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These are project descriptions for IS480.

Tsunami Education Fund (TEF) - United World College SEA

TEF's mission is to fund children that were orphaned in the Tsunami of December 2004 in order that they can attend school. It has setup the following goals

Destroyed school court yard
  • Project to last for a minimum of 10 years.
  • Funding direct to orphan's (recipients) accounts on a monthly basis.
  • Funding dependent on receiving recipients school reports.
  • 100% of funds raised go to recipients.
  • Funding sufficient to help meet education costs (schooling is free) but insufficient to live on.

Here are some if its achievements

  • Presently 250 recipients supported in Banda Aceh in 59 schools.
  • Funding has been met by generous donation for next 5 years.
  • 100% of funds raised has gone to recipients

TEF database system

Image:Distributing stationaries to students
  • Design and develop a database to manage information that keeps track of the student recipients.
  • The design criteria includes the following:
    • Easy to maintain (UWCSEA will not be able to re code the database or website)
    • Website interface (consider low bandwidth internet access in Aceh)
    • Data entry and validation (multi user login with field agents entering raw data that will be validated by administrators)
  • Some of the features
    • Import/export spreadsheet files
    • Search and report generation (for use during the field trips)
    • Store and retreive photos
  • This project includes research on web/database hosting options to UWCSEA and data entry of existing data.

Teams with members that can translate Bahasa Indonesia and can start before June 19 is not a requirement but a plus. Contact Jumiah Tornroth [jumiahuwc@uwcsea.edu.sg]. This project is eligible for Lien Award.

Bellydance Divas

Bellydance Divas is seeking teams to come up with an e-commerce website.

Overview This is an online Ecommerce web application for Belly dance costume customizations. The proposed system is an interactive web application that allows belly dancers all over the world to create an account and customize their own costumes. Their costume will then be sent for manufacturing and shipped to them upon completion.

Objective To design and develop an online interactive belly dance costume customization website for belly dancers around the world to create, customize and tailor their costumes to their needs.

Goals To become the pioneer online costume customization website in the world.

Target Audiences Belly dancers around the world keen on creating their own belly dance costumes.

Platform Dependencies

  • Deliver on the Web, online with broadband Internet and latest flash player installed.
  • Support for Windows / Mac, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 7
  • Build on Adobe Flex with PHP/MySQL as backend.

List of Deliverables The following are the list of overall deliverables:

  1. Completed web application
  2. User Manual

Upload PDF file for more information.

Contact: Diva Yasmin [yasmin@bellydance.sg] This project iseligible for Bellydance Diva Award.


Project “iPod of CRM”

This project catchphrase is the “iPod of CRM” because the current issue with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offerings (salesforce and SugarCRM especially) is that they are good for reporting sales progress but weak on enabling the sales person to work easily and enjoy the sales experience. If the assignment is successful it will be released as and be open source project and all members will be automatically accredited with global recognition. They will be invited to be part of the core team to enhance the project. It will feature:

  1. a client dashboard featuring drag and drop progress updates. The dashboard will feature a salescase as it progresses through various stages of a sales (lead, opportunity, postsales)
  2. contacts
  3. notes
  4. dashboard
  5. roles (support organizational sales hierarchy) for role based access and viewing consolidated data

It involves building CRM application using Flex technologies and frameworks. It will leverage the best features in the flex toolkit and ensure a rich and engaging user experience. There will be a mobile extension of the application that will run on the iPod. Technical competency: medium to high

paul.lim@iforceconsulting.com Paul Lim iForce Consulting www.iforceconsulting.com


Credit Card Rewards Redemption on mobile

Scope of Work: Implement a credit card rewards redemption applicaton on mobile.

Requirements for ALL iLab@SMU projects : passion and willingness to explore boundaries of innovations - new tools, development environment. (You should have already completed Software Engineering & Enterprise Integration)

Got more ideas? Talk to us about it!

Contact: Koh Lian Chee - lckoh@smu.edu.sg

New Hope Community Service

New Hope's vision is "Giving shelter of hope to needy individuals and families". Our core service is to provide shelter for displaced families and men in crisis. We run the childen's character fun club where we teach children aged 5 to 12 positive character traits through the use of interactive and fun materials.

Project: Thrift shop e-commerce

Take a look at our website (http://www.newhopecs.org.sg/). New Hope runs a thrift shop that sells clothes, books, furniture, applicances, etc. The proceeds goes to fund New Hope's services. Items are donated and sold at their shop (2 Jalan Serengam). This project involve building an e-commerce website with shopping cart and inventory management of the thrift shop. The key is to provide an easy to maintain system that stores the inventory into a database using free software. Our website is currently hosted by a web hoster. Investigate what is required for this e-commerce site and how it may integrate with our existing website.

Contact Pastor Andrew Khoo: info@newhopecs.org.sg

SAS Projects

Project 3: Scenario Based Planning

Objective of project: There is an increasing pressure on organization to produce more accurate plans, budgets and forecasts to ensure viability of the business. It is common that the administrative aspects of the planning and budgeting process is very time consuming resulting in less time spent on value added analytical activities. While planning and budgeting solutions focus very much on streamlining the process, the ability to perform scenario based planning and what-if analysis is key to produce more accurate budget and improved decision making. The students will work with SAS Financial Intelligence (FI) team to design and plan scenario based planning for various business functions (eg. HR, Sales) and involve in incorporating their design into existing solutions.

Preferred timeline to start and complete: 4-5 months

Scope and deliverables of project: The students will learn concepts and product information from the SAS FI team and will be responsible to draft designs for innovative and scalable what-if analysis for budget planning. The students will then proceed to implement their designs into industry-ready solutions using SAS Financial Management solutions

Preferred background: students with Finance Major

Contact: Swapna Gottipati (swapnag@smu.edu.sg)

Note from course manager: IS480 requires an IT implementation/built/prototype beyond a report/survey/use of some tools/applications.

Volans Ventures

Background: Volans Ventures, based in Singapore and London, is dedicated to the business of social and environmental innovation. Working with top corporations and social entrepreneurs around the world, we develop partnerships that address the big social challenges confronting our planet today. For more information on Volans: www.volans.com.

Project: Volans Social Enterprise Showcase

Develop a community portal that showcases the work of top social enterprises and allows registered members of the website to contribute content and feedback. This is sorely lacking in the social entrepreneurship sphere, leading to many worthy success stories to be unheard of, amidst the deluge of information out there. This makes the project most worthy and important! We aim to address the needs via the development of 2 key modules for our website.

  1. Volans Recommendations
    1. Build a custom search engine using Lucene-based approach
    2. To enable identification of social enterprises by key attributes
    3. To surface relationships between organizations so as to identify intersections for collaboration
    4. To match registered members with the relevant skills and areas of interests with social enterprises that need their talents
    5. Allow customization of search results with ratings so that registered members can track their favourite social enterprises
  2. Volans Social Enterprise Tracking Index
    1. Build a custom web-crawler using Nutch-based approach
    2. Leverage on the search engine built for Volans Recommendations
    3. Crawl and index an initial 250 social enterprises for information and track changes so as to highlight new projects, key personnel changes, and other crucial information

If you are interested to push the envelope on social entrepreneurship and play an active role in helping established social entrepreneurs be more effective and successful in their respective areas of social need, contact Kevin Teo, Founding Partner: kevin@volans.com, or Allen Tan, Lead Software Architect: allen@volans.com.

Eligible for Lien Award.

Gelateria Venezia


Gelateria Venezia is a pioneer of gelato (Italian ice cream). Recently, we have launched a series of new products.


Build and customize an online ordering website for our newly launched products, together with auto generated reports on the products’ order tracking and management. Also, build a CRM through the website.

Contact: Francis Wong, gelato@gelateriavenezia.com

SMUSA Finance Department

The Online Claims System is to be developed from ground zero, and it plans to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Eradicate erroneous claims
  2. To reduce the amount of administrative work for SMUSA Finance and OFIN
  3. Make the SMUSA claims system more efficient
  4. Quicken the process for claim payments
  5. Derive information useful to the SMUSA Finance that would help streamline the system further

For this project, our team will work closely with SMUSA Finance Department, so as to better understand their existing claims process flows to develop our system. Once implemented, this system will bring more efficiency in student reimbursements and also a one-stop function for Finance, OSL and CCA clubs to track budgets effectively.


NHB H-Portal features

The H-Portal project was initially conceived in 2006 in response to perceived needs and technology push factors. Cultural heritage is a natural springboard for community interactions and collaboration. This project aims to be a frontrunner in the adoption of Web2.0 services in the public sector with particular focus on heritage communities.

Objectives :

  • Evaluate a set of H-Portal features for feasibility as e-engagement tools. In particular, QUICKR, image/video upload and sharing, search, IM may be of interest in community collaboration and sharing.
  • Design a survey form based on features evaluated to collect public interest and awareness of H-Portal as a cultural heritage networking service
  • Carry out survey on targeted groups
  • Develop at least 2 QUICKR groups to showcase the capability of the software to address needs of users

For more details, click [Internship FYP for Mobile Tour Guide.doc here].

Contact: Steven Wu (Steven_Wu@nhb.gov.sg)

Note from course manager: IS480 requires an IT implementation/built/prototype beyond a report/survey/use of some tools/applications.

Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Project: IP management system

SMU's Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship is interested in developing an Idea and IP management system.

Contact: Adeline TAN (adelinetan@smu.edu.sg/ DID 6828 0655)

The Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE) has been set up to create and grow an innovation and entrepreneurship culture amongst SMU's students, staff and faculty through collaborations with the community. IIE is committed to help inventors commercialize their ideas and aspires to build high quality and robust start ups. IIE will also be an innovation partner for SMEs and large enterprises.

Pamela Lim, Senior Lecturer, SMU, Business

Project: Project xFrontier

xFrontier Trading system is a developed points/credits exchange platform against K dollar. The core engine of the system should come with the following applications/subsystems:

  1. Order Management (ORM)
  2. Membership Management (MMT)
  3. Trade Management System (TMS)
  4. Market Maker System (MMS)

With authentication

The team will be expected to have strong technical, analysis and design ability. Understanding of J2EE Java Programming language is required. The team must have an interest or knowledge about the finance industry.


  1. Finalization of Requirements (Week1)
  2. A working prototype as proof of concept (3rd Week)
  3. System Development Progress Update (From 4th Week to 12th Week)
  4. Handing over of system and demonstration (13th Week)
  5. System Completion (15th Week)

The client is Kudotsu Pte Ltd. The sponsor will be Pamela Lim, Director of Kudotsu.

Contact: Pamela LIM (pamelalim@smu.edu.sg)