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These are available projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the sponsor or sent to the course manager. Some projects provide awards. Past Projects

Salesforce - Trunk Club & Data Monetization


Project 1: Trunk Club (Asia Edition)

The client is looking to set-up an e-commerce website selling clothes, accessories, and other fashion items that women or men will need. To separate themselves from the trove of online blogshops, and online shopping websites (like Zalora, ASOS and many others), the client is looking to provide an additional service known as "Your Own Personal Online Stylist".

The idea is for potential members to the website to sign up for their service and after answering several questionnaires, they will be tied to a personal stylist within the client's stylist team. This stylist will connect with the member through their social profile and send them clothes or fashionable items available on their website on a weekly, bi-weekly, basis that the member is comfortable with.

The entire business from managing the members, managing the e-commerce website, managing the stylists, managing the inventory, managing the online payment, managing social media, and managing all methods of delivering the content will be handled on a single platform known as Salesforce.

Refer to these videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjFgnDRy6AE

Project 2: Project Data Monetization

Parties Involved: Salesforce Client - known as "Client" Salesforce Client's Customer - known as "Customer"

Salesforce's client is in the business of monetizing data for their customers. Big data as a term is mentioned a lot in this day and age. Everyone has a different interpretation of what it means and what it should be used for. For the Client, it means that there is a large amount of data out there regarding about consumers that large corporations want to know about.

For example, if BMW, the main company, launched a new BMW convertible that is aimed at working class men in their 30s, they would want to know how they can best reach these particular group of consumer group that they are targeting. The Client works together with BMW directly to identify who and where their target audience is at and helps them to directly advertise to them.

The Client is able to do that through two main lines of business:

First, they are able to collect information and data of consumers based on their habits of surfing the internet such as which websites they visit, what time they visit them, where they are when they visit websites, roughly what age they are, and what do they do on each website. With this information that they collect, they use an internal algorithm to collate the data together and package it for selling.

Second, they then work with the advertising channels such as Google Ads to sell these data to corporations who want to target such individuals.

The Client needs Salesforce to manage the entire business from the time when information is gathered on the websites, to it coming into the company, and then it being packaged and sold to the corporations for their advertising. There are needs as well to provide reports back to the corporations on the effectiveness of their advertisements with the data bought from the Salesforce client.

In summary, we will need to propose to the client on helping them in the following areas: 1. Managing the data gathering process from obtaining the data about consumers online surfing behaviour and collating it into a single platform 2. Manage the data consolidation and packaging process from the time the data is collect and package for selling 3. Manage the data selling process from the time the data is placed on Advertising Marketplaces such as Google Adwords 4. Manage the actual sales of the data and reporting the sales numbers back to the Client 5. Manage the impact of the advertising effect on consumers and sharing that information with the Customer such as BMW

Sponsor Contact Information Kenneth Ho <kenneth.ho@salesforce.com>

GTL - Web-based Application for Optimal Container Selection and Consolidation



Sponsor Contact Information TAN Kar Way <kwtan@smu.edu.sg> Pang Jin Tan (DHL SG) <PangJin.Tan@dhl.com>

Hashmeta - Instagram Influencer & Analysis tool

About Hashmeta

Hashmeta is a social media marketing company that helps clients generate leads and convert sales. In that respect, Hashmeta is currently developing social media software and platforms to help in effectively finding/targeting leads and nudging more of them down the sales funnel.

In line with Hashmeta's culture, we are looking for teams who are interested in the process of driving sales of products (ranging from clothings and food to professional services and courses) and building brands using Social Media.

Project Background

The projects listed will aim to utilize Instagram for marketing. This will require heavy use and understanding of Instagram and its API on the students' part. Currently with 200 million active users, Instagram presents a big opportunity that brands can't afford to ignore. To fulfill the demand for Instagram campaigns, Hashmeta needs many pieces in place, two of which are:

1) Finding the right influencers 2) Self and Competitor analysis

Project 1 - Instagram Influencer directory

Influencers are people who have lots of followings on the Social Media Platforms (Instagram in the context of this project). Their influence can be in many different domains, like food, photography, visual art, dances etc. The key to executing a successful influencer campaign is to match the right influencers to the the theme and purpose of the campaign.

The proposed platform for this project aims to "profile" relevant Instagram users such as their level of influence, domain of influence, age group and country of influence etc and present the data and analysis in an informative way for brands to select their influencers.

Project Exercises - Research into Instagram API: what can and can't be done. - Planning of Data collection: what are the relevant data and how to collect them (mining or attract influencers to participate?) - Data Analysis: Use the data collected to profile the influencer - Presentation: Present the data and analysis in informative ways, e.g. in graphs - Search and Filter: Provide meaningful searching and filtering system to find the best matching influencers based on certain criterias

Project 2 - Instagram account analysis tool

To effectively run marketing campaigns, it is crucial for brands to understand who are their audiences. Translating to the Instagram context, brands need to know who are the people on their Instagram accounts e.g. where are they from? what are their age group? what do they talk about most often? what type of posts are they more reactive to etc.

Besides looking at themselves, brands and businesses will also have be in the know of how their competitors are utilizing Instagram. Information like the competitors' top engaging posts, how often they post, who they interact with are valuable knowledge.

The proposed tool does 2 things:

1) Allows an Instagram admin to grant access to the their Instagram account data and automatically generate and download an analysis report of his/her Instagram account.

2) Allows retrieval of public information of any Instagram account and presenting them in an analytic way as described above.

Project Exercises

- Research into Instagram API: what can and can't be done. - Tool Activation: Instagram login, access granting - Data Retrieval: Data retrieval from given accounts - Data Analysis: Use the data retrieved to generate useful intel on the accounts - Report generation: generate a pdf report on the data and analysis. Can be real time, can be emailed after set interval.

Sponsor Contact Information Sek Boon <sekboon@hashmeta.com> & terrence ngu <terrence@hashmeta.com, Hashmeta

Japher Lim - Robotic toys of popular characters.

Project Description

We want to create toys that incorporate educational value in a non-intrusive, friendly manner, with the help of characters that we all love. I am looking for a team of dedicated programmers to work on the firmware and also create apps on the android/ios/windows platform to control the robots.

Requirement Programmers to develop an application to communicate with a (modular) raspberry pi robot. The application should be able to recognize the robot components on connecting with it. The application should be able to send and receive information from the robot.

Sponsor Contact Information Japher Lim <japher_lim@yahoo.com.sg> (via Pamela Lim <pamelaliusm@gmail.com>)

CloudMakerLab Pte Ltd - Mummyapp


About CloudMakerLab Pte Ltd

A boutique, agile, and people-driven development studio. We build digital products, create bespoke solutions and brands for forward companies. We create experiences for people.

About MummyApp

Mummyapp aims to help mothers document their motherhood journey and building a local community of mums and marketplace to share their experiences and buy/sell items. Simple put, we are building a social commerce app for mothers. We are a team of awesome developers behind this, inspired by mothers from all over the world. Mother’s job is never done and we aims to make their job a little easier.

Project Background

Every mothers will go through this stage of life where they will learn about motherhood and most of the time , they would will either ask google or seeks the elderly, friends for answers. We want to make it easier for them by building a local community of mothers, to share their experience and ask questions when in doubts.

  • Ask questions and get parenting advice in real-time from your local moms

More mothers are taking the role of a working moms, and more often we see that mothers would get carried away with work that they would missed out on their child’s growing up. A infant today , looked different from yesterday and many of us do not realized that infants grow up so quickly. So we want to be the one to constantly reminds mothers and help them document their child’s growing up. Like a child journal.

  • Documenting your child’s stories

Kids grow up very fast , and things that you bought when he or she was an a new born will no longer be usable as they grows and we want to create this marketplace for mothers to exchange items, sell or buy items, encouraging mothers to share, reuse resources.

  • Marketplace

Project Requirements

To build the marketplace for android , iOS and Web. Using the M.E.E.N stack. Mongodb , Ember.js , Express.js and Node.js with Cordova.

Features Mummyapp - Allow mothers to post items or buy items via mobile app or web app. - Allow any users to view the marketplace from web app. - Allow any users to purchase items from marketplace. - Allow any users to do online payment. - Allow any users to add items to chart. - Allow sharing of items on major social media platforms

Mummyapp retailer estore [webapp] - Allow retailer to setup estore selling their products in mummyapp - Allow retailer to track their sales - Allow retailer to manage their inventory - Allow mummyapp to earn % of transaction fees

Trainings will be provided for developers give an introduction on M.E.E.N stack.

Sponsor Contact Information Bryanmaguire Chia <bryan@mummyapp.com>, SIS alum

BP - Hyperlapse visualisation of global shipping traffic


Project Brief

The oceans of the world are busier than you think! This project will challenge your technical and graphic design skills to come up with a hyperlapse visualisation of global shipping traffic using data taken from BP's inhouse database of vessel coordinates. Static pacific vessels.jpg Control panel.png


  • Create a stand-alone application to produce visualisations of shipping traffic on a world map. The sample image and control panel is merely a suggestion
  • Allow multiple acceleration rates, 2500x, 5000x, 10000x. At 10K speed, the complete vessel data set from 2010 would generate a four-hour animation
  • Allow skipping backwards and forwards via a control panel
  • Generate vessel trails showing velocity
  • Different vessel classes should be shown in different colours. The basic vessel classes of interest, in order of size from largest to smallest, are: "ULCC", "VLCC", "Suezmax", "Aframax", "Panamax", "MR", and "Handy"
  • The application will use its own database, this can be any technology you wish. Provide a tool to allow us to add extra data to the database
  • The basic vessel data provided will be: timestamp, vessel ID, latitude, longitude, speed, vessel class

X Factor Typical visualisations of global commerce patterns are land-based. This sea-based visualisation presents a new perspective on macroeconomic cycles and may show surprising patterns.

NOTE: The inspiration for this project comes from a hyperlapse visualisation of conference-goers attending a three day conference in Germany. The time-compressed perspective offers insights on participation that may not have been obvious from watching in normal-time. http://apps.opendatacity.de/relog

There is an existing shipping animation at http://flowingdata.com/2012/04/12/a-century-of-ocean-shipping-animated/ showing a non-interactive visualisation.

Sponsor Contact Information Peter Morrison, peter.morrison@se1.bp.com, and Charlene Khoo, charlene.khoo@se1.bp.com.

SMU – SIS Admissions Interviews Scheduling System


Purpose To create a system for Admissions Interviews Scheduling

Users SIS Dean’s Office (DO), Faculty and Instructors, and maybe Read-Only Access for Office of Undergraduate Admissions (OUA)

Brief Scope Outline:

  • DO to update all Faculty/Instructors in the systems, and for each year, identify who will be activated (because some may be excused due to Maternity Leave, workload too heavy, etc).
  • Faculty/Instructors can key in the dates/timings that they are NOT available (eg. for exams, enrichment courses, classes, overseas trip, etc). Also to allow the selection of preferred timings.
  • DO to be able to indicate & update the number of slots each Faculty/Instructors needs to take on (maybe a field to include remarks like, 1 slot cancel due to helping out at Open House, etc), who are the LEAD interviewers, who to give Saturday slots, which dates don’t need to schedule interviews (due to holidays, OUA staff not around, not needed, etc).
  • System to generate schedule based on the info input. DO to make changes (swapping Faculty/Instructors – with pop-up error message if there is a clash with their unavailable dates/timings) if necessary before confirming the final schedule.
  • System to allow Faculty/Instructors to check the final schedule.
  • System to allow Faculty/Instructors to swap among themselves (lead with lead, non-lead with non-lead, with permissions/approval. Allow the setting of deadline by DO for Faculty/Instructors to make changes online, for example, last min changes should have a pop up error message to direct them to DO. Only DO has the access to update the last minute changes, since we will need to inform OUA.)
  • DO to have access to update any cancellations. Support auto-email or notification to Faculty/Instructors for cancellations.
  • DO to be able to upload Interview Summaries for the next day interviews and auto-email will be sent to Faculty/Instructors to remind them of the interview the next day and the link to download the Interview Summaries.
  • To be able to churn out reports (in pdf and excel) – Final Schedule, Number of slots done by faculty/instructors (after taking cancellations into consideration).

Sponsor SMU-SIS Contact:

  • [mailto: sophiaheng@smu.edu.sg Sophia HENG Xiao Ting]

Francesco Biondelli ITSEA Consulting - SaaS Platform for Financial Planning

Concept for a Financial Planning Platform

  • The project concerns the development of a SaaS platform (the “Platform”) to support and improve the financial planning activity for corporate clients based in Singapore.
  • In particular the Platform should serve for managing bank loans and the exposure to foreign currencies exchange risk.
  • In order to be implemented such system requires the development of a software for financial applications, of a website to work as the interface with the final user and of an App for mobile accessibility.
  • The software should be relatively flexible as to give the opportunity to include the specific technicalities which may be considered in the different bank financing and hedging contracts as well as to be capable of managing actual and forecast data.
  • The software will also need to work with both data provided by the clients (such as the specific terms of contracts and accounting data) as well as with information provided by external sources (such as interest rate curves and exchange rate current market values).
  • It should also be able to run sensitivity analysis on the future evolutions of current positions as well as simulations on potentially new contracts (both in terms of bank financing and interest and foreign exchange rate hedging products) and on new positions in foreign currencies.
  • The website and the App, on the other hand, should appear clear and straightforward with a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • The Platform should also provide the possibility to export data on MS Excel spreadsheets, which may be integrated in the specific financial models used by the client’s organization, and on PDF files.
  • This service will support companies in managing their ongoing bank financing and related interest rate hedging contracts and to run sensitivity analysis and simulations involving their financial positions.
  • The software, besides displaying actual and forecast data concerning each existing financing and interest rate hedging contract, should also enable the client to run sensitivity analysis based on the projections of interest rate curves and changes in the schedule of drawdowns and reimbursements as well as simulations on new credit lines and hedging contracts.
  • The web interface should display (potentially on only one page) each bank financing contact held by the client and the related interest rate hedging contract (such as Caps, Collars, Interest Rate Swaps, etc.), if existing.
  • For each financing contract the Platform should highlight the most relevant information such as
    • the related bank, the base interest rate and the spread margin;
    • the actual and the forecast data (in terms of drawdowns, reimbursements, interest costs, etc.);
    • the data referred to the related interest rate hedging contract (if existing).
  • It should also be possible to partially or fully aggregate such data in one unique stream in order to obtain a partial or full financial position of the company with regard to the past periods, the present situation and the future evolutions concerning bank financing.

Foreign Currencies and related Hedging Contracts 1

  • This service will support companies in managing their exposure to foreign currencies and hedging contracts on foreign currency exchange risk.
  • The web interface should display (potentially on only one page) each amount of cash, credit or debt (both commercial and/or financial), which the company holds in different foreign currencies and the related current market exchange rate.
  • Each position in foreign currencies should be considered at an aggregated level (obtained by adding all cash credits and debts owned in the foreign currency) according to a specific planning horizon (3, 6, 9 and 12 months).
  • The objective is to represent the net exposure on each currencies with different time frames according to the specific requirements of the client.
  • The web interface should also include target exchange rates set by the client for the conversion of its cash positions held in foreign currencies as well as the main terms of the hedging contracts (such as Futures, Forwards, Cross Currency Swaps, Currency Options, etc.) entered by the client to manage its exposure on foreign currencies.
  • The software should provide the possibility to run sensitivity analysis concerning the projections of foreign currencies exchange rates as well as simulations on potentially new positions (cash, credits or debts) held in foreign currencies.
  • The following example (simulating the potential exposure on foreign currencies of a company based in Singapore and using future contracts currently offered by the Singapore Exchange to hedge currency risk) provides a simplified version of how the final output and interface should appear.

Details Contact Francesco Biondelli

Email address: fgbiondelli@gmail.com

Skype: francescobiondelli

TWC2 - Case Management System


About TWC2 There are nearly one million low-wage migrant workers in Singapore. They make up about 20 percent of the total population and are mostly employed in construction, shipyards, sanitation services, manufacturing and domestic work. Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) is dedicated to assisting these low-wage migrant workers when they are in difficulty. Migrant workers on Work Permits contribute immensely to Singapore society and our economy, yet they often suffer unconscionable exploitation.

Project Description Continue this project from Res Novae

Contact Pat Meyer <casehelp3@twc2.org.sg>

IDA Government Digital Service - A/B Testing and Analytics


Whole-Of-Government A/B Testing Common Platform

To build a common platform for government agencies to conduct A/B (or Multivariate) Testing to test out the best design/message/implementations that can better engage the citizens. The system functions to facilitate, track and analyse a randomised controlled experiment which could involve different email, website, mobile application variants. From such experiment, government can get important feedback on preferences from the citizens.

Whole-Of-Government Digital Service Analytics System

To build a central monitoring system to monitor the performance and usability issues of the government mobile applications. The idea is to be able to keep track of the usage and performance of government applications even after they were launched.

Project Info

Both project require technical understanding and implementations of User Experience Design, Analytics, Data Visualisation etc. The product outcome will be used by the government agencies to implement citizen-centric digital services. My colleagues are preparing the necessary project description/specifications.

We do not need the students to sign NDA but we will need the IP right so that government can use/distribute as and when needed.

Eyung Lim <lim_eyung@ida.gov.sg>
Shanshan LU <LU_Shanshan@ida.gov.sg>

IDA Code for Charity - Various


IDA Code for Charity

Code for Charity is an initiative that aims to showcase that technology can be used to solve real problems that ultimately benefit the society. IDA's Inaugural Code for Charity Kick-Starts in All Five Polytechnics Coding for a good cause


List of Code for Charity Projects. Please note that all projects require sufficient scope for a University project. You can contact the VWO directly but please update the course coordinator with a proposal draft to approve your project. The deadline for these projects is 15 Aug (Friday).

Contact Please refer to the project list VWO contact person and email. Please note that open projects with no VWO would be considered self proposed projects.

GraphPaper - Wedding Planner System


Proposed project: What problem will the team be solving? To make it easy for a couple to plan their own wedding with using the web application.

Target Audience: The target audience for the web application are tech-savvy couples who want to create their ideal dream weddings; those who rely on the Internet and web applications available to aid in their research and wedding planning.

To create a web application to aid users in the end-to-end process of planning their ideal wedding. The web application will be powered by a technology framework that my startup is developing. A set of tools that helps developers to construct modern, high quality, web applications.

The web application have to make the wedding planning process tailored for planning a wedding in Singapore, this could be in the form of planning a wedding for different religions and cultures and / or taking into consideration possible “special” venues and vendors a couple want to engage for their wedding.

The team will design, implement, and test functions for various frequently encountered wedding planning problems. Such as looking for a photographer, budgeting, décor, logistics, banquet etc. For example, a module could be a “Wedding Checklist” that would allow end users to create a dynamic list of tasks, add deadlines to each task, and categorising and ordering them, and automatically recommend best next actions to the user. These functions will be packaged as individual components, that can be finally combined into a big picture, and shipped into production site.

What’s new, different and interesting:

The team will have the opportunity to work the the latest, and coolest web technology. In this project, they are encouraged to push the limits of web design, software architecture, and user experience. The team gets to solve one of the most complex and challenging problem that every couple will face at some point. A success in this FYP will have the potential to positively impact many couples’ lives.

We are committed to pushing the team’s work into live deployment.

Contact Max XU MengXiang, Founder/Chief Engineer, GraphPaper Pte Ltd, deepthought@gmail.com

Course Coordinator Comments Max was SIS undergrad, doing post grad and will graduate end 2014

The Coca-Cola Accelerator in ASEAN/Singapore - Innovation X


About Innovation X

We design and build high tech start-ups, and bringing The Coca-Cola company's global assets and ability to scale to unlock new ways to create value on a local and global basis. Learn more here http://www.coca-colacompany.com/coca-cola-unbottled/from-startup-to-scaleup-the-next-wave-of-innovation and http://steveblank.com/2013/11/07/lean-goes-better-with-coke-the-future-of-corporate-innovation/

Project and challenge brief

Our world and society has been transformed by smartphones. The tools and techniques used in an analog and PC-era not longer work well for either businesses and consumers. Just like the advent of the Internet in the 1990s, businesses have to adapt and adopt new tools and techniques for a transformed world. Your mission and mandate is to find a problem and opportunity you are passionate about, and design and develop a new tool and solution that works well for a smartphone-centric world.


  1. Your focus should NOT be on selling more beverages, or introducing new innovations and branding them "Coke".
  2. Instead, the focus is on smartphone consumers and/or any business needing new tools to engage with their consumers.
  3. We have relationships with music, entertainment, Olympics, FIFA, supermarkets, convenience stores, movie theatres, fast food chains, restaurants, food courts, even hawker centres.
  4. Your solution could apply to m-commerce, marketing, entertainment, sports, wellness, etc.
  5. Your solution should be designed for the Singapore market or any market in ASEAN.

We deliberately keep the scope open and flexible so you can work on a problem/challenge that you are passionate in solving. If you don't have a specific problem in mind, we can propose a few for you to consider. Our Innovation Accelerator office is less than 10 mins walk from SMU, so conversations and meetings are convenient.

Contact Dave Lim, Co-Founder, Coca-Cola Accelerator email: davlim@coca-cola.com

Course Coordinator Comments Open and flexible means you need to work out a lot of the ideas and come up with a fairly concrete directions (with some functions/prototype). It would be good to do IDP first with this project.

Accenture Digital - Museum Visitor System

About Accenture Digital

Accenture Digital helps our clients harness social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies to enable interactions with digital customers, channels and markets that create new value and galvanize higher performance across the entire organisation.

Project Brief

Accenture Digital is looking for participants to be involved in an upcoming innovation initiative with a local arts institution. There are two objectives in this initiative:

  1. To design and deliver a superior visitor experience, using emerging technologies that are available in the market
  2. To improve and optimize museum operations through application of visitor analytics.

Participants will be expected to design, develop and test software systems that can demonstrate capabilities fulfilling both objectives.


The details of the project will be discussed with interested participants.


The capability will be developed on the following technologies and tools:

  • Object Oriented Programming, with experience in native iOS and/or Android development
  • Developers are expected to be comfortable coding with different sensor APIs e.g. motion detection, location, Bluetooth beacon, camera
  • Parse.com or an equivalent mobile Backend-as-a-Service
  • Developers are expected to be familiar ( or to be able to quickly learn ) with REST or SOAP APIs as well as JSON formats

Knowledge and understanding of game design principles is an advantage. Knowledge of visualization and web front end development principles is desirable.

Contact For more information, please contact Joshua (joshua.san@accenture.com) or Vivek (v.misra@accenture.com).

MediaCorp - Candidate management app for recruitment


About MediaCorp

MediaCorp is Singapore’s leading media company with the most complete range of platforms, spanning television, radio, newspapers, magazines, movies, digital and out-of-home media.

It pioneered the development of Singapore’s broadcasting industry, with the broadcast of Radio in 1936 and Television in 1963. Today, MediaCorp has over 50 products and brands in four languages (English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil), reaching out to all adults in Singapore every week.

Initiatives in the new digital space include Internet TV-on-demand, High Definition TV broadcast and Over-the-Top (OTT) interactive services.

Beyond Singapore, MediaCorp is an active regional player through co-productions in TV dramas and movies, magazines publishing, as well as Channel NewsAsia International, one of the first Asian-owned English news channels.

Our financial and strategic relationship in the region includes International Media Corporation in Vietnam, which was set up to develop and produce television entertainment and economic news content. MediaCorp also has a stake in Singapore-based retail firm Reebonz, one of the region's fastest growing luxury online retailers and a majority stake in Cubinet Interactive, a Malaysian digital games publisher.

Winner of numerous international awards and accolades including Asian Television Awards' Terrestrial Broadcaster of the Year, MediaCorp’s mission is to engage, entertain and enrich audiences by harnessing the power of creativity.

Project Description

  • Current Situation and Challenges

Each year, MediaCorp recruits over 400 new staff. Refer to current work flow.

As a result of the heavy volume and intensity of recruitment activities, the Talent Acquisition team, HR Partners and hiring managers are faced with a substantial amount of paperwork. The paperwork slows down the recruitment processes and creates barriers to effective communication amongst the various stakeholders.

Additionally, there is also a likelihood of papers being misplaced and unaccounted for, not to mention handwriting on the forms could be illegible and open to misinterpretation.

  • Proposed Solution

We propose to automate our interview assessment process to provide a more pleasant, user-friendly experience for all our stakeholders.

The intention is to develop an application/ programme that it will help reduce the dependency of printed documents being used/ circulated during interviews. It will be compatible with mobile devices (such as iPad) such that all relevant candidate information stored and retrieved on the go. This app will help improve efficiency and raise productivity levels for recruitment activities.

  • Deliverables

The proposed app will enable the Talent Acquisition team, HR Partner and hiring manager to perform and automate the following tasks online:

(i) View candidate profile: Interviewers can refer to the candidates job application form, resume and other supporting documents. These should be synchronized with the documents library in our ATS.

(ii) Online capture of supporting documents: Before the interview, Talent Acquisition team will have the option of capturing images of the physical supporting documents submitted by the candidates as well as upload the screening tests/ results (where applicable) and storing these supporting information/ images into the documents library and tagged to the particular candidate in the ATS.

(iii) Evaluate candidate performance: Interviewers can assess a candidate’s interview by completing an online interview assessment form, incorporating both open and closed ended response items. After completion, this form can be printed, forwarded to the documents library of our ATS or forwarded to the next level of hiring manager for review.

(iv) Real-time tracking of job application progress: Capture the outcome of the interview i.e. interviewers to select, reject, KIV etc. This decision should result in the candidate being moved to the relevant folders in our ATS.

(v) Facilitate decision making: Generate and print analytical, statistical reports to facilitate decision-making, including but not limited to the following: • Average interviewer ratings of all candidates for a particular role. • Comparison and ranking of all candidates for a particular role.

In addition, this app programme should have the ability to enable candidates & the Talent Acquisition team to perform the following tasks: • Complete an online candidate experience survey form after the interview, which can be printed or forwarded to the documents library of our ATS. • Generate reports on the survey outcome to enable the Talent Acquisition team to address areas of concern.


Contact (i) Pauline Tan AVP, HR Email: PaulineTanLH@mediacorp.com.sg

(ii) Andrew Tan Manager, HR Email: andrewtan@mediacorp.com.sg

PSLOVE - A Better Way to Experience Your Period


About PSLOVE Ladies around the world go through that dreadful time every month. PSLOVE aims to redefine their period experience via a monthly Period Care Package that will be sent to their doorstep every month just when they need it (Please refer to our website on what our Care Package includes). The timeliness of our product delivery hinges on our customer’s data and the management of our logistics, which can be streamlined with technology. We also hope to further engage with our customers by bringing them online, thereby data-mining their physiological cycle and product preferences.

Project description This project is about the infinite loop (no pun intended) of online-offline-online for consumers. They start off online, where they can sign up for PSLOVE. The second phase is the offline preparation and delivery of their Care Package. Finally, the loop closes with them coming back online via the mobile application where they can give live feedback on the retail products received, as well as a tool to track their physiological data (which also serves as important data sets for our company in terms of backend logistics and customer relationship building).

This project consists of 2 parts:

  • Part A - A web-commerce platform that gives our customers the flexibility to purchase and customize the contents of their Care Package. There should also be a backend database to store customer information such that any change in customer data will trigger changes on our logistics end to streamline our business operational processes.
  • Part B - A mobile application to allow our customers to track their Period Dates and Cycles. The app should sync up with our web-commerce database such that any changes in dates made, will effect a change on our logistics delivery cycle. Ideally, over time, we will learn their cycles to ensure timely delivery of their Care Packages. The app should also allow our customers to review the various products they receive in their Care Package - and help us

find out our customer’s preferences.


  • Website integration with shopping cart and payment gateway (i.e. Paypal/Worldpay) for a seamless user-experience.
  • Users should be able to manage / change their details and subscriptions easily.
  • Emphasis on UI and UX design in tandem with good system architecture.
  • App (iOS and/or Android) should integrate with the user’s account and allow functions such as:
    • Period Tracking
    • Subscription management
    • Product reviews
    • Analytics of the above (viewable only by PSLOVE)


Contact Tan Peck Ying (Caleb) Email: peckying@pslove.co / team@pslove.co
Referred by Kenneth CHAI Kang Rui <kennethchai.2010@sis.smu.edu.sg>

Koh Brother Transport Service- Bus Booking System


Project Background The project currently consists of 3 systems, the customer phone application, administrator portal and sub-contractor phone application. The phone application is currently coded only in android.

Purpose of Business Requirements

  • Business Goals/ Objectives to be achieved

The main aim of this project is to streamline the bus booking process for Koh Bus Transport Service, reduce the manual work by the administrator and work order issuing time. The customer mobile applications serve to provide convenience in placing bookings, where preliminary quotations would be calculated before submission.

  • Stakeholders

The stakeholders would include Mr. Edmund Koh, who is the founder of Koh Bus Transport Service, their customers and sub-contractors.

  • Dependencies on existing systems

This project builds upon the integrated system created by team Carpe Diem. This includes the Administrator Portal which administrators use to handle back-end operations, the customer application for android users to make bookings, and the sub-contractor application (developed on android) for the sub-contractors for their daily use.


Another Possible project - Home Direct service

  1. Produce a phone App that allow passengers to down load
  2. Focus only on return trips from a location back to residential area. ( even to town area, if there is a demand ). Individual bus owner , any other bus company, or Kohbus’s contractor, when they have spare bus capacity at peak hour in the evening, between 5 to 6 pm. Or the bus driver intend to return from JE to where their home is located at the end of the day. They can submit a propose trip at a specific timing, from a location ., for example from Jurong East Venture Ave (this is a designated alighting point for company buses,from Tuas and Jurong island areas ) , Eg. 530 pm from JE to Sengkang area.
  3. At 3-4 pm , the phone apps will notify staff / passenger to secure a seat from Venture Ave to Sengkang, or a other Area such as AMK and timing for them to opt in.
  4. When phone app collected sufficient or some head count, inform driver or the bus company to decide to turn it on or not , if yes, the Apps willnotify those who had indicated interest, to wait for the bus and board the bus at the specified time.
  5. The passenger pay to the driver at boarding.
  6. This service is to “ POOL-in sufficient passenger before a running a trip, no payment involved till the passenger board the bus.
  7. The service is named as “ HOME DIRECT” , this is different from the LTA ‘s “ CITY DIRECT “ service.

Contact Edmund Koh <edmund@kohbus.sg> Previously with Carpe Diem

Dentsu Aegis Network - Social Media Mining System


About Dentsu Aegis Network As part of Dentsu Inc., Dentsu Aegis Network is the first truly global communications network for the digital age. Through its six global network brands - Carat, iProspect, Isobar, Posterscope, Vizeum and the Dentsu agency brand - and supported by its growing multi-market brands including Amnet, Amplifi, Data2Decisions, mcgarrybowen, Mitchell Communications (PR), psLive and 360i - Dentsu Aegis Network aims to be the global network of choice for clients seeking best-in-class expertise and capabilities in brand, media and digital communications services. It is headquartered in London and operates in 110 countries worldwide with over 22,000 dedicated specialists. For more information about the group, visit www.dentsuaegisnetwork.com.

Dentsu Aegis Network helps marketers build consumer relationships by communicating their products and brands effectively. Its distinctive and innovative range of products and services include marketing and communications strategies through digital creative execution, media planning and buying, mobile applications, SEO, content creation, brand tracking and marketing analytics.

Project Description Although it is widely accepted that social media plays an important role in the marketing function, there is currently a vague and limited understanding of how social media can fit into an integrated marketing strategy. There is very little evidence to suggest a direct relation to marketing, unless there is a direct linking of social media ads to an e-commerce engine.

One of the reasons for this seemingly disconnect is the limitation with today’s social media listening tools. Almost all social media listening tools attempt to glean consumers’ perceived sentiment for a brand or product, which is classified as negative or positive. However, in the real world, consumers’ sentiments are usually not so distinctive; instead they are more likely to be in a continuum.


Consumers tend to talk about their experiences with brands and products on social media platforms. These conversations could be classified into different context using grouping of words/phrases and then analyzed to understand their decision making process in relation to a brand or product. This would be a very useful analysis that could help marketers identify the areas they should be focusing their efforts on. For example, for a brand there may be a higher level of awareness, but relatively lower level of engagement which would then suggest to a marketer to have more engagement building initiatives than awareness building initiatives.

Some examples of how the grouping should be done are as follows:

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Purchase intention
  • Usage
  • Loyalty/Advocacy

Deliverables A program that extracts textual data or posts from various social media channels in Singapore including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and forums etc., grouping and scoring them into the appropriate phase of the decision making process. The unique challenge is in grouping and scoring the data into the relevant decision making process, which is not yet available in the commercial world.


Part 1:

  • The program should be able to extract and analyze historical data of at least one month.
  • It should be web-based with an additional interface for multi-user capability and administrative functions.
  • User should be able to input keywords (terms relating to brand, product or other specific terms) that trigger the data extraction and scoring process.
  • The algorithm should be able to classify results based on user input into the respective stages of the decision making process. The process explained in chart 1 serves only as a guide and students are free to modify it as and when appropriate.
  • The decision making process should ideally be represented in scores or values for the different stages. In stages like engagement and loyalty/advocacy, there would be cases whereby the engagement or advocacy could be a negative form for the brand and product; students should take this into the account for the scoring process.

Part 2:

  • Bonus 1 - the output should have an optimal data visualization form.
  • Bonus 2 - able to extract and process visual data from platforms like Instagram, Pinterest etc.
  • Bonus 3 - able to retrieve up to 3 months of historical data.


  • Expected duration for the main project i.e. part 1 is 6 months.
  • For the bonus items i.e. part 2 of the project, the expected time-line is another 3 months.


Contact JunLiang Lin <JunLiang.Lin@dentsuaegis.com> (SIS alumni)
Vikram Bansal <Vikram.Bansal@dentsuaegis.com>

Emerson - DCIM -Selector Tool On-the-Go for Customers and Partners


Eligible for Emerson Network Power IS480 award

About Emerson Network Power Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson, delivers software, hardware, and services that maximize availability, capacity, and efficiency for data centers and healthcare and industrial facilities. A trusted industry leader in smart infrastructure technologies, Emerson Network Power provides innovative data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions that bridge the gap between IT and facility management and deliver efficiency and uncompromised availability regardless of capacity demands. Our solutions are supported globally by local Emerson Network Power service technicians. Learn more about Emerson Network Power products and services at www.EmersonNetworkPower.com.

Introduction Introduction of Emerson Network Power Profile

The Emerson Channel team will like to build a common and easy-to-use digital application platform for salesforce to select product base on their product category and ability to access the product information, specifications, white paper across Asia. The channels can also leverage on this digital platform to create an estimated quote and configuration. With this application platform, the partners will be able to quickly create a quote out effortlessly without missing any components which need to be associated with.

Project Description The SMU project team will need to develop an apps (ios / android) that has an easy GUI and able to re-size to suit the users' smart devices, e.g. tablet, smart phones, etc.

Partner Sales Tools

1. All product information sheets will need to be converted into app-ready format for viewing and email purposes. We will require a search function, email option to quickly access and send the information from the PDF file.

Partner & Customer Enablement Tools

2. We require a product selector and configuration tool from

  • Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) appliances
  • Rack Power Distribution Units
  • Serial Console appliances

The selector tool allows the user to select product category, select appropriate criteria(s) and return with results with optional accessories displayed than should be associated with product selected. There should be a centralized DataBase where all products information is stored and retrievable upon selection. The Database should allow scalability should there are NEW product to be added or End-of-life (EOL) product to be remove and this changes must be cascaded to the rest of the application. There should be an administrator login that can create new product and remove product while user credential only able to use the app. Administrator can upload new product information sheet and push to the rest Asia centrally

3. Promotions and Marketing Events Emerson rolls out promotions on products purchase and marketing events on a monthly and quarterly basis. Depending on the partners locations, the promotions and events will be published and PUSH to the partners on a regular basis so that they can participate the promotion on the products and solutions and register for the events Emerson is participating.

4. Corporate Profile Emerson Network Power Corporate Profile with locations and address of the offices across Asia Skill Competence:

  • Software Programming (Mobile)
  • Data Base
  • Marketing

Daniel Sim , Director for Distribution Business (daniel.sim@emerson.com)
Alvin Cheang, Regional Solution Manager for Channel (Alvin.cheang@emerson.com)

GFA - Web-based Platform for GFA

About GFA

  • What is GFA?

Green Freight Asia (GFA) is incorporated in Singapore as “Green Freight Asia Network Ltd” by Singapore Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (“ACRA”) as a non-profit organization.

  • Who represents GFA?

Green Freight Asia is a member driven organization, mainly of manufacturers and logistics companies. The founding members of GFA are DHL, UPS, HP, Lenovo, and IKEA.

  • What are GFA’s key objectives?

GFA wants to help lower fuel consumption across Asia-Pacific sourced road freight movements, reduce CO2e emissions from these movements and lower shipping costs across the entire supply chain.

  • Which role does GFA play?
    1. Create a Green Freight Label certification and renewal process
    2. Facilitate awareness building, education and best practice exchange for companies to achieve the Green Freight Label certification
    3. Align with other green freight programs and national initiatives to harmonise and avoid overlaps and collaborate with other region and global environmental NGOs
    4. Grow participation of the private sector and usage of Green Freight Label

About the Project

  • Business challenge:

GFA does not yet have a data collection and verification process in place, nor an IT application to collect, aggregate and more importantly analyze and visualize data that are provided by companies across the Asia Pacific region.

  • The objective of the project would be as follows:
    1. Designing a data collection and management process
      • Complication:
        • number of countries in the region (language, readiness)
        • different parties deliver different data sets (manufacturer, trucking company, logistics service provider)
        • sensitivity of data
    2. Designing an IT application to
      • collect data from manufacturers, trucking companies, logistics service providers
      • validate collected data (e.g. data type checks, presence check, range check, limit check, etc.)
      • calculate the Green Leaf status of each data provider
      • visualize the Green Leaf distribution, evolution, etc pp (e.g. world map)
      • what-if to allow user to build scenarios like ‘litres of Diesel saved if x% more companies are Green leaf certified, etc.
      • provide other reporting and forecasting features
    3. Creating a promotional video that can be used to promote the application (e.g. ease-of-use, analytical capabilities, etc.) and the team that has developed it

Green Freight Asia is looking for an entrepreneurial team which is willing to challenge the sponsor. Creativity, out-of-the box thinking, and experimenting new technologies are appreciated.


Sponsor Contact Information
Stephan Schablinski (DHL DSC) stephan.schablinski@greenfreightasia.org

SMU - SMU tBank


Project 1 [Corporate Internet Banking] - Project Description:

Develop a Corporate Internet Banking application and integrate it into the existing SMU tBank architecture. This application will be a self-service channel for “corporate customers” (students) to perform a number of banking activities, such as; sweeping and pooling of cash across different operating accounts, making payments to suppliers, collections / virtual accounts, payroll direct deposit, billing, supply chain financing, working capital financing, FX Spot and FX Forward contracts, Fixed Deposits.

The solution will include a web application / portal for customers to perform all of the above banking activities, plus a dashboard to provide the customer with an overall view of accounts. Optionally, the solution may include a mobile app to facilitate business exception handling. The core functionality shall be developed and exposed as reusable services using TIBCO BusinessWorks.

“The mission of SMU tBank is to become a world class ‘teaching bank’, generating an on-going supply of undergrad and postgrad student projects whereby classroom learning outcomes can be put into practice, leveraging industry leading banking software and enterprise platforms.”

Project 2 [Payments] - Project Description: TAKEN

Develop a Payments Services Hub and integrate it into the existing SMU tBank architecture. The Payment Service Hub will orchestrate the end-to-end payment process, and interbank clearing & settlements, between multiple instances of tBank (simulating multiple banks). It will support the full payment life cycle including; payment instruction validation & repair, credit check, FX, liquidity management, fees & charges, advice/statement. It will support multiple payment instruments, including credit transfer and direct debit.

The solution will include a web application, for “bank staff” (students) to set up; payment workflows, instruction validation and repair rules, settlement rules, routing rules, etc.. The application will also monitor the end-to-end execution of interbank payments, and send notifications. TIBCO BusinessWorks will be used to develop and execute the automated payments process, and to expose payments functionality to other banking systems.

“The mission of SMU tBank is to become a world class ‘teaching bank’, generating an on-going supply of undergrad and postgrad student projects whereby classroom learning outcomes can be put into practice, leveraging industry leading banking software and enterprise platforms.”

Project 3 [Trade Finance] - Project Description:

Develop a Trade Finance application and integrate it into the existing SMU tBank architecture. This application will be a self-service channel for “corporate customers” (students) to implement a number of financial instruments related to international trade, such as; Letter of Credit, Bill of Exchange, Bill of Lading, Bank Guarantee, Documentary Collection, Open Account, Export Factoring. Another deliverable will be an end-to-end trade simulator that can be used in the classroom to illustrate the movement of goods and trade documents across the relevant parties, eg; Importer, Exporter, Freight Forwarder, Issuing Bank, Advising Bank.

The solution will include a web application / portal for customers to implement all of the above financial instruments, plus a dashboard to provide the customer with an overall view of trade status (imports and exports). Optionally, the solution may include a mobile app to facilitate business exception handling. The core functionality shall be developed and exposed as reusable services using TIBCO BusinessWorks.

The trade simulator that executes the end-to-end trade workflow need not have a user interface. It may be coded from scratch, or it make be developed using TIBCO iProcess or equivalent business process execution engine.

“The mission of SMU tBank is to become a world class ‘teaching bank’, generating an on-going supply of undergrad and postgrad student projects whereby classroom learning outcomes can be put into practice, leveraging industry leading banking software and enterprise platforms.”

Sponsor SMU-tBank


Infosys Lodestone - Project Management Web Tool


About Infosys Lodestone
Infosys Lodestone is a wholly owned subsidiary of Infosys, a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions, with 158,000+ employees serving clients in more than 30 countries. Infosys Lodestone forms the global management consulting arm of Infosys. A pioneer in breaking down the barriers between strategy and execution, Infosys Lodestone delivers superior business value to its clients by advising them on strategy and process optimization as well as IT-enabled transformation. Learn more at www.infosyslodestone.com

Project overview
Learning from our experience with clients, many of the projects undertaken struggle with adhering to target timelines and utilizing optimal resources. A couple of reasons could be: 1. For the large corporations where expensive sophisticated tools are employed, the tools lack flexibility to adapt to changing scope of the project and mobility to be accessible by different stakeholders through different devices so as to capture real-time information. 2. For the medium sized companies, the tools available in the market are not sophisticated enough to capture information (on resource utilization and milestone tracking )and integrate such information across all in-flight projects.(Refer to the comparison of the existing tools in the market catering to SMEs)

All companies whether big or small , at any given time, have projects running which should be planned, organized and controlled utilizing optimal resources. Given the complexities of running a company ( specially for SMEs where resources are scarce), it is extremely important to have a tool which displays the current and expected status of the project at different milestones of project execution. While there are many tools in the market , there is no tool that cuts across different industries and sizes of companies.

In response to this need,Infosys Lodestone has proposed the creation of an online project management tool to provide standardised project reporting, progress tracking and control across multiple projects accessible through desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets. This tool should be designed to extract the relevant information from the stakeholders and help project the current v/s expected status of milestones.

Refer to the attached documents for further details of the project such as required features, role definitions and process flow. Students are invited to be pro-active in suggesting enhancements to the features proposed after interviewing project managers across different sizes of companies and exploring the existing market products. Slide Detail

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 10.20.01 am.png

What’s in it for you?
Project management is important and required in every company irrespective of its size and industry. Thus, the knowledge gained (important metrics to track, phases of project execution and timelines) while working on this tool will always be useful as you step into the corporate world. Also, since this project expects you to interview project managers across different industries and sizes, it gives you insights into how projects are managed differently and gives you a chance to come up with a standardized tool that cuts across these differences. Moreover, this can also form the basis for you to create a tool /template for your juniors to use while executing the IS480 projects for the subsequent years!

Sponsor Contact Information
Rui Imamura <rui_imamura@infosys.com>
Amanda Furtado <Amanda_Furtado@infosys.com>
Michiel Roosjen <michiel_roosjen@infosys.com>

Xerox India - Mobile CrowdTasking Platform

Overall Description

Xerox Research is collaborating with SMU to research new techniques to implement large-scale mobile crowdtasking, a service where everyday participants are requested, in return for micro-payments, to help perform certain location-specific tasks that match well with their everyday lifestyle and activity patterns. Examples include paying a participant to report on the length of a queue in a food court that is only a 2 minute detour from the participant’s intended route, or incenting a participant to check on the price of a product at a store located very near the participant’s current location. The proposed project would build a client-server based crowdtasking platform, and would involve:

  • On the client side, building a native Android application that allows mobile users to perform functionality such as check on or search the pool of available micro-tasks, receive notifications about suggested or recommended tasks, retrieve a specific task and perform that task.
  • On the server side, a standard Web application that receives task-related requests from multiple mobile clients, and returns the set of recommended tasks after performing the necessary “matchmaking”. The Web application also stores the details of completed tasks by each individual participant, and provides an admin GUI to allow administrators to add, delete or modify the set of tasks and their associate spatiotemporal constraints.

To perform its functions, the crowdtasking platform will require inputs about both i) each participant’s current location and predicted movement trajectory and ii) matchmaking algorithms that rank tasks from the available set of tasks based on their appropriateness/relevance for each individual participant. Both of these technologies will be provided by SMU research groups (using technologies developed in the LiveLabs and LARC research centers), with the project team members being furnished appropriate libraries/Web services and the necessary APIs for interacting with these components. The project thus allows the participating team the opportunity understand and utilize innovative indoor location, trajectory prediction and decision optimization components being developed at SMU.

Technical Expertise

  • Android programming for mobile clients
  • Use of PHP, SQL, Python languages and associated Web technologies
  • JSP programming and building Web applications
  • Google Maps API usage and visualization

Sponsor Contact Information Client: Xerox Research, India Sponsor: Archan Misra, SMU Archan Misra Assoc. Professor, School of Information Systems archanm@smu.edu.sg

CapitalMalls Asia - Tracking of moving objects using multi-camera views

About CMA

CapitaMalls Asia Limited is one of the largest listed shopping mall developers, owners and managers in Asia by total property value of assets and geographic reach

Project Brief

CMA buildings are implemented with IP cameras. The online views & videos generated by these IP Cameras can be used as a process of information extraction for various analyses.

  • This project require a method for tracking objects in a network of views equipped with multiple IP Cameras
  • It’s proven in a single camera mode to identify an object, classify the object and follow it across the video sequence.
  • Leveraging on the single camera approach, this project require associating the identified object in a single camera across multiple cameras and generate a tracking map on the object movement.
  • There are different object tracking methodologies available in the market eg., silhouette tracking, point tracking, kernel tracking which requires a review.
  • This phase of the project is focused on Vehicle movement in Car Parks.

Technology requirements

  • Teams are welcome to explore and propose suitable software and hardware to achieve this project requirement
  • Teams are welcome to leverage other available sensors like car sensor in car park lots, IU reader etc., for accurate object identification and tracking

Sponsor Contact Information

Edwin Poh, Head, BP & IT, CMA Email : edwin.poh@capitaland.com

Vijay Amirthraj. J, Snr Manager, BP & IT, CMA Email : vijay.amirthraj@capitaland.com


IS480 Fiona/Benjamin - IS480 system II


This is an extension of the project done by Lightning_Strike and integrate with the IS480 scheduling system done by ThunderBolt.


Reuse work done by Lightning Strike and Thunderbolt

  • Single Sign On (reuse code)
  • Crawling wiki, upload file and setting up database
  • Workflow of the IS480 project
    • Register (CRUD) sponsors, students, teams, supervisors, projects, etc. (Reuse)
    • Assignment and choosing: Student to team.
    • Approving projects, confirming matching projects, etc.
  • Matching algorithms (based on skill sets)
    • From projects to teams
    • From supervisors/reviewers to projects (sponsor relationships, constraints in workload/other reviewer skill sets/variety in matching/etc)
  • Analytics
    • Which projects/sponsor are (not) popular to teams?
    • How are teams formed?

Sponsor Contact Information More information will be provided to student teams who are interested in this project.
Contact: Benjamin Gan or Fiona Lee

Standard Chartered Bank - iLab@SMU

Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered Bank @ iLab

iLab@SMU is a collaborative partnership setup in 2006 by Standard Chartered Bank and SMU to create a hotbed for business, technology and financial innovations that will be rolled out across the Bank's network in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, while delivering on the Bank's commitment and belief in talent development. The collaboration creates opportunities for students to experience the corporate environment as they work on projects to solve real-life business problems with the Bank.

iLab@SMU has sponsored close to fifty IS480 projects since its inception in 2006 and had generously recognized and rewarded excellent performance from IS480 teams and individuals that delivered exceptional results in their projects.

Got ideas? Talk to us about it!

Come to us if you want to explore project possibilities. A number of iLAB projects have been initiated by YOUR ideas, and then refined through interaction with SCB professionals.

Requirements for ALL iLab@SMU projects :

  • Passion and Willingness to explore boundaries of innovations
    • New tools, Development environment
  • Academic Modules pre-requisite
    • IS203 Software Engineering
    • IS301 Enterprise Integration

Contact: Koh Lian Chee - lckoh@smu.edu.sg / ilab@smu.edu.sg

Drop an email to me to arrange a time with our staff to find out more about the Standard Chartered Bank @ iLab!

From Course Coordinator Please inform the course coordinator before confirming any projects with iLab.

SMU - Alexandra Health T-Lab

Alexandra Health Logo.jpg

Alexandra Health, together with the School of Information Systems (SIS) at the Singapore Management University (SMU) have established a partnership since May 2010 to work together to demonstrate fresh and better ways to serve and satisfy patients whenever they are interacting with the Alexandra Health system. Through this partnership, a joint mechanism known as the "T-Lab" has been established that enables students, staff and faculty of SMU's School of Information Systems (SIS) to team with professionals from Alexandra Health to work on a continuing series of projects to improve service delivery, quality, productivity and experience.

Come and talk to us if you are interested in working on a project aimed at adding value to the delivery of healthcare services.

Contact: Koh Lian Chee - lckoh@smu.edu.sg

  • Academic Modules pre-requisite
    • IS203 Software Engineering
    • IS301 Enterprise Integration

From Course Coordinator Please inform the course coordinator before confirming any projects with Alexandra Hospital.

Kevin Steppe - Extended Little Man Computer

About the Project The Little Man Computer is a simplified computer model and simulator designed to teach about processor and instruction set architecture. Architectural Analysis has a need to extend this model to enable multi-threading, storage devices, caching and so on. This will better facilitate teaching and simulating hardware issues in the AA course.

The objective of the project is to build a simulator for the Extended LMC. We expect the following features:

  • An extendable instruction set.
    • Various instructions for accessing and manipulating the program counter
    • Various instructions for accessing and controlling additional hardware as mentioned below
  • Configurable number of registers (calculators)
  • Configurable number of cores (little men)
  • Configurable memory size
  • A little hard drive - including instructions to access the data in the hard drive
  • A user friendly GUI for programming and simulating the extended LMC.

The team will be expected to participate in defining the feature set and further extensions.

Special Notes

  • Majority of the team should have already taken AA.
  • Team must ensure that the sponsor is able to maintain and extend the code base.

Sponsor Contact Information
Kevin Steppe <kevinsteppe@smu.edu.sg>