Insurgeons Meeting Minutes 6

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Meeting Number: 6

Date: 10th February 2009

Time: 330-700 pm

Venue: SIS GSR 2.5

Members Present: Navin, Guan Long, Yash, Ayush

Agenda: Progress Updates, Compiling Midterm Evaluation Submission Documents, Preparation for UAT

Issues raised Issue Raised by Assigned to Deadline
• Progress updates

- PDF – Able to edit a template file using a Rich Text Editor

- Workflow Fixes

All All NA
• Work to be done

- Adding a User Interface

- Preparing UAT Forms

- Rehearsing UAT walkthrough

All All Monday, 16th February 2009
• Compiling documents for midterm evaluation

- Compiled work that was done

- Made corrections

Yash All Monday, 16th February 2009