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Risk Assessment


Risk exposure is determined by referencing to the risk scoring matrix above. After which different mitigation strategies will be determined by the team to minimize the risks.

As risks changes through the project, a comparison of the risks between the major FYP milestones (Acceptance, Midterm and Final) will bring our attention to risks and try to minimize them.

Here is a comparison between acceptance and midterm risks as well as midterm risk assessment:


By the final lap of FYP, we facte 2 major risks:


1) Sudden/Major Requirement Change

This risk had the potential impact to our schedule, functional research or worse, to our code infrastructure.

For example, we were suppose to finalize our code and focus on debugging by the end of Phase 6. However. There was a sudden request by our end users to implement “symbol customization” as they think that it is important for them at Phase 7. The impact of this function is very high as it affects our code infrastructure. So by implementing it, there is a risk that our application will not be stable.

So how did we manage it? After weighing the pros and cons within ourselves and discussions with our sponsor, we decided to take up the challenge as we believe we can make it if we do it together.

In the end we glad to be able to overcome it and our client is very please with it.

2) Communication with Clients

As you know we have multiple stakeholders, we need to manage their different opinions and strive for a win-win situation” even though our source of requirements is our sponsor. We also need to understand the client problem fully so that we can provide the right solution.

Media:risk assessment.pdf

Bug Tracking

Bug Matrix keeps to track the bugs that has been encountered during development.

This matrix is used in the bug tracking where founder of the bug will rate the bug’s impact on RIBA architecture and difficulty of solving the bug. This helps us track our schedule as more time might have to be catered for major bugs.

We aim to solve bugs of the highest score first, leaving the minor bugs to later. This is to help us move through all the functions to get RIBA mainframe up first before looking into solving minor bugs for better user experience.

Final Version: Media:Final Bug Matrix.xlsx

Midterm Version: Media:Bug Matrix.xlsx

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Main Page: IS480 Team wiki: 2010T2 Good Mix