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ये मेरा wiki पृष्ठ है | यहाँ लेखन आनन्ददायक है | [English: This is my wiki page. It is fun to write here]

Mohit Garg
Yeah, I do some racing, so what?

DegreeBSc. (Information Systems Management) with second major in Management and Bachelor of Business Management (Marketing)


Mohit is a final year student at Singapore Management University. He is the project manager for the SMU side for team Barcoders.


15 Sep 08

Installing GNU Compiler Collection on linux is giving a few issues related to environment variables (GCC / CC and PATH). Still looking for a solution.

16 Sep 08

Said bye bye to Mandriva and installed Ubuntu on my machine (on yeow leong's suggestion). Good thing Ubuntu has gcc pre installed. So no more troubles on that front. Right now, I am unable to configure QR Code libraries because the script claims that PNG libraries (libpng12) are missing. That's strange because my system thinks the latest version of PNG libraries are already installed. Will look into the issue when I am able to grab some time.

17 Sep 08

With reference to yesterday's problem, use the synaptic package manager to install lippng12-dev. That should solve the issue of configuring QR code libraries. Following this, just log in as root and 'make' the files (run 'make' and 'make install' commands). The rest of the process until executing test.sh shows no issues (remember to run 'ldconfig' before running test.sh). It's time to run the web service now!

TIP: You might need to add the current directory to the path. Do it as follows:

export PATH

19 Sep 08

Managed to start the web service, run a sample client and sample service. To start the web service, you need to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to lib folder of apache (have to check the variable name again, will update it)

23 Sep 08

Have been able to run the 'hello' service and 'hello' client by following the Axis2/C Manual. Looking for some information on how can I call the Zint library (which is in a different folder) from Axis. I have included the backend folder while compiling the hello_svc.c file using -I and -L option on GCC (http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc-4.3.2/gcc/Directory-Options.html#Directory-Options)

Update: able to call the zint library using -l option. just add -lzint while compiling hello_svc

Update 2: able to generate barcode image file using the client. woohoo. Now the challenge is to change the methods and interfaces (in library.c, zint.h) such that: 1) image file is returned to the hello_svc.c class so that it can send it to the client.

When this is done, we can start to use the actual values from the client rather than the default values in the ZBarcode_Create() method (library.c)

31 Sep 08

I can save the file with its name equaling the text value of the barcode. '/' is replaced by another character. The idea is to use it for caching.