmented Reality (AR) or Indoor Positioning (IPS) within the confines of the Libraries as new avenues for engaging and interacting with users. The project proposes to complement and enrich our current library tours with the use of AR / IP technologies. Reasons for working on a library tour are multi-fold: Firstly, from past library matriculation exercises, we observe that users prefer to use their own devices in their interactions with the library. With a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) tour, users can enjoy the familiarity of using their own device while exploring a new environment. Secondly, if the pilot is successful, future library tours can become entirely or partially self-guided. This saves staff resources taken up for conducting tours for large groups. Thirdly, students may appreciate the self-directed approach, leading to a higher active participation in a tour. The activity also establishes the Libraries as having both a physical and a digital presence.

Project Requirement

  1. The application must run on mobile devices (smartphones and tablet devices).
  2. The application should introduce places of interest within the Libraries, as defined by administrators, by displaying images with audio, or playing back video when the user approaches the marked area.
  3. The application should allow browsing of all areas using a list or a map.
  4. (Optional) The underlying system should allow administrators to add new maps and mark out new points of interest.
  5. (Optional) The underlying system should guide the user in navigating from one point to another, via pre-defined pathways, or otherwise.
  6. (Optional) The application should incorporate social media functions, e.g. uploading of photos or locations with comments to social media networks.

Sponsor Contact Information More information here.
Contact: XIA Wei and SUN Shengbo <sbsun@smu.edu.sg>

Integral Design - Mobile Herbidex


Problem Over the past few years, the global market of Traditional Medicine (TM) has been expanding as people have started to explore alternative medicines and have shown an inclination towards more natural remedies. At present, it is very difficult for people who are new to TM to search for information online. Because it is not well regulated, information is dispersed and is either too generic or requires a certain degree of experience in TM for them to make sense of what is presented. Another problem that arises is that there are too many brands and TM clinics in the market, and without any proper indicators consumers are unable to determine which are the more effective brands and trusted expertise. As such, we have come up with a solution, Herbidex.

Herbidex is a website that serves to aggregate information regarding TM herbs and products, and to advocate trusted and recommended TM clinics as well as to provide personalised health advice to each individual user. Information on the site is constantly being updated and validated by industrial professionals and we track and analyse consumer feedback and reviews to ensure that recommendations on the site are unbiased and backed with real experiences.

Herbidex also seeks to bring value to other stakeholders in the industry such as researchers, manufacturers and merchants. It can be used to share about the latest developments in TM, and act as a platform that bridges the gap between TM businesses and consumers.

Project Description In addition to the website, we are looking to create a mobile application that will complement Herbidex. Below are some of the main requirements that we are looking to develop for the application. Business Requirements (Main functionalities):

  1. Users can use their mobile phone to take a photo of any TM product label and the application can recognise the product and give a list of information:
    • Similar brands and related products
    • Health benefits and active ingredients of the products
    • Product Reviews by other users
    • List of stores that carry the product (Should be able to use geolocation to find the nearest store to your current location)
  2. Users can write and submit their own review and contribute to our database:
    • Picture of product
    • Review of product
    • Tag the location of where they bought the product
  3. Incentive system to track user activity and reward users who review products
  4. Application should be able to draw information from the Herbidex website as well as update the website database.
  5. Able to have limited functionality offline

Sponsor Contact Information More information here.
Contact: Jonathan Pang, SIS graduate

IS480 Fiona/Benjamin - IS480 system III

This is an extension of the IS480 II done by 6Sigma and integrate with the IS480 scheduling system done by ThunderBolt.


Reuse work done by 6Sigma

  • Enhance the workflow for IS480 (mainly automate and validate the process)
    • CRUD students, teams, sponsors,projects, supervisors, reviewers, admin, coordinator (Reuse)
      • Provide a mechanism to upload SE grades and validate if student has passed SE or not (Secondary)
      • Allow students to upload self-proposed project proposal and automatically create project with 'self-proposed' status in the system if approved by admin (Secondary)
      • Link with Venture companies and mentors from IIE for self-proposed projects (Secondary)
    • Assignment and choosing: Student to team. (Reuse)
    • Approving projects, confirming matching projects, etc. (Reuse)
    • Managing project milestones (Reuse)
      • Allow admin to assign substitute reviewer/supervisor for a particular milestone
      • For each milestone, implement variable checklists (currently hard coded and not all elements are relevant to each milestone) (Secondary)
      • Provide sponsor a view of the team’s progress (Secondary)
    • Grading process (Reuse)
      • Allow admin to add grades on behalf of any supervisor or reviewer
      • Restrict reviewer grading depending on reviewer 1 or 2
      • Allow grading in the system for individual students (team scores + individual score modification) (Secondary)
      • Add peer evaluation component (or find a way to integrate with eLearn for that) (Secondary)
      • Export final grade to be submitted to RO (Secondary)
      • Allow grades to be normalized using various distributions (e.g. normal, log normal etc. etc.) (Secondary)
  • Analytics (reports and dashboard) (Secondary)
    • Which projects/sponsor are (not) popular to teams?
    • How are teams formed?
      • Understand how are teams formed by collect more information (e.g. ask students why they chose this team, use SE and other past grades, use skills etc. etc.)
      • Predict number of teams in next few terms using intended FYP term and actual number of teams in past terms
    • What technology are used? How to get help and measure competency (gamification with badge from MOOC)
      • Integrate with MOOCs and update 'Badges' on the system (see chrisboesch.com)
    • Learning analytics (real-time grading feedback to students and peers). Top 10-20%
      • Build a better similarity index
      • Sentiment analysis on grading comments for each component (allow students to understand general sentiment and content of feedback)
      • Grade prediction for teams using past data
  • Integrate to other systems
    • IS480 wiki and blue
      • Update landing page to have a dream viewer compatible editable page to integrate SMU Blue website
    • IS480 scheduling system (Secondary)
      • Recommend time slots to students based on their school schedule (integrate with eLearn)
      • Allow faculty to conduct meetings in the system (use scheduling system to schedule, allow meeting minutes and add private notes)
      • Allow milestone presentations, supervisor meetings and sponsor meeting to be scheduled in the system
      • Integrate with outlook/ical/google calendar to get calendar information to block out unavailable time slots
      • Remind faculty to block unavailable timeslots
    • SIS event management and web portal (Secondary)

Sponsor Contact Information More information will be provided to student teams who are interested in this project.
Contact: Benjamin Gan or Fiona Lee

BP - Hyperlapse visualisation of global shipping traffic

Felis took this project. Please refer to their work in their wiki.

Project Brief

The oceans of the world are busier than you think! This project will challenge your technical and graphic design skills to come up with a hyperlapse visualisation of global shipping traffic using data taken from BP's inhouse database of vessel coordinates. Static pacific vessels.jpg Control panel.png


  • Create a stand-alone application to produce visualisations of shipping traffic on a world map. The sample image and control panel is merely a suggestion
  • Allow multiple acceleration rates, 2500x, 5000x, 10000x. At 10K speed, the complete vessel data set from 2010 would generate a four-hour animation
  • Allow skipping backwards and forwards via a control panel
  • Generate vessel trails showing velocity
  • Different vessel classes should be shown in different colours. The basic vessel classes of interest, in order of size from largest to smallest, are: "ULCC", "VLCC", "Suezmax", "Aframax", "Panamax", "MR", and "Handy"
  • The application will use its own database, this can be any technology you wish. Provide a tool to allow us to add extra data to the database
  • The basic vessel data provided will be: timestamp, vessel ID, latitude, longitude, speed, vessel class

X Factor Typical visualisations of global commerce patterns are land-based. This sea-based visualisation presents a new perspective on macroeconomic cycles and may show surprising patterns.

NOTE: The inspiration for this project comes from a hyperlapse visualisation of conference-goers attending a three day conference in Germany. The time-compressed perspective offers insights on participation that may not have been obvious from watching in normal-time. http://apps.opendatacity.de/relog

There is an existing shipping animation at http://flowingdata.com/2012/04/12/a-century-of-ocean-shipping-animated/ showing a non-interactive visualisation.

Sponsor Contact Information Peter Morrison, peter.morrison@se1.bp.com

SingHealth Polyclinics – SingHealth First Shots


Giving babies the best shots in life

The Challenge: SingHealth Polyclinics (SHP), a leader in family medicine, provides seamless, patient-centred and preventive healthcare that is affordable and accessible to all. One key area of community health promotion is that of childhood immunisation. Childhood immunisation is important as it gives a good head start in life and the best protection against vaccine-preventable diseases for all children. By ensuring that children get their immunisation on schedule, it not only protects the children against serious diseases which can have lifelong complications and consequences on the family, it also reduces the risk of person-to-person infections. The ultimate aim would be to increase the quality of life of the community and save lives. The challenge has always been to ensure timely immunisation of children and also in educating the public about the vaccinations and its importance.

Scope of the Project To develop a user-friendly Android smart phone application where care-givers can obtain necessary information on childhood immunizations e.g. types of vaccinations and its purposes, vaccinations schedule, cost of vaccinations, FAQ, post vaccination advice etc. Other possible features could also include scheduling of vaccination appointment, appointment reminder, viewing of immunisation records for the child and games to amuse the child during the vaccination.

An Invitation to Make a Difference: Do you have an interest in playing a key role in improving the community’s quality of life, saving lives and also supporting parents in ensuring timely immunisation of their children? If so, do join us on this meaningful project to make a difference.

Sponsor Contact Information Nurse Manager Chau Man Kam Email: chau.man.kam@singhealth.com.sg

SMU Mindfulness Initiative – ReFokus Meditation App


About SMU Mindfulness Initiative The vision of the SMU Mindfulness Initiative is to make a positive impact on individuals, organizations and society by conducting research, education, and outreach on mindfulness. The initiative brings together various members of the SMU community (faculty, staff, and students) as well as others passionate about studying, teaching, and practicing mindfulness. The initiative engages in activities such as conducting basic and applied research on mindfulness and mindfulness interventions in business and society, developing courses / modules on mindfulness and offering ideas on integrating mindfulness into other course, and providing evidence-based mindfulness courses to organizations on topics such as mindful leadership, among others.

Project Background Of late, there has been a lot of interest in the concept of mindfulness and how it can improve well-being and productivity. One way to cultivate mindfulness is through the practice of meditation. Although there is evidence that meditation can reduce stress and depression, much more research is needed—especially research that looks at the effects of meditation in everyday contexts (at home, work, and elsewhere).

The Mindfulness Initiative, in collaboration with LiveLabs, has been developing a smartphone app (ReFokus). ReFokus will introduce users to various guided meditation exercises. A novel part of the app is that it doubles as a research assessment tool. Users would be alerted to complete short surveys at various moments through their day. This data would be presented as feedback to the users and help us evaluate whether these exercises really help to improve well-being.

Project Requirements We are seeking a team of students who a familiar with coding apps in Android (familiarity with iOS would be a plus). Work has already begun on the ReFokus app. There is also a web-based platform for researchers to design survey questions. We would like the team to further develop key components of the app. Specifically, the app must be able to display the survey questions from the web-based platform, collect and store the data on a server, and later retrieve these data to display feedback (e.g., graphs, statistics) to the user. Other components include a timer for meditation sessions, and scheduling function to control when users are prompted to complete survey questions.

Sponsor Contact Information Assistant Professor Will Tov (williamtov@smu.edu.sg) and Associate Professor Jochen Reb (jreb@smu.edu.sg)



Lefty Group - FrontRunner

About FrontRunner

Singapore is well-positioned to be the premier financial hub for Asia but we can still find market inefficiencies in our stock market for a developed country. FrontRunner is here to improve the efficiency of our financial market by delivering accurate information, news and insight at lightning speed to the investors and traders powered by our high performance algorithms. Thereby, creating a more level playing field for all the market participants. FrontRunner is one of the Top 3 finalists representing Singapore to participate in the Regional Finals for the SEAMAC Asia Pacific Mobile App Challenge 2014.

Project Brief

Frontrunner is a web-based application which serves as a "Must-have" investing tool for every investor and trader. The users are able to

  1. Receive pre-alerts for news and events from our Smart Calendars
  2. View curated information solving the problem of information overload
  3. Use our stock screening functions for instant analysis to streamline the whole decision-making process
  4. Exchange trade ideas on a platform that promotes transparency, accountability and integrity.

Skill-set Requirements.

  1. Develop a web-data mining application to collect data from the internet sources.
  2. Work in a team to develop a front-end UI for a social platform. We will be working on web platforms such as Angular.JS, Bootstrap, Node.JS.
  3. Use BigData technologies to develop back-end data analysing system which would expect to process a deluge of real-time data stream. The team would have the chance to work with new technologies, e.g. Hadoop
  4. Set up data warehouse for web application. The team will be using one of the new cloud services, e.g. IBM BlueMix, SoftLayer, AWS, Microsoft Azure.

Feature Requirements.

  1. Have strong passion to learn new technologies and dare to apply them.
  2. Prefer to have web-development experience but not compulsory.
  3. Prefer to have experience with Angular.JS, Node.JS but not compulsory.
  4. Know how to write well-organized code and be able to use one of the following languages: C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python.


The team will have the opportunity to learn the dynamics of the stock market from the founders and how to build tools for our users as well as for yourselves to make better investing decisions. Visit our existing website (www.robbiehood.com) to find out more. We are also looking for our first two pioneer developers to join our core founding team. Please contact Deric Yeak if you have strong interests in the stock market.

Sponsor Contact Information

Deric Yeak (deric@leftygroup.com), www.leftygroup.com. Via Derek Lee, SIS alumni, derek.lee.2009@sis.smu.edu.sg

Hashmeta - Instagram Influencer & Analysis tool


About Hashmeta

Hashmeta is a social media marketing company that helps clients generate leads and convert sales. In that respect, Hashmeta is currently developing social media software and platforms to help in effectively finding/targeting leads and nudging more of them down the sales funnel.

In line with Hashmeta's culture, we are looking for teams who are interested in the process of driving sales of products (ranging from clothings and food to professional services and courses) and building brands using Social Media.

Project Background

The projects listed will aim to utilize Instagram for marketing. This will require heavy use and understanding of Instagram and its API on the students' part. Currently with 200 million active users, Instagram presents a big opportunity that brands can't afford to ignore. To fulfill the demand for Instagram campaigns, Hashmeta needs many pieces in place, two of which are:

1) Finding the right influencers 2) Self and Competitor analysis

Project 1 - Instagram Influencer directory

Influencers are people who have lots of followings on the Social Media Platforms (Instagram in the context of this project). Their influence can be in many different domains, like food, photography, visual art, dances etc. The key to executing a successful influencer campaign is to match the right influencers to the the theme and purpose of the campaign.

The proposed platform for this project aims to "profile" relevant Instagram users such as their level of influence, domain of influence, age group and country of influence etc and present the data and analysis in an informative way for brands to select their influencers.

Project Exercises - Research into Instagram API: what can and can't be done. - Planning of Data collection: what are the relevant data and how to collect them (mining or attract influencers to participate?) - Data Analysis: Use the data collected to profile the influencer - Presentation: Present the data and analysis in informative ways, e.g. in graphs - Search and Filter: Provide meaningful searching and filtering system to find the best matching influencers based on certain criterias

Project 2 - Instagram account analysis tool

To effectively run marketing campaigns, it is crucial for brands to understand who are their audiences. Translating to the Instagram context, brands need to know who are the people on their Instagram accounts e.g. where are they from? what are their age group? what do they talk about most often? what type of posts are they more reactive to etc.

Besides looking at themselves, brands and businesses will also have be in the know of how their competitors are utilizing Instagram. Information like the competitors' top engaging posts, how often they post, who they interact with are valuable knowledge.

The proposed tool does 2 things:

1) Allows an Instagram admin to grant access to the their Instagram account data and automatically generate and download an analysis report of his/her Instagram account.

2) Allows retrieval of public information of any Instagram account and presenting them in an analytic way as described above.

Project Exercises

- Research into Instagram API: what can and can't be done. - Tool Activation: Instagram login, access granting - Data Retrieval: Data retrieval from given accounts - Data Analysis: Use the data retrieved to generate useful intel on the accounts - Report generation: generate a pdf report on the data and analysis. Can be real time, can be emailed after set interval.

Sponsor Contact Information Sek Boon <sekboon@hashmeta.com> & terrence ngu <terrence@hashmeta.com, Hashmeta

Japher Lim - Robotic toys of popular characters

Project cancelled

Project Description

We want to create toys that incorporate educational value in a non-intrusive, friendly manner, with the help of characters that we all love. I am looking for a team of dedicated programmers to work on the firmware and also create apps on the android/ios/windows platform to control the robots.

Requirement Programmers to develop an application to communicate with a (modular) raspberry pi robot. The application should be able to recognize the robot components on connecting with it. The application should be able to send and receive information from the robot.

Sponsor Contact Information Japher Lim <japher_lim@yahoo.com.sg> (via Pamela Lim <pamelaliusm@gmail.com>)

Francesco Biondelli ITSEA Consulting - Winery App

Winery App The purpose is to leverage on the widespread use of mobile devices and social networks in order to:

  • develop awareness of the Biondelli brand;
  • support loyalty to the brand;
  • acquire information on consumers of Biondelli;
  • enable an implicit anti-counterfeit system.
  1. The user should be able to install the App (which will display the Biondelli logo) by scanning with his/her smartphone a digital code placed on the bottle
  2. Once the App has been installed, it should greet the user with a simple personalized message while sending to a data storing system the relevant information on the client (age, sex, nationality, location, etc.) which may be obtained through the connection to social networks
  3. The App should then ask the user to express his/her opinion about Biondelli by clicking on a thumbs-up or thumbs-down choice.
    • In case the thumbs-up option is selected, the App will ask the consumer to express his comments on Biondelli’s blog and Facebook page, whilst giving the user the possibility to do the same on his/her personal pages on social networks.
    • In case the thumbs-down option is selected, the App will ask the consumer to express his comments which will be directed to the costumer service.
  4. The App should then invite the user to share his experience with Biondelli by taking a picture of him/her and his/her friends while drinking Biondelli wine and then automatically upload such picture on the Biondelli’s blog and Facebook page, whilst giving the user the possibility to do the same on his/her personal pages on social networks

In order to promote the use of the App, a prize (which may consist of a box of Biondelli wine) could be awarded or on a random basis or on the basis of the best picture uploaded or according to both criteria.

  • Each time a new bottle is opened and a digital code is scanned the user may have a new chance to win the price.

The App could also send news from Biondelli such as recently awarded prices or information on the last vintage or on the availability of wine and ask users to leave a comment

OLD Project: Cancelled - Concept for a Financial Planning Platform

  • The project concerns the development of a SaaS platform (the “Platform”) to support and improve the financial planning activity for corporate clients based in Singapore.
  • In particular the Platform should serve for managing bank loans and the exposure to foreign currencies exchange risk.
  • In order to be implemented such system requires the development of a software for financial applications, of a website to work as the interface with the final user and of an App for mobile accessibility.
  • The software should be relatively flexible as to give the opportunity to include the specific technicalities which may be considered in the different bank financing and hedging contracts as well as to be capable of managing actual and forecast data.
  • The software will also need to work with both data provided by the clients (such as the specific terms of contracts and accounting data) as well as with information provided by external sources (such as interest rate curves and exchange rate current market values).
  • It should also be able to run sensitivity analysis on the future evolutions of current positions as well as simulations on potentially new contracts (both in terms of bank financing and interest and foreign exchange rate hedging products) and on new positions in foreign currencies.
  • The website and the App, on the other hand, should appear clear and straightforward with a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • The Platform should also provide the possibility to export data on MS Excel spreadsheets, which may be integrated in the specific financial models used by the client’s organization, and on PDF files.
  • This service will support companies in managing their ongoing bank financing and related interest rate hedging contracts and to run sensitivity analysis and simulations involving their financial positions.
  • The software, besides displaying actual and forecast data concerning each existing financing and interest rate hedging contract, should also enable the client to run sensitivity analysis based on the projections of interest rate curves and changes in the schedule of drawdowns and reimbursements as well as simulations on new credit lines and hedging contracts.
  • The web interface should display (potentially on only one page) each bank financing contact held by the client and the related interest rate hedging contract (such as Caps, Collars, Interest Rate Swaps, etc.), if existing.
  • For each financing contract the Platform should highlight the most relevant information such as
    • the related bank, the base interest rate and the spread margin;
    • the actual and the forecast data (in terms of drawdowns, reimbursements, interest costs, etc.);
    • the data referred to the related interest rate hedging contract (if existing).
  • It should also be possible to partially or fully aggregate such data in one unique stream in order to obtain a partial or full financial position of the company with regard to the past periods, the present situation and the future evolutions concerning bank financing.

Foreign Currencies and related Hedging Contracts 1

  • This service will support companies in managing their exposure to foreign currencies and hedging contracts on foreign currency exchange risk.
  • The web interface should display (potentially on only one page) each amount of cash, credit or debt (both commercial and/or financial), which the company holds in different foreign currencies and the related current market exchange rate.
  • Each position in foreign currencies should be considered at an aggregated level (obtained by adding all cash credits and debts owned in the foreign currency) according to a specific planning horizon (3, 6, 9 and 12 months).
  • The objective is to represent the net exposure on each currencies with different time frames according to the specific requirements of the client.
  • The web interface should also include target exchange rates set by the client for the conversion of its cash positions held in foreign currencies as well as the main terms of the hedging contracts (such as Futures, Forwards, Cross Currency Swaps, Currency Options, etc.) entered by the client to manage its exposure on foreign currencies.
  • The software should provide the possibility to run sensitivity analysis concerning the projections of foreign currencies exchange rates as well as simulations on potentially new positions (cash, credits or debts) held in foreign currencies.
  • The following example (simulating the potential exposure on foreign currencies of a company based in Singapore and using future contracts currently offered by the Singapore Exchange to hedge currency risk) provides a simplified version of how the final output and interface should appear.

Details Contact Francesco Biondelli Email address: fgbiondelli@gmail.com Skype: francescobiondelli

Accenture Digital - Museum Visitor System

About Accenture Digital

Accenture Digital helps our clients harness social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies to enable interactions with digital customers, channels and markets that create new value and galvanize higher performance across the entire organisation.

Project Brief

Accenture Digital is looking for participants to be involved in an upcoming innovation initiative with a local arts institution. There are two objectives in this initiative:

  1. To design and deliver a superior visitor experience, using emerging technologies that are available in the market
  2. To improve and optimize museum operations through application of visitor analytics.

Participants will be expected to design, develop and test software systems that can demonstrate capabilities fulfilling both objectives.


The details of the project will be discussed with interested participants.


The capability will be developed on the following technologies and tools:

  • Object Oriented Programming, with experience in native iOS and/or Android development
  • Developers are expected to be comfortable coding with different sensor APIs e.g. motion detection, location, Bluetooth beacon, camera
  • Parse.com or an equivalent mobile Backend-as-a-Service
  • Developers are expected to be familiar ( or to be able to quickly learn ) with REST or SOAP APIs as well as JSON formats

Knowledge and understanding of game design principles is an advantage. Knowledge of visualization and web front end development principles is desirable.

Contact For more information, please contact Joshua (joshua.san@accenture.com) or Vivek (v.misra@accenture.com).

GFA - Web-based Platform for GFA


About GFA

  • What is GFA?

Green Freight Asia (GFA) is incorporated in Singapore as “Green Freight Asia Network Ltd” by Singapore Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (“ACRA”) as a non-profit organization.

  • Who represents GFA?

Green Freight Asia is a member driven organization, mainly of manufacturers and logistics companies. The founding members of GFA are DHL, UPS, HP, Lenovo, and IKEA.

  • What are GFA’s key objectives?

GFA wants to help lower fuel consumption across Asia-Pacific sourced road freight movements, reduce CO2e emissions from these movements and lower shipping costs across the entire supply chain.

  • Which role does GFA play?
    1. Create a Green Freight Label certification and renewal process
    2. Facilitate awareness building, education and best practice exchange for companies to achieve the Green Freight Label certification
    3. Align with other green freight programs and national initiatives to harmonise and avoid overlaps and collaborate with other region and global environmental NGOs
    4. Grow participation of the private sector and usage of Green Freight Label

About the Project

  • Business challenge:

GFA does not yet have a data collection and verification process in place, nor an IT application to collect, aggregate and more importantly analyze and visualize data that are provided by companies across the Asia Pacific region.

  • The objective of the project would be as follows:
    1. Designing a data collection and management process
      • Complication:
        • number of countries in the region (language, readiness)
        • different parties deliver different data sets (manufacturer, trucking company, logistics service provider)
        • sensitivity of data
    2. Designing an IT application to
      • collect data from manufacturers, trucking companies, logistics service providers
      • validate collected data (e.g. data type checks, presence check, range check, limit check, etc.)
      • calculate the Green Leaf status of each data provider
      • visualize the Green Leaf distribution, evolution, etc pp (e.g. world map)
      • what-if to allow user to build scenarios like ‘litres of Diesel saved if x% more companies are Green leaf certified, etc.
      • provide other reporting and forecasting features
    3. Creating a promotional video that can be used to promote the application (e.g. ease-of-use, analytical capabilities, etc.) and the team that has developed it

Green Freight Asia is looking for an entrepreneurial team which is willing to challenge the sponsor. Creativity, out-of-the box thinking, and experimenting new technologies are appreciated.


Sponsor Contact Information
Stephan Schablinski (DHL DSC) stephan.schablinski@greenfreightasia.org

CapitalMalls Asia - Tracking of moving objects using multi-camera views

Project Cancelled

About CMA

CapitaMalls Asia Limited is one of the largest listed shopping mall developers, owners and managers in Asia by total property value of assets and geographic reach

Project Brief

CMA buildings are implemented with IP cameras. The online views & videos generated by these IP Cameras can be used as a process of information extraction for various analyses.

  • This project require a method for tracking objects in a network of views equipped with multiple IP Cameras
  • It’s proven in a single camera mode to identify an object, classify the object and follow it across the video sequence.
  • Leveraging on the single camera approach, this project require associating the identified object in a single camera across multiple cameras and generate a tracking map on the object movement.
  • There are different object tracking methodologies available in the market eg., silhouette tracking, point tracking, kernel tracking which requires a review.
  • This phase of the project is focused on Vehicle movement in Car Parks.

Technology requirements

  • Teams are welcome to explore and propose suitable software and hardware to achieve this project requirement
  • Teams are welcome to leverage other available sensors like car sensor in car park lots, IU reader etc., for accurate object identification and tracking

Sponsor Contact Information

Edwin Poh, Head, BP & IT, CMA Email : edwin.poh@capitaland.com

Vijay Amirthraj. J, Snr Manager, BP & IT, CMA Email : vijay.amirthraj@capitaland.com


Standard Chartered Bank - iLab@SMU


Standard Chartered Bank

iLab@SMU is a collaborative partnership setup in 2006 by Standard Chartered Bank and SMU to create a hotbed for business, technology and financial innovations that will be rolled out across the Bank's network in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, while delivering on the Bank's commitment and belief in talent development. The collaboration creates opportunities for students to experience the corporate environment as they work on projects to solve real-life business problems with the Bank.

iLab@SMU has sponsored close to fifty IS480 projects since its inception in 2006 and had generously recognized and rewarded excellent performance from IS480 teams and individuals that delivered exceptional results in their projects.

Got ideas? Talk to us about it!

Come to us if you want to explore project possibilities. A number of iLAB projects have been initiated by YOUR ideas, and then refined through interaction with SCB professionals.

Requirements for ALL iLab@SMU projects :

  • Passion and Willingness to explore boundaries of innovations
    • New tools, Development environment
  • Academic Modules pre-requisite
    • IS203 Software Engineering
    • IS301 Enterprise Integration

Contact: Koh Lian Chee - lckoh@smu.edu.sg / ilab@smu.edu.sg

Drop an email to me to arrange a time with our staff to find out more about the Standard Chartered Bank @ iLab!

From Course Coordinator Please inform the course coordinator before confirming any projects with iLab.