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Due on 16th of June, 23:59. Media:Guru_-_FYP_Project_Proposal_v1_9.docx‎

Mid Term

a. Mid Term Presentation Team Guru_v4: Which comprises of the mid term report summary providing an overview on the team background, project progression and issues highlighted

b.Mid Term Presentation Team Guru_Appendix: This form the main bulk of the mid term grading which includes: Use case, Class, ER diagrams, UAT Test results by team groupers and GURU, architecture deployment, metrics, Plan vs Actual, Risk and Mitigation, screenshots of applications for Appendix Part 1 and Part 1_1.

For Appendix 2 and 2_1 they are screenshots of the application images

c. Presentation: This contain team GURU mid term presentation slides for 29 September 2010

d. Gantt Chart: This contain the latest Gantt Chart by Team Guru

Application Development

The application development contains:

a.Team Guru code (Zipped protected mode)

    • Team Guru Code:[[2]]

b.Team Guru and Grouper Test Case Scenarios and Results

    • Grouper Test Case Sceanrio:[[3]]

c.Client Feedbacks


Others include:

a.Er Diagram: Media:ER_Diagramv2.png