Insurgeons Meeting Minutes 8-11

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Meeting Number(S): 8-11

Date: 23rd February 2009-26th February 2009

Time: 1 pm - 6pm

Venue: SMU-SIS

Members Present: Navin, Guan Long, Yash, Ayush, Paresh

Issues raised Issue Raised by Assigned to Deadline
• Monday, 23rd Feb

- Transition between stages in the workflow is completed and working.

- Decision was taken on how to end the workflow.

- Work was started on repository for Meeting Minutes

- Work was started on printing of packets.

All All NA
• Tuesday, 24th Feb

- Went through new Duke-Nus documents

- UAT specific changes were compiled

- HTML forms/letters were created to be added in the workflow

All All NA
• Wednesday, 25th Feb

- Update to schedule based on changes made

- Decision was taken that, instead of Printing of document packets they can be printed in HTML format.

- Work on Administrator tool has started.

All All NA
• Thursday, 26th Feb

- As above

All All NA