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This is a guide for the IS480 presentations (different milestones will focus on different parts)

Project management

  • Evidence of project management
  1. Have you updated your Wiki?
  2. Do you conduct meetings with minutes? And review of the metrics collected? Does it help you to manage the project?
  3. Do you compare the plan vs actual schedule/scope to improve your change management?
  4. Are metrics helping you resolve problems before it gets worse?
  5. List challenges faced (risks mitigated). What are your top 2 risks going forward?
  • Value to sponsor
  1. Are you able to clearly communicate the project problem?
  2. What value does your system bring to the sponsor/client?
  3. How does your system capture content from users?
  4. What usage analytics are you able to present to sponsors?
  5. Do not proclaim savings, efficiencies, speed, revolutionary, life changing, robustness, all in one, complete solution, etc without going into the details. Have quantitative data to measure your goals.

Quality of product

  • Technical complexity
  1. Are you able to clearly communicate the complexity of the process/workflows/architecture/solution?
  2. Are the technology solution the best one for the client?
  3. What is the most technologically complex part of your system? (Don't be afraid to show pseudo/code but you must be able to guide through the complexity)
  4. Do not proclaim using the benefits of other frameworks as your own. You can say I use MVC, but you must explain how you do it.
  • Architecture
  1. Do you have a diagram that shows all the components/module/3rd party tools/framework/API/design pattern of your code?
  2. Is it a client server system? Are the data pulled or pushed?
  3. How flexible/maintainable is your system? Is it hard-coded or uses configuration files?
  • Demo & Deployment
  1. Have fun with your demo! Don't go over every single functions. Login is not your focus/main function. Do a role play or guide us over your main scenario.
  2. Have you deployed your system to the client’s production environment? Is it on the laptop, IS480 machines, sponsor servers, or sponsor’s cloud account (Amazon Webservices, Google App Engine, Azure, etc.)?
  3. Can the target users access your system now? Supervisors, reviewers, etc. Is it available to download from App Store, Android market or Market place?
  4. If it is a PoC (proof of concept), have you worked out the deployment details on a staging/test server?
  • User testing
  1. Are you able to get target users to test your application/system? Do you have personas? Are there multiple roles?
  2. Include both qualitative and quantitative test data. Don't just ask if they like or will use the system, measure the time they take to complete the task. Have you improved (faster or better) the system (tie it back to the value)?
  3. Are you testing with real/realistic data?
  4. Don't test because we asked you to test. Did you learn something you did not know before? (Unknown unknown)


  1. Practice and time your presentation. If each member handle their own parts without coming together, it is going to be risky.
  2. What is your X factor? This can change over the milestones. Be ambitious, then be realistic.
  3. If all else fail, reflect on your learning outcome. Spend sometime here.