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B1G1 World

B1G1 World Flash Application Link: http://www.b1g1.com/facebook/b1g1world/app/

Proposal Idea


Arrows shows which projects the user is supporting. In the pipeline, there will be additional filters added to better represents the giving impact of various business organizations.

Acceptance Presentation

Maxco B1G1World Acceptance.jpg

Mid Term Review

Progress of B1G1 World since Acceptance Presentation

Utilizing Google Map as part of B1G1 World


B1G1 World displaying the giving impact of a giving Business.


B1G1 World displaying the leverage of a giving Business.

Final Presentation

Latest Version with new icons and layout
Maxco B1G1WorldLatest Main.png

Minor additions on the Main B1G1 World display through the introduction of the zoom and recommendation module icons

B1G1WorldLatest Recommendation.png

Newly added Recommendation module. Capable of finding suggested match through a self-coded indexing service.

Maxco B1G1WorldLatest Entities.png

Latest design to displayed B1G1 entities(Business That Give, Worthy Cause Partner and Projects) within a Google Map Marker.

Maxco B1G1WorldLatest Leverage.jpg

New icons and design for the leverage graph.


Post Mid-Term Review

Initial Ideas

Displaying the giving details utilizing Google Map as the background.

Version 2
Redesigned the layout after feedback from Supervisor and Client

Heuristic Evaluation Phase

MaxcoBizWidget.png MaxcoGenericWidget.jpg
Did minor changes in the graphic and display after Client's suggestions

Final Presentation

Customized Widget

Widget that is customized depending on the business that give It will display the giving details dynamically , depending on the impact the business made Users can also retrived the embed codes by clicking on the Embed Icon

Embed Codes as displayed upon clicking the Embed Icon

Generic Widget

Generic Widget that display random facts about giving impact Users can also retrieved the embed codes like the Customized Widget

Facebook Application

B1G1 Facebook Application Link: http://apps.facebook.com/buyonegiveone/

Mid-Term Review

Facebook Layout Version 1
Fb causes.png

Facebook Causes Page

Fb project.png

Facebook Individual Project Page

Fb Invite.png

Facebook Invite Page

Final Presentation

Revamped Facebook Layout Final Version
MaxcoFB Home.png

Newly Designed Facebook Application Homepage with a new random facts plugin

MaxcoFB Invite.png

Invite Function is scaled to fit into the new layout

MaxcoFB Causes.png

Facebook Application causes page with a cleaner layout design

MaxcoFB Project.png

Individual project page with minor touch up