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UAT Results

UAT Result

UAT Feedback

Our UAT was well received with testers liking what they have tried on. All our testers felt that the functions were relevant and would help them in making a better purchase which was what we hope to achieve. However, during the process of the UAT, minor bugs were found in the function which did not allow the function to work. Debugging and proper validation is required to resolve the bug.

For usability, most of our testers were able to navigate to designated site and use the functions easily without assistance. However some users had suggested us to make the add review and flagging more prominent, as some users would not scroll down to see the functions below.

For aesthetic, the response on the purpose was clear to everyone which is important for a website. As for the design and layout, some testers suggested that the layout could be more professional and testers hope to see more pictures of products in the product pages and they informed that some consumers purchase credit cards base on the card design.