JCEman: Bug Metric

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  • Bug Metric
    • Prioritize Debugging Time
    • Keeps track of unsolved bugs
    • Ensure quality of the Web Application
    • Let the team knows which function has more bugs.(Auto-notify the team members by emails)

Total Score Per Iteration =(1 × Number of Low) + (5 × Number of High) + (10 × Number of Critical)

Bug Severity Status
Low (1 Point) Unimportant. Probably some UI issues.
High (5 Points) System can still run with some functionalities not working.
Critical (10 Points) Have to fix to continue testing or further coding.


Score in Iteration Action to be taken
Score< 5 Fix during buffer time only.
5 < Score < 10 Use the planned debugging time.
Score≥ 10 Stop development and resolve the bug immediately. Reschedule project timeline.

Bug Metric Record