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  1. Banks are willing to disclose informations we required
    1. Interest rates
    2. Products or services details
  2. Banks that posted the information on their websites are up to date.
  3. Bank products and services are comparable across banks.
  4. Initial startup of this project will be limited to four main banks in Singapore only.
  5. Administrative staff is able to maintain up to date information of the website as and when the banks make any new or updated information, or consumers posted new or updated comments of the products and services.
  6. Users do not use our website as their only references.
  7. Users have basic computer knowledge on accessing and exploring a website.
  8. Users have the minimum computer (or technical) requirements to run the website or web forum.
  9. Consumers of the products and services posted truthful feedbacks on the community platforms, at least it is not posted by bank staffs to praise their own products.
  10. Softwares that the team required are made available.
  11. The team is not subjected to any project cost.
  12. Additional functionalities are allowed to be added to the project while the project design is on-going.

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