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Time metric allows the team to track the progress of the project, whether if the team is on schedule or behind schedule. With time metric, we would be able to better manage our project schedule to ensure that we meet the project deadline with at least completing all core functions.

Time distribution for project:
Thursday, Saturday: 8hrs /day
The rest 4 working days: 2hrs/day
Sunday: buffer time
Total time: 8*2+2*4=24 hrs/week

Calculation = Actual Hours / Estimated Hours

Calculation Status
Metric < 1 Ahead of estimated schedule
Metric = 1 Right on Schedule
Metric > 1 Behind of estimated Schedule


Behind Schedule Action to be Taken
1 < Metric < 1.3 Minimal Disruption. PM has to ensure the other iterations will be given adequate buffer time.
1.3 ≤ Metric ≤ 1.6 Severe Disruption. PM probably has to reschedule additional meetings on free slots/Sundays to cover up the pending tasks.
Metric > 1.6 Critical Disruption. PM need to reduce scope

Ahead Schedule Action to be Taken
0.5 ≤ Metric < 1 Right on/Ahead of Schedule. We will proceed to the next iteration
0 < Metric < 0.5 Extremely Ahead of Schedule. PM might want to revise the whole schedule

Time Metric Record

Time Metric Record: Time Metric Record