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Over the years, Singapore has established itself as a premier financial hub in Asia, known for its robust economic and financial fundamental. Singapore financial centers offer a broad range of financial services including banking, investment banking and treasury services. However, due to emergent of more financial insititutions in the industry, the market become increasingly competitive. Banks competitive nature resulted in tweaking of terminology in promopting their products and services to attract consumers. This raised complexity in making purchase decisions given the different choices and slight differences in offerings and services.

For consumers to make better-informed decisions, it is imperative to have a platform that contains financial information of different banks, and a comparison tool to single out the best rates amongst the different financial offerings and services.

Through this project, our team aims to provide a better-informed purchase decisions on financial retail products and services, allowing purchases to be more intuitive and efficient.

Our team plans to develop this project using Drupal, a content management system, written in PHP. Drupal provides an advanced URL control and customization of content types and views, where a strong content management is what we need in building of Community web portals and Discussion Sites. Furthermore, Drupal proves to be an ultimate choice for creating of site that is heavy-duty or a site, which may have to be further developed in future.

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