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Weekly Report 2

Things done this week (11/01/09 – 18/01/09):

  • Installation of all tools has been completed
  • Eclipse with the relevant plug-in for development
  • Login Mechanism
  • Database Schema and Database
  • Use cases for education/CFA/HR
  • Ayush and Paresh prepared slides presentation to highlight the things done and things to be done, moving forward.

Highlights of Meeting at Duke-Nus 16th January 2009

  • Presentation by Ayush, Paresh and Yash
  • Major changes made to the As-Is process for “New Appointment” of faculty.
  • Due to the nature of the process, these cannot be explained on this public domain.
  • Updated them on project schedule and the dates of milestones.
  • Raised question clarifying pertinent doubts with regards to the workflow.
  • Conclusion:

As-Is process for “New Appointment” is confirmed Due to time constraint, “Renewal of Appointment” would be discussed on the next meeting which is on Monday, 19th Jan 2008

Things to be done in the following week (12/01/09 – 18/01/09):

  • Re-modeling of As-Is process
  • Use Cases for Search and Joint Faculty committees
  • Department Specific functions:
  • Check lists for all documents
  • Uploading feature for documents
  • Web forms
  • Saving to database and generation of required forms in .pdf format.

Our internal meetings schedule for the following week:

  • Monday 19th Jan, 1200-1500 hrs
  • Tuesday 20th Jan, 1700 hrs-1900 hrs
  • Thursday 22nd Jan, 1200-1530 hrs
  • Friday 23rd Jan, 1200-1530 hrs.

Work allocation for following week:

  • Yash: Changes to As-Is Process
  • Paresh/Ayush: New Use cases for Search committee and Joint Faculty committee.
  • Navin/Paresh/Yash: Database Schema and requirements gathering
  • All: Development of Search committee and Joint Faculty related functions

(Details in updated project schedule for week 3-week 5)