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These are available projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the sponsor or sent to the course manager. Some projects provide awards. Past Projects

Chung Suk Co/Grundfos.com - M-web/App for EasyPump E-Commerce Platform

About EasyPump EasyPumpShop is owned and operated by Chung Suk Co., Ltd Singapore Branch. The eCommerce operation started in Jan 2012. The site currently serves these five markets – Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Why EasyPump This project will allow to gain regional exposure and valuable learning in E-Commerce. Project team will also receive certificate from the management to recognize their contributions. Special award will be given for outstanding delivery of this project.

Your Challenge Come out with crazy and fun ideas to boost traffic and sales conversion/order on EasyPumpShop. Students are encouraged to use latest technology tools or create applications to facilitate purchase decision making and streamline checkout process. The key features include product categorization, community engagement, special promotions and shopping cart management . Students should design and recommend solutions by researching and identifying opportunities for the current business processes and apply their knowledge in E-Commerce.

Project Scope

  1. Research report (current site audit and recommendations)
  2. Actual scope will be confirmed after discussion with project team based on selection of objectives

Project Deliverable

  1. Final presentation
  2. Working prototype (can be deployed)
  3. Source code
  4. Spec files

For more information


  • Martin Li <martin.li@grundfos.com>

Pivotal Expert - SingPath Mobile II

Project Objective SingPath Mobile for the iPad was developed by Augmenta in Term 1 2012. We are looking for a team interested in picking up where that team left off and implementing the features that did not make it in to the original iPad App release. If you are interested in making the process of learning new software languages a little more fun, this could be the project for you.

The application consists of 2 components:

  1. An iPad application
  2. A simple server that the iPad app communicates with to download additional content.

A more complete software requirement will be given to the team once they decide to take on the project.

Technical Requirements The team to complete the project would use the following technologies and tools.

  • Objective-C
  • JSON
  • Apple App Store

Sponsors Pivotal Expert, PTE LTD


  • Sandra Boesch <SandraCBoesch@gmail.com>, HP: 92322300
  • Chris Boesch <cboesch@smu.edu.sg>

From Course Coordinator Team must gather requirements to define suitable scope for IS480 in the proposal. Be sure to get the complete requirement.

Pivotal Expert - SingPath Tablet

Project Objective SingPath is an online coding game that allows players to complete short quests as they practice their software development skills. For this project, we are looking for a team that can experiment with the limits of what HTML5 enables on tablets of various sizes and operating systems. Specifically, we are interested to see if the team can create an offline mode that would allow the web-based HTML version of SingPath to be played when disconnected from the network. The example use case is for a user that wants to download a quest or collection of problems to practice a new software language while they are on an airplane or anywhere else that network access may be poor or intermittent. We would also like for the App to be playable on a range of 7-inch tablets.

The application consists of 1 component:

  1. An updated version of the SingPath.com website that can be cached in HTML5-compatible browsers.

A more complete software requirement will be given to the team once they decide to take on the project.

Technical Requirements The team to complete the project would use the following technologies and tools.

  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Angularjs
  • JSON
  • Github

Sponsors Pivotal Expert, PTE LTD


  • Sandra Boesch <SandraCBoesch@gmail.com>, HP: 92322300
  • Chris Boesch <cboesch@smu.edu.sg>

From Course Coordinator Team must gather requirements to define suitable scope for IS480 in the proposal. Be sure to get the complete requirement.

Starterbed - Realty Wall (Property listing and Advertisement System)

Project Objective Realty Wall is an upcoming start up that aims to cause a dent in the online property listing landscape. The objective of this project is to create a property web application that competes with the likes of Property Guru, iProperty etc.

The application consists of 2 components:

  1. Property Listing Site
  2. Advertisement Management System

1. The property-listing site would allow agents and homeowners to

  • Perform intuitive text search of listed property
  • Post current properties he/she is selling.
  • Automatic retrieval of amenities from Google Places API
  • Inline placing of relevant advertisement
  • Send posted property information to various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitters
  • Receive updates of listed properties based on preferred user settings

2. The advertisement management system will allow sponsors to

  • Post ads from our clients
  • Ads will be location based. (Example. An advertised restaurant will appear as an amenity in the listed property if it falls within a specified proximity)
  • Track performance of advertisements (Such as click rate)

A more complete software requirement will be given to the team once they decide to take on the project.

Technical Requirements

The team to complete the project would use the following technologies and tools.

  • PHP and Laravel Framework
  • Google Map/ Google Places API
  • JQuery
  • MySQL
  • Redhat Openshift Platform

Sponsors Starterbed LLP


  • Kris Kong <kris@starterbed.com>, HP: 90010783

Flauntpage - Job Seeker

About Flauntpage Flauntpage is a business in the making that aims to simplify the hiring process for both companies and job seekers. Our pilot product flauntpage.com consists of 2 distinct applications:

Flauntpage - Job Seeker

  • Create quality resumes/covers letters fast

Flauntpage - Company

  • Manage applicants and talent pipeline

Our Past Collaborations with IS480 Teams One hit Wonder has helped us developed both the Jobseeker and Company application in 2012. The Job Seeker application is ready for beta launch later this year and the Company application is a functional proof of concept.

We’re looking for a team to carry on the good work of Team One Hit Wonder with emphasis on the Company application.

Project Requirements (Company)

  1. Integrate with Paypal to accept payment from corporate customers
  2. Manage Job Applicants
    1. Receive job applications sent in from Flauntpage - Jobseeker.
    2. Upload PDF and Word resumes and cover letters sent in by applicants from other means like email
      1. The system will extract and make sense of the data. (E.g The system will know which portion of the document is an applicant’s work experience and store them correctly in the database)
    3. Create tags to categorise applicants
    4. Create pre-defined messages to notify both selected and rejected candidates.
  3. Search Engine
    1. Perform full text search to allow companies to quickly filter different applicants
  4. Manage Job Posts
    1. Create Job Post and generate Career Page
    2. Share jobs directly on social media platforms, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +
    3. Send out email notifications to suitable past applicants
  5. Collaborative Review
    1. Allow users to invite colleagues to comment and rate on each of the applicants
    2. Permission setting to define what each colleague can and cannot do in the recruitment process.
  6. Integration with beta Jobseeker App

More details will be provided to the team once they decide to embark on this project.

Skills Required Team preferably should have prior knowledge of the following technologies, although not necessary. Training classes will be provided.

  1. PHP
  2. Laravel Framework
  3. HTML 5, CSS
  4. JQuery
  5. Basic knowledge of search engine and document indexing

Sponsor Information Flauntpage Limited Liability Partnership


  • Kris Kong <kris@flauntpage.com>, HP: 90010783
  • Wong Cheok Lup <cheoklup@flauntpage.com>
  • Kay Liao <kay@flauntpage.com>
  • Krisabelle Tee <krisabelle@flauntpage.com>

From Course Coordinator Team working on this project will need to clearly define what has been developed and value added as compared to previous team’s ( One hit Wonder) project work.

SAP Stoneball – Semantic Web for Cloud based CPQ

Introduction to Stoneball For more than 10 years Stoneball has been developing Java based software in the area of Configuration, Pricing and Quotation (CPQ). The focus lies on integrated CPQ applications for complex products and complete solutions on top of a SAP ERP and CRM landscape. Stoneball is a SAP development partner based out of Germany with a subsidiary in Singapore; the team covers the entire software development process, from the analysis of customer needs, through conception, actual development, quality assurance and maintenance.

Project goals The overall intent of this project is to build a prototype for a hybrid on-premise / on-demand CPQ application based on some latest SAP technology. Key objectives to be addressed are:

  • Seamlessly integrate channel partner into CPQ process
  • Combine the advantages of graphical configuration with cloud collaboration
  • Analyse the feasibility of semantic technologies such OWL or SPARQL
  • Showcase latest SAP technology such as Solution Configurator or NW Cloud

As the project is a research prototype at first, focus lies on evaluating technology options and developing feasible implementation approaches rather than building industry ready software.


Since the outcome of the project has significant impact on product planning, the project will be heavily supported by experienced Stoneball development teams, both from a project management as well as specification and development perspective. The project deliverables include a prototype implementation based on well-defined use cases, a qualitative assessment on the applicability of technologies used as well as final presentation to management.

Scope of the Project Area Detailed Description

  • Graphical Configuration
    • Selection of adequate UI technology like HTML5 or RCP
    • Easy to use UI including workflow support
    • Support 3D modelling
    • Web service integration of OD CRM tool
  • Semantic Web Layer
    • Jena or OWL API integration
    • SPARQL communication
  • Application Server
    • Selection of frameworks like Spring or EJB
    • In-memory OWL store such as TDB or SDB
    • SPARQL end point server
  • Cloud Platform
    • SWOT analysis for SAP NW Cloud
    • Light-weight UI allowing minimum configuration tasks
    • Re-use of fat client UI as much as technology allows
    • Cloud database such SAP HANA
    • Partner to partner collaboration (co-browsing)

In addition to above scope multiple work packages will be developed and provided by Stoneball team in advance. This includes amongst others the underlying ontology models, a base platform API, SAP product model integration or cloud foundation layers. Development environment will be a combination of Eclipse front end with cloud based versioning and build systems.

Skills required Technology wise, Java and semantic web experience is required plus cloud and HTML5 experience would be a good complement. As the project will be carried out in two locations, good team working skills and high interest to collaborate in an international environment are essential.

Benefits to you

  • Exposure to some of the latest SAP technology
  • Experience real cloud application scenarios around CRM processes
  • Learn collaborative and global software development
  • Optional international travel


Contacts Ralf-Peter Isensee, Managing Director, Stoneball – rp.isensee@stoneball.de Joerg Westphal, Head of Online Business, Stoneball – jwestphal@stoneball.de Dhaval Bhardwaj Singapore PM, dbhardwaj@stoneball.de

Think.Act.Green U Melbourne- Coffee Cart Touch Screen System

Overview We are a not for profit organisation called Think.Act.Green operating out of the University of Melbourne. This is a completely student run organisation and we aim to empower high school students with the skills, knowledge and resources to create and implement sustainable environmental change in their schools and local communities. We do this by teaching them business and financial literacy skills and provide them with grants to implement initiatives to make their schools more environmentally sustainable.

We are currently in the process of starting a coffee cart business where all profits will go into running the not for profit organisation, Think.Act.Green. It will be fully costed and will hire qualified baristas. To streamline the business and minimise fraud, we would need a completely cashless point of sales system for this coffee cart.

Objective We would like a touch sceen system where customers will input their orders at a counter, without the help of a cashier, so it has to be very very easy and straightforward to use. It would have to be very quick as well because during rush hour there would be huge queues. The system will have to channel the orders to the baristas via another screen.

System Requirements Features that this system should have:

  • fast, efficient mode of payment (prepaid or swipe card, etc)
  • ability to store customers' info, so when they swipe their card, or key in their student id, then their favourite order would come up and they would have to have minimal touches before their orders get sent through.
  • ability to store value. So they can pre-buy 10 cups of coffee (at a discount) remotely (say via a website?) and when they come to the station they can just swipe their card or key in their student id and when they order a cup of coffee, the system deducts one cup and shows them how many remaining cups they have on their account.
  • ability to order and pay remotely so that when they are say about 5 minutes from the end of class, they can buy a cup of coffee from their smartphones or laptops and come out of class and their coffee would be ready (saves times when they are rushing to the next class).
  • system should be able to pick up orders via smartphones and via order station and order them according to time ordered or time required to be ready.
  • system should be able to collate sales data and can be downloaded by manager for financial statement creation and analysis
  • system should allow staff to sign in and out at the station with time sstamp, removing need for 'book-in,, book-out'
  • other features that students can think of


Yue Ling Yew, Coffee Cart <coffee@unimelbsife.org.au>

From Course Coordinator The sponsor is oversea. I am not sure if Ling will be able come to Singapore. Normally, we will not accept this constraint for a project. However, if Ling is willing to consider this a SIS student team initiated project and Coffee Cart a client (versus a sponsor), then you may proceed. Please note that with your ideas, you need to get a mentor and work out the IP with Ling.

Avocent/Emerson - Emerson Data Center Asset and Inventory Management

Eligible for Avocent award

Introduction Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE:EMR), is the global leader in enabling Business-Critical Continuity™ from grid to chip for telecommunication networks, data centers, health care and industrial facilities.

Emerson Network Power provides innovative solutions and expertise in areas including AC and DC power and precision cooling systems, embedded computing and power, integrated racks and enclosures, power switching and controls, infrastructure management, and connectivity. All solutions are supported globally by local Emerson Network Power service technicians. Aperture and Avocent solutions from Emerson Network Power simplify data center infrastructure management by maximizing computing capacity and lowering costs while enabling the data center to operate at peak performance.

Some of the world’s leading brands – such as Microsoft Corp., Intel, HP, Dell, IBM, Time Warner, Verizon, General Electric, Exxon Mobil, Disney, FedEx and Home Depot – depend on Avocent technology to help them simply manage mission critical physical resources, in the data center, remote branch location, and at end point devices.

Project Description In a Data Center, there are lots of assets comprise of servers, rack PDUs, storage equipments etc. If there isn't any asset management, database or even asset tracking solution in place, the Data Center will be in a mess in no time. We will like to have the ability to take a holistic look at the entire physical data center environment and to not only understand what is happening in real time but also make intelligent decisions about future changes and investments. See Illustration below:

Screen Shot 2012-08-27 at 12.40.58 PM.png

The data center is IT’s most valuable (and expensive) asset, and you are responsible for the day-to-day operation. The demand for your services has grown steadily and so has the complexity of your job. Many professionals in your position have developed a range of ad hoc tools and techniques to manage the physical infrastructure. Unfortunately, all too often these tools are neither comprehensive nor integrated, failing to provide the real-world information needed to accurately plan and execute change.

Objective Students to understand and integrate open Data Base (postgresql) from Emerson Data Center Planner Software with 3rd party vendors database.

Students / Project Group will be provided the following:

  • Emerson Data Center Planner Software with Data Base hosted in Virtual Machine
  • 3rd Party Vendor Software & Data Base hosted in Virtual Machine
  • Physical Rack, Server, Power will be provided
  • 3rd Party peripherals / hardware will be provided
  • Software for all licenses will be provided

We have Emerson Data Center Planner Software (shown below) which addressed the above situation: Screen Shot 2012-08-27 at 12.41.15 PM.png


  • Assets / equipments which are going into or remove from the racks will need to be tracked
  • 3rd party vendor "Tracking system" hardware is setup within the rack and leveraging the setup to retrieve information and status of the equipments
  • Status of equipments will then update the Database (DB) of Emerson Data Center Planner software automatically, likewise on 3rd Party vendor database (DB)
  • Changes to the Data Center Planner Software / DB will also reflect the changes to the equipment(s) data base
  • What will be the man-hour for providing this Data Base integration
  • Propose SWOT analysis for the project

Additional work beyond scope

  • Update team on bi-weekly on project timeline
  • Program must have limitless scalability

Requirements and Considerations Students’ background should incorporate minimum on the following fields:

  • Programming Skills (SOAP, HTTP-based API interface, XML)
  • Ability to understand Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Ability to understand Application Programming Interface (API)

Students will be advise on what is the 3rd party vendor software or Data Base to be integrated during discussion and need to sign a letter of non-disclosure agreement (NDA) form prior commencing on the project.

Contact Alvin.Cheang@Emerson.com <Alvin.Cheang@Emerson.com> Data Centre Solution Architect, Enterprise Solution Group - Asia, Emerson Network Power

Standard Chartered Bank - iLab@SMU

Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered Bank @ iLab

iLab@SMU is a collaborative partnership setup in 2006 by Standard Chartered Bank and SMU to create a hotbed for business, technology and financial innovations that will be rolled out across the Bank's network in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, while delivering on the Bank's commitment and belief in talent development. The collaboration creates opportunities for students to experience the corporate environment as they work on projects to solve real-life business problems with the Bank.

iLab@SMU has sponsored close to fifty IS480 projects since its inception in 2006 and had generously recognized and rewarded excellent performance from IS480 teams and individuals that delivered exceptional results in their projects.

Got ideas? Talk to us about it!

Come to us if you want to explore project possibilities. A number of iLAB projects have been initiated by YOUR ideas, and then refined through interaction with SCB professionals.

Requirements for ALL iLab@SMU projects :

  • Passion and Willingness to explore boundaries of innovations
    • New tools, Development environment
  • Academic Modules pre-requisite
    • IS203 Software Engineering
    • IS301 Enterprise Integration

Contact: Koh Lian Chee - lckoh@smu.edu.sg / ilab@smu.edu.sg

Drop an email to me to arrange a time with our staff to find out more about the Standard Chartered Bank @ iLab!

From Course Coordinator Please inform the course coordinator before confirming any projects with iLab.


BuzzCity - (LARC: Kyong Jin Shim and Ee-Peng Lim)

  • Develop an external agent for suggesting and posting relevant recommendations (at the user level) to myGamma, a mobile application for social networking.
  • NOTICE (updated on 15th April): We WILL sponsor this project. For more details, please contact us.

Twitter Followee Recommendation System - (LARC: Ee-Peng Lim)

  • Develop an iPad application, which will interface with back-end algorithms (already developed) for Twitter friend recommendation.
  • NOTICE (updated on 15th April): We WILL sponsor this project. For more details, please contact us.

Mobile Analytics (LARC: Kyong Jin Shim)

  • Build a context-aware shopping recommendation system with capability to source data from Facebook.
  • NOTICE: This project is getting pushed back to 2012-2013 Term 2.

Contact Kyong Jin SHIM <kjshim@smu.edu.sg>

From Course Coordinator Please inform the course coordinator before confirming any projects with LARC.

SMU - Alexandra Health T-Lab

Alexandra Health Logo.jpg

Alexandra Health, together with the School of Information Systems (SIS) at the Singapore Management University (SMU) have established a partnership since May 2010 to work together to demonstrate fresh and better ways to serve and satisfy patients whenever they are interacting with the Alexandra Health system. Through this partnership, a joint mechanism known as the "T-Lab" has been established that enables students, staff and faculty of SMU's School of Information Systems (SIS) to team with professionals from Alexandra Health to work on a continuing series of projects to improve service delivery, quality, productivity and experience.

Come and talk to us if you are interested in working on a project aimed at adding value to the delivery of healthcare services.

Contact: Koh Lian Chee - lckoh@smu.edu.sg

  • Academic Modules pre-requisite
    • IS203 Software Engineering
    • IS301 Enterprise Integration

From Course Coordinator Please inform the course coordinator before confirming any projects with Alexandra Hospital.

Pivotal Expert - Piano Hero

Project Objective

Piano Hero is an iPad game designed to make practicing piano a lot less boring. Rather than simply practicing scales and working on recital pieces, players will be asked to save the world by play their USB-enabled keyboard and/or piano. Students will be able to work through quests consisting of challenges and cinematic cut scenes which will be provided by the client. The game will be designed for self-paced learners and also support a feature that allows piano instructors around the world to assign quests as practice to prepare students for future 1-on-1 lessons. The main goal will be to create something fun that students learning piano can use to practice with at their current skill level.

The application consists of 2 components:

  1. An iPad application that will run on the player's computer
  2. A simple website that enables piano teachers to assign quests for their students to attempt.

1. The iPad application will be able to:

  • Interface with USB-enabled Midi keyboards, pianos, and other devices.
  • Playback videos for the quests
  • Compare the players playing (usb midi inputs) against the target midi playback
  • Record the players playing for future playback and/or upload.
  • Allow the player to start and save quests
  • Allow the player to load quests assign by others via a url that is pasted in.

2. The website will enable piano teachers and/or parents to

  • Assign quests to students
  • See student progress on quests
  • Create new quests with urls/links that they can provide to students.

The project team will be provided with an iPad 2, iPad USB adapter, and a USB piano to develop the application.

Technical Requirements

The team to complete the project would use the following technologies and tools.

  • Objective-C
  • JSON


Pivotal Expert, PTE LTD


  • Sandra Boesch <SandraCBoesch@gmail.com>, HP: 92322300
  • Chris Boesch <cboesch@smu.edu.sg>