Insurgeons Meeting Minutes 18

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Meeting Number: 18

Date: 27th March 2009

Time: 4 pm - 530 pm

Venue: Duke-NUS Campus

Members Present: Navin, Yash, Ayush, Paresh,Dr. Robert Kamei(Vice Dean), Dr Cook(MERE), Fong Lian(CFA),Walter(IT), Raina(HR)

Agenda: Demo of system for user comments/feedback; UAT

Issues raised Issue Raised by Assigned to Deadline
• Client Feedback

Application Template

Option to select hours, percentage or decimal for FTE

Make NRIC a mandatory field (Cannot start the process without entering the NRIC)

Check for duplicate NRIC within the system

CFA Upload

There should be a constraint against progressing forward with the workflow if both the CV and HOD form are not uploaded at this stage.


Event Based

Start Application

JFAC Decision

APT Decision

ARC/GB Decision

HR Appointment Decision

Cases Title “CFA initial check” should be changed to “CFA/Search Committee Check”

Admin Tool

Provide an interface to handle access rights

ARC/GB decision is updated by a single person, but these are two different decisions.

All All NA