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Project Milestone

Phase Description
1 Research on iPhone and Android platforms

Research on ASP/Flash connections

Specify functionalities

2 Create
  1. Project Use case diagrams
  2. Class diagrams
  3. Sequence diagrams
  4. Data schema

Design UI for

  1. Intelligent Itinerary Planner
  2. Mobile Application
3 Intelligent Itinerary Planner:
  1. Create user forms
  2. Connections between ASP & Flash
  3. Implement algorithm
  4. Implement print method

Management System:

  1. CRUD Attractions & restaurants information
  2. CRUD lockers & toilets location
  3. CRUD Admin users

Mobile Application:

  1. Intelligent Map of USS
  2. Create user form
  3. Display customized itinerary

Integration of Intelligent Itinerary Planner & Management System

4 Project Acceptance (SMU)
  1. Discuss feedback from reviewers
  2. Implement changes

Register for IS480 (SMU)

5 Mobile Application
  1. USS Map
  2. Mobile Itinerary
  3. Event Reminder
  4. Search Restaurants
  5. Integration of USS map, mobile itinerary, event reminder
6 Conduct a trail run of application (User Acceptance Test) at USS
  1. Done with predefined visitors

Mid-Term Review (SMU)

  1. Discuss feedback from reviewers
  2. Implement changes
7 Integration of Management System & Mobile Application
8 Buffer
9 User Acceptance Test; create User Manual for:
  1. Intelligent Itinerary Planner functions
  2. Management System functions
  3. Mobile Application Functions

Undergo UAT for all functionalities

  1. Conduct 1 at USS with random visitors
  2. Conduct 1 in SMU with our peers

Review UAT results
Update any changes if needed
Re-test (if needed)

10 Design Poster

Submission of poster Write report Prepare demonstration and final presentation

11 Rehearsal for Final presentation

Submission of Documentation Pass RWS our final deliverables

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