Insurgeons Meeting Minutes 7

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Meeting Number: 7

Date: 16th February 2009

Time: 9 am - 1030 am

Venue: Duke-NUS Campus

Members Present: Navin, Guan Long, Yash, Ayush, Paresh

Agenda: Demo of system for user comments/feedback; UAT

Issues raised Issue Raised by Assigned to Deadline
• Client Feedback

- Selection option for faculty remuneration was suggeseted. Either FTE or no. of hours/days/weeks

- Introduce editing at each stage of the workflow and also capture who made those edits

- Additional option for APT; "Defer to next meeting". On selection of this option, the workflow goes back to the search committee

- Have feature to upload performance reviews of faculty. Also, there should be a feature to sort faculty by name and type

- Perform check that a faculty is not already in the system. (To tackle duplicate entry issue)

- Sugestion that a matrix/ graphical display should be used to show what stage of the workflow each faculty is in

- Feature to upload meeting minutes. Access to these will be limited to JFAC members and 'super users'

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