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Project Progress Summary

Our project can be categorized into two parts - the personal giving central and the business giving central. Functionalities in the two parts are similar and the user interface can be slightly tweaked to cater for the different types of users. After discussion with the sponsors, the team has decided to start developing the personal giving central, before modifying it to suit the business giving central. This is because the current B1G1 website is targeting businesses and would like to create a new giving avenue that targeting individuals.

Currently, the group is still in the midst of developing the personal giving central. The basic functionalities are completed and we would proceed to with building the more complex functions during the mid term break. Since the project acceptance, there has been a considerable amount of change in the user interface proposed by our sponsors. In certain cases, this has resulted in the increase in the number of functionalities that have to be completed. We hope to finish the personal giving central and start on the business giving central by Week 10.

Project Highlights:

What unexpected events occurred?

  • Much more time was spent on understanding JavaScript
  • Integration of various functions from different libraries created conflict
  • Increased functionalities proposed by sponsors
  • Team members too busy with other work

Project Management

Project Status:

Task/function/features, etc Status Confident Level (0-1) Comment
Facebook Sign On Fully implemented, UAT done 1
Collapsible Side Menu Fully implemented, UAT done 1 New scope due to change in UI
Giving Impact Calculator Fully implemented, UAT done 1
User Profile Fully implemented, UAT done 1
Pledge Calculator Fully implemented, UAT done 1
Project Browser Fully implemented, UAT done 1 Slight modifications due to change in UI
Search Project Fully implemented, UAT done 1
Daily Habits Calculator Not implemented 1 New function
Giving History Not implemented 1
PayPal integration Not implemented 1 Sandy read up on PayPal API before Project Acceptance
Business Recommendation Not implemented 0.7 Complex function
Business Connections Not implemented 0.7 Complex function
Awards module Not implemented 1 Need other functions like giving history to be done before we can start, new function
Business Giving Central Not implemented 0.6 Personal Giving Central is our priority

Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual):

Iteration Start Date Planned End Date Actual End Date
Inception 0 22/12/2010 25/12/2010 25/12/2010
Elaboration 1 25/12/2010 31/12/2010 31/12/2010
Elaboration 2 - Phase 1 03/01/2011 17/01/2011 17/01/2011
Elaboration 2 - Phase 2 18/01/2011 31/01/2011 02/02/2011
Elaboration 2 Milestone - Regression Testing Stage 1 31/01/2011 31/02/2011 02/02/2011
Construction 1 - Phase 3 31/01/2011 10/01/2011 15/02/2011
Construction 1 Milestone - Regression Testing Stage 2 10/02/2011 11/02/2011 15/02/2011

The project scope has increased since the Project Acceptance Presentation. For detailed project schedule, click here for detailed project schedule.

Project Metrics:

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Project Risks:

Risk Probability Impact Mitigation
Difficult to estimate the complexity of each function High High Work closer and communicate with sponsor
Browser compatibility Low Low Standardize browser to use among all team members
User-friendly interface Medium High Communicate with sponsor and seek opinion from others

Technical Complexity:

1. Unfamiliar language
The entire team has no experience with JavaScript and the project requires us to use technologies like FBTL, AJAX and Jquery. Much time was spent on learning and discovering about the technologies and the hence the debugging process was made more time consuming as well. This is the main difficult that is faced by all members in the team.

2. Project Search and Project Browser
As these functions require the use of various JavaScript libraries, there are certain functions that cannot be integrated with functions from another library. We are not sure of what is the object being returned in the function, resulting in a long debugging process.

3. Understanding the table relations in the current database
In order to reuse the data in the current Drupal database, we spent some time understand the table relations and picking out the necessary tables for our project. In addition, due to the database structure, the queries to the database can get quite complex and tedious to write.

Quality of product

As the concept of our project is new and not been done before, the success is largely dependent on the user interface and how it can attract users to our webpage. Therefore, AJAX has been used extensively to prevent users having to redirect to different pages. In fact, users will stay on the same page upon the Facebook sign on.

Benjamin Gan Reflection:

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