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Team Journal

Week 1

Various tasks that we undertook within 6 days

  • Meet up with our new sponsor and discused about the new requirements
  • Consult our supervisor during the weekends for more advice
  • Research on the various possibilities/technology/solutions and present them to our new sponsor on a Sunday
  • Meet up with our Supervisor , Client and past FYP teams under our new clients for an in-depth discussion before we conclude our proposal.

It wasn't the best start that we hoped for due to the mad rush, but this experience gave us a feel of what managing a project would be like in the industry. We realized that there are always uncertainties , and stakeholder management formed an important essence for a sucessful project.

Lastly, we are glad that our project was given the green light to work toward the project acceptance presentation by Professor Benjamin.

Week 2

  • Integrated Google Map as the base of B1G1 World
  • Initial Deployment of Facebook SDK for the Facebook Application
  • Investigating the current database structure developed for B1G!
  • Self-Study on various technologies required. Namely Facebook SDK, Facebook Query Language, Flex SDK with Eclipse and Apache Ant.
  • Reaffirmed the core functionalities and seek constant feedback from Supervisor/Clients to ensure we are on the same page.

Week 3

  • Managed to extract user information from facebook through Facebook SDK
  • Manually Developed PHP Web service that convert company address into longtitude and latitude
  • Project acceptance demo Facebook application layout completed

Week 4

  • Visual interface version 1 for Facebook implemented
  • Filter by region function is completed for B1G1 World
  • Discussion with Clients, Masami and Paul for interface feedback
  • Decided to implement Visuwords as a way to show individual giving members' linkage and giving

Week 5

  • Visual interface version 2 implemented after comments by clients and Supervisor
  • Facebook Application Syncing function is implemented.
  • Discussion with our client Masami for the revised interface

Week 6

  • Decided to use a third party library - Flare instead of Visuwords.
  • Facebook Share and Comment function is implemented
  • Discussion with Masami on on current progress
  • Solved pertaining zooming issue for B1G1 World. (Restricting the zooming parameters)

Week 7

  • Update of Documentation (Metrics and Project Development Status)
  • Reconcile functions development status with planned project schedule
  • Meet up with our clients to show latest progress and get feedback
  • Mid Term Review Presentation

Week 8

  • Making the relevant changes after comments from the reviewers and supervisor
  • Improve the current layout of Facebook
  • Primary discussion on the UI design for B1G1 Widget.
  • Poster designs and contents discussion

Week 9

  • Improve the visual aspect of B1G1 World. Integrating icons suggested by our clients into B1G1 World.
  • Make necessary changes to our Facebook application after discussion with our client
  • Started development of the Admin module and Widget

Week 10

  • Revamp Facebook Application layout to a new UI design after suggestion by client
  • Incorporating Google Map API into Admin module
  • Developing Algorithm for the admin module that allows the end user to update B1G1's partners address, through geocoding and reverse geocoding methods

Week 11

  • Widget Version 1 completed and was presented to our client
  • Poster Draft 1 completed
  • Poster Draft 2 completed after Supervisor feedback
  • Recommendation Module for B1G1 World completed

Week 12

  • The team was recommended to attend the Youth Infocomm Day
  • Widget UI design revamped after comments by clients