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These are project descriptions for IS480.

Buy1GIVE1 – powering a more giving world B1G1 logo small.png


B1G1 is not so much a Social Enterprise company – it’s more the start of an extraordinary movement to create a world full of giving.

Through the web, live in front of audiences around the world and through new initiatives locally like the G BOOK, B1G1 brings businesses, individuals and Worthy Causes together in a way and on a scale not attempted before.

The key: transaction-based giving

One of the keys to B1G1’s expanding presence is transaction-based giving, where small amounts from day-to-day transactions are automatically given back to Worthy Causes to make a massive difference – consider buying a plasma TV and a cataract-blind person getting sight as a direct result; consider buying a cup of coffee and a child in Africa getting access to water as a direct result.

Challenge 1

B1G1 has 600 online projects to which business link their transaction-based giving. We want to continue to simplify and add WOW to that online presence so that even more giving gets done.


Challenge 2

We also seek to expand work we’ve started in the B1G1 Global Village where individuals can play a more active part of making giving part of their daily lives through what we call Impact-Based Giving . And that’s one reason why we love being headquartered in Singapore – just two years ago the President set a national goal of Singapore becoming a giving nation - B1G1 provides a mechanism to make that a literal possibility.


Challenge 3

In mid-2009 B1G1 began to scale its operations into the corporate sector creating Certified Giving Companies and more deeply connecting companies with their customers – again the on-going development of web-based tools and widgets plus creative use of the Social Media space are really important here.

Challenge 4

The G Book is a new world-wide initiative being readied for trial in Singapore. It’s a brand new way of connecting leading-edge companies in the retail space with local consumers and Singapore-based Worthy Causes. Here we see opportunities for additional development of Web 2.0 and 3.0 tools integrated within the Social Media space linked particularly to challenges 2 and 3 above.

Design and Being Crazy

B1G1 understands more than most, we think, about the importance of design and simplicity and clarity of processes. And some might see our mission of creating a world full of giving as crazy. And that’s why we like what Steve Jobs of Apple had to say about being crazy: “.... where some people see crazy we see genius: .....because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

System Requirement

We are looking at building a PHP based flexible system to replace our existing websites. We currently use 3 different platforms for different purposes and we would like to create a single site that combine all the necessary system requirements and better public usability. This will require some creative planning and understanding of different programming languages (html, php, java etc). We prefer to work with a dynamic team with mixed strength of back end system programming and front end creativity. The team will be working with our IT supervisor and designer to ensure the best integration.

Below is the list of key requirements.

  • Technical understanding and ability to program PHP-based website and backend system for managing our membership and charity listing/contribution system.
  • Creative thinking to solve some of our current challenges and limitations
  • Basic understanding for Joomla system preferred (we currently use Joomla based website so understanding of our current structure will help efficient transition)
  • Knowledge in creating social networking site functions also preferred

Contact: Masami Sato, masami@b1g1.com

Additional Information about B1G1:


IDA (Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore)

InfoComm Data Visualizer

Background: IDA is building a gathering space with eye-catching computer visualizations of data collected from telecommunication companies in Singapore.

Objective of project: Build one or more visualizations for permanent installation in this gathering space. These visualizations must be visually pleasing while also revealing important features in the data to untrained observers.

Contact: Richard C. Davis (rcdavis@smu.edu.sg)

Note from course manager: IS480 requires an IT implementation/built/prototype beyond a report/survey/use of some tools/applications.

H.N. Mok

Java Game to Teach Java Programming

Programming can be fun (I think programming IS fun, but then... that's controversial... so let's put it this way instead: programming CAN BE fun.) We can make it more fun (funnier) by introducing games into the teaching of it. This is not a fresh idea; IBM & others have got similiar projects (e.g. Robocode etc). I have started writing a small game to aid in the teaching of basic Java constructs (decision making, looping & programming logic), & will need some additional work to expand on my current work and complete the package which is intended for open-source release by end of this year.

Prerequisites: Passion & proficiency in Java programming. Students should have preferably completed OOAD and SE (students can be doing SE concurrently as well).

Timeline: If nothing goes wrong, this project is expected to take <6 months. There is a lot of flexibility in scope and this project is extensible to very difficult proportions, so the amount of time required is dependent on the scope which will be agreed upon.

Description: You will be dabbling with Java2D stuff (& possibly Java3D) on the desktop environment (i.e. Java application development - not Web application development). I will expect the team to adopt the full SDLC approach - which means that everything must be documented (SRS, design model, user manual etc) & properly tested (test plans, test cases etc). Good design is of paramountal importance (it shouldn't just run - but must be architected for scalability, extensibility, flexibility etc etc...) Don't expect a lot of technical guidance from me; you will have to pick up graphics programming in Java yourself (lots of free tutorials available anyway) - I did some crude 2D animation in my prototype, but they are really ugly, & a good game should have excellent graphics. There can be some marketing element to the project as well; students can start a marketing campaign to let the world know about this work.

Contact: Mok Heng Ngee (hnmok@smu.edu.sg, tel 96630214), Instructor, SIS/SMU.

Strata Logistics Pte Ltd, Strata Engineering

Business Type: Logistics, specifically supplying lorry crane services

There are 2 set of deliverables for this project:

  1. Design a static webpage for the company
    • allows customers/users to send in enquiries to our email account
    • this just needs to be a very simple web page providing some background information about the company and its services
  2. An application for the company to use internally
    • as the business grow, we have to manage a lot of data everyday
    • Database design is a crucial requirement of this project
    • The application will provide employees an interface to input and retrieve data efficiently

Overview of the Job Ordering process:

  • Customers will call to place an order for lorry crane service by calling the operation hotline
  • Customer provide details such as their company name, job date, timing, types of lorry crane, and job site contact person
  • Operation manager will check for the availability of the lorry crane before finalising the order
  • Some customers will fax over their Purchase Order to request for lorry crane service
  • Operation manager may either fax/email the vehicle details, driver particulars and other relevant certificate to the customer if the job requires such documents

Overview of the Job Despatching process:

  • Operation manager will despatch the lorry crane by matching customer requirements to the type of lorry crane

Overview of the Delivery Order (D/O) Recording process:

  • Drivers will submit the D/Os for the jobs completed on a daily basis
  • Operation executive will key in all the details captured on the D/O into the computer
  • Operation executive will assign the amount to charge customer for each D/O
  • Operation executive will assign the amount to award driver for each D/O
  • Operation executive will scan a copy of any documents brought back by the drivers before faxing a copy to the customer
  • Operation executive will handle the documents by one of the 3 options:
    1. Wait for the customer to collect back the documents by hand
    2. Mail the documents to customer by post
    3. Drivers will pass the documents to customer by hand

Overview of the Invoicing process:

  • On the 1st of every month, accounts manager will retrieve all D/Os and key in manually the job details for each customer
  • Currently, D/O process does not communicate with the Invoicing process
  • Besides the job details, accounts manager may also attach Purchase order form sent to us by the customer
  • Upon completion of producing the invoice, it will be mailed out to the customers

Overview of the Diesel Recording process:

  • Diesel usage per vehicle
  • we need to know the usage of diesel per vehicle to see if it corresponds equivalently to the amount of jobs completed by the driver
  • Drivers will pump up their diesel tank on a 2-3 days frequency, and record the amount on a piece of paper
  • Operation executive will key in the records into the computer on a monthly basis
  • However, the current data collected does not provide much value as we cannot do any analysis
  • This is because the data from D/O and diesel record data are kept seperately

Contact: Kng Qiao Ling, qiaoling.2004@smu.edu.sg


Mobile Tour Guide


  • To conduct research on the mobile services that tourists and citizens in Singapore would find useful and the price they would be willing to pay for such services
  • To produce a business proposal using the research gathered as well as taking in consideration the telecommunications companies and content development effort and cost.
  • To produce a prototype of the mobile tour guide.

For more details, click [here].

Contact: Steven Wu (Steven_Wu@nhb.gov.sg)

Note from course manager: IS480 requires an IT implementation/built/prototype beyond a report/survey/use of some tools/applications.

Standard Chartered Bank - iLab@SMU

iLab@SMU is a collaborative partnership setup in 2006 by Standard Chartered Bank and SMU to create a hotbed for business, technology and financial innovations that will be rolled out across the Bank's network in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, while delivering on the Bank's commitment and belief in talent development. The collaboration creates opportunities for students to experience the corporate environment as they work on projects to solve real-life business problems with the Bank.

iLab@SMU has sponsored close to thirty IS480 projects since its inception in 2006 and had generously recognized and rewarded excellent performance from IS480 teams and individuals that delivered exceptional results in their projects.

Mobile technology - TurboSIM Phase II

Scope of Work: Develop mobile phone based Retail Banking applications with branch functionalities for use by bank employees based in rural / areas remote from the nearest bank branch.

Got ideas? Talk to us about it!

Come to us if you want to explore project possibilities. A number of iLAB projects have been initiated by YOUR ideas, and then refined through interaction with SCB professionals.

Requirements for ALL iLab@SMU projects :

  • Passion and Willingness to explore boundaries of innovations
    • New tools, Development environment
  • Academic Modules pre-requisite
    • IS203 Software Engineering
    • IS301 Enterprise Integration

Contact: Koh Lian Chee - lckoh@smu.edu.sg / ilab@smu.edu.sg

Vicimi Pte Ltd

Location Based Direction Service with Google Map


To build a driving, public transports and walking location based direction service with Google Map. It must be able to generate directions with customized transport and travel modes of the following in a user friendly and interactive AJAX interface:

  1. Walking
  2. Driving
  3. Taxi
  4. MRT
  5. Bus
  6. MRT and bus

The services will be used by the user on our web platform, and also released to the developers as an Application Programming Interface to create new applications around it. The system will include a portal for transport service providers to upload and update their transport services. The portal will allow new transport service providers to sign up a new account, manage and maintain the information of their services.

For more info, click [here]

Contact: Phang Guo Hao, auguste.phang@vicimi.com


Cloud Computing Project: Search Query Optimization using Google App Engine

Problem: There are no meta search engines that utilizes the strength of advanced search parameters. All engines are simply containers for consolidated search results in which the quality of the search is indistinguishable from a single search engine such as Google. Thus their adoption may have been inhibited by this.

Solution: Many of the search engines provide advanced search flags to achieve focused results, however many user do not use them and thus are disadvantaged. Most people don’t care to understand these parameters and thus a Metasearch interface is proposed to dynamically build these search strings based on predefined categories.

Most of the web searches for information fall into core categories: websites: traditional search entertainment: radio/tv/music/movies/pictures... knowledge: documents/ebooks/Wikipedia. articles: news sites Based on the options, a search query would be built to navigate the key areas for special searching and run against the three engines.


This project will involve creating search query GUI using the Python programming language, which involves ranking and sorting of the results. A prerequisite for running apps on GAE. The GAE project has the following benefits to you, the project will: give you experience with next gen web 2.0 technology, i.e. cloud computing work with an IT firm providing you with valuable feedback enhance your technical expertise significantly enhance your international job prospects with a complex technical and real life project

paul.lim@iforceconsulting.com Paul Lim iForce Consulting

Avocent® Asia Pacific

This project is eligible for [The Avocent Asia Pacific Pte Ltd–SIS].

About Avocent Corporation

Avocent® delivers IT operations management solutions that reduce operating costs, simplify management and increase the availability of critical IT environments 24/7 via integrated, centralized software. Additional information is available at http://www.avocent.com

Green Data Center – Estimate Builder’ Project

“While there are many different components that can make IT eco-friendly, one key focus is the data centre” - Richard Tan, programme director, IT Services, NUS-ISS.



Project Expectations:

This project will involve creating an online solution tool using programming skill set and standard web application framework. Through the course of this project, the team will be able to understand (to name a few):

  • What is a Datacenter?
  • What constitute a Data Center?
  • How can we be part of a Green Data Center?

Preferred Background:

  • Marketing / Business
  • IT / Programming

Gain first-hand information in creating an interactive platform where we can provide our customers & prospects with a solution guided tool on proposing types of product to help their business thus measuring their ROI and cost savings in deployment of Avocent’s solutions in their Data Center environment

What’s more, upon successful completion of this project, you could have the opportunity of developing the online solution & ROI benchmark tool which can potentially be deployed in the Asia Pacific region.

End Result:

An interactive tool which allows a basic assessment & capacity planning of building a “Green Data Center”. The components/elements of the framework will be discussed further with the project team. Some of the proposed items:

  • Assessment & Planning – what it takes to build a Green DC
  • Design – the online platform of the estimate builder
  • 'Solutioning – proposing options of Avocent solution under different scenarios
  • Maintenance/Installation / Integration – what are the ‘after-sales’ packages/costs to be factored
  • Energy Monitoring – how to save and track what you can measure

The team is expected to have strong technical, analysis and web/online design capability.


For more information or any interested applicants, please email us at

alvin.cheang@avocent.com - Product Marketing Manager

edina.tan@avocent.com - Field Marketing Manager


From: http://gambit.mit.edu/updates/2009/09/103009_student_explorer_grant.php

Turn your ideas into a business venture -- Receive up to S$50,000 funding Presented by the SMART Innovation Centre

Do you have an exciting game or web application? Do you want to be an entrepreneur? The Explorer Grant will assist individual students or groups of students explore further development and commercialization of innovative games and web applications originated by them. The Explorer Grant will provide up to S$50,000 in funding to develop commercial prototypes, evaluate go-to-market strategies so that your game or web application can be licensed to an existing company or form the basis of a start-up company.

The Explorer Grant recipients will also be provided with business expertise, guidance on intellectual property, and networking opportunities with the Singapore and international venture capital community.

Important Dates

14 September 2009: Grant submission opens 30 October 2009: Grant closes, 5pm (Singapore time) 30 January 2010: Award Grant


Full time undergraduate or graduate students at:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Nanyang Technological University National University of Singapore Singapore Management University Nanyang Polytechnic Ngee Ann Polytechnic Republic Polytechnic Singapore Polytechnic Temasek Polytechnic Other Singapore institutes and recent graduates can be considered

You must identify a faculty member at your institute to act as a Faculty Mentor.

You can work in student teams or individuals. If working as a team, a team leader must be identified. Teams from multiple institutes/universities can be formed.

Submission Process

The proposal must be submitted electronically to explorergrants@smart.mit.edu by 30th October, 2009, 5pm, Singapore time.

Grant application form is available at http://web.mit.edu/smart/explorer

For inquiries about the grant program, contact Howard Califano athoward.califano@smart.mit.edu or visit our website at http://web.mit.edu/smart/innovationcentre for more information.

Fairy's Inc

Objective of project:

Fairy's Inc is a customized jewelry store that deals with diamonds and other precious stones. They have worked with Kratos (FYP team of 07/08 Term 2) on a store management application called BlinkBlithe. Currently they would like to incorporate improvements into the application.

  1. Enhancement: Production and Sales module
  2. Migration of the application to server
  3. Adding new function to support changes to their business process
  4. Adding security features to system

Preferred Background:

Students that have an interest or knowledge about the jewelry industry as well as fashion retailing industry.


+/- 3 months

About BlinkBlithe:

You can visit our wiki https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/is480/IS480_Team_wiki:_2008T1G6_Kratos 


Celeste Phua (c.phua@domicilhome.com)

HTL International

Objective of project:

To create a Sales Commission computing systems. This systems will need to interface with the company's SAP system.

About the Company:

Starting as a modest sofa maker in 1976, HTL has grown to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of leather sofas and leather upholstery hides. Listed on the Singapore Exchange since 1993, we are a transnational company focused on the business-to-business sector. Along with a team of more than 6,500 employees, we have fully integrated manufacturing facilities in China and Singapore, plus marketing offices across the globe. And our quality products are marketed to more than 40 countries, through our vast network of sales partners and retailers.

Our strong financial performance is a reflection of our commitment to make our customers' business our business. We have been recognised by Forbes Global as one of the 'World's 200 Best Small Companies' for the three years, 2002 - 2004. And again by Forbes Asia as one of Asia's "Best Under a Billion Companies" in 2005. We continue to enhance our worldwide presence - by building strong and enduring partnerships with our employees, partners, customers and shareholders.


Preferred Background:

Students who have strong business process mapping skills

Group Size:

4-5 members


+/- 3 months


Internship will be offered to students who preforms well (no limit on intake)


Gabriel Ho (gabriel.ho@htlinternational.com) or Celeste Phua (c.phua@domicilhome.com)

LOMS - Learning Outcomes Management System

Project Title: Developping new Features on the current LOMS System

You all know the LOMS Application developed for students. We would like to further develop this Web application with a module for OCS (Office of Carrer Services) with a search engine and another module for Faculty for their teaching purposes.

Where we are: Requirements have been drafted together with OCS and SIS but you are welcome to provide your inputs if you have great ideas.

What we want: We want to see a concrete implementation!

Requirements: The current application runs on a .net platform. If you are a dynamic team with great ideas, come and join us!

Contact: If you are interested, please contact Joelle Ducrot (joelleducrot@smu.edu.sg).

Ministry of Home Affairs

One of our sis alumni is now working for Ministry of Home Affairs and is keen to have our SIS students do a FYP towards improving the existing Queue Management System which is in place at their customer service counters. He has provided me with the following information:

Title:Queue Management System

Brief Requirements: To create a basic, reliable and lag-proof system (with a simple message screen to the queue) for screening officers in the ICA checkpoints to alert the queue as to which open counter to proceed to.

Skill Sets: Open to student's preference. Preferably mobile technologies.

Timeline: Immediate and to complete prototype within 2mths and full implementation by 3 months.

Contact: Muhammad Mas'ood Bin MUSTAFA, masoodm.2004@smu.edu.sg

Note from Course Manager: The scope needs to expand larger than stated.

Lau Chin Huat & Co.

Project: Financial Statement XML Integration

Develop a system to convert financial statements generated by accounting software into XBRL, which is an XML-based standard for accounting.

Contact: Ori Sasson, orisasson@smu.edu.sg

Richard C. Davis

Project 1: SIS Download Portal

Objective of project: Researchers at SMU's School of Information systems want to distribute software to the public. They need a web portal that fits into the current SIS web site and has simple interfaces for end users to obtain software and for researchers to post new versions and track download activity. This site will manage all software available for download, and keep databases of download activity and software usage, so security and reliability are vital.

Contact: Richard C. Davis (rcdavis@smu.edu.sg)

Metor LLP

WEBxTRAVEL: eCommerce site for a travel agency

Project aim: Building a prototype for a complete eCommerce solution for a travel agency selling national and international travels and related products (insurance packages, on-shore/off-shore excursions etc.)

Expected major features of the portal:

  1. Product catalogue incorporating description, price, availability, visual material of travel offerings
  2. Featuring of top-offers on the main page
  3. Search capabilities (search by product, country, dates, price range, keywords)
  4. Booking capabilities (shopping chart)
  5. Sending a personal inquiry regarding a particular offer
  6. View/Edit/Cancel existing bookings for existing customers
  7. Integration of a payment provider (credit card and money transfer payment)
  8. Implementation of a Friends Of WEBxTRAVEL social network site (allowing the travelers to advertise and search for travel partners)
  9. Use of Google Maps to indicate the location of the travel
  10. Implementation of Google Analytics

Other related tasks:

  1. Visual design of the WEBxTRAVEL portal

Technologies to be used for the implementation

  1. Visual Studio 2008 Professional
  2. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Professional
  3. ASP.NET
  4. Visual Basic.NET
  5. Crystal Reports
  6. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  7. Google Maps
  8. Google Analytics

Other issues: The payment provider will be selected at a later stage of the project

Contact: Ilse BAUMGARTNER (ibaumgartner@smu.edu.sg)


Koop On!: Web and Flash Application (Java based)

Description of project: The project concerned here involves the development of a web application to support Venture’s bCode technology (http://www.bcode.com/, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgcKvvUkmYg) in the supermarket industry where we target three stakeholders (Manufacturers, Supermarket Chain, Venture)

The web application will be a highly configurable and customizable application that is modularized and will aid each stakeholder in their business processes within the supermarket industry. Its functionalities encompasses the following areas:

  • Product Awareness/Exposure for consumers
  • A customer loyalty program using the bCode
  • Data analytics of purchases/products