Insurgeons WeeklyReport 3

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Things done this week (18/01/09 – 25/01/09):

- As-Is processes for faculty appointment and renewal were finalized

- Two separate Data schemas were prepared one generic and the other more specific to the faculty process.

- Decision was taken to pursue the generic approach, so that client can make changes and add processes in the near future.

- The To-Be process for the faculty appointment was re-drawn with emphasis on when and how the various forms were collected and generated. The user groups were outlined but it was decided that they would not be the focus of the coding just yet.

- Development has begun based on the generic database schema. We are still studying the feasibility of this particular approach. Agreement made to switch immediately to the faculty specific schema should there be any potential show-stoppers discovered by Thursday 29/01.

- Database for generic workflow has been created.

- Login feature and verification mechanism

- Generation of PDF documents

- Data function for workflow engine

- Instance creation for workflow engine

Highlights of Duke-NUS meeting on 19th of January

- As-Is processes for both New Faculty Appointment and Renewal were finalized.

- All relevant documents, forms, templates etc. were collected.

Highlights of Supervisor Meeting on 20th of January

- Updated project schedule

- Updated risk list for every week

- Development work should begin Make the features first and worry about Access Control later.

- Measures to take so that client requirements don’t keep on changing

Things to be done in the following week (12/01/09 – 18/01/09):

-Work flow engine creation

- Simple pdf generation

- Creation of base classes

Our internal meetings schedule for the following week:

Coming soon…

Work allocation for following week:

- Creation and storage of documents( (Guan Long)

- Passing of documents to next stage(Guan Long)

- Creation of classes to facilitate PDF creation(Ayush/Navin)

- Saving/retrieving of documents created to database(Paresh/Yash/Ayush)