Insurgeons WeeklyReport 6

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Progress Report: Week 6

Things being done in week 6 (08/02/09-14/02/09):

• User Interface for Iteration 1 completed.

• Bugs Testing for Iteration 1.

• Pdf Generation integrated with the workflow

Highlights of Supervisor Meeting on 11th of February

-Update on tracking of bugs using a bug tracker

- Changing the interface for UAT

- Build a tool to change the workflow

- Users don’t read user manuals; Build a self explanatory user interface

- Mid term Project Reflection

- Risks Assesment

Our internal meetings schedule for academic weeks 4 and 5:

Tuesday, 10th February 1530 hrs to 1900 hrs

Wednesday, 11th February 1630 hrs to 1830 hrs

Proposed meeting schedule for Week 7

Monday, 16th February 1000hrs-1500 hrs

Wednesday, 18th February 1000 hrs to 1900 hrs

Work allocation for week 7 (08/02/09-14/02/09):

- Updated on Gantt Chart