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Progress Report for Week of 4th Jan to 10th Jan

Things done this week (04/01/09 – 10/01/09)

  • Received updates from client on meeting schedule. Confirmed meeting (major) with client for next Fri 16/01/09.
  • Updated project schedule.
  • Set up of Project Management Tool and Subversion repository
  • Listed the features to be included in system (Based on preliminary analysis)
  • Finalized technology to be used-> LAMP stack.

Based on the feedback received on the project proposal, we have made the following changes:

  • Project schedule has been modified so that process re-engineering and development can run in parallel until all requirements are finalized.
  • Buffer time has been included after the UAT tests so that sufficient time is available to make changes to the system. Changes that are required to be made based on the UAT will be included in the following iteration. We have included a buffer time of one and a half weeks after the third UAT to complete any changes that are necessary before deployment.

After the supervisor meeting on 8th Jan 2009, we are considering the following:

  • Keeping track of documents electronically.
  • Printing ‘packets’ of documents to be sent to the governing board
  • Re-routing of documents if there are changes to be made to faculty appointment.
  • Automatic Testing
  • Incorporating appropriate new technology in our system.
  • Status of Workflow: Mechanism for all departments to keep track of the progress of the workflow.

Things to be done in the following week (12/01/09 – 18/01/09)

  • Meeting with Duke-NUS on 16th of January
  • Ayush and Paresh will prepare a presentation for Duke-NUS to recap on the things that have been done, things that need to be done and the recommendations that the team has come up with based on preliminary analysis.
  • We will also be looking to finalize the project requirements and capture additional requirements.
  • Meeting with other Duke-NUS staff
  • Scheduling of meetings to understand the data in the various excel sheets.
  • Development of ’LOGIN’ feature
  • Designing of Database schema and creation of database
  • Use cases for Iteration 1.

Our internal meetings schedule for the following week

  • Monday 12th January, 1200 hrs-1530 hrs
  • Friday 16th January, 1200 hrs-1600 hrs

Work allocation for following week

  • Guan Long/Ayush: Login feature
  • Paresh/Ayush: Presentation for Duke-NUS Meeting
  • Navin/Paresh/Yash: Database schema and requirements gathering