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Team BOLT's Knowledge Base

Cool Features

  • Send SMS from your system using CommzGate API, comes with 10 free SMS for development testing with a trial account! [1]
  • Google Maps Mashup API. Recommended for international addresses. [2]
  • Gothere.sg API. Recommended for Singapore addresses. [3]
  • Syncing contacts to mobile phone via ActiveSync (suitable for users on Windows Mobile)[4]
  • Calendar for displaying of schedules, comes with drag and drop functions! [5] [6]
  • amCharts for cool reports generation [7]

Web Styling Tips

  • Auto complete & populate using JavaScript [8]
  • Date Picker using Calendar [9]
  • Other useful Javascript tips [10]
  • CSS Design to achieve printer friendly versions [11]

Unit Testing Tools

  • Selenium allows you to record system activities for unit testing [12]