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System Architecture

System Archi.png
RIBA is structured in 3-tier architecture. Accessing to RIBA will be easy once it is hosted on the internet. This is because end users only have to ensure that they get the latest Flash Player installed in their laptop.

RIBA’s business logic is built using Adobe Flash Builder 4 and PHP. Business logic tier connects with the data management tier using XAMPP web server as the communication channel. This is where PHP becomes the communication language between both tiers via the communication channel. This is achieved by parsing variables from Adobe Flash Builder 4 into PHP, and PHP performing queries that will access and retrieve data from the database. An interesting note will be that PHP has to render the retrieved data into xml format for the data to be accepted by Adobe Flash Builder 4.

Data management tier consists of PostgreSQL with PostGIS as its spatial extension. This means that our database is able to perform spatial queries to achieve geospatial functionalities. This database is chosen because it is open source with important spatial queries that allow us to build a rich internet map application.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Use Case & Its Description

End User:

Use Case Diagram.png

System Administrator:

SA Use Case Diagram.png

Media:Use Case Description.pdf


1) Deployment Guide for our client KOOPrime: Media:Deployment Guide.pdf

2) Screenshots of what is inside the RIBA Installation Pack:

RIBA Installation.jpg

The lines depict the other sub folders or files when the folder is opened up. The test folder is for the deployment guide which address the maintenance issue of uploading shapefiles which are spatial layers and adding new symbols for layers.

3) Deployment Diagram:

Deployment Diagram.png


3 usability study sessions with Kooprime client and National Parks end users were conducted throughout this FYP. During these sessions, we will demonstrate our system and sometimes let them hands-on to get user feedback.

The usability sessions are: 27th September, 08 September and 23 August

UAT was conducted on 10th November where participants are divided into 2 groups - client and end users.

Our client, KOOPrime, will be the administrators of RIBA. They are given deployment guide and installation pack CD to test the process out. This is to clarify any doubts and ensure that our client is able to deploy RIBA. Unfortunately, they are not able to get an internet connection from school and thus have to bring back the materials to try out on their own.

The other group is the end users from National Parks Biodiversity Centre. There are 4 members representing different departments to go through the Test Plan and test our RIBA. They include Director of National Parks, Project Senior Officer, Biodiversity Officers and Informatics Manager

This is the test plan we used during UAT. It might take a while to load: Media:Test Plan.pdf

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Main Page: IS480 Team wiki: 2010T2 Good Mix